1. Kissed by ARIEE’

    Kissed by ARIEE’日 前

    “Closed lips don’t get licked “😂🤣😂😂 Maaaaaan I died!

  2. Z will

    Z will日 前

    “ cuz I needs to kno” love yall!!

  3. shemar Austin

    shemar Austin日 前

    Yes u have no manners people should unsubscribe to clarence NYC u are ugly u can not dress properly with your stupid ass

  4. Hannah Gilliard

    Hannah Gilliard日 前

    I love how he can still make her nervous in a good way ☺️❤️ when he started staring at her and made her blush

  5. Zhanarria Mohogany

    Zhanarria Mohogany3 日 前

    I'm in love with this WHOLE video it's so freaking cute like I'm jus in love with how far they came and how their actually together it's so amazing 😍😍👌 I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH KEEP THIS ENERGY DON'T CHANGE❗❗💯💖💖

  6. BJ The King

    BJ The King4 日 前

    Do the the swap clothes challenge

  7. Zoë Francis-Bunkley

    Zoë Francis-Bunkley5 日 前

    that catchphrase for they intro will never get old 😎

  8. sali sadie

    sali sadie6 日 前

    Snap: bijou_ensnare

  9. Sam Cousins4life

    Sam Cousins4life6 日 前

    Queen catfish cherane

  10. supermakeupable

    supermakeupable6 日 前

    Queen... you ALWAYS put yourself down. You were very bad about that last year before your pregnancy. It was in every video like 2 or 3 times. It was HORRIBLE! I’m so happy y’all have an open relationship to where Clarence could tell you how you were acting. That really shows you have a stable, solid relationship.

  11. LKMob

    LKMob6 日 前

    Clarence: If you haven’t heard today your beautiful... BABYGIRL! 😂😂 To cute, love it!

  12. Bellami Hernandez

    Bellami Hernandez6 日 前

    I love queens laugh😂❤️

  13. TheRealGabby

    TheRealGabby7 日 前

    🙄I’m watching this while y’all eating Taco Bell meanwhile I gotta go to work tomorrow at Taco Bell 😂🙄🙄UGHHH lmfao ANDDD I’m hungry

  14. Tyra McKnight

    Tyra McKnight7 日 前

    😂 his head is 📦 boxy

  15. Ox. Arlyn

    Ox. Arlyn7 日 前

    Queen has the cutest face 🥺👸🏻♥️

  16. CatchUp w.GoldennNyc

    CatchUp w.GoldennNyc7 日 前

    Girl yes youuuuu dooooo

  17. Ayden Marie

    Ayden Marie7 日 前

    Lmao your head was skinnier 😭😭😂

  18. Latasha stoker

    Latasha stoker7 日 前

    About the CUDDLING part! First,yes we as women can ask!!! But a man should want to do it on his own accord!!! Not bc a women asked him to! Just saying. And to say "I'm not used to it" is a excuse! You a grown man with your own mind.

  19. prillzy

    prillzy7 日 前

    25:11 - 26:04 👀😂 Royal fam knew from the start what was going on LMAO

  20. Imani  Davis

    Imani Davis7 日 前

    Queen was killing them tacos 😭😭

  21. Lia Mone't

    Lia Mone't7 日 前

    The day I find genuine mutual love 😩 The only thing outside of me that I actually long for

  22. Crissieforya

    Crissieforya8 日 前

    18:55 I was thinking the same thing before she said it 😂

  23. Khalis and Khialla

    Khalis and Khialla8 日 前

    Come to guyana 🇬🇾🇬🇾

  24. Bad Bunny LYRICS

    Bad Bunny LYRICS8 日 前

    Queens laugh 😂😂😍😍

  25. Christina _ Productions

    Christina _ Productions8 日 前

    Oml she was setting Clare up 🥰🥰💁🏽‍♀️🤪

  26. Porscha Allen

    Porscha Allen8 日 前

    Now I’m headed to Taco Bell lolll

  27. Fatmata Kumala

    Fatmata Kumala8 日 前

    QUEEN you definitely talk about yourself often in previous videos, whether its ya use, skin, mom tummy, arms etc.... you beautiful sis, but you have been self conscious.

  28. Fatmata Kumala

    Fatmata Kumala8 日 前


  29. Elizabeth Sharell

    Elizabeth Sharell8 日 前

    That kiss that Clarence gave her was EVERYTHING! Awww you guys! ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Ting Ting

    Ting Ting8 日 前

    13:52 Made me screammmm... Clarence face😭😭

  31. Juliana Thompson

    Juliana Thompson9 日 前

    Y'all be grubbing

  32. Anisa Whyte

    Anisa Whyte9 日 前

    I hope queen and clarence never breaks up

  33. Alexis McIntosh

    Alexis McIntosh9 日 前

    Queen said you just so happen to have did it about Clarence and all her turn ons lmao she know she set him up that's y he peeped game after watchin this video, sure queen all ur turn ons just so happen he does 😂 yeah right

  34. Alexis McIntosh

    Alexis McIntosh9 日 前

    Queen is always downing herself and pointing out her flaws and comparing herself to others, u can tell by the way she's always trying to fix herself while on camera, like her hair or turning her head a certain way to capture a certain angle to look better or fixing her clothes a lot when their fine but hey when someone puts u down all the time these are the results, we all have flaws tho but dang somebody really messed her head up.

  35. Marr talks

    Marr talks9 日 前

    Instagram @_.xmarr._

  36. TKS WV

    TKS WV10 日 前

    7:02 that why I love queen she so funnyyyyy 😂😂😂

  37. Joyce Thomas

    Joyce Thomas10 日 前

    He is the cutest

  38. Dorian Jones

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  39. Myjah Gallow

    Myjah Gallow10 日 前

    i love ya . and i get he not really open . but i hate how he be like “you talking bout me huh that describes me . you did that because of me” but when she asks the same question and he knows its true he wont admit it . but he pause the whole ass video wanting her to admit something . i find that wid 😭

  40. ItsNaay

    ItsNaay10 日 前

    5:35 is an actual representation of a ny girl😭🤣 face and all

  41. DaKidd !

    DaKidd !10 日 前

    Y'all more open keep it up

  42. Nene Escobar

    Nene Escobar11 日 前

    queens turn of: a guy that dont know how to cuttle clare's face in the turn on turn off: wahht and his face reacting to the vid: wahht haha what a coincidence

  43. Priscilla Duuh

    Priscilla Duuh11 日 前

    Yes we like how Yu cut the beard now lol it was kinda looking like a bad weed whacker hit it on the tips back in the days😹😹😹

  44. kistina kistina

    kistina kistina11 日 前

    Dat taco bell look good asf 😭😭😭

  45. Se’Nia Scott

    Se’Nia Scott11 日 前

    You guys should do the couples telepathy challenge 😁 I love you guys‼️❤️

  46. Mahle Mpungose

    Mahle Mpungose11 日 前

    Babyygirlllll😹😹😹😹👏🏾👏🏾I’m dead❤️💔😹

  47. Britney Sowell

    Britney Sowell11 日 前

    Yll should do a reaction to Clare's first prank on u. The bathtub prank

  48. Kaylee Bushnell

    Kaylee Bushnell12 日 前

    The fact that in at least a year or two y’all gonna look back at this 😂😂


    LOVE YAHUSHA12 日 前

    its cute that they are still shy around eachother

  50. Bianca Aleman

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  51. Evelin Cortez

    Evelin Cortez12 日 前

    Bruh he needs to eat with his mouth closed 🤢🙄

  52. Zaza’s World

    Zaza’s World12 日 前

    I can’t wait for a “SHE SAID YES💍‼️” video....😉

  53. Mrs. Love0308

    Mrs. Love03089 日 前

    Zaza’s World yasss I’m waiting on that one too✨

  54. Dezhire Clark

    Dezhire Clark12 日 前

    QUEEN I have never seen u so comfortable on camera and I love it💯💯🥰🥰 I so proud of u you have came along way❤️❤️

  55. Riy 4 life

    Riy 4 life13 日 前

    OMG no ads🙏🏽

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    Venus Energy13 日 前

    That’s why Clarence won’t let you have friends cause he know what’s up lil sneaky ass 😂

  57. Venus Energy

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  58. Lea Faye

    Lea Faye13 日 前

    See, i really like the queen in this video. She's confident!

  59. Lynn George

    Lynn George13 日 前

    LMAOOO..His head is different lmaoooo im done

  60. Heidi Burris

    Heidi Burris13 日 前

    y'all see how clare smiled when he said "so i'm ya ideal kind of" :)))

  61. Rayshonda18Davidson

    Rayshonda18Davidson13 日 前

    A story on how it all began up until now

  62. A K

    A K13 日 前

    Queen really needs to hit the gym. She looks fatter than before

  63. Nyoxia Turner

    Nyoxia Turner13 日 前

    This is so funny...

  64. ashley Marie

    ashley Marie13 日 前

    Baby boy 😂😂😂😂

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    Love y’all keep do y’all

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    22:28 I died😂😂😂😂😂

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    Y'all been gone

  68. Michael Martin

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    We the prank as

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    I can smell that taco Whyyyyyyyy I’m so hungry

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    Yo Queen Was Busting Tacos 🌮 DOWN😂😂😂😂 My Girl Was Hungry Hungry !!!Love Yall Keep Growing Together !!

  72. abdoulaye sylla

    abdoulaye sylla15 日 前

    yo clarence always thinking he right like you know u not gonna tell ur loved one that u don't wanna cuudle

  73. The Unique Sisters

    The Unique Sisters15 日 前

    “ damn my hairlines pushed back “ 😭😭😭😭😭

  74. The Unique Sisters

    The Unique Sisters15 日 前

    And there intro 😂

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    Jordyn Spencer15 日 前

    Bro clarence beard used to be long and big😭👌🏽

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    Watching this while listening to Karma on the radio lol

  78. Deep in Jazmine's Mind

    Deep in Jazmine's Mind16 日 前

    Clare's face at 27:43 - 27:44 😂😂😂😂. Queen is so random like me. I love it!

  79. Dayeia Nation

    Dayeia Nation16 日 前

    Anybody else watch all American episode 11 and here queens song mamas hand at the end cause if you didn’t nigga go here her song on the show I got so hyped like her status is growing so fast yall🤪🥰🔒💓💖🥵💀😩

  80. Reginald Miller

    Reginald Miller16 日 前

    Bruhhh Queen so bad period’T

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    Is away from you about clar

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    How y’all do a reaction from your screen ?

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    Omg cutest couple ever💯❤️😍❤️❤️❤️👍🏽✨

  84. Crystal Blu

    Crystal Blu16 日 前

    Noooooo, nooooooo, no Clare, I ain't akin for *** YOU know I like to cuddle, you bring it! If he don't bring what you like, then act like you know. I'm not a a trainer and you are not my puppy..figure out what the needs of the person you love are and put in the saaaaame effort you expect from them. Otherwise we both just wasting time and I don't fake it.

  85. Rahman

    Rahman16 日 前

    Do a challenge when queen carries what ever she wants and Clarence got to buy everything, btw queen can't use grocery cart 😏😏♥️♥️♥️

  86. Tiffany Nicholas

    Tiffany Nicholas16 日 前

    Clare 🐻 why don't you just accept that you just so happened to be her dream man lol. You have all of the qualities she wants in a man. Stop giving Queen that look SMH lol! Love you guys! Kiss CJ and baby Legend!

  87. Janelle Edwards

    Janelle Edwards16 日 前

    Yes to them live your best life

  88. Delove Akra

    Delove Akra16 日 前

    What y’all eating? It look good

  89. Kayla Roby

    Kayla Roby16 日 前

    At 27:43, Clarence reaction to the tissue in Queen’s nose is too funny. 😂😂😂

  90. Lula James

    Lula James17 日 前

    Prince family is better than y'all and by the way this is kaveana Im just using her phone

  91. screeech1

    screeech117 日 前

    Queen has a loving beautiful soft soul. She seems like a person that may long for something that soothes her soul, but will never ask. Sometimes it seems to me that deep down inside she feels she is not worthy of love that she truly needs and deserve. She should love herself as much as she wants to be loved. Clarence has a beautiful soul and was raised beautifully. He seems sincere and down to earth. I see a big difference from that video to now. I see the love he has for Queen and he doesn't mind being silly and having fun on videos. It seems they can really have a true love that is deep and spiritual. :)

  92. Brianna Davis

    Brianna Davis17 日 前

    Clarence face when he said “I’m cute”

  93. Lovely Girly

    Lovely Girly17 日 前

    Queen : baby Clare Clarence: his name is legend 😭

  94. Pretty Bubblez

    Pretty Bubblez17 日 前

    “Or husband” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    LELE REACTS17 日 前


  96. Idk Tbh

    Idk Tbh17 日 前

    Queen you did used to down yourself for no reason all the time randomly. You’ll just out the blue and be like ew my arms .. you used to point out flaws no one else would think about .. watch your old videos, you’ll see. But I’m glad Clarence got you out of that and you can see your beauty now

  97. Terae Lynch

    Terae Lynch17 日 前

    Aww they gaining relationship weight

  98. Rere123p

    Rere123p17 日 前

    Confidence lessons from Clare, he saying some true sh*t... made me think😭

  99. Maddalena Ruiz

    Maddalena Ruiz17 日 前

    Queeeeeeeeen you’re absolutely beautiful💜

  100. Maddalena Ruiz

    Maddalena Ruiz17 日 前

    The stretch marks part was funny asf😂 y’all are the same y’all just more goofy and more comfortable with each other

  101. Chinky Neesh

    Chinky Neesh17 日 前

    Queen why do always have to get reassurance with Clare instead of being confident in what you already know like you be like right ? Clare say it ! when you and him both know the facts already

  102. Natalie Giron

    Natalie Giron17 日 前

    love you guys

  103. Bree Albright

    Bree Albright18 日 前

    These two are obnoxiously narcissistic. No one should watch this vlog. Who watches themselves watch themselves on a Vlog. Ridiculousness... of it all...

  104. RAZOR

    RAZOR17 日 前

    Bree Albright they are a pathetic teenage couple