Reacting To Ourselves After Surgery!! (We Remembered Nothing)


  1. Neli Leota

    Neli Leota12 時間 前

    Ethan's personality: rapper Grayson's personality: Gangster

  2. Lilli Graesing

    Lilli Graesing15 時間 前

    No one: Not one person: Not a single soul: Ethan: •wispers• pankaces Grayson: pancakes? holy shit we gotta eat pancakes! Ethan: PaN mOtHa FuCkInG cAkEs

  3. Mysvie

    Mysvie16 時間 前

    “They just took him in?” “Give him back” “I need that mans.” “Where’s my mans?” “Thats my womb-mate, they best take care of him.” - Ethan Dolan

  4. farah adel

    farah adel日 前

    I feel you guys I've made the same surgery 1 week ago ...and they took the tampods out of my nose too bros😂...It hurted like bad

  5. SJG vlogs

    SJG vlogs日 前

    The fact that Grayson remembered what he said first, and no body is taking bout it?..

  6. Busujima- sama

    Busujima- sama日 前

    Why did they need to go in a surgery?

  7. Bryanna Weeks

    Bryanna Weeks日 前

    “My first period”😭 15:44 I-

  8. Ashley

    Ashley日 前

    Gray was more like a gangster in this 😂🤣 and then He said some deep stuff. Fuego is fire 🔥 I wasn’t weirded out I was actually cracking up 🤣

  9. Kortney Geraldine

    Kortney Geraldine2 日 前

    Omaigawddd so funny can't stop laughing 😆😂

  10. Delia LaManque

    Delia LaManque2 日 前

    T H A T H I T T H E S H P O T

  11. brynlee pinschenat

    brynlee pinschenat2 日 前

    ok WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW GRAYSON SAID “emma you better like this mf video” and then in the reaction HE NODDED AND LICKED HIS LIPS LIKE HE WAS LIKE OFC I SAID SOMETHING ABOUT EMMA uhhhh WHAT and they didn’t adress it at all dudeeeee sketch tbh

  12. Keely Madison

    Keely Madison2 日 前


  13. Oh Kay

    Oh Kay2 日 前

    hi dolan twins fans that are coming back to watch this video for like the 80th time, im just leaving a mark that i was here and also if you’re reading this STREAM K-12 sorry BYEE.

  14. Alexa Nuno

    Alexa Nuno2 日 前

    I love y’all! ❤️❤️ I wish u would see it 🤧 but this was hilarious 🥳🥳 love y’all the most⭐️ Jesus Christ.

  15. Gashin ahmed

    Gashin ahmed2 日 前

    This is the first video that ethan is louder than grayson 😂😵

  16. MacaronDIY

    MacaronDIY2 日 前

    Then who edited the video they watched?

  17. Luna ?

    Luna ?3 日 前

    If there is a video without Ethan saying dairy free,ITS FAKE

  18. Karina & Isabel

    Karina & Isabel3 日 前

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  19. AgatheHaf

    AgatheHaf3 日 前

    Ethan became very loving and Grayson just became a gangster

  20. Cassandra Rivas

    Cassandra Rivas3 日 前

    Next video idea, Ethan not saying dairy free for 24 hours

  21. Paw Desay

    Paw Desay3 日 前

    I wish they still go on tour😢

  22. Tiya Elk

    Tiya Elk3 日 前

    Ethan sounds like lil xan

  23. Trina Cox

    Trina Cox3 日 前

    Grayson sounds like Drake from Drake & Josh when he says, "don't touch me brotha" or something like that, ahahhaha

  24. drumterror

    drumterror3 日 前

    Yung Dairy - "I Don't F*&K With That Dairy" WHEN IS IT DROPPING?

  25. ChronicAlor

    ChronicAlor3 日 前

    Why did yall get surgery

  26. MrAlshels

    MrAlshels4 日 前

    Look at these dancin feet

  27. Kassidy Weller

    Kassidy Weller4 日 前

    gray's italian, im italian, lets get married

  28. saul Hernandez

    saul Hernandez4 日 前

    Ethan sounds like darthvater

  29. trieste pleb

    trieste pleb4 日 前

    The whole video Grayson was like😮👀😃😯😮😲😳

  30. cantjeongoutonce youjeongin

    cantjeongoutonce youjeongin4 日 前


  31. Kt Rae

    Kt Rae4 日 前

    Why does this low-key feel like an apology video😂😂

  32. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet4 日 前

    Ethan should be a rapper

  33. Cayla F.

    Cayla F.4 日 前

    I don't believe the misbehaved twin was Ethan 😂.

  34. •Gacha Kat•

    •Gacha Kat•4 日 前

    That was beautiful TwT

  35. Jonatan hernandez

    Jonatan hernandez4 日 前

    September anyone.? No? Just me? Ok...

  36. Alyanna Gulamhusein

    Alyanna Gulamhusein4 日 前

    Ethan should be a rapper, Grayson should be a dancer, and they should eat pancakes.

  37. Mr Carrot

    Mr Carrot4 日 前

    Grayson's jacket is my favorite jacket I've ever seen. I want it, not gonna lie. Where can I find it 😂?

  38. elizabeth. mp4

    elizabeth. mp44 日 前

    I had surgery yesterday.

  39. Adriana Fong

    Adriana Fong4 日 前

  40. Bad vibes

    Bad vibes5 日 前

    6:32 song pleassseee?

  41. its just maris

    its just maris5 日 前

    Guys please I’m your next vid wish me a Happy Birthday it would make my day my birthday is On Saturday and it would be a BLESSING to hear both of you guys say happy birthday please please please💙💙💙 I love you guys so much it would be a blessing my name is DaMaris ( Dah- Mar - is) thank u guys this would a wish and blessing come true love you again

  42. Oh Kay

    Oh Kay2 日 前

    its just maris happy early birthday !

  43. Sarah Ward

    Sarah Ward5 日 前

    Hey, hope ur having a great day!!! It would make my day if you subscribed to me!!! If you comment on my recent telling me that you subbed to me I’ll subscribe back to you!!!! Thank you so much💞😝

  44. ita me mario

    ita me mario6 日 前

    Everybody says Grayson big am I blind or do I think he's fine

  45. Kim Truffel

    Kim Truffel6 日 前

    Ethan’s bold spot 💀

  46. #FakeLifeSquad -36

    #FakeLifeSquad -366 日 前

    Me showing off to my friends vs me at home: If you get what I mean......

  47. Pedro de Carvalho

    Pedro de Carvalho6 日 前

    after surgery grayson is so old man energy with the voice and the coughing and the tampon that looks like a white haired mustache i just can’t

  48. Pedro de Carvalho

    Pedro de Carvalho6 日 前

    9:36 I CRAcked

  49. Kylee Salinas

    Kylee Salinas6 日 前

    seriously such a funny video. I can't stop laughing. the reactions with the video was the best

  50. Denis Kopotun

    Denis Kopotun7 日 前

    19:36 poor ethan

  51. Paige Voyles

    Paige Voyles7 日 前

    Am I the only one who can see them saying the same thing under there breathe that they are saying in the video at the same time ?

  52. Almaha Mu

    Almaha Mu7 日 前

    did anyone else noticed how their tongues are moving while watching the video?? I CANT STOP LAUGHING

  53. B For Bailey06

    B For Bailey067 日 前

    my name is bailey and the way he says it is so weird but i know it's because he lives in california and i live in kentucky 😂😅

  54. LlamaLickLollipop

    LlamaLickLollipop7 日 前


  55. Gurveen Sandhu

    Gurveen Sandhu7 日 前

    9:06 "turtle man is shaking, crab man is here" Omg 😂😂

  56. ADRIANLOL games

    ADRIANLOL games7 日 前

    5:36 DEJAVU! never been in this space before!

  57. Halen Castro

    Halen Castro7 日 前


  58. Carina Escobar

    Carina Escobar7 日 前

    Who else thought that they sounded like josh from drake and josh when they said brotha

  59. Kelsey

    Kelsey7 日 前

    Hahaha I love u liked👍🏻

  60. Sam

    Sam7 日 前

    "Ya yur boi just got,his wisdom teeth remooved,he's gonna go home,and squeeze a couple boobs"

  61. Shalini Ramdeen

    Shalini Ramdeen8 日 前

    i forgot to breathe the whole video