Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review


  1. issa wemba

    issa wemba時間 前

    KSI: reacting to Anthony reacting to my reaction of his review

  2. Thomas Lind

    Thomas Lind4 時間 前

    Are we going to ignore the fact that the video isn’t exactly at 60 frames, and the JPreporterr albums flying across the screen at the 23:51 mark is the only time the frames increase? Shit this is confusing. Regardless, this was a cool reaction.

  3. john muselmann

    john muselmann15 時間 前

    This is so sweet and wholesome

  4. Edward Castro

    Edward Castro15 時間 前

    Thought you were a disheveled logic

  5. Phantasma 1312

    Phantasma 131218 時間 前


  6. Bonus _brian

    Bonus _brian19 時間 前

    What if he made a reaction to your reaction, and then you made a reaction to that reaction, and then he made a reaction to that reaction, and then....

  7. The You-2-be Podcast

    The You-2-be Podcast20 時間 前

    I like Fanatano but like I can't really accept hate on pewdipie's music.

  8. Clay Cooper

    Clay Cooper20 時間 前

    This is a cool review, but I don't know if you needed to upload 10 hours of you laughing maniacally as KSI cries.

  9. tHaNoS iS BeSt GiRl

    tHaNoS iS BeSt GiRl日 前

    7:03 r/pyrocynical is so much worse

  10. Xarhs Tzery

    Xarhs Tzery日 前

    Is it just me or this guy looks like Logic?

  11. Bcddp

    Bcddp日 前

    PewDiePie is a rapper thought he was a memer

  12. banterlona

    banterlona日 前

    Ksi next vids: reacting to theneedledrop reacting to my reaction of theneedledrops reaction

  13. Christoffer Karlsson

    Christoffer Karlsson日 前

    my friend is your doppelganger

  14. ChaseHarley1

    ChaseHarley1日 前

    Where's the reaction to the reaction to the reaction?

  15. E ST

    E ST日 前

    This is the biggest "no u" I've ever seen

  16. Jay S

    Jay S2 日 前

    This actually makes me respect KSI a lot more, he took it right on the chin and just smiled the whole way.

  17. Marc Meier

    Marc Meier2 日 前

    who else wanted to see Melon react to KSI reacting to Cal: "Got a cap on a my head."

  18. Dolofónos Esostrefís

    Dolofónos Esostrefís3 日 前

    I love how wholesome this is. Just two guys with great respect for the art and each other.

  19. Quentin Wade

    Quentin Wade3 日 前

    Why you always seem angry?

  20. David 32

    David 324 日 前

    Just look at his progress from Lamborghini to now

  21. Armaan Martins

    Armaan Martins日 前

    David 32 i know it’s gone down, but it’s stil good, even if it doesn’t compare to Lamborghini

  22. Frederick Obando

    Frederick Obando4 日 前

    ˙op noʎ ʇɐɥʍ ǝʞıן ı 'ouɐʇuɐɟ

  23. Dan Ngoy

    Dan Ngoy5 日 前

    Nigga didn't even subscribe 😒

  24. Ian Brady

    Ian Brady5 日 前

    "I thought my audience was bad on my subreddit" lol, this is too much.

  25. warped ?

    warped ?5 日 前

    i feel like this is the grown up version of repeating what the other guy said as a joke

  26. Redux

    Redux6 日 前

    just noticed anthony's astigmatism through his glasses lmao

  27. Nikola Dimitrov

    Nikola Dimitrov6 日 前

    From all the videos fantano made, somehow a reaction to someone reacting had to be his most popular video

  28. Jessie Joy

    Jessie Joy6 日 前

    Fantano always hates on the corny lines but I like em. Boom boom kangaroos

  29. Jessie Joy

    Jessie Joy6 日 前

    Pretty sure only 9 unarmed black men have been killed in 2019

  30. Jonny Botsch

    Jonny Botsch6 日 前

    Really? Didnt intro yourself as Knthony SantanI?

  31. Praveen Rawat

    Praveen Rawat7 日 前

    React to im on a horse

  32. T Wrecks

    T Wrecks7 日 前


  33. Tlamelang Masemola

    Tlamelang Masemola8 日 前

    Not me having watched all three videos 😭 so essentially I've watched: KSI's album review three times KSI reacting to his album's review twice And Anthony reacting to ksi reacting to his review of dissimulation once

  34. Bowl Of Chips

    Bowl Of Chips9 日 前


  35. Luigi Ferrari

    Luigi Ferrari16 時間 前


  36. Kurt

    Kurt日 前


  37. Ben Meitzen

    Ben Meitzen3 日 前


  38. Bowl Of Chips

    Bowl Of Chips3 日 前


  39. redbillion

    redbillion3 日 前


  40. Niklas Satosaari

    Niklas Satosaari9 日 前

    imagine rating lil pump album higher than album by aries how tf that shit makes sense bruh. both of lil pump albums are fucking 3/10

  41. redbillion

    redbillion3 日 前

    Niklas Satosaari 👍

  42. Niklas Satosaari

    Niklas Satosaari3 日 前

    @redbillion 1. Im not hiphop head because I like variety of music styles 2. Aries is not rap more like trap influenced pop music 3. Even tho it was great album for its purpose highest I can see anyone rating it is like strong 5 4. Thanks for being reasonable maybe my point was not as smart as I thought lmaoo

  43. redbillion

    redbillion3 日 前

    Lmao why does hip hop heads always bring this up. Stop comparing 2 completely different albums together. Lil Pump succeeded at making a fun and hype trap album that isn't supposed to be taken serious.

  44. Mads Jacoby

    Mads Jacoby9 日 前

    This is me reacting to fantano reacting to ksi reacting to fantano reacting to ksi

  45. Spacejay

    Spacejay9 日 前

    Lmaoooo this is lit!! Top 10 Best anime crossover You ever heard of DDG? Fuck with him, he’s hard. Heard him before KSI. Love for this video, reaction-ception lmao

  46. GΞSN

    GΞSN10 日 前

    pewdiepies songs were memes lmao

  47. White Emp

    White Emp9 日 前

    Exactly what i thought, and they weren't even bad lol

  48. JamieB3rt

    JamieB3rt10 日 前

    "It's not deep enough. Where are the layers?" hahaaaaa

  49. idontknowcorp

    idontknowcorp10 日 前

    Waiting on that KSI reacts to Anthony "Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review" video

  50. Nancy Dawson

    Nancy Dawson10 日 前

    your laugh scares me melon

  51. Nick

    Nick11 日 前

    would be great if KSI reacted to this and it kept going. Meta.

  52. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml11 日 前

    i feel like we are sleeping on that Chewbacca impression

  53. Élie Nkoy

    Élie Nkoy11 日 前

    Ksi better than eminem confirmed

  54. Neriyahu

    Neriyahu11 日 前


  55. Semidey

    Semidey11 日 前

    7:02 thats our way of showing love to him

  56. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml11 日 前

    "Where are the layers?"

  57. Zach Scott

    Zach Scott11 日 前

    This is so wholesome :)

  58. Amone Chiau

    Amone Chiau11 日 前


  59. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon12 日 前

    Damn It’s like he’s really having a conversation with KSI.

  60. Alika Ostermiller

    Alika Ostermiller12 日 前

    thought id kill 2 videos with one stone.

  61. xXtytyXx

    xXtytyXx12 日 前

    They basically hate it cause it has lil pump and smokepurp Basically it has mumble rappers on the track so they just automatically hate it and thinks it's trash

  62. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon12 日 前

    If mbdtf got a light 6 & ksi’s album got a 4 then it must be an AMAZING album

  63. Jasbad Sirron

    Jasbad Sirron12 日 前

    Bromance....I see a collaboration coming on.

  64. panjin79

    panjin7912 日 前

    This is fascinating

  65. Kaien

    Kaien12 日 前

    that's not KSI, that's JJ Olatunji, clcikbate

  66. KloutSurfxr

    KloutSurfxr13 日 前

    Anthony reacting to KSI reacting to Anthony reacting to KSI.

  67. Charlie J

    Charlie J13 日 前

    Do a review on Heskey Time pls Melon

  68. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue13 日 前

    KSI: has 21 mill subs Also KSI after meeting a man with 1/21th of his subs: OmFg tHiS cAnT bE rEaL

  69. Sal Volcano

    Sal Volcano12 日 前

    This is a complete copy of another comment lmao

  70. Just Awake

    Just Awake13 日 前

    "I have 10 Million subscribers I Must Rap Now!”

  71. RandomZilla

    RandomZilla13 日 前

    Petition for him to review Scrubby’s SoundCloud

  72. ej stavers

    ej stavers14 日 前

    15:31 im english and excuse me what the fuck

  73. Wa Ku

    Wa Ku14 日 前

    Make him listen to "Friends with Benefits" by ksi

  74. Aaron Adams

    Aaron Adams15 日 前

    "Where are the layers?"

  75. txic drxp

    txic drxp15 日 前

    at 15:30 he sounded like captain price

  76. txic drxp

    txic drxp15 日 前

    light mode

  77. error_in_the_game _RIP_

    error_in_the_game _RIP_15 日 前

    Logan paul *-was-* great

  78. Dylan West

    Dylan West15 日 前

    If mbdtf got a light 6 & ksi’s album got a 4 then it must be an AMAZING album

  79. Ankur Mudugu

    Ankur Mudugu日 前

    @Moè CaSh oh shit wait mbdtf is the greatest album of all time sorry g. I'm not allowed to have an opinion without being seen as edgy I forgot.

  80. Moè CaSh

    Moè CaSh日 前

    Ankur Mudugu *look at how edgy I am. I think mbdtf isn’t that good. Let me get my most diverse opinion ever award!*

  81. Ankur Mudugu

    Ankur Mudugu4 日 前

    mbdtf isn't that good, get over it

  82. mediocre consciente

    mediocre consciente15 日 前

    i feel like we are sleeping on that Chewbacca impression

  83. Zytonic Zuck

    Zytonic Zuck16 日 前

    Anthony with that cheetah print 😳

  84. O

    O16 日 前

    Alternative title: two giggly bois

  85. Blandeu

    Blandeu16 日 前

    Mans not even subscribed to jj, weirdchamp.

  86. LumberJackJess 1

    LumberJackJess 116 日 前

    You need to be careful man. KSI might want to box you later on homie.

  87. Abby Ollila

    Abby Ollila16 日 前

    he has the most contagious laugh on the planet

  88. Lord Maximis

    Lord Maximis17 日 前

    ngl I’d love to see a live album or track review

  89. David Ejibia

    David Ejibia17 日 前

    just three kings having a wholesome time together

  90. Bien Angelo

    Bien Angelo日 前

    A king threesome

  91. Dolofónos Esostrefís

    Dolofónos Esostrefís3 日 前

    You got me to smile

  92. Preston Ricks

    Preston Ricks17 日 前

    KSI should do a reaction video of this video. It'll be like Inception, but with reactions....

  93. kolim jone

    kolim jone17 日 前

    anthony and ksi could be best friends

  94. Theodore Baker

    Theodore Baker17 日 前

    Did KSI make a reaction to this video yet?

  95. Arttu Mc

    Arttu Mc17 日 前

    I'd like to point out that Jj put in his description "Listen to *my's* recent singles"

  96. rob f

    rob f17 日 前

    down like that means so much because it was his walkout for boxing hence the knockdown lyrics etc.

  97. Theodore Luchars

    Theodore Luchars17 日 前

    do TMG

  98. Tanner Farnsworth

    Tanner Farnsworth17 日 前

    I’d be very interested to see a review on some tiny meat gang music

  99. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos17 日 前

    19:22 i'm still shocked at anthony's perfect chewbacca impression ??

  100. Nic Patterson

    Nic Patterson17 日 前

    I wanna go back and watch the first two videos in this trilogy now