Reacting to 2019 YouTube Rewind (THEY FINALLY PUT ME IN IT)


  1. Jamal Shamandi

    Jamal Shamandiヶ月 前

    I really love rice man i truly wanna be his friend, he literally makes my day and i have been waiting for him to upload a video for so long and finally he did, thank you RICE

  2. rich arderd

    rich arderd12 時間 前

    Jamal Shamandi your not even subscribed to ricegum lmaooo 😂😂 Rice is some trashhhhh just a clout chaser

  3. Anthony

    Anthony17 時間 前

    That’s sad


    BMG SIMMS17 時間 前

    Lol the pinned comment is always some sucker shit

  5. JL

    JL36 分 前

    He literally acts like a 12 year old

  6. Branden Casteneda

    Branden Casteneda時間 前

    Boy this is why you are small JPreporterr you barely even post it's 2020😂😂😂

  7. JackGeezy

    JackGeezy3 時間 前

    Good thing this Damn clown isn't on Wild N Out anymore

  8. Cristopher Morgado

    Cristopher Morgado4 時間 前

    Yoooo rice release the new song 6 figure rich chigga

  9. Adrian Rodriguez

    Adrian Rodriguez4 時間 前

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that his video ended soooo... early and without and Outro

  10. anewkindofmedia

    anewkindofmedia5 時間 前

    Joke thief

  11. Eli Unreleased

    Eli Unreleased5 時間 前

    Man I use to love this guy back then and now he doesn’t even upload

  12. Upper Class

    Upper Class5 時間 前

    Ricegum is a cringe loser who takes advantage of all you “fans” . Go fuck yourself asian jake paul

  13. Kaeble

    Kaeble5 時間 前


  14. Youngboy Icy

    Youngboy Icy6 時間 前

    How does he even get money?

  15. Kyle Riles

    Kyle Riles6 時間 前

    Rice I used to fuck with you so fucking heavy man that’s why it pains me to say you have turned into such a pussy.

  16. wyatt imamoto

    wyatt imamoto6 時間 前

    Okay see y'all next year

  17. jesse selinger

    jesse selinger6 時間 前

    I forgot about this guy lol

  18. ITZ_ JAY

    ITZ_ JAY7 時間 前

    He gotta start uploading

  19. Tuguldur Sosor

    Tuguldur Sosor8 時間 前

    Nobody gives a shit about that u didnt made it into rewind get fucked you piece of shit

  20. Adam 25

    Adam 258 時間 前

    idk why I’m so late but I’m hyped for the rice come back

  21. Retro Lover

    Retro Lover9 時間 前

    This guy's channel hella dead...

  22. Diego Torres

    Diego Torres9 時間 前


  23. Fuigo Diego

    Fuigo Diego9 時間 前


  24. Jason Qiu

    Jason Qiu9 時間 前

    Ricegum you big bully.maybe people will ask why? Look what he did,try to find bixch at Kong Hong,let a old man eat the ice cream that he doesn’t want it,think the food was dog,can ricegum respect another people else?i don’t know,that’s what a jerk do

  25. Tom Brady

    Tom Brady9 時間 前

    Your channel is so dead

  26. Steven G

    Steven G10 時間 前

    i remeber watching him when he had more thank 100k and less then 500k

  27. The Barge

    The Barge11 時間 前


  28. John Lambert

    John Lambert11 時間 前

    But did it feel good tho?

  29. Random Domino

    Random Domino11 時間 前

    You stole a tweet by the way

  30. GamerAdrian21

    GamerAdrian2112 時間 前

    Post fortnite tik tok challege plz

  31. Evalina Jurado

    Evalina Jurado12 時間 前

    Where the hell you at 🍚

  32. ilipro FTW

    ilipro FTW12 時間 前

    2019 wasn’t his year he said, 2020 was going to be strong he said. Looks pretty strong to me since he hasn’t uploaded at all, which is normal for a dead JPreporterr.

  33. EpicGamerJoel

    EpicGamerJoel12 時間 前

    Why do you still exists

  34. That One Trans Kid

    That One Trans Kid13 時間 前

    Wait ricegum still exists?

  35. Alan L.

    Alan L.13 時間 前

    My man needs to start posting!

  36. Ifan Jones

    Ifan Jones13 時間 前

    Man get your sinuses cleared, it always sounds like you’ve got a fuckload of mucus in your nose.

  37. Briana Palacios

    Briana Palacios13 時間 前

    Post please 🥺🥺🥺

  38. Diamond

    Diamond14 時間 前

    Post rice !

  39. Diamond

    Diamond14 時間 前

    I miss you!

  40. Glock Sandwich

    Glock Sandwich15 時間 前

    Ricegum is the type of retard to peel a strawberry.

  41. Mystix -FN

    Mystix -FN15 時間 前

    @Ricegum we need a album!!!!

  42. Matthew

    Matthew16 時間 前


  43. benji terry

    benji terry16 時間 前

    you would be in it if you uploaded often

  44. John Conley

    John Conley16 時間 前

    h3h3, suggested to check you out and to watch your garb, for the diss you shown to his beautiful, v.interesting,brave but shy wife. I haven't watched any, I paused as soon as I heard your girly voice, and saw your boyish face, a face that's never seen a razor, and (cheeks!) that've never been kissed without you having to make a payment to those girls pretending they like you...hhahahahah . h3h3 is correct in what he said. Nuff said eh ? Oh good to see your traffic has sloooooowed, not like h3h3. BOOM !

  45. Busayomi Bello

    Busayomi Bello17 時間 前

    how long did it take you to go get milk jeez

  46. dracast999

    dracast99917 時間 前

    How could someone be so unaware. Fuck I hate this kid.

  47. Mystix -FN

    Mystix -FN18 時間 前

    rice actaully had good music

  48. ur mum dead lol

    ur mum dead lol18 時間 前

    Man with funny voice reacts to poopy video

  49. Grungey Chris

    Grungey Chris18 時間 前

    Rice gum is a bitch...

  50. Optamizm

    Optamizm19 時間 前

    RiceGum is a bitch!

  51. M. D. P.

    M. D. P.20 時間 前

    why does this twit keep making videos, all he gets is hate? :D

  52. M. D. P.

    M. D. P.20 時間 前

    look at all those bought subs, haha.

  53. Ibrahem Alsahhar

    Ibrahem Alsahhar22 時間 前

    Y’all know why he back bc he know the rent due tmr

  54. skatau

    skatau22 時間 前

    Hong Konger hates u!

  55. Nata Kusuma

    Nata Kusuma22 時間 前

    lmao this channel look so dumb

  56. Sjors

    Sjors22 時間 前

    Love me long time

  57. Moli Gaming

    Moli Gaming日 前

    Oh my god, your such a legend, you make me so wet with your reckless spending, you’ve gained my respect and you’re oh so funny, please take me to your mansion and fvck me, your fvcking DELUSIONAL

  58. 김민규

    김민규日 前


  59. Shwable

    Shwable日 前

    dang people just love to spread hate and bring in that negative energy Like pls Leave Rice alone!!!

  60. John Lambert

    John Lambert11 時間 前

    Why? Have you heard some of the stuff he's said or just choose to blissfully ignore it? Like, he literally made fun of a rape victim

  61. Jairo Mora

    Jairo Mora日 前


  62. Salamat Po!

    Salamat Po!日 前

    Where is rice now?

  63. bobaFN

    bobaFN日 前

    Yo just waiting for him to post

  64. Bob Gorman

    Bob Gorman日 前

    Can you start making diss tracks and slide shows again like In 2016 (Only O.G’s will remember)