1. Sam Golbach

    Sam Golbachヶ月 前

    100K LIKES for more 3am Challenges!!!! Also, get the Yellow Never Normal Drop before it sells out! shopxplr.com/collections/sam-golbach-collection

  2. AC Sings

    AC Sings日 前

    Lol that was some scary shit

  3. No Way

    No Way日 前

    You should play Charlottes Web

  4. Gacha Aaron

    Gacha Aaron2 日 前

    Why can’t you have the sharp object on camera or blood ?

  5. Leo Butterworth

    Leo Butterworth7 日 前

    When I heard laughing I think I crapped myself

  6. duckyboi

    duckyboi9 日 前

    You should try the lady of spades ritual idk how to do it but the only thing I know is that you have to start it at 12:00 AM exact or it will not work

  7. Jàý

    Jàý時間 前

    Sam: Raven Man please make a sign to show that your real Raven Man: literally Sits in front of sam fully visible Sam:Its Probably just apartment noises...

  8. Alexandra Torres

    Alexandra Torres6 時間 前

    Put on the *milk*

  9. Lexi Schlutz

    Lexi Schlutz10 時間 前

    Is it just me or did that outro music hit differently I loved that

  10. Candy

    Candy10 時間 前

    You did it wrong you were supposed to be INSIDE the salt circle And you needed a cross if this was real you would’ve been dead hours before putting it in JPreporter

  11. Riiiann W

    Riiiann W12 時間 前

    13:27 hell naw, I'd be gone with the damn wind

  12. Snowkiller342

    Snowkiller34212 時間 前

    I hate to tell you this but you have reached 100k likes. Time to do another one:)

  13. Chai David

    Chai David13 時間 前

    what did he say when it said milk I am so curious

  14. Aubrey Jones

    Aubrey Jones13 時間 前

    Did anyone else see the camera slightly zooming in and out at times?

  15. Ahhrix

    Ahhrix15 時間 前


  16. Martha 247365

    Martha 24736521 時間 前

    This toy stated laughing so maybe this demon following you

  17. Shianne Davies

    Shianne Davies23 時間 前

    6:57 that little teddie to the right of Sam..there is a meme of it holding a knife umm haha🙄😬🤭😰

  18. Hey Asshole

    Hey Asshole日 前

    SPOILER FOR THE VIDEO I almost shit myself when the cow started to laugh. That couldn't be coincidence you tried to make it go and it didn't.

  19. Grayson

    Grayson日 前

    Why does Sam look like DanTDM?

  20. Wyatt and Derek Godfrey

    Wyatt and Derek Godfrey日 前

    Do u love “milk.”😑

  21. Golden Revolver

    Golden Revolver日 前

    Assuming that the Raven Man is the size of a regular man, there is no way he is going to willingly fit himself in that tiny circle.

  22. Nick Ferro

    Nick Ferro日 前

    Stop summoning the devil unless u want to be possessed by it

  23. Snowy Kitten127

    Snowy Kitten127日 前

    I love how the scariest video by Sam are always the ones with the funniest comments ❤️😂

  24. No Way

    No Way日 前

    Your circle was slightly broken. Make sure there are zero gaps

  25. Dezzy

    Dezzy日 前

    17:35 The two dots in the other room scared the heck out of me

  26. Dezzy

    Dezzy日 前

    Sam: *gets scared* Also Sam: “Colby and I can have a sleepover”

  27. Noah Chun

    Noah Chun日 前

    This is why i can never sleep

  28. Sophia Potato

    Sophia Potato日 前

    At 2:28 it say 35 candles 🤣

  29. Freja Kathrine Raunholt

    Freja Kathrine Raunholt日 前

    Sam can you please try to play: Satoru-kun ritual. But please don’t do it if u don’t feel safe!!!

  30. Quinn Matheson

    Quinn Matheson2 日 前

    As soon as I pulled up this video, it started pouring rain

  31. xX_BlueDiamond_Xx

    xX_BlueDiamond_Xx2 日 前

    Am I the only one who noticed the pair of eyes from 8:43 to 9:26? Like.. it stays for a while and then it disappears.

  32. Galactic_ Nova

    Galactic_ Nova2 日 前

    It must be the midnight man and stranger guy they still haunt you today man.

  33. Rainbows and unicorns

    Rainbows and unicorns2 日 前

    Wait Sam got a random caller Id but that’s what Keeps happening to Corey

  34. Lhia Gonzalez

    Lhia Gonzalez2 日 前

    Yall know the saying "this is why women live longer than men"? Im starting to agree😂

  35. Denisa Jessica

    Denisa Jessica2 日 前

    Sam: today we are going to play rave men MM:turns on AC to kill Sam because he is jealous 😒

  36. MCLOVIN BOY 33

    MCLOVIN BOY 332 日 前

    Loved the vid but disliked for the cringey winking and just cringey stuff at the start 😂

  37. Bolt Gaming

    Bolt Gaming2 日 前

    What is raven man is following you

  38. Bolt Gaming

    Bolt Gaming2 日 前

    The camera it going off

  39. Gacha Aaron

    Gacha Aaron2 日 前


  40. Alise Gromovica

    Alise Gromovica2 日 前

    Anyone could’ve been hiding and pressed the toy

  41. regular decorated emergency

    regular decorated emergency3 日 前

    Ngl it really seems like Jaystation is copying Sam. He uses the same font, in all caps, glowing green that _also_ says 3 am challenge _and_ has done a lot of the same challenges Sam has. I mean,,, really tho.

  42. MasterSpartan 68

    MasterSpartan 683 日 前

    Why do I watch this stuff at night?...

  43. Matthew Jacob

    Matthew Jacob3 日 前

    Bro i thought it was 35 candles anyone else

  44. BluetoothsFuneral

    BluetoothsFuneral3 日 前

    Fuck all of u for liking i hate seeing this happening to him😡

  45. Shelby K

    Shelby K2 日 前

    Well he asked for it,He is doing this to himself

  46. Alex Chapito

    Alex Chapito3 日 前

    17:35 looks like someone is looking at Sam by the door

  47. Sarah Grindheim

    Sarah Grindheim3 日 前

    Is it just me or did that launch sound like chucky?

  48. Snowy Kitten127

    Snowy Kitten127日 前

    I thought the same thing and I remember him having a chuck doll but I didn’t know if it makes any sounds, ...or well, was SUPPOSED to make any sounds.

  49. Mikaela Gray

    Mikaela Gray3 日 前

    It said to not let any light in and yet Sam turns on the light to look for the toy to explain why the toy went off

  50. Samantha Ngwane

    Samantha Ngwane3 日 前

    u can here friggin laughing coming from somewhere!:/

  51. DJ john 344

    DJ john 3443 日 前

    I was watching one of your videos and right next to me it just got really cold really cold and one more thing why can't you say blood

  52. Smexy Gurlll

    Smexy Gurlll3 日 前

    I’m really confused why does he have to block out the word “blood” or something like that with “milk” ?

  53. Mark Laigo

    Mark Laigo4 日 前

    Wait hold up Raven is my name but i'm not a evil wtf??

  54. Daniel Müller

    Daniel Müller日 前

    I thought u are Mark

  55. Dominique McCune

    Dominique McCune4 日 前

    i can see and talk to ghost

  56. someone's toilet

    someone's toilet4 日 前

    The Raven Man is basically a plague doctor but a ghost? edit: 13:25 i heard "YEEEEEEEEEEEEET"

  57. Ginge _95k

    Ginge _95k4 日 前

    Nobody: Sam: ImA dRaW sOmE *MILK*

  58. Tony Crawford

    Tony Crawford4 日 前

    i saw a light blinking