1. Sam Golbach

    Sam Golbach5 ヶ月 前

    100K LIKES for more 3am Challenges!!!! Also, get the Yellow Never Normal Drop before it sells out! shopxplr.com/collections/sam-golbach-collection

  2. Jasmine Clark

    Jasmine Clarkヶ月 前

    Sam he was telling you that your haunted because you still have that doll. Something is attached to it. Get rid of it.

  3. Quinn Cox

    Quinn Coxヶ月 前

    Oh my God I love your videos and I literrally spend like 2 hours a day watching ur vids!

  4. Nikolai 22

    Nikolai 223 ヶ月 前

    Hi Sam. It’s been about 2 months. Do you plan on making another 3am challenge video? I don’t mind that your doing these things on your channel and on the Sam and Colby channel, so long as you have a failsafe in case things go wrong. Keep up the good work.

  5. Adriana and Damian

    Adriana and Damian3 ヶ月 前

    You should do the midnight man challenge

  6. Mizuki kun

    Mizuki kun3 ヶ月 前

    SAM you forgot to thank every question you ask as much as possible!!!

  7. maka rosee

    maka rosee38 分 前

    35 candles

  8. Flawless Cucumber

    Flawless Cucumber22 時間 前

    the circle is not completed... AAAAANNNND he asked like 5 questions....

  9. Taffy Leisha

    Taffy Leisha23 時間 前

    Can you do the midnight man again ? It really fun to watch

  10. • DarkBlood •

    • DarkBlood •2 日 前

    Raven man: lets go ahead and be somewhat nice to adjust his camera for him... *5 Minutes later* Raven man: damn, this is pretty fun actually

  11. Autumn Hurst

    Autumn Hurst2 日 前

    They look like birds in the masck

  12. Cool Beana

    Cool Beana2 日 前

    Sam: Raven man's been around since the end of time. Me: wait... Wait... When did time end???

  13. 5H4Y44N_ D4GD4

    5H4Y44N_ D4GD42 日 前

    The best bit of the video the merch scene

  14. G-noted Solby

    G-noted Solby3 日 前

    I want a reunion with the midnight man

  15. its josoulyn

    its josoulyn4 日 前

    This was enough to show this dude lol the ghosts he’s invited to his life for JPreporter is all real. & all on him love ya Sam but you a dummy, that gets my views so ig I’ll shhh

  16. ItzYaBoi Zeck

    ItzYaBoi Zeck5 日 前

    35 candles nicee

  17. Madi Ragene

    Madi Ragene5 日 前

    Sam- *claps* Me- *jumps out of my skin* AH

  18. Cryztalz Wolf life

    Cryztalz Wolf life5 日 前

    How do you sleep?!?!?

  19. Cryztalz Wolf life

    Cryztalz Wolf life5 日 前

    I like how he said that he doesn’t know if his new apartment is haunted and then he said yet! YET! Sam are you trying to haunt it?

  20. Sävägė_Wøłf Płäÿż

    Sävägė_Wøłf Płäÿż7 日 前

    Did anyone else notice the camera focusing and not focusing?

  21. TacticalNoob

    TacticalNoob7 日 前

    Ummmmm..you better hope the manager or owner of the building doesnt watch these vids. Cuz im pretty sure all that shit on the walls is vandalism,so hope you dont get evicted.

  22. Itz_ Nat

    Itz_ Nat7 日 前

    Instead of hearing the Cow I thought I heard a raven

  23. Laser Sights

    Laser Sights7 日 前

    Ok I won’t do it home, I will do it in my friends house Thanks for the heads up 👍🏼🙂

  24. Dog LOVER

    Dog LOVER8 日 前


  25. Judy x Nick I ship them

    Judy x Nick I ship them8 日 前

    If you look out the door in 17:36 you can see eye’s 😱😨🤤

  26. Judy x Nick I ship them

    Judy x Nick I ship them8 日 前

    I put that last emoji by mistake

  27. Nexttz

    Nexttz8 日 前

    Why that tounge tho

  28. The girl you see

    The girl you see8 日 前

    BBB Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination you love me I love you you love me that's all I'm saying sorry from a dream and nick nack Patty whack give a dog a bone this old man came rolling home. Thats not what i said i said B B Barny is a dinisor from are imagination,i love you you love me lets all hang barny from a tree with a Nick nack patty wake give a dog a bone this old man came rolling home.

  29. Squishy's Slime Diy

    Squishy's Slime Diy8 日 前

    Someone keeps messing with the camera 😑😑😤

  30. Presley Glover

    Presley Glover8 日 前

    When Sam was counting down for the subscribe thing(which I am subbed)when he got to 1 my phone said sum 20% battery left lmao

  31. Tyler Ralph

    Tyler Ralph8 日 前

    Coualaty content

  32. Laiba Suhail

    Laiba Suhail8 日 前

    What were those two green dots at 17:36

  33. joanne farrell

    joanne farrell8 日 前

    The way Sam put barney down cracked me up Sam: *AGGRESIVELY SMACKS BARNEY DOWN ON THE FLOOR*

  34. Race10 ftw

    Race10 ftw8 日 前

    Barney was the most scared his mouth was open the whole time

  35. Ms.Meowsalot Senpy

    Ms.Meowsalot Senpy9 日 前

    Barney is shook Barney sees ghost that Sam doesn't see Barney sees everything

  36. MrMaxx

    MrMaxx9 日 前


  37. Ry uhiforgot

    Ry uhiforgot9 日 前

    Sam: Are we haunted? Raven man: Midnight Man: Am i a *joke* to you?!

  38. Nightmare Angel

    Nightmare Angel9 日 前

    Wait a damn minute! Go to 17:20 in the video or when he puts out the forth candle the camera zooms like and adjusts!Was someone there?Bitch what i confused......... Im pretty sure im tweaking out

  39. Nightmare Angel

    Nightmare Angel9 日 前

    And right as the 5th candle goes out!!

  40. Bernardo Rodrigues

    Bernardo Rodrigues9 日 前

    That one Barney in the beginning 😂 Edit:Oh that’s why

  41. OD Cubing

    OD Cubing9 日 前

    How did u not see that fuckin guy following u the whole time and just staring at u from behind?

  42. Skylinn Riddle

    Skylinn Riddle9 日 前

    Go to more haunted places and make sure its fucking terrifiing

  43. はたけに

    はたけに9 日 前


  44. Raelynn Grajales

    Raelynn Grajales9 日 前

    Stop talking and do the ritual

  45. Officer Ross

    Officer Ross9 日 前

    1:54 lol this made me so laugh

  46. Shao Xuan Ang

    Shao Xuan Ang9 日 前

    Anyone saw the barney at the first part of the vid?

  47. Joshua Luciano

    Joshua Luciano10 日 前

    The demon “u know I like me u know u do Sam “your right I do”