Raphael, School of Athens


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    Would you please add it to your videos in Turkish subtitles? 💐💐💐😊😊😊

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    I always love this fresco. Amazing.... We can mention everyone of the picture.. For example socrates, behind plato.. I love it!

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    Super helpful and informative, thank you!

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    hello people from my class who were also assigned to watch it i love you

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    pumkin night Cicero

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    what school

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    I like that Hypatia made it in. She didnt get the fate she deserved.

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    Anyone know why Heraclitus’ box is at that awkward non perspective angle

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    Drawing from ancient pagan philosophers was not unique to Renaissance in Catholicism. Catholic tradition had at that time a long history of drawing influences from ancient pagan philosophers, especially from Plato (popularized by St. Augustine) and Aristotle (popularized by St. Thomas Aquinas). Especially during the Middle Ages when scholasticism was at the rise with it's concept of combining faith and reason. St. Thomas Aquinas calls Aristotle "The Philosopher" and didn't hesitate to openly draw some of his ideas not just from numerous Christian thinkers, but also from pagan, Jewish (Maimonides) or Muslim (Avicenna, Averroes) philosophers.

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    Sending my love to SmartHistory because I love their videos so much

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    Foi dessa obra fabulosa que, Guns 'n Roses tiveram a idéa de fazer a capa da album ,Use Your Illusion 1 e 2.

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    Where is Parmenides in the painting!?

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    Thought to be the standing figure between Pythagoras and Heraclitus (lower left).

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    breathtaking. amazing disection folks keep up the great work!!

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    Best analysis so far! Bombarded with information non stop!

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    beautiful analysis! well said!

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    It would be interesting to bring into the conversation the cartoon that is in the museum in Milan for the fresco, which is in some ways even more powerful than the fresco. It shows Raphael's process of developing the overall pictorial concept, and is a fascinating work, feeling as contemporary as anything hanging in galleries today.

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    great comments and review

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    From a Christian view is this a remember of a pagan dead culture with the label of Christianity. The Greek and Roman Gods and their philosophy with a new name. Of course are masterpieces.

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    Plato is RedPill Aristotle is BluePill

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    The choice is yours.

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    Regarding BC pagan thinkers on a par with godly wisdom was definitely a huge step forward taken by the Church. Maybe it was unavoidable that the Church should embrace secular ways of attaining wisdom, because, after all, these pagan giants could actually demonstrate their claims. But still, I think that some church people, who were also scholars, actually were impressed by their readings of Greek Philosophy, and assented that the god's word stood weaker in explaining the world. I see in this grand room that blind faith has started losing blood against reason.

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    Authentic faith never involves a sacrifice of the intellect. - Bishop Robert Barron

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    I was handed the key to this room and got to unlock the door not long ago, early in the morning on a special tour with just a few of us and the keepers of the keys. I lingered and had the room to myself. Imagine the solitude with these magnificent works of art in the silence of early dawn; think about the centuries and the history these rooms have seen. It was overwhelming.

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    I see that Michaelangelo surpass Raphael in how seamless the subjects are in composition with each other that the paint looks like it's painted in one session. How amazing these artists are

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    Quality video

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    Sibyl is spelt wrong at 1.21

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    Yes it is.

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    I was so fortunate to tour the Vatican after hours with a very small group.To see these art works in a relatively quiet atmosphere was truly amazing .

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    Love the unpacking of this frescoe.

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    Plato and Aristotle have just come from a tennis match and you can see that they are in dispute about a key point which Aristotle believes to have been "in" while Plato is calling it "out". They must have bet something on the outcome.

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    i bet betting is the source of human knowledge.

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    Lol, Diogenes.

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    You missed hypathia of Alexandria..

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    Amazing! Thank you for making this video.

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    No shout out to Hypatia

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    amazing what represents the fresco of the school of Athens the prominent figures of the time in contrast with with the prominent figures of the past.

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    some one know the title of the book hold by socrates and the one hold by its disciple.

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    Can anyone tell me what's in front of Pythagoras on that chalk board

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    Plato points to an intermediate realm of 'Forms' between man and the 'Form of the Good'. This (rather than Aristotle's 'Great Chain of Being') is the pattern of the 'Disputa' where 1. the realm of Forms becomes the Christian 'cloud of witnesses' [Heb12v1] - and 2. the Form of the Good is identified as the realm of God the Father.

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    I always thought Raphael's Plato was modeled after Leonardo Da Vinci, but there's no mention of it here.

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    it is leonardo da vinci

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    Great video, but i would expect to see all characters' analysis. Roughly there are 50 significant people in the painting.

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    That would be a very long video.

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    Beautiful explained

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    No mention of Plato being modelled on Leonardo?

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    RATIONALITY, ANALYSIS, CONSCIOUSNESS is more on the Plato side. EMPIRCAL THOUGHT, INTUITION, SUBCONSCIOUS is more on the Aristotle side.

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    Привет всем ауцашникам

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    Who is the woman that as Raphael is face front? It is Venus? Are the painter and the beauty the main theme of the image?

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    If I'm not mistaken, that's the philosopher Hypatia.

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    Was So crates in The School of Athens painting ?

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    on the left side (ideal side), wearing green, preaching to the people to his right specifically, he is talking to Alexander the Great (or some say that the guy in armor is Alcibiades, his student)

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    this is awesome....i had a question.are the 2 globes on the freemasonry pillars a reference to the zoroaster and ptolemy globes?

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    Thank You for Posting this amazing art work with explanation. excellent ,well done

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    this Painting was on the 500Thousand Lire Bill

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    wasn't Plato in the School of Athens modelled after Da Vinci? Supposedly Da Vinci was a dreamer, perhaps can be compared to be similar to one another?

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    Good point ! Also the "pointing up sign" can be seen in many of Leonardo's paintings (Thomas from "The last supper" for example)

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    Yes, I've read in a Renaissance handbook that Da Vinci was Raphael's inspiration for Plato, apart from Da Vinci's other worldly way of thinking, the iconic hand pointing upward is an allusion to Da Vinci's unusual panting of hands (see the painting St. John the Baptist and sketch Holy Family with St. John) encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2CYTtA2pl-D7i7fUpQXe4U7CYS2-_OFnKU7a4dfgP9CB99dMeGg phillipkay.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/1-mary-and-anne-jesus-and-john.jpg

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    Looking at it in person was SO AWESOME after having taken the course.. Too bad my school cancelled it this year :/

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    In the Disputatio, do the two figures that have their backs turned to the Host represent actual historical characters, or are they simply allegorical?

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    Nice! I've been hoping you guys would update your School of Athens video for a while now. Great quality in this new one!

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    A good dissication of the work from Cezzane, what is good to have a look at are the divisions of ideas within the spheres of knowledge and the way they are represented. As a thinker i find it amusing to look at those "Black and White"(clear separation) concepts.