Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist Operator Gameplay Gadget and Starter Tips | Ubisoft [NA]


  1. Mapache Gamer

    Mapache Gamer時間 前

    wow I thought that R6 It couldn't get worse and what happened? Explosive drones ://


    derWALDARBEITER5 時間 前

    Can you melee the drone if it anchors?

  3. That Random Asian _

    That Random Asian _5 時間 前

    So Castle is now obsolete...

  4. Bowen LaValley

    Bowen LaValley6 時間 前

    can we talk about this music doe it kicks bruv

  5. Kirazeness

    Kirazeness9 時間 前

    Hahaha "Stunt grenade" at 3:38

  6. Ata Ertuğrul

    Ata Ertuğrul11 時間 前

    Game over ubi

  7. Arda Kaya

    Arda Kaya13 時間 前

    When is he come??? And when is the new season battle pass

  8. Joram B

    Joram B14 時間 前

    The map reworks are horrible. Made me stop playing cause of it. Ruined the game

  9. rial smith

    rial smith16 時間 前

    I logged onto siege today to see that I was missing a bunch of credits. Somehow mira elite had been purchased on my account even though im the only one who uses the account and I never purchased the skin. I contacted ubisoft support about it and they said they wouldnt refund me. This makes no sense as it will not cost you anything to just put the credits back onto my account and remove the skin. Now I cant buy the e-sports skins that I actually purchased the credits for. Unbelievable, I will not be purchasing any more in-game cosmetics and supporting a game that cant fix their mistakes.

  10. dolita windo

    dolita windo19 時間 前

    Flores drone exists Mute pick rate📈📈📈📈📈

  11. Obama Worm

    Obama Worm20 時間 前

    Can't wait to blow up my teammates with this

  12. Crack Kid

    Crack Kid20 時間 前

    3:37 stunt grenade?

  13. dolita windo

    dolita windo19 時間 前

    this is why i quit siege, the devs are just too stupid to do common sense things like "patch bugs before you put in new things" the ubisoft team are a bunch of apes.

  14. Dalton Carrillo

    Dalton Carrillo20 時間 前

    add some new guns lol

  15. Blaze Demon

    Blaze Demon21 時間 前

    Is this gonna be released in PS4

  16. Fabs 89

    Fabs 8921 時間 前

    10€ pro Operator, mehr Abzocke für weniger Content.

  17. ARMYN

    ARMYN22 時間 前

    The fact that this has the name Rainbow Six on it makes me vomit and i'm not even that old

  18. Ricardo soriano

    Ricardo soriano22 時間 前

    1 op lame

  19. WindWave88

    WindWave88日 前

    Looks like Leon from the movie 😂

  20. Vibez \\

    Vibez \\日 前

    So basically after the gone 6.. castle is gonna be useless ( even before the gone 6 ubisoft did castle dirty because almost everyone can destroy it ) also melusi and maestro ... bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️ Dear Ubisoft are trying to f up the game ?

  21. Revazz Brat

    Revazz Brat日 前

    Камри 3.5 камри 3.5

  22. Bruno Monteiro

    Bruno Monteiro日 前

    operation CRIMSON HEIST is so FLORES🤧

  23. Apollo

    Apollo日 前

    It's literally an RC-XD

  24. monty python

    monty python日 前

    Screw castle I guess

  25. TappedPanic

    TappedPanic日 前

    What’s the point of ash anymore

  26. goomba3456

    goomba3456日 前

    This will be nerfed a week after launched

  27. Agi

    Agi日 前

    Omg oobi pls fix XDDD

  28. hustlinjustin

    hustlinjustin日 前

    Does flores use a normal drone for prep or?

  29. Club Sandwich

    Club Sandwich日 前

    this is why i quit siege, the devs are just too stupid to do common sense things like "patch bugs before you put in new things" the ubisoft team are a bunch of apes.

  30. Yunus Dabbale

    Yunus Dabbale日 前

    we gonna ignore shield black ice for fuze at 4:55

  31. PlayStation 4

    PlayStation 4日 前

    Do not attemp to board the helicopter


    JOATMON日 前

    Frikkin' Finally ---- match replays

  33. DnB Skillz

    DnB Skillz日 前

    Why not just just call this game Siege this ain't rainbow six not even Tom Clancy's

  34. Sergio Flores

    Sergio Flores日 前

    Cool name

  35. Dima

    Dima日 前

    1. let's make an operator so op so everyone would buy it. 2. you realise that the operator is too op, and need to be nerfed. 3. nerf it again. 4. ...more. 5. give him a nade. 6. *TAKE BACK THE NADE, AND NERF IT AGAIN*

  36. Dr. Stephen Strange

    Dr. Stephen Strange日 前

    1:40 great aim from the devs there. 😂

  37. RRRunekeeper478

    RRRunekeeper478日 前

    Most of what Flores is supposed to do can be done with a grenade

  38. Nachteule

    Nachteule日 前

    I miss when Siege was realistic and gritty. When operators wore actual armor instead of hats and damn dirt bike helmets. Whatever, I still enjoy this game, but it's not the same.



    Wait he had acog on his gun in a few clips 🤔

  40. KingKruseEditz 23

    KingKruseEditz 23日 前

    "I will keep moving forward until all my enemies are destroyed" -Eren Jeager

  41. Jacob Dickman

    Jacob Dickman10 時間 前

    Fight. Fight.

  42. Rendy Danni

    Rendy Danni日 前

    RIP Area F2

  43. Feeltix

    Feeltix日 前

    Mozzie gonna be OP ;), im telling you...

  44. Zuno

    Zuno日 前

    I haven't played this game since August 2020, I guess it's time to return🤷

  45. Jay Da 1

    Jay Da 1日 前


  46. Darth Malgus

    Darth Malgus日 前

    Can an ads stop the sidearm thingy, or does it work like a normal bullet?

  47. R3l0AD

    R3l0AD2 日 前

    Ubi please give that African American some power, not bully him

  48. Brandon Marin

    Brandon Marin2 日 前

    im definitely gonna die from this

  49. Stormi Reynolds

    Stormi Reynolds2 日 前

    If yall just want Castle to retire just say it lol

  50. Juicy Bert

    Juicy Bert2 日 前

    so basically castle is useless now

  51. yuitr loing

    yuitr loing2 日 前

    looks like flores stole elite ashes glasses and elite glaz hat

  52. AlexTRONIC

    AlexTRONIC2 日 前

    once they sell this OP, hes gonna get nerfed, drone explosions will be non-lethal, just like Kapkan its too annoying like lion eventually will get nerfed so bad, he wont be a viable OP.

  53. yuitr loing

    yuitr loing2 日 前

    defenders while Flores will be at no risk.


    UN TITLED2 日 前

    Mozzie has a new toy

  55. Yolo gaming

    Yolo gaming2 日 前

    Make new maps or weapons I swear, stop reworking and using the same guns, main reason why this game is dying.

  56. ahaub 8

    ahaub 82 日 前

    Ubisoft in a nutshell nowadays: “Let’s start dropping only one op at a time and STILL reuse weapons”

  57. Devin Kinsella

    Devin Kinsella20 時間 前

    @justin morris can’t they just change the name tho? Isn’t that what call of duty does when they have a Vector called the Fennec or an AK-5C called the Krig 6?

  58. justin morris

    justin morris日 前

    @Social Panda you do realize unless they made the weapon, they have to pay a gun company to use said gun’s name

  59. Tran Tus

    Tran Tus日 前

    Remember when u know they have thatcher only by hearing they pop outer default cams? Not anymore

  60. Social Panda

    Social Panda2 日 前

    i hate that they dont add in new weapons its bullshit

  61. zacmaster42

    zacmaster422 日 前

    Looks like castle won’t be my defender main anymore...

  62. Griffin James

    Griffin James2 日 前

    I haven’t played R6 in a while what is the breach charge thing at 5:05

  63. Rocky Ramone

    Rocky Ramone21 時間 前

    A hard breach gadget that some attackers get. some ops that have it are Monty, Nokk, Amaru, etc at least from what i last remember.

  64. Cenabrogamer

    Cenabrogamer2 日 前

    Are you guys doing someting about teamkillers on ranked

  65. Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht2 日 前

    Flores drone exists Mute pick rate📈📈📈📈📈

  66. Hazmat Guy

    Hazmat Guy2 日 前

    Game has been dogshit for a while now ngl.

  67. JTWebs123

    JTWebs1232 日 前


  68. Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht2 日 前

    need the damn acog

  69. Waffles Are Kool

    Waffles Are Kool2 日 前

    Stunt grenade

  70. yep clock

    yep clock2 日 前

    He kinda looks like the English bloke from cod ww2 zombies

  71. Zinqzz

    Zinqzz2 日 前

    Hey that’s me(that’s my last name)

  72. Kai Hayabusa

    Kai Hayabusa2 日 前

    Anybody else get annoyed from that Ela Potato aim?

  73. obama omer

    obama omer2 日 前

    I just know that bikini is going to have a blast with this guy

  74. Wingnut Plays

    Wingnut Plays2 日 前

    First I want to ask what will be the point of twitch now. Flores is better in almost every way, destroying maestros and melusi’s. He has more drones and they can actually kill defenders while Flores will be at no risk.

  75. efr 45545

    efr 455452 日 前

    looks like flores stole elite ashes glasses and elite glaz hat

  76. UnicornSafetyPin

    UnicornSafetyPin2 日 前

    No one: TheRussianBadger: New gadget? More like new sidearm to violate the Geneva Suggestion

  77. Garrett Rayburn

    Garrett Rayburn2 日 前

    MnK on console still running the game btw

  78. Jon_Bee B0mb1n

    Jon_Bee B0mb1n2 日 前

    "Stunt" grenade?

  79. Fernando Pérez

    Fernando Pérez2 日 前

    Este personaje es un insulto para Argentina

  80. yuitr loing

    yuitr loing2 日 前

    Bruh, poor Castle, he's becoming more weak

  81. Huntoo Hamling

    Huntoo Hamling2 日 前

    It's a shame they haven't even touched on some of the 100+ guns still available and just stick to recycle the same guns over and over.

  82. Premium

    Premium2 日 前

    Rip maestro

  83. yuitr loing

    yuitr loing2 日 前


  84. marina b

    marina b2 日 前

    I love losing my elo because of ddossers

  85. FeenMiS

    FeenMiS2 日 前

    need the damn acog

  86. Benjamin Obringer

    Benjamin Obringer2 日 前


  87. Abderrahmane Elkamal

    Abderrahmane Elkamal2 日 前

    another 80gigs update ? ..

  88. M1 Abrams

    M1 Abrams3 日 前

    They should of made the operator irish, just for IRA purposes

  89. SilentNeon

    SilentNeon3 日 前

    if this is op in lobby’s i think the nerf should be not being able to kill or injure players its just for gadgets

  90. Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life

    Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life3 日 前

    Sheer Heart Attack (シアーハートアタック, Shiā Hāto Atakku) is Killer Queen's second type of bomb, featured primarily in the arc Sheer Heart Attack. This treaded automatic bomb detaches from Killer Queen's left hand, so any Stand abilities activated upon it are reflected onto Kira's left hand. Because Sheer Heart Attack is attached to Kira's left hand, the primary bomb can still be used when Sheer Heart Attack is active. It is completely autonomous and has a great range, so Kira can safely engage Sheer Heart Attack and move a great distance away while it carries out its duties. It seeks out whatever the warmest object in the vicinity is,even changing targets the second a warmer object appears; upon reaching its target, it automatically induces an explosion with power and blast size equivalent to the heat of the target. If Sheer Heart Attack's explosion was set off by a non-human source, it will continue to seek out targets until it explodes from a human. Like Killer Queen's first bomb, Sheer Heart Attack's explosions remove all physical evidence of the target. The body of Sheer Heart Attack is nigh-indestructible, withstanding countless blows from Jotaro's Star Platinum,but can still be affected by non-damaging Stand powers and cracked if pulled apart at the mouth with tremendous force. Its main drawback lies in its autonomous nature, which will sometimes prevent Sheer Heart Attack from prioritizing killing Kira's intended human target(s). Secondly, since it needs to explode from making contact with a human target to fully dissipate, should Sheer Heart Attack need to be deactivated while actively seeking a target, the user must physically return in the range of Sheer Heart Attack to deactivate and retrieve it. Furthermore, Sheer Heart Attack can continue to be active even after Kira's hand has been cut off, seen when he uses this to escape Josuke and company. Cutting off his hand even gives Sheer Heart Attack more power, as well as the ability to withstand even Echoes ACT 3's 3 Freeze.

  91. Reconnecting

    Reconnecting3 日 前

    Looking forward to these new “stunt grenades” lol

  92. EX_RuSSheLLz

    EX_RuSSheLLz3 日 前

    Sorry but let’s say “sweet hacked an explosive drone”

  93. Logan619

    Logan6193 日 前

    I feel like this should’ve been a rework for twitch or IQ Also I think they should’ve used different guns maybe one of Jackals guns or an old timer gun like an uzi lol or something and he should have had a revolver

  94. SS Emergency World

    SS Emergency World3 日 前

    He actually seems fairly balanced in the current meta

  95. Redhead TaTToo

    Redhead TaTToo3 日 前

    Ubisoft ADD NEW GUNS

  96. SOSOGamer

    SOSOGamer3 日 前

    Bulletproof bullshit explosive

  97. smitninja gaming

    smitninja gaming3 日 前

    In my opinion this is a good update but we don’t need a secondary that is basically ash remake I would scrap the secondary weapon

  98. Pizza

    Pizza3 日 前

    C L A Y M O R E R O O M B A

  99. fistyy

    fistyy3 日 前


  100. pumpkinjbggezro

    pumpkinjbggezro3 日 前

    umm what? did he sayed after 2 weeks AND A BATTLEPASS?????????????????????????????????????/

  101. Jacob Heller

    Jacob Heller3 日 前

    Ngl the si map i didn't think about how the border room felt diffrent in the Amory now I know why

  102. Enternal Thief

    Enternal Thief3 日 前

    Why does he look like glazs elite

  103. Cameron Clyde

    Cameron Clyde2 日 前

    bruh i thought i was alone on that thought

  104. Cenk Akyol - Music

    Cenk Akyol - Music3 日 前

    We need a Turkish Operator Ubi. Please.

  105. cqvio doli

    cqvio doli3 日 前

    Bruh, poor Castle, he's becoming more weak

  106. Cxrnxge CLC

    Cxrnxge CLC3 日 前

    this is not what siege needs

  107. M3M._-

    M3M._-3 日 前

    The most exciting thing about this is the fact that the pa guy will now shut up, saving me a bullet every round

  108. cqvio doli

    cqvio doli3 日 前

    One unbalanced thing about Flores Players: NERF

  109. Quinn Beckman

    Quinn Beckman3 日 前

    Hope a castle buff comes in the future

  110. Delirious Zora

    Delirious Zora3 日 前

    I wonder if mozzie's gadget is some how going to have a unique reaction to his drone, or is it just not gonna catch the drone?

  111. 18 -Platform

    18 -Platform3 日 前

    When is it coming out?

  112. Jamie Hobson

    Jamie Hobson3 日 前

    I love that the logo is based on a raspberry pi

  113. Cam

    Cam3 日 前

    Where the new pew pews at?

  114. Eddie Love

    Eddie Love3 日 前

    So twitch is useless now... got it 😎