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  1. comicsansgreenkirby

    comicsansgreenkirby35 分 前

    "pug horse" That sounds catchy

  2. cherriesaregood

    cherriesaregood3 時間 前

    the leech one got me

  3. Hector and Friends

    Hector and Friends4 時間 前

    Bruh. A pughorse. *Bulldogs will remember that*

  4. SkyTech RTS

    SkyTech RTS7 時間 前

    "is this a ross level" Please.. that's a Vargskelethor level.

  5. Ok

    Ok11 時間 前

    1:43 sounds like he really hate it ;)

  6. S2 신칸센 JR

    S2 신칸센 JR12 時間 前


  7. Sid M

    Sid M12 時間 前

    Total wicked sick Dude xD

  8. Ian Costa

    Ian Costa13 時間 前

    I am sorry, but that is NOT a millipede... It's something far, FAR worse

  9. Basil Andersen

    Basil Andersen22 時間 前

    I'm a JPreporter

  10. Planet Earth

    Planet Earth23 時間 前

    The thumbnail is going to give me nightmares. Thank you.

  11. Maxamillion And Blue's Gay And FunWorld

    Maxamillion And Blue's Gay And FunWorld日 前

    Grody more like hey that’s pretty cringe not gonna lie

  12. Sarah Horne

    Sarah Horne日 前

    3:11 WHERE DO I GET ONE?!?!?

  13. Sarah Horne

    Sarah Horne日 前

    2:35 1. Odd1sout, you said it wrong 2. It is amaizing, so keep you opinions to yourself

  14. Ghost Controller

    Ghost Controller日 前

    *sees thumbnail* Me: hmmm Brain: You're not clicking this video right? Me: I mean- Brain: You saw the thumbnail. Me: Yeah but- Brain: You have Chronic Sleep Paralysis. Me: .......In the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt- Brain: Just click the video...

  15. Kibblesnap

    Kibblesnap日 前

    A leach in your nostril 👃 bleck

  16. James

    James日 前

    Unrelated but I didn’t know Blue from Blue clues was a girl until I was older and understood pronouns

  17. Joyce Villareal-Nodado

    Joyce Villareal-Nodado日 前

    Why is james comic a tihi It was botiful

  18. Zed

    Zed日 前

    Goldfish, snap that child's back.

  19. fluffy fluff

    fluffy fluff日 前

  20. Corin Hall

    Corin Hall2 日 前

    9:09 you just triggered me and every other brit

  21. Kian's Video's

    Kian's Video's2 日 前

    The person in the thumbnail gave me a nightmare of losing my tooth for a day And earn 100s of pounds and getting new teeth

  22. Randim007

    Randim0072 日 前

    I had just sat on the toliet at 6:08

  23. Artsy_Estora

    Artsy_Estora2 日 前

    This bothers me my name is Stephanie not Steoffani no just no 6:30

  24. Yeeno Babino

    Yeeno Babino2 日 前

    I have friends who have shown me much worse without warning. I’m desensitized to this stuff, and occasionally enjoy it.

  25. Gilda'sDoingStuff

    Gilda'sDoingStuff2 日 前

    Nobody: Damien: _hurgh_ Also Damien: *histerical laughter*

  26. Ryan_dont _know

    Ryan_dont _know2 日 前

    It’s a centipede

  27. toko fukawa

    toko fukawa2 日 前


  28. Maxine Finn Foxen

    Maxine Finn Foxen2 日 前

    2:27 0w0

  29. Camron Posts

    Camron Posts2 日 前

    OMG Dat Be The Odd1sout!!!!!

  30. Yaphett Banks

    Yaphett Banks2 日 前

    1:48. Lol Butthead looks like Neil Breen.

  31. Jackbequic and stuff

    Jackbequic and stuff3 日 前


  32. PeriPower

    PeriPower3 日 前

    2:23 TheOdd1sOut!! I love this guy

  33. Purebred noodle

    Purebred noodle3 日 前

    I almost legitimately threw up after the leech one.

  34. ꧁Åñğëł Čhłøë ꧂

    ꧁Åñğëł Čhłøë ꧂3 日 前

    At 8:08 If you look to the left, there is the birdy finger

  35. asher monique

    asher monique3 日 前

    the Mario Maker one gave me anxiety holy shit

  36. ShyZombie

    ShyZombie3 日 前

    I imagine worse than what was shown. I’m disappointed

  37. Capt. Brain dead

    Capt. Brain dead4 日 前

    Play the beginning over and over agean and you will hear a car trying to start

  38. TwinedBlayze

    TwinedBlayze4 日 前

    6:06 this is why I shit in a bucket in my outhouse I built myself. If you want a picture of my outhouse go to my JPreporter channel.

  39. Tin can Tony

    Tin can Tony4 日 前

    The baby is stuck in my dreams

  40. Sergio Georgini

    Sergio Georgini4 日 前

    The thumbnail scared the shit outta me!

  41. Ultra Taco

    Ultra Taco4 日 前

    1:23 every time i blink it changes

  42. Trlex Gaming

    Trlex Gaming4 日 前

    3:38 I gotta correct you there *Get the gun*

  43. Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi4 日 前

    That bedazzled contact lenses would cut your eyelids



    I liked it cuz i hated it. I'm looking up noose-tying methods as we speak.

  45. Sam Paige

    Sam Paige5 日 前

    how dare EmKay not know who the odd1sout is

  46. Wander Badass

    Wander Badass5 日 前

    the whole Powerpuff Girls one mades me laugh my ass off

  47. ruairi dalton

    ruairi dalton5 日 前

    bro my ear hurts like heckle

  48. urbanshadow777

    urbanshadow7775 日 前

    God, Americans never pronounce Edinburgh right (Ed-in-bra just incase you where wondering) and that is only level one of Scottish town names. Just wait till they learn how Hawick and Milngavie is pronounced.

  49. Gage Stovall

    Gage Stovall5 日 前

    He literally just told me to dislike the video

  50. Bear Mcbearface

    Bear Mcbearface6 日 前

    UwU I am bear 🐻 2:37

  51. Takashi Shiro Chan

    Takashi Shiro Chan6 日 前

    It's not E-Dinburg-h, It pronoun like this EDdin-buh-rruh.

  52. Jay F2K

    Jay F2K6 日 前

    TheOddOnesOut: I can expla- in a minute honey, I’ll give you my garbage, I *love you my fur affinity wife*

  53. Asta

    Asta6 日 前

    My Name Is Geoff (I Promise, but its read like *Jof*)

  54. Critica 77y

    Critica 77y7 日 前

    7:34 You know what...I think I'll stick with the fanart of the girls as normal-looking humans, thanks.

  55. temmie

    temmie7 日 前

    am I the only one who would ride the I think its a black lab horse into battle counting that im the one attacking not defending

  56. Ghast505

    Ghast5057 日 前

    holy shit his KOTH impressions

  57. Evelyn Peralta

    Evelyn Peralta7 日 前

    It’d be high 40🤦🏻‍♀️

  58. Sean Quinn

    Sean Quinn7 日 前

    Edinburgh is pronounced Ed-in-burrr-ahh Yours sincerely, The people of Scotland

  59. AJ The Pop Punk Kid

    AJ The Pop Punk Kid日 前

    Sean Quinn I know, right? I live in Aberdeen, and I was in our newly reopened art gallery this very morning. It’s bloody lovely. Tourists should explore all of Scotland. Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee, Inverness, Orkney, Skye, Shetland. Maybe even visit that godawful hellhole of a country down south

  60. Sean Quinn

    Sean Quinn日 前

    @AJ The Pop Punk Kid what's worse is when the yanks visit Edinburgh and never leave Edinburgh when they're visiting. Like get out and explore Scotland, not just the wee bubble that is Edinburgh.

  61. AJ The Pop Punk Kid

    AJ The Pop Punk Kid2 日 前

    Also Scottish here. I know that Americans usually say "Edinburgh" wrong, but I've never seen anyone fuck it up as bad as that. Pissed me off as much as Americans calling Irn Bru "Urn Brew"

  62. pedroBR games

    pedroBR games7 日 前

    So it means that the chemical X is a radioactive component that actively mutates organic tissue into an evolved form based on the concept of use Hands - too big, let's make thousands of smaller ones Eyes - too small, not complex enough, let's make 'em big for better vision with a set of lens to focus light onto high powered lasers Cant explain how they fly tho Put your thoughts on the comments people

  63. S&P Tv

    S&P Tv7 日 前

    It's a boxer horse