r/TIHI | Thanks, I hate it!


  1. justjessking006

    justjessking0063 分 前

    The ending music on this video sounds like something from cup head.

  2. WhoNeedsSleep

    WhoNeedsSleep時間 前

    2:36 literally EVERY fnaf fanfic ever

  3. Taylor Britt

    Taylor Britt8 時間 前

    2:40 JAMES WHY

  4. NeonAvi

    NeonAvi11 時間 前

    7:06 When I’m eating something secretly and my parents walk in

  5. brandon bonilla

    brandon bonilla13 時間 前

    you sound like something else YT

  6. Joshua B

    Joshua B22 時間 前

    eeduiburg scotland

  7. Skimurmit

    Skimurmit22 時間 前

    Bulldog horse would be cool.

  8. Dale Vann

    Dale Vann日 前

    5:45, lol you westerners

  9. Reeves

    Reeves日 前

    0:41 experience tranquility

  10. Ord1nary Dude YT

    Ord1nary Dude YT日 前

    Idk why i laughed instead of hating

  11. Need A Nap

    Need A Nap日 前

    I have reddit but I just don’t care

  12. Damon Nomad

    Damon Nomad日 前

    Mario Maker. A game for Sadists.

  13. I'm on hiatus

    I'm on hiatus日 前

    8:36 of coarse there's a hand flipping you off

  14. failed misscarage Bulger

    failed misscarage Bulger日 前

    the subreddit should be renamed to thanks,i love it what a beautiful subreddit

  15. Jacob Baker

    Jacob Baker日 前


  16. Thanosetalgia/ThanossGaming

    Thanosetalgia/ThanossGaming日 前

    3:01 uh DOY

  17. xavier arroyo

    xavier arroyo日 前

    1:52 they would look like the two people to steal people personal vehicles in gta 5 and driving them into the water and then leave the game when the chat would say you have to pay this amount of cash for the car

  18. Ezri Gatcha UwU

    Ezri Gatcha UwU日 前

    Like it said "When you realise captain Americas suit dosent have 50 stars so hes actually captain Puerto Rico" so he can't use a shild anymore he has to use the chancla 😐 he will be more dangerous

  19. Addison Pertler

    Addison Pertler日 前

    The millipede thing is a rip stick

  20. Car Hawk

    Car Hawk日 前

    *C E A S E*

  21. Phyo Thiri Win

    Phyo Thiri Win2 日 前

    That looks like theodd1sout

  22. Xaius

    Xaius2 日 前

    I liked some of these, but other ones... *shivers*

  23. actuallyalex

    actuallyalex2 日 前

    *bell rings* Ashly: finally Ashleigh: finalleigh Ashley: finalley

  24. Nightmare Steve Saga

    Nightmare Steve Saga2 日 前

    My life is rowind

  25. Godzilla King Of Monsters

    Godzilla King Of Monsters2 日 前

    3:55 for people wondering that's Shin Godzilla

  26. Plasma storm 04

    Plasma storm 042 日 前

    SO CLOSE TO 1 mil

  27. peppa stole my clout

    peppa stole my clout2 日 前

    that first one tho. demon dog from nightmares

  28. Iced tea Queen

    Iced tea Queen2 日 前

    Blue from blues clues is in fact a girl.

  29. p

    p2 日 前

    :53 looks like smile dog

  30. 6BloodyRoad9

    6BloodyRoad92 日 前

    But...how can Batman get a tan at night...

  31. Nova Burst

    Nova Burst2 日 前

    No its actually shin godzilla

  32. Shiba inu Master

    Shiba inu Master2 日 前


  33. Hamboi202

    Hamboi2022 日 前

    It's not pronounced eedinburg it's pronounced ed in bruh

  34. JariX Gaming

    JariX Gaming3 日 前


  35. Xenojie

    Xenojie3 日 前

    thumbnail is terrifying

  36. kimora cat3604

    kimora cat36043 日 前

    The thumbnail scared the shit outta me......

  37. Tomato Brave

    Tomato Brave3 日 前


  38. Creeper Moon

    Creeper Moon3 日 前

    The thumbnail gave me nitemairs

  39. Crazypotato 1209

    Crazypotato 12093 日 前

    2:31 so the prophecy... no, i-it can be! James.... he’s..... a furry...

  40. Adam Spencer

    Adam Spencer3 日 前

    3:53 they aren’t dead bugs, they’re skins that cicadas left when they shed. It’s kind of cool... they just leave the skin right where they were, in perfect shape of the bug. Kids like to find them and chase their sisters around with them😂

  41. Masterzoroark 666

    Masterzoroark 6663 日 前

    11:50 Oz will hate it

  42. Bryce Smith

    Bryce Smith3 日 前

    UwU I’m wuvin it

  43. Acura TL GTLM

    Acura TL GTLM3 日 前

    Damien's pronunciation of Edinburgh made me more uncomfortable than anything else in the video.

  44. Tyler Bell

    Tyler Bell3 日 前

    That thumbnail is creepy

  45. B] Desi the Number blocks fan

    B] Desi the Number blocks fan3 日 前

    3:10 Is That Finn Wolfhard?

  46. Clout.png

    Clout.png3 日 前


  47. Shen Doodles

    Shen Doodles4 日 前

    "EED-in-burg" It's ED-in-burra (enunciated as bra).

  48. Darkdragon204

    Darkdragon2044 日 前

    3:04 is he not going to talk about the fact that that millipede is freaking GIANT???

  49. Whiskey Nation

    Whiskey Nation4 日 前

    11:51 is the reason i quit mcdonals

  50. Thunderkrux

    Thunderkrux4 日 前

    That mario maker guy is an absolute madlad

  51. autistic boi

    autistic boi4 日 前

    The skateboard at 3:02 is a ripstik and they're fuckin dope

  52. Ashley Niederwerfer

    Ashley Niederwerfer4 日 前

    i didnt hate it but i thought you might like the like

  53. Allan G

    Allan G4 日 前

    Your pronunciation of Edinburgh, thanks I hate it, and now you

  54. a breath to the wild

    a breath to the wild4 日 前

    I like g------- chicks.

  55. a breath to the wild

    a breath to the wild4 日 前

    I liked my own commet

  56. Diemand The Animatronic Wolf

    Diemand The Animatronic Wolf4 日 前

    4:32 I'll never unsee it.

  57. HazmatGrater

    HazmatGrater4 日 前

    Make koth abridged my dude lmao

  58. Ino Yamanaka

    Ino Yamanaka4 日 前

    9:35 hey its kind of the hill honks set

  59. Gacha T-Scout

    Gacha T-Scout5 日 前

    2:36 man James. Pfft.. gotta admit that's kinda funny

  60. Паркерс Youtube

    Паркерс Youtube5 日 前

    2:23, TheOdd1sOut What the heck.

  61. DaLiveTerrarian

    DaLiveTerrarian5 日 前

    wait ur the guy from the first time cowbelly voiced the memes on daily meme dose