r/Therewasanattempt | Welp... We tried


  1. EmKay

    EmKayヶ月 前

    You know, I'm trying to come up with a funny comment to pin for this video but I really got nothing. Hope your day was good everyone : )

  2. Ava Anders

    Ava Anders日 前

    EmKay hey just to say, I can relate to that gay barista.

  3. SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    SHARE H!S V!S!0N2 日 前

    you sound like someone from an older channel

  4. Ticci Toby

    Ticci Toby3 日 前

    @Road work ahead? u h y e a h I s u r e h o p e I t d o e s

  5. Ticci Toby

    Ticci Toby3 日 前


  6. Griff Sound

    Griff Sound4 日 前

    Just saying, Mars is a Red Planet.

  7. Troy muna

    Troy muna29 分 前

    im from guam

  8. Greninja10198

    Greninja1019850 分 前

    8:38 SMUG shot

  9. I may be stupid, but

    I may be stupid, but時間 前

    there was an attempt to sync the audio with the video

  10. Juice Pops

    Juice Pops時間 前

    creeper 2:30

  11. Storm Moody

    Storm Moody4 時間 前

    Great videos, love them. Listen to them at work! But one small thing that slightly bothers me, the videos and your commentary are slightly off.

  12. Krabz503

    Krabz5035 時間 前

    creeper... 2:31

  13. Shortgamemonkey

    Shortgamemonkey6 時間 前


  14. Insain Kommo-o

    Insain Kommo-o8 時間 前

    7:24 he threw it he fucking threw

  15. Edgerrin Peters

    Edgerrin Peters8 時間 前

    my nigga really got up-smashed by a human trying to pivot grab

  16. Torres Family

    Torres Family9 時間 前

    i mean 12:11

  17. Torres Family

    Torres Family9 時間 前

    10:11 the Tea is Ready!

  18. Unsettling threats

    Unsettling threats11 時間 前

    Why is your audio always off? Like, you react before it happens?

  19. Raeleen Organ

    Raeleen Organ12 時間 前

    I love the outro song die house from cuphead right?

  20. CarloLorenzini#1

    CarloLorenzini#113 時間 前

    Not to be a jerk but its platform 9 and 3 quarters, not 8 and 3 quarters! 2:04

  21. Pug Lord

    Pug Lord13 時間 前

    *8 and 3/4*

  22. Albe Martin

    Albe Martin14 時間 前

    2:07 nine n three quarters you old man

  23. Brandon Miller

    Brandon Miller14 時間 前

    But I'm an adult

  24. Fruity McFruitcake

    Fruity McFruitcake15 時間 前

    I played it in slow motion and apparently he didn't actually kick the cat! First it attacked his head and got launched into the air by it then he hit the cat with his arm!

  25. jessica mangan

    jessica mangan18 時間 前

    8 and 3/4

  26. Brandon Near

    Brandon Near19 時間 前

    I’m not a baby boy. Lol

  27. BallisticBB

    BallisticBB20 時間 前

    Did you say *8* and 3/4?

  28. Alyssa the awkward skat

    Alyssa the awkward skat23 時間 前

    The one at 2:00 looks like this wierd kid from school named Jessie he also has a really deep voice like batman deep.

  29. archiebromy

    archiebromy日 前

    6:17 I really don’t wanna be _that_ guy but ‘Leigh’ is supposed to be pronounced as ‘Lee’

  30. BIGDAWG 91331

    BIGDAWG 91331日 前

    1:00 he deserved it big men should wear jeans like that

  31. Cotton Does Gacha

    Cotton Does Gacha日 前

    3:19 I don't think we should trust Damien with kids...

  32. DreamTheory

    DreamTheory日 前

    10:35 ive never come so close to dying from being unable to breathe because i was laughing so hard. that couldnt have gone worse.

  33. Sprinkle Xtreme

    Sprinkle Xtreme日 前

    I love how jazza was on this

  34. Woosh Warrior

    Woosh Warrior日 前

    3:09 *warning* i know that not all girls do this, but i can guarantee you that there is a large group of females that can’t throw for anything

  35. Loser Kamo

    Loser Kamo日 前

    5:03 did you mean...puppy? R/therewasanattempt

  36. Christian Bustnes

    Christian Bustnes日 前

    1:42 why did the kid get kicked?

  37. Alexander White

    Alexander White日 前


  38. Derek Zhang

    Derek Zhang日 前

    it was not coffie it was coke

  39. Skitty Girls

    Skitty Girls日 前

    1:50 He's STEALING the bike. The dude that kicked him owns the bike.

  40. alex ender

    alex ender日 前

    It took me a second but I realized the two dudes with the swords, the guys on the right is Draw With Jazza. He's pretty damn funny.

  41. Soviet Loli

    Soviet Loli日 前

    Really don't like the political bias in some of these. The small-brained dude at 13:30 created a strawfeminist and thinks he's so clever. These articles do not claim that 19% is more than 81% and only a bad-faithed broflake would pretend that's what they claim.

  42. Soviet Loli

    Soviet Loli日 前

    9:15 That's correct tho. Communism is infinitely easier to implement on a small scale and with good technology and smart people.

  43. XX Slendermom XX

    XX Slendermom XX日 前

    My job is making donuts 😆 Feeling a bit less guilty about diabetes and obesity now 👍👍

  44. john wood

    john wood日 前

    2:05 8 and thee quarters wtf

  45. F.B .I

    F.B .I日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-qO-9P28ESBQ.html That's cool, guy Or should I say, *G A Y?* 👉😎👉

  46. Sami Seppänen

    Sami Seppänen2 日 前

    Nice video.

  47. Dave

    Dave2 日 前

    I didnt expect to see Jazza at 9:28

  48. The Pure Healer

    The Pure Healer2 日 前

    09:30 that's shadiversity btw, makes some great historical videos

  49. Camden Gerick

    Camden Gerick2 日 前

    2:06 don’t you mean 9 3/4

  50. Captainkitty25 YT

    Captainkitty25 YT2 日 前

    5:02 *

  51. Teagan Lindsey

    Teagan Lindsey2 日 前

    Dude it’s 9 and three quarters👌

  52. gaming warrior

    gaming warrior2 日 前

    He said 8 and 3 quarters oof it’s 9 and 3 quarters

  53. raven song

    raven song2 日 前

    Tiny puppy dog: *exists* Emkay: *Is iT a bEaR?*

  54. Matchew

    Matchew2 日 前

    8:40 this my friends is what we call a "Smug" shot

  55. SpicySalad

    SpicySalad2 日 前

    9:27 Shad has been blessed by our One True Savior Damien, my life is comeplete