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  1. EmKay

    EmKay6 ヶ月 前

    You know, I'm trying to come up with a funny comment to pin for this video but I really got nothing. Hope your day was good everyone : )

  2. HCW Figure matches

    HCW Figure matches日 前

    No the kid was in the oven I’ve been in that situation before do you get a good tan

  3. Zero Human

    Zero Human5 日 前

    the first one, with the drug dog. Not all police dogs are trained drug dogs. Too much time and money to train that many so some dogs are just posted at a checkpoint. In most places their trained but at some their just scare crows for smugglers.

  4. Joey doink-doink

    Joey doink-doink5 日 前

    @20mil Trees oh if u read.mm it's all over. He sux at numbers... Sad story really

  5. 20mil Trees

    20mil Trees5 日 前

    Is no one going tell that it was 9 3/4 not 8 3/4 no me ok I just did it

  6. Yo its You

    Yo its You5 日 前

    Well you said 8 and three quarters but it's nine...

  7. The Cannon

    The Cannon時間 前

    jazza and his brother having a duel

  8. Elijah Jackson

    Elijah Jackson時間 前

    Creepuh 7:29

  9. Akira chan

    Akira chan時間 前

    *awwww hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh hoh*

  10. Amber Nightflower

    Amber Nightflower時間 前


  11. papper plate

    papper plate2 時間 前


  12. The doricorn

    The doricorn7 時間 前

    8 and 3/4?

  13. YÆT

    YÆT16 時間 前

    That crab was like: I know what I'm meant for on earth TO BE EATEN!


    CHANNEL MUD16 時間 前

    9:28 is “Draw With Jazza” and his brother!

  15. Gmaxsteel X

    Gmaxsteel X18 時間 前

    9:25 is Dat jazza?

  16. Jerb J

    Jerb J18 時間 前

    If 19% of female photographers are killed each year then that means that 81% of male photographers are also killed each year

  17. Der Adler und seine Falken

    Der Adler und seine Falken20 時間 前

    The one with the pressure washer was fake. I should know, because when I was 7 I duct taped four of them to myself and turned them all on to see if I could make a jet pack. Scalding hot high pressured water burning through my pants and skin, good times.

  18. Skylander Kid

    Skylander Kid日 前

    I like to sleep with my but in the air too, plus my arm

  19. BT A

    BT A日 前

    11:35 I need information!!

  20. Laila Alencar Monteiro

    Laila Alencar Monteiro日 前

    3:36 this is shit Picolo is an amazing artist from where I live, my friend met him 4 times in events and said that he's an amazing person. He recognizes her every time and even gives a different dédicace to her on the art that she buys wishing her good luck and hoping to see her the next time. Also the first thing he did when meeting her was complimenting her hair and he does that everytime she changes it, which is a lot Chris Brown is a piece of shit

  21. Ashley Gowans

    Ashley Gowans日 前

    E I g h t a n d t h r e e q u a r t e r s

  22. life sucks

    life sucks日 前

    2:27 they look like they are trying to murder her

  23. Sannu Videod

    Sannu Videod日 前

    Btw if anyone is wondering, the old lady at 2:43 is fine, nothing bad happened.

  24. Deenanimations

    Deenanimations日 前

    itsalittlebabydogitsalittlebabydogitsalittlebabydog I found that hilarious for some reason.

  25. Weeb Mira Gacha

    Weeb Mira Gacha日 前

    How to survive the purge from Damian if he is knocking at your door pointing a gun to you. Just let him have a good look at your baby dog

  26. cat gath

    cat gath日 前

    The blade braking video is funny. Recommend watching it.

  27. Kira Aisling

    Kira Aisling日 前

    “8 and 3 quarters” “Coffee bag” dude it’s pepper spray (I think)

  28. Lucia Mclagan

    Lucia Mclagan日 前


  29. Moonstone UniDia3548

    Moonstone UniDia3548日 前


  30. Mini Maiden Allie

    Mini Maiden Allie日 前

    Is the coin star fuck up, Seananners?

  31. Kim Namjoon

    Kim Namjoon日 前

    I can’t stop watching the frog one it’s great 😂

  32. w o o s h .

    w o o s h .日 前

    lowkey scared that smol doggo was gonna get run over. ok bye.

  33. Ye eter

    Ye eter日 前

    #milkgang #milkgangforlife #notwatergang #notcokegang

  34. jp meehan

    jp meehan日 前

    “Platform 8 3/4” I see you are a fucking yard yourself learn Harry Potter AKTJDKQOR

  35. Soriel Shipper

    Soriel Shipper日 前


  36. king squidington

    king squidington日 前

    8:59 got my like, I love Scott Pilgrim Vs The World references

  37. smolbbyhobi _

    smolbbyhobi _日 前

    2:26 the greatest tip, i’ll use this from now on

  38. ArcticAngelWolf

    ArcticAngelWolf日 前

    2:10 my baby baby sister does that too XD it’s the cutest most funniest thing you catch her doing Except for that time she was pretending to be a dog yesterday... she turned one 3 months ago... she’s smart for her age. She’s smarter than me ;-;

  39. i.am.pheonix

    i.am.pheonix2 日 前

    I love the gay guy's handwriting 😍

  40. Certified Fresh

    Certified Fresh2 日 前

    1:50 Why??

  41. Let me take a Jörmungandr at that

    Let me take a Jörmungandr at that2 日 前

    what's up with the whole "eating children" thing?

  42. x INTENSOR x

    x INTENSOR x2 日 前

    Your commentary is awesome.

  43. Dannydean o09

    Dannydean o092 日 前

    6:34 the cat lands on the camera

  44. The One Jack

    The One Jack2 日 前

    4:00 Ngl Thought he died

  45. S LF

    S LF2 日 前

    A little baby dog a little baby dog a little baby dog