Quiet Down


  1. Renhjk

    Renhjk3 日 前


  2. Andra's Atrocious Art

    Andra's Atrocious Art3 日 前

    One of the best NCT(all units) songs.I said what I said.

  3. Júlia Haha

    Júlia Haha5 日 前

    1:08 I hear Haechan saying "good boy"..!?! 😅


    NCT VELVET6 日 前


  5. Fernanda Borges

    Fernanda Borges6 日 前

    0:20 1:19

  6. yuw. ann

    yuw. ann6 日 前

    y'all this is the proof that MAIN VOCALISTS can RAP too :)

  7. meni m

    meni m7 日 前


  8. adorableTYsoftstan

    adorableTYsoftstan10 日 前

    “I see you talking but I won’t hear” -Chenle😎(2:38)

  9. Juliet Galang

    Juliet Galang14 日 前

    B O P Taeil: Bob Dylan?

  10. Chen Sung

    Chen Sung14 日 前

    Me encantaaa. Diso, cada vez que escucho sus canciones me dan ganas de llorar, debe ser porque los sigo desde hace mucho tiempo o no sé. Sus voces son muy bonitas.

  11. Sayu _

    Sayu _14 日 前

    "cala a boca vai tomar no cu" NCT Dream, 2020

  12. jaemineis

    jaemineis16 日 前

    i'm blessed by renjun's rap

  13. Gaby Castillo

    Gaby Castillo16 日 前

    The album is pretty good, but with this song it gets even better!

  14. Pame Silvero

    Pame Silvero17 日 前

    I like this song so much. that if it wasn't for str34m that I do to Ridin, I would surely listen to her much more ... the vocals are so incredible. i love you dreams

  15. A 101

    A 10117 日 前


  16. cherryvelvet

    cherryvelvet17 日 前

    1:06 , 2:05 , 2:28 thats my comment

  17. Pame Silvero

    Pame Silvero18 日 前

    Soy la única a la que le gustó más este que Ridin? Ojo los dos son una joya

  18. Arianna López

    Arianna López18 日 前

    I found out after listening to the song the second time that Renjun was the rapper, I screamed like crazy. Stan Renjun. Stan Jeno. Stan Haechan. Stan Jaemin. Stan Chenle. Stan Jisung. STAN NCT DREAM FOR A BETTER LIFE.

  19. just nui

    just nui18 日 前

    *turn* *that* *shh* *down*

  20. Ethna K

    Ethna K20 日 前

    amo esta canción con mi alma

  21. BCkilLun YT

    BCkilLun YT21 日 前

    renjun just got everyone shook and i love this

  22. Annisa Widiastuti

    Annisa Widiastuti21 日 前

    My favorite part is when Renjun said, "Just quite down you said to much" Wahh

  23. Ruth Artha

    Ruth Artha22 日 前

    Nct Dream : We just little kid Me : Kid with many talent? Are you kIddinGg me sir?


    ÜMİT KILIÇ23 日 前

    0:13 favori bölümüm

  25. Qieishere

    Qieishere24 日 前


  26. suatkim ang

    suatkim ang26 日 前

    ok but 7dream comeback when hhahahha

  27. ST Lalthanmawii

    ST Lalthanmawii26 日 前

    This song is hella dope

  28. the winds blow me into ur side

    the winds blow me into ur side27 日 前

    Renjun : just quite down you say too much Me : ok king i'll shut my mouth up im sorry king

  29. Respxwn

    Respxwnヶ月 前

    I don’t care how good this song is and how much I love Dream, they will never get me to say “f*ke n*ws”

  30. Bree L

    Bree Lヶ月 前

    I’m literally over the moon everyone is talking about renjun

  31. Deimante Stonyte

    Deimante Stonyteヶ月 前

    okey first what I wanna say: so streaming this song, bsc this song UNIQUE❤️deep,wonderful, amazing, unique and more voice! Rap part ogshshs. I wanna talk about members, so first is Renjun him deep voice surprised me, he can sing,dance and rap and to in Chenle he can too❤️ Haechan voice it’s amazing❤️Jaemin sksksks❤️Jeno same❤️ and my baby,angel and world Jisung is amazing rap,sing❤️ so yeah everyone is amazing skills🥰 love all soo much much💘💘💘💘LOVE YOU ALL NCTzen💘😏😍🥰STREAMING QUITE DOWN😏🥰🥺💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  32. grasszen nn

    grasszen nnヶ月 前

    No one : me : question me question you

  33. Kiara Molina

    Kiara Molinaヶ月 前

    amo candy lpm es lo mejor que le paso a este mundo

  34. 정영희

    정영희ヶ月 前

    i can't hear this without screaming, i really love this song *sniff*

  35. LoveReadandLife

    LoveReadandLifeヶ月 前

    2:05 *The most beautiful way I've ever been shut up/insulted*

  36. Delia Septiani

    Delia Septianiヶ月 前

    Enakeun lagu na

  37. push mo yan teh

    push mo yan tehヶ月 前

    RENJUN owns QUIET DOWN periodt.

  38. laurenx HM

    laurenx HMヶ月 前

    Renjun voice is so sexy

  39. 장지해

    장지해ヶ月 前

    하 황인준 사랑한다 싯프알 ...

  40. - ̗̀ᴊᴇꜱꜱɪᴄᴀ -̖́

    - ̗̀ᴊᴇꜱꜱɪᴄᴀ -̖́ヶ月 前

    _Chenle t amo

  41. EunJi Kim

    EunJi Kimヶ月 前

    Desde el teaser me encato esta canción

  42. * •에이 티즈• *

    * •에이 티즈• *ヶ月 前

    Yea ooh 한 번쯤은 스친 것 같아 (한 번쯤은) 기억은 나지 않는데 그렇다니 그런가 보네 그런가 봐 no no no no 딱 한 번 지나친 backbiter (it's like a cash) 새로울 거 없이 지루해 (come on) 너를 겨눠 worry 'bout me 신경 안 써 여전히 대꾸는 없어 what you speak 잘 알잖아 넌 누굴 믿을지 번져가는 소문 talk to you (talk to you) 나를 믿는다면 need to mute (wow wow) 떠들어봐 어디 fake news (fake news) Turn that shh down for quiet new dawn 어둠이 걷혀 눈을 떠봐 oh 진실을 마주해 넌 이제 Quiet down, quiet down, quiet down 떠도는 저 거짓말 다 사라져 quiet down 늘 타깃을 잡아 꽉 물고 늘어져 (gotta bite) 사실은 관심도 없어 (you know) 네가 날 믿을 때 I don't hesitate 아무리 말해도 떠보고 흔들어 확인받고 싶어해 Keep it keep or keep it doubt (OK) 딱 한 번 말할게 don't worry 달라질 건 없어 알잖아 Question me question you 결국에 넌 마주해 yourself 좀 더 편하게 널 내려놔야 해 떠들어 대는 말 don't react, just live live 번져가는 소문 talk to you (talk to you) 나를 믿는다면 need to mute (wow wow) 떠들어봐 어디 fake news (fake news) Turn that shh down for Quiet new dawn 어둠이 걷혀 눈을 떠봐 (oh) 진실을 마주해 넌 이제 Quiet down, quiet down, quiet down 떠도는 저 거짓말 다 사라져 Quiet down, shh Just quiet down you say too much 증명할 것은 단 하나도 없어 알잖아 눈빛에 비친 너를 봐 나의 모든 방향은 너 하나를 가리켜 흐르는 시간 속에 유일한 진실 그림자처럼 결국 뒤처질 말들 Just quiet down and chillin' out 기억해 wow 어둠이 걷혀 눈을 떠봐 (I see you talking but I won't hear it) 진실을 마주해 넌 이제 Quiet down, quiet down, quiet down 떠도는 저 거짓말 다 사라져 Quiet down 어둠이 걷혀 눈을 떠봐 oh 진실을 마주해 넌 이제 Quiet down, quiet down, quiet down 떠도는 저 거짓말 다 사라져 Quiet down, shh Quiet down oh

  43. Katie Watkins

    Katie Watkinsヶ月 前

    Reload is my favourite NCT DREAM album 😍

  44. Kenyma

    Kenymaヶ月 前

    2:06 had me dead

  45. Angely Bello

    Angely Belloヶ月 前


  46. Mochi Mochi

    Mochi Mochiヶ月 前

    Am I the only one who really love the bridge? I mean everyone got lines in the bridge plus it’s a combination of rap and vocals. Also Renjun’s adlibs at the ending chorus. He really shined in this song and comeback.

  47. 소원 전Sonezens

    소원 전Sonezensヶ月 前


  48. Rifania Agustina

    Rifania Agustinaヶ月 前


  49. Julius Madrow

    Julius Madrowヶ月 前

    💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.* *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*

  50. Ivonne HC

    Ivonne HCヶ月 前

    i need deep voice of Chenle, i need.

  51. Niky Gomez

    Niky Gomezヶ月 前

    No puedo dejar de escuchar esta hermosa canción!

  52. Annie Muñoz

    Annie Muñozヶ月 前


  53. Haya's Mom

    Haya's Momヶ月 前

    This is honestly my favorite i can't stop listening

  54. Stan NCT and Red Velvet to be an intellectual

    Stan NCT and Red Velvet to be an intellectualヶ月 前

    1.25× the raps hit different--

  55. Amelnacq

    Amelnacqヶ月 前

    2:58 fav part 💚😭

  56. M.A.D pew pew pow pow

    M.A.D pew pew pow powヶ月 前

    Combina tanto com o Renjun fala pros outros fica calmo ou cala a boca mesmo lol

  57. Ddaeng Gguk

    Ddaeng Ggukヶ月 前

    Ok but Jisung was flexing his talent

  58. umslmh _

    umslmh _ヶ月 前

    Im here just for Chenle's bass

  59. Fany 838697

    Fany 838697ヶ月 前

    Chenle's voice is my fave!

  60. Indah Syari

    Indah Syariヶ月 前


  61. Indah Syari

    Indah Syariヶ月 前

    I like so much queit down

  62. La Luna

    La Lunaヶ月 前

    Me: Ok let's see what the Aegi got here. Nct dream: Sing~ Me: Haechan shi~ Chenlo shi! Renjun shi!!!

  63. IK HA

    IK HAヶ月 前

    1:06 RENJUN rap OH.MY.GHAD.

  64. 유림박

    유림박ヶ月 前

    Guys if u comment then don't use emojis then youtube will freeze the views and we don't want that to happen with our boys.

  65. Keyla Attajihan

    Keyla Attajihanヶ月 前

    huang renjun rapp killin’ me :)

  66. NA NA

    NA NAヶ月 前


  67. happyhana

    happyhanaヶ月 前


  68. Huang Renjun

    Huang Renjunヶ月 前

    Dimohon utk sm upload video rrcording dan bts pembuatan mvnya (:

  69. NA NA

    NA NAヶ月 前

    Udah hampir sebulan dan g di up huhu sedih banget :(

  70. hehet ahgazen

    hehet ahgazenヶ月 前

    I'm so happy this reached a mil eeeeeek

  71. the winds blow me into ur side

    the winds blow me into ur sideヶ月 前

    Cant wait for dream's next comeback

  72. hanna torres

    hanna torresヶ月 前

    NCTzen corazón

  73. Novi herlinda

    Novi herlindaヶ月 前

    I really like this song :')

  74. Wenny Prema

    Wenny Premaヶ月 前

    Why we can't have two tittle songs? ㅠㅠ

  75. Wenny Prema

    Wenny Premaヶ月 前

    I'm ready for NCT Dream to drop a full album. We are all ready, except SM.

  76. Iman Azmi

    Iman Azmiヶ月 前

    Quiet down sooo gooodd

  77. Bia Cunha

    Bia Cunhaヶ月 前

    This is the best song of Reload, and one of the best nct dream songs. Only facts...

  78. Afa Yunika

    Afa Yunikaヶ月 前

    my favorite renjun’s part is, when he sings “just quite down, you say too much” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  79. 조아린

    조아린ヶ月 前

    renjun : just quiet down, you say too much indonesian translate : diem aja lu, bac*t XD

  80. Tan Jiaqi

    Tan Jiaqiヶ月 前

    Holy shit , renjun

  81. restu nurfitria ono

    restu nurfitria onoヶ月 前

    Dreamies : quiet down! Quiet down! Quiet down! Ssshhhh Me : SCREAMING LIKE I CAN'T TO JUST QUIET DOWN TO THIS MASTERPIECE!!!

  82. the winds blow me into ur side

    the winds blow me into ur sideヶ月 前