QUICK Nikujaga Recipe (肉じゃが- Japanese Meat & Potato Stew)


  1. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Thanks for tuning in everyone! What's your favorite stew to warm up in winter?

  2. Nix Lil

    Nix Lil年 前

    Would skipping the sugar cause a huge difference?

  3. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    @Nix Lil Yep, anything that will add sweetness such as a mild honey would be fine (I often use date syrup as well).

  4. Nix Lil

    Nix Lil年 前

    @No Recipes what if i were to use honey instead of sugar?

  5. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Hi Nix, one of the defining characteristics of Japanese cuisine is the interplay of salty, sweet, and umami. If you take the sweetness out, it loses that balance. That being said, if you don't want to add it, it's not going to make the dish inedible.

  6. FerretsForever94

    FerretsForever94年 前

    The addition of tomatoes is something I haven't seen before, but sounds really tasty! More like the beef stew this is (apparently) based off of.

  7. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Yea I guess the tomatoes do make it a bit like a mashup between western and Japanese style beef stew, but the main motivation for adding the tomatoes is that it eliminates the need to make dashi.

  8. Veronica Perico

    Veronica Perico年 前

    I tried cooking it and even my little brothers liked it, it was so good, thanks so much for the recipe ✨

  9. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Hi Veronica, you're very welcome, and I'm so glad to hear that everyone enjoyed this. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and let me know!

  10. James Strange

    James Strange年 前

    I work with a lot of Japanese guys and this is a dish that they miss. I just might have to cook this for some of the guys.

  11. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Hi James, thanks for stopping by to watch, it's pretty easy and is such a comfort food in Japan. I hope your co-workers enjoy it!

  12. swisschocolatist

    swisschocolatist年 前

    Love the revamp!

  13. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Thanks! 😄

  14. acooknamedMatt

    acooknamedMatt年 前

    Looks tasty

  15. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Thanks Matt!

  16. mel

    mel年 前

    Hi Marc, I love your blog, been reading it for years cuz your recipes are detailed and often have ingenious hacks/tweaks. So I was excited to check out your YT channel but... I gotta say, your overly high energy demeanour here comes across as fake and even if its real, its pretty grating and not appealing to me. Just letting you know cuz I love watching good cooking content on YT so I hope you can become one of them...

  17. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Hi @Peter Fine thanks for chiming in. I just went back to watch that video and it made me cringe a little. If you look closely there's a reflection in my eyes which is me reading off a laptop screen. I used to get so nervous on camera I had to write down and read back my lines. I'd like to think I've gotten a little better in front of the camera (i.e. I no longer read off a script), but maybe I should consider going back 😂 Thanks for sticking with the channel for so many years!

  18. Peter Fine

    Peter Fine年 前

    @No Recipes I think your enthusiasm is fantastic, and it's what makes the videos enjoyable to watch. But I do agree that, compared with the oldest videos (such as the lamb and mint salad) they felt like you were talking to us personally, but now it feels like the focus is on enunciating each word. Still, the videos are great and I'm looking forward to making this!

  19. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Hi Mel, thanks for following my blog over the years! I've only started making videos regularly on JPreporter recently, and I'm still getting my footing. There are plenty of channels that already do beautiful cooking videos with soothing music, so when I decided to do YT seriously, I wanted to bring something different to the table. For me, that "something different" is my enthusiasm for cooking. I worked for years in a desk job that I had no passion for, so cooking for me isn't just a job, it's what I live for. I was hoping to spread some of that enthusiasm through my videos, so it makes me kinda sad to hear it had the opposite effect for you. I appreciate your feedback as I'd never even considered the possibility that this might not appeal to everyone. I can't guarantee I'll tone down my enthusiasm, but you've put it on my radar. In the mean time, perhaps you might want to stick to the blog?

  20. Nat Violen

    Nat Violen年 前

    That looks good. I've always wondered how people survive the cold in Japan without the filling stews and soups we use to have in the West. Oden is rather light in comparison.

  21. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Thanks Nat! Oden can be pretty stick to your ribs when there's stuff like beef tendon in it, but this is definitely heartier.

  22. Ram Karki

    Ram Karki年 前

    Wow so nice recipe .. you are one of the great chef

  23. No Recipes

    No Recipes年 前

    Thanks Ram!