Queen - We Are The Champions (Official Video)


  1. Menteri Fasola

    Menteri Fasola時間 前

    "Mandela effect"

  2. josie levin

    josie levin4 時間 前

    Freddelicious you are good enough to eat.

  3. Mermicorn

    Mermicorn7 時間 前

    1,000,0000,000000 talented

  4. Bayley wwe Channnel

    Bayley wwe Channnel8 時間 前

    Who's still watching in 2019

  5. Gillian Cockroft

    Gillian Cockroft12 時間 前

    " I never lose"

  6. nikcamp_

    nikcamp_13 時間 前

    No One: Me in car with my dad: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

  7. Gustavo Gui

    Gustavo Gui13 時間 前

    Acho que sou o único brasileiro lembrar dessa lenda

  8. Maja M.

    Maja M.13 時間 前

    They are the Champions of course!

  9. Andrew White

    Andrew White16 時間 前

    Yes , All the people who have the courage to stand up against the so called the elites are the champions !!!!!!! But how many are there ??????

  10. Geni Medina

    Geni Medina18 時間 前


  11. Eke Victor

    Eke Victor20 時間 前

    Who is also here because of Jar in prison break S5😏

  12. minoxi bw

    minoxi bw21 時間 前

    Qui est toujours en train decouter sa en boucle en 2020

  13. Emma Christ

    Emma Christ23 時間 前

    Fredy Mercuri

  14. Nik B

    Nik B日 前

    FREDDIE MERCURY 1946 - ~ forever (Legends never die) 👑💞

  15. Knight Mau

    Knight Mau日 前

    Why did you pass away? You were the best artist in the world, but we're the champions

  16. ENA

    ENA日 前


  17. Trepid439

    Trepid439日 前

    Who watches this then goes, you know what I didn’t like This and dislikes the video?

  18. Vincenzo Mazza

    Vincenzo Mazza日 前

    Quella maledetta coppa e questa canzone.

  19. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    Someone should just edit the “of the world” that we all thought existed back into the end.

  20. George Zach

    George Zach日 前

    200 million 😝

  21. Flor Game

    Flor Game日 前


  22. Olivia Meijboom

    Olivia Meijboom日 前

    200M views nice!!❤️

  23. Rino Man

    Rino Man日 前

    I came here because of the mandela effect

  24. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    Rino Man as did a lot of us

  25. Eccmiqua

    Eccmiqua日 前

    Damn that there are that recorders, if Freddie was still alive you could hear his voice even better

  26. Monica Perezchica

    Monica Perezchica日 前

    Como desiaria que Queen estuviera vivo•́ ‿ ,•̀

  27. amigo de Gavin

    amigo de Gavin時間 前

    Como se nota lo posser que eres pensando que Queen murió, cuando el único de la banda que falleció es freddie mercury

  28. JaviPro07

    JaviPro07日 前

    Ignored: Bad Bunny Like: Queen and Freddie Mercury

  29. Chan Kai Xi

    Chan Kai Xi日 前

    The “fighting” on the first verse was so smooth, I slipped on the floor

  30. Logan Heuerman

    Logan Heuerman日 前

    This was the first Queen song I’ve ever listened to 😊

  31. Logan Heuerman

    Logan Heuerman21 時間 前

    Flarbargason bohemian rhapsody is awesome too 😊

  32. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    Logan Heuerman mine was bohemian rhapsody, but that doesn’t mean this song is any less awesome

  33. IWillBackJustWait

    IWillBackJustWait日 前

    this are the lakers theme song

  34. natalia nierychla

    natalia nierychla2 日 前

    Jestem zachwycona ta artystka wiele super utworów mam nawet koszulkę

  35. natalia nierychla

    natalia nierychla日 前

    @Martyna Kowalska a nie wiem co to za analfabeta😂

  36. Martyna Kowalska

    Martyna Kowalska2 日 前

    natalia nierychla co za analfabeta to pisał?

  37. Michalina

    Michalina2 日 前

    A nawet nie wie ze to facet

  38. Michalina

    Michalina2 日 前

    Pfff znalazla sie fanka

  39. Michalina

    Michalina2 日 前


  40. TeamPoet

    TeamPoet2 日 前

    ..of the world

  41. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason2 日 前

    2:52 You're missing something bud...

  42. 5secondsofLJP

    5secondsofLJP2 日 前

    A song that will NEVER get old

  43. Esteban Gomez

    Esteban Gomez2 日 前

    Y el final?

  44. Adrian Lopez

    Adrian Lopez2 日 前


  45. Jericha Burke

    Jericha Burke2 日 前

    where is the “of the world”

  46. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    Well there’s one at 2:24 but I know what you mean. Everyone remembers there being another “of the world” at the very end but it never existed. It’s called the Mandela effect

  47. Snijhana Gijdevan

    Snijhana Gijdevan2 日 前

    🙂It's Josh _I like we are the champions 🧥Weeee are the champions my frieds 👖Very good 👟

  48. Snijhana Gijdevan

    Snijhana Gijdevan2 日 前


  49. Rinckly Bob

    Rinckly Bob2 日 前

    Freddie is my dad

  50. -m4gic TR

    -m4gic TR2 日 前

    Of the world?

  51. Pangloi Phom

    Pangloi Phom2 日 前

    We are the champions of the world. Freddie Mercury mountaineer 💜

  52. BoD F2

    BoD F22 日 前

    مايكل سكوفيلد 💔💞💞

  53. Patryk 6589

    Patryk 65892 日 前


  54. Jan Arsola

    Jan Arsola2 日 前


  55. Jan Arsola

    Jan Arsola2 日 前


  56. Fraek Darp

    Fraek Darp2 日 前

    Wait I'm confused did he said on the world or of the world?!!

  57. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    of the world.

  58. RAIN DROPS acapella / beatbox

    RAIN DROPS acapella / beatbox2 日 前

    We are your big fans! How do you like an acappella cover of QUEEN's? jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-zgIbZ_ARIf8.html

  59. jon

    jon3 日 前

    who came here because of the mandela effect

  60. Dilan Poblette

    Dilan Poblette3 日 前

    Love Queen ❤

  61. Tryhard IKONIK

    Tryhard IKONIK3 日 前

    That moment you realize he never said of the world

  62. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    Tryhard IKONIK Mandela effect. Everyone remembers that but it never existed

  63. Jorge Tavc

    Jorge Tavc3 日 前

    Of the world

  64. Mortis

    Mortis3 日 前


  65. Drake-playzz

    Drake-playzz3 日 前

    We vibin in 2019

  66. Akrecja

    Akrecja3 日 前

    *OH GOD!!!! I LOVE IT*

  67. Mateo Sieniawski

    Mateo Sieniawski3 日 前

    Is't amazing like pleas

  68. Tommy Wiseau

    Tommy Wiseau3 日 前

    y hate people say like or commande you like Freddie 🙄😑

  69. Daniel Ledezma

    Daniel Ledezma3 日 前

    we are the champions

  70. Kapitan Hentai

    Kapitan Hentai3 日 前

    Top 10 anime songs.

  71. Nicolas Zueiro

    Nicolas Zueiro3 日 前

    Sport Event: We are the champions: Ah shit, here we go again

  72. priyanka pradhan

    priyanka pradhan3 日 前

    I thought there was ‘of the world’ at the endddd

  73. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    priyanka pradhan For some reason down the line they started to add “of the world” in the end in more and more takes of the song. My assumption is that because it’s such a subtle and fitting change, people eventually just got so used to it that they remember it being in the original as well

  74. priyanka pradhan

    priyanka pradhan日 前

    @Flarbargason i even listened to other versions of the song to be sure but its the samee. fascinating.

  75. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    priyanka pradhan It’s interesting, right? Everyone remembers that so well. My mother even went to a concert with Queen singing this very song and she even remembered it being there

  76. priyanka pradhan

    priyanka pradhan日 前

    @Flarbargason ya just went through that few days ago

  77. Flarbargason

    Flarbargason日 前

    priyanka pradhan Mandela effect. Everyone did

  78. Juan Luis Proenza Quirós

    Juan Luis Proenza Quirós3 日 前

    I LOVE QUEEN❤️❤️❤️