Quando Rondo - Depression [Official Music Video]


  1. Peter Fleming

    Peter Fleming日 前

    I wish old Quando his old shit was better tbh

  2. Street Source

    Street Source日 前

    I wish someone would make the instrumental to this not the fucked up version they got on JPreporter already

  3. 745__DD LLW

    745__DD LLW2 日 前


  4. GGS Logi

    GGS Logi4 日 前

    Dude look like somebody uncle

  5. Ruud Stuurman

    Ruud Stuurman4 日 前

    Go to sleep kid Wake up people jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-uvcvRHcqhbk.html

  6. Uab Grapke Bel

    Uab Grapke Bel4 日 前

    This shit spoke to my soul dead ass 🥺😩

  7. naruto uzamaki

    naruto uzamaki4 日 前


  8. Refemetswe Diutlwileng

    Refemetswe Diutlwileng4 日 前

    The beat and lyrics hit so hard you play it 10x in a day.♿♿♿

  9. Miles Jones

    Miles Jones5 日 前

    cmon now i know y’all see quandos merch🥶

  10. Gutta Slim

    Gutta Slim5 日 前

    Is he in new orleans

  11. Jessica Gurule

    Jessica Gurule6 日 前


  12. BDB TV

    BDB TV6 日 前

    Depression is what hes suffering from

  13. TNT. ToXiC

    TNT. ToXiC6 日 前

    Quando under rated

  14. RapCityBeatZ

    RapCityBeatZ7 日 前

    RANDO one of the still most underrated, much love

  15. Savannah Skye

    Savannah Skye7 日 前

    “I need someone to hold me down and have my back just like my spine” Salute

  16. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith7 日 前

    Penitentiary time sometime wish I wasnt boring. Feel u bro 666

  17. John Backup

    John Backup7 日 前

    Broke heart that's from Dr Henry

  18. JayM 232

    JayM 2327 日 前

    This the one right here

  19. Taddie Tv

    Taddie Tv7 日 前


  20. diablo slime

    diablo slime7 日 前

    This lil man don't look too healthy how you so called fans don't notice

  21. zeddy

    zeddy7 日 前

    someone tell Rondo his nose ring prolly too big

  22. tjdavil

    tjdavil8 日 前

    This shii is so relatable that is hard to listen to it without having at least ur mind full of the past

  23. Nilljay

    Nilljay8 日 前


  24. Tevin Bartley

    Tevin Bartley8 日 前

    Deep I fwy 💪🏾🖤

  25. D d

    D d8 日 前


  26. Simon

    Simon8 日 前

    I want someone to hug 🥺🥺💔💔

  27. Synai Mccrae

    Synai Mccrae9 日 前

    Talk your shit

  28. DeMarcus Brown

    DeMarcus Brown9 日 前


  29. DeMarcus Brown

    DeMarcus Brown9 日 前


  30. Kamissa Manyang

    Kamissa Manyang9 日 前


  31. The Reaper

    The Reaper9 日 前


  32. W P

    W P9 日 前

    I dont care how much you think you gave me I promise I ain't owing you shit....to all the salty entitled people

  33. FlociGizzly

    FlociGizzly9 日 前


  34. Chaz Richards

    Chaz Richards9 日 前

    This the main beat of the crack mobile

  35. J-quan Harvey

    J-quan Harvey10 日 前

    that pain shit💯😴

  36. Jon Tate

    Jon Tate10 日 前


  37. Mrs.Peanut Jones

    Mrs.Peanut Jones10 日 前

    He in my city!!!!!! Great song and video🙏🏾⚜👑⚜👑🤞🏾

  38. George Chaffins

    George Chaffins10 日 前

    "I was taught that loyalty is priceless that shit ain't cost a dime" I felt that shit💯

  39. Djor du

    Djor du11 日 前

    Flow is classic and his talent is God given. We have to use our talents to speak the truth and for the benefit of us and our families. Speak blessings Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way!

  40. Kizzy Myers

    Kizzy Myers11 日 前

    I think he’s talking about dropping crip to blood so he can officially be singed with NBA young boy and he’s talking about his own niggas tryna Bury him is cause you die once you leave 60s

  41. Dawn Cherry

    Dawn Cherry11 日 前

    I love you ❤️

  42. yTomm07

    yTomm0711 日 前

    Quando needs to put his music on iTunes I’m trying to add to my playlist 😠

  43. micheal mosley

    micheal mosley11 日 前

    I love you wanna corn around Knigge you I’ll pray for you

  44. playboii aliyah

    playboii aliyah11 日 前

    i’m still broken spirit 💔🤕 .

  45. xxx_wolfy

    xxx_wolfy12 日 前


  46. Roberto Vasquez

    Roberto Vasquez12 日 前

    2020 has caused alot of depression! Fucc 2020🖕This been the year sent from hell.. listen to this track everyday🔥🔥keep spittin that 🔥🔥Quando

  47. Too Much

    Too Much12 日 前


  48. Bryce Savage

    Bryce Savage12 日 前

    Quando or yb

  49. Alexis Garrison

    Alexis Garrison12 日 前


  50. TNT. ToXiC

    TNT. ToXiC13 日 前

    Loyalty is priceless so true love shouldn't cost a dime

  51. 771 Dee

    771 Dee13 日 前

    rondo came up from beating on a car to making millions💯real definition of struggle

  52. Brittney TheBrat

    Brittney TheBrat13 日 前

    he look so cute with his hair cut😍

  53. Jayy Glizzy

    Jayy Glizzy13 日 前


  54. Treasure Washington

    Treasure Washington13 日 前

    bro no lie quando look lik that dude who killed x im so sure it wasent him tho

  55. trent towers

    trent towers13 日 前

    DAnm i justsaid what happen to qando

  56. Edwyn Mann

    Edwyn Mann14 日 前

    Fire video

  57. Edwyn Mann

    Edwyn Mann14 日 前


  58. Zay Smith

    Zay Smith14 日 前

    U not coming to milwaukee

  59. BagBoy Darro

    BagBoy Darro14 日 前


  60. Queen Family #JustThe3ofUs

    Queen Family #JustThe3ofUs14 日 前

    Depression Awareness!

  61. King Polo Next

    King Polo Next13 日 前