Putting On 10 Masks & Running 1 Km In 100°F Heat, After Smoking, To Prove Masks Can't Suffocate You


  1. Jenartik

    Jenartik5 ヶ月 前

    when you skip everything except head day

  2. Voahn

    Voahn20 日 前


  3. Zenn Exile

    Zenn Exile2 ヶ月 前

    @Robert Rutter no, they actually don't help AT ALL since the virus is airborne and they don't filter the air.

  4. Lounqx

    Lounqx2 ヶ月 前

    @Zenn Exile Karen move

  5. How about, No

    How about, No2 ヶ月 前


  6. Zenn Exile

    Zenn Exile2 ヶ月 前

    @LittleWhole is what you suffer from?

  7. K. Formston

    K. Formston20 時間 前

    You guys complaining that karens say they can't breathe I say that's a good thing

  8. Matchington 1

    Matchington 13 日 前

    I work at a grocery store and have to wear a mask for 8+ hours, it always makes me laugh when some karen comes through after wearing it for 30 minutes and says “I can’t breath in this damn thing”

  9. Pete Ashford

    Pete Ashford日 前

    I wouldn’t worry about wearing your mask. Doesn’t sound like you have many brain cells to damage 😉

  10. BigDogShaq

    BigDogShaq4 日 前

    This guy assigns his teacher homework

  11. Harambe

    Harambe4 日 前

    I, Harambe, humbly agree

  12. 7salad3salad

    7salad3salad4 日 前

    People with asthma:

  13. Chase Omega

    Chase Omega4 日 前

    And people I know still wanna leave their noses poking out.

  14. Op Mason

    Op Mason4 日 前

    He looks like hes about to rickroll you.

  15. Kyle1st100

    Kyle1st1004 日 前

    man sounds like pyro from tf2

  16. Don Ttredonme

    Don Ttredonme5 日 前

    What a dipshit.....

  17. WinDestruct

    WinDestruct5 日 前

    My mom cant have mask normally for 2s

  18. Peachy

    Peachy5 日 前

    absolute madlad

  19. manel Mouhoubi

    manel Mouhoubi5 日 前

    Not the hero that we want but the hero that we need.

  20. Eric Felock

    Eric Felock6 日 前

    This dude probably uses the school bathrooms

  21. ym j

    ym j6 日 前

    Mad lad



    Can you please beep out the cus words.

  23. Lets get to 1mill without vids

    Lets get to 1mill without vids9 日 前

    Lmao it's different for each mask and different people have different health and breathing issues but yes if you are around others wear a mask

  24. Shrekie Hulk

    Shrekie Hulk6 日 前

    i know someone with asthma and they literally have no problems wearing a mask

  25. weavergrad

    weavergrad9 日 前

    I want to wear 66 masks and wear a hazmat suit and stay home all day. Damn I'm so woke.

  26. Thunder Storm

    Thunder Storm9 日 前


  27. Sophie de Bruijn

    Sophie de Bruijn9 日 前

    For my fellow not-Americans, 100F is about 38C

  28. SizableSplash 86 OG

    SizableSplash 86 OG9 日 前

    I’m not an anti masker but depending on the thickness of the mask and how long you have it on there is a possibility you can at least faint

  29. Legacy_ Scout

    Legacy_ Scout9 日 前

    Be careful he’s a hero



    I hate you

  31. Shrekie Hulk

    Shrekie Hulk6 日 前

    @shortgun oh, well now I know I guess thanks for the info

  32. shortgun

    shortgun6 日 前

    @Shrekie Hulk a whole heap of proof considering I'm in a discord server, and have been in multiple discord servers- along with numerous people -that's been associated with Chikichu for 2 to 3 years

  33. Shrekie Hulk

    Shrekie Hulk6 日 前

    @shortgun any proof?

  34. shortgun

    shortgun6 日 前

    @Shrekie Hulk would actually take too long. tl;dr stalking, prison, almost violating restraining orders, getting cucked, and burning religious literature

  35. Shrekie Hulk

    Shrekie Hulk6 日 前

    @shortgun then explain 1/128ths if it

  36. Skyshale

    Skyshale10 日 前

    give this guy a fucking medal

  37. Zackary Newman

    Zackary Newman14 日 前

    Holey moley Karen’s will all get dunked on from this!

  38. 2k Drippy

    2k Drippy14 日 前

    Yea its funny cos he didn’t even smoke properly and he didn’t even run😂 you know damn well you going to be breathing hard as shit if you run with that many masks on your face

  39. gerdeep

    gerdeep15 日 前

    Karens: "i Can'T wEaR mAsKs, I cAn'T bReAtHe" This dude: "Well yes but actually no"

  40. SF - 09CL 821988 Port Credit SS

    SF - 09CL 821988 Port Credit SS16 日 前

    the ads skip him on JPreporter

  41. scevipie

    scevipie16 日 前

    This guy does his chrores even when his parents didn't remind him



    Trump 2036

  43. Anurag

    Anurag17 日 前

    I came from the meme. 🙄

  44. Spctre

    Spctre17 日 前

    Imagine crying to getting trapped in obsidian by Jakethasnake52 lmfao

  45. Ab the Don

    Ab the Don19 日 前

    Bro stop it don’t hurt yourself to prove to people anything you seem like a good person don’t hurt yourself to prove anything

  46. Shrekie Hulk

    Shrekie Hulk6 日 前

    yeah, it probably doesn't even get the point across to those who think masks do nothing

  47. Liam Someone

    Liam Someone19 日 前

    I've been wearing a mask 9 hours a day non-stop for months and I have asthmatic friends who do the same. We even have to wear them at PE. If they'd actually suffocate you, I'd either be mourning my friend's death or I'd be dead myself.

  48. ᯾Kettle wheezing᯾

    ᯾Kettle wheezing᯾20 日 前

    I came here from a lot of drama in a literal comment- I came from the replies👁️👄👁️

  49. medic

    medic20 日 前

    this guy is a fucking legend

  50. Windecc

    Windecc20 日 前

    Why does he look like Rick Astley

  51. Sam M.

    Sam M.20 日 前

    this should be the most watched video on Yt atm

  52. Plague_Doctor_Damien

    Plague_Doctor_Damien21 日 前

    This guy stole the lamb sauce when Gordon Ramsay found it

  53. Tom Donnan

    Tom Donnan21 日 前

    Lol is this satire? You cut the video after smoking the cigar so there's no proof you ran right after smoking it, which you didn't even inhale. You could've also taken out the inner layers out of the masks before "running". You also walked about half the time, you didn't prove anything other than you're a clown.

  54. Aden hui

    Aden hui3 日 前

    @Tom Donnan even if he did take out the inner layers, that many masks still prove that at ONE will not kill you. And you used the word satire incorrectly, which confused me

  55. Tom Donnan

    Tom Donnan3 日 前

    @Renji Yomo If he's leaving things to question then free thinking people will question it. When he posts the uncut video then maybe I'll be less skeptical, I doubt that will happen though.

  56. Renji Yomo

    Renji Yomo3 日 前

    @lol Lmao good 1

  57. lol

    lol3 日 前

    @Renji Yomo not just the circus but also the whole circus industry

  58. Renji Yomo

    Renji Yomo3 日 前

    This is the Kind of guy who believes every facebook post and Conspiracy he sees. But question everything what doesn't proof 200% of his opinion. So you my friend are not even a Clown you are the entire circus.

  59. WAP is the shit

    WAP is the shit21 日 前

    I’m only here for the memes

  60. black riot animations

    black riot animations21 日 前

    Shut up stick

  61. genral greevus

    genral greevus23 日 前

    Idiots: im not whearing a mask it restricts my breathing This dude: hold my face mask

  62. stella stradtman

    stella stradtman24 日 前

    me shocked he didn’t faint from shortness of breath 😵

  63. Fivioh

    Fivioh26 日 前

    no inhale

  64. Jackson Lee

    Jackson Lee26 日 前

    He probably became the principal in school

  65. Connor James

    Connor James26 日 前

    Lmg the subtitles say cairns not Karen’s

  66. Morgan Mishler

    Morgan Mishler26 日 前

    If Steve Rodger pre-sirum can do it, so can you.

  67. Jacob Mago

    Jacob Mago27 日 前

    4.8K Pro-Karens and Karens themselves.

  68. Zach Childs

    Zach Childs27 日 前

    Your lungs have recovered 5 minutes after you smoked. So you just smoked a cigar fo nothing since it took you well over 5 mins to put those on. Also you dont smoke so youre in 100x better shape than a smoker. Even with the masks on your probably above a smoker.

  69. lol

    lol7 日 前

    Well we also need to consider his asthma

  70. Rusty Saw

    Rusty Saw27 日 前

    He's gonna Rickroll somebody.

  71. Dominic Velpel

    Dominic Velpel27 日 前

    this man can see john cena

  72. Quayuh

    Quayuh27 日 前

    When this guy was exposed to covid, the virus quarantined itself

  73. The Mega Egg

    The Mega Egg28 日 前

    This guy walks up the stairs slowly after turning off the lights

  74. Lucas T

    Lucas T28 日 前

    This is the type of dude who walks down the street and u just know he’s a liberal😂

  75. Kellergang

    Kellergang28 日 前

    Karens punching the air rn

  76. Hari 1111

    Hari 111128 日 前

    my main account got termed so now my 2k liked comment is gone fml

  77. Hari 1111

    Hari 111127 日 前

    @Quayuh also my subs are gone now

  78. Hari 1111

    Hari 111127 日 前

    @Quayuh yeah i was beanos the fuckin top comment

  79. Quayuh

    Quayuh27 日 前


  80. prod. kajro

    prod. kajro29 日 前

    Karens: I cAnT bReThE


    CYGANNN29 日 前

    kto z fejsbuka

  82. Fruity Tiara

    Fruity Tiaraヶ月 前

    Karens be like- Ill pretend i didnt see that..

  83. Slyzo

    Slyzoヶ月 前

    Johnny Bravo really went downhill since the last episode

  84. InfinityConsole

    InfinityConsoleヶ月 前

    Our lord and savior clumsy sent us, lets get this video on peoples recommended

  85. Marcin

    Marcinヶ月 前

    Run 1 mile Okey no, i will run 1km Nevermind, i will just run 100 meters, than walk 200 meters and again run 100... XD Bro, u have just proved that u can't breathe at all in this shit XD

  86. Violet Demise

    Violet Demise21 日 前

    Not really?

  87. Becky Lown

    Becky Lownヶ月 前

    Dude you stupid many if you wore a mask to school every day and ran out side at recess you would nom

  88. Becky Lown

    Becky Lownヶ月 前

    Never mind

  89. A R

    A Rヶ月 前

    Smoking 1 b&m is not gonna as a nonsmoker is not going to affect your performance lmaoo

  90. Diego Arita

    Diego Aritaヶ月 前


  91. d4rk potato

    d4rk potatoヶ月 前

    a true hearo

  92. Undyne

    Undyneヶ月 前

    10 masks, pressing them to his face, 100 degrees out, smokes a cigar, runs a kilometer, AND has asthma...stilll survives.

  93. Gabriel Serpeloni

    Gabriel Serpeloniヶ月 前

    This guy calls his Drill Sergeant a maggot.

  94. M N

    M Nヶ月 前

    What about not wearing a mask because 98% survival rate? And abuse of power?

  95. Renji Yomo

    Renji Yomo3 日 前

    The death rate was 6.8% on the beginning of the pandemic and now 11.5% so how much mental and Dimensional gymnastic does you brain need to come to a 98% survival rate conclusion. I mean im Terrible at math but you are the absolut god of failing a math exam. The only thing you ever proof was the realisation of Parents that you are a failure.

  96. lol

    lol7 日 前

    How about you just don't get it in the first place

  97. A Chimpanzee

    A Chimpanzee25 日 前

    What about wearing masks so you dont permanently lose your sense of smell and/or taste. Or so the hospitals dont become full?

  98. Ray Pena

    Ray Pena28 日 前

    You sound ridiculous

  99. Larry Lake

    Larry Lakeヶ月 前

    This guy is a freaking idiot. I do not think the masks were tight on his face, plus the video was speed up and not clear.. I think he cheated ha ha ha ha ha

  100. Ray Pena

    Ray Penaヶ月 前

    Yes the masks were tight. They were pulling on his ears. If it was sped up slow it down. There was no way for him to cheat he ran the kilometer Grow up

  101. aaron diazmanzo

    aaron diazmanzoヶ月 前

    smart boi

  102. Extraaa Spicy

    Extraaa Spicyヶ月 前

    Big respect to this dude Lol

  103. N0 M0rE [TenTacles Playz]

    N0 M0rE [TenTacles Playz]ヶ月 前

    Imagine this guy had bad eyesight and he used to wears glasses

  104. Makoto Sekai

    Makoto Sekaiヶ月 前

    One thing I miss from my nornal life before covid19. Breathing the fresh air even if I live in the city. My lungs started to gain strength and I like it. But I never taken off my mask since then.

  105. Stephen LaBond

    Stephen LaBondヶ月 前

    i love you

  106. James Schafer

    James Schaferヶ月 前


  107. James Schafer

    James Schafer20 日 前

    @Quayuh lol

  108. Quayuh

    Quayuh29 日 前

    They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  109. epiczander

    epiczanderヶ月 前

    @James Schafer okay at first I thought you were insane because you smoked to much trump crack (the golden version of crack)

  110. James Schafer

    James Schaferヶ月 前

    in case you couldn't tell i was pretending to be a karen i am not one at all i wear a mask all the time

  111. Christian Gill slack

    Christian Gill slackヶ月 前

    those people who dislike this video are karens

  112. Totally not Zokix11_MC

    Totally not Zokix11_MCヶ月 前

    I have to wear my mask for 8+ hours a day but these fucking Karens complain when they have to wear it for 15 minutes while shopping.

  113. Will S

    Will Sヶ月 前

    Beavis and butthead anyone?

  114. Jake Bernardi

    Jake Bernardiヶ月 前

    This man is just built different...

  115. NoTexture

    NoTextureヶ月 前

    karens: mother fu-

  116. Yaitzjacob

    Yaitzjacobヶ月 前

    This guys probably serves the lunch lady at school food

  117. Yaitzjacob

    Yaitzjacobヶ月 前

    Thanos would fear this man

  118. Yaitzjacob

    Yaitzjacobヶ月 前

    this dude probably hides information from the fbi

  119. Appleinacan

    Appleinacanヶ月 前

    All the dislikes are Karen's

  120. Harrison Plummer

    Harrison Plummerヶ月 前


  121. Wolfy_Zero

    Wolfy_Zeroヶ月 前

    This guy is a legend

  122. Liv Cabrera

    Liv Cabreraヶ月 前

    When this dude was born the doctor said "it's a man"

  123. OG dawg

    OG dawgヶ月 前

    bro you can tell he was suffering with that

  124. OG dawg

    OG dawgヶ月 前

    @John Cannon yessss bro, what he did was so dumb bro, he was rlly suffering to finish that run

  125. John Cannon

    John Cannonヶ月 前

    @OG dawg well he also smoked and has asthma

  126. OG dawg

    OG dawgヶ月 前

    @John Cannon yes, but no, some ppl are used to that, like me im from morocco its hot af, but its good, but im 100% sure because of the 10 masks

  127. John Cannon

    John Cannonヶ月 前

    because it's fucking 100 degrees

  128. Sean Manahan

    Sean Manahanヶ月 前


  129. Edray13

    Edray13ヶ月 前

    do it again!

  130. Edray13

    Edray13ヶ月 前

    now do it again lol

  131. S. G.

    S. G.ヶ月 前

    Youre not even running

  132. John Cannon

    John Cannonヶ月 前

    he smoked and has asthma and jogged a long way with ten masks Grow the fuck up

  133. Yes

    Yesヶ月 前

    He's still wearing 10 masks tho?

  134. OverlandMD B

    OverlandMD Bヶ月 前

    Actually working out in mask is actually very dangerous if it’s not made for working out just letting you know a lot of country’s have great studies on it so just be careful out there people

  135. OverlandMD B

    OverlandMD B20 日 前

    @epiczander I mean if I have to do your research for you then you must be a child but there is studies out of Japan and Sweden and South Korea that’s why we are seeing mask that are made for working out in the market we just had a marathon runner burst a lung do to mask being so restrictive

  136. epiczander

    epiczander20 日 前

    @OverlandMD B You did not cite any sources, you just claimed that working out in a mask is dangerous. Grow up.

  137. OverlandMD B

    OverlandMD Bヶ月 前

    @Vaughan Newton I get what you are saying but you have to approach these liberals softly so they don’t get scared and run away

  138. Vaughan Newton

    Vaughan Newtonヶ月 前

    Man up and speak the truth and say there very bad for you . instead of talking like a big girl.

  139. Smiley face Inc.

    Smiley face Inc.ヶ月 前

    Masks don’t choke you but corona isn’t dangerous

  140. Smiley face Inc.

    Smiley face Inc.ヶ月 前

    @Dheatly Blaze I will do what i must...

  141. Dheatly Blaze

    Dheatly Blazeヶ月 前

    @Smiley face Inc. you would want to get rid of your brother..

  142. Smiley face Inc.

    Smiley face Inc.ヶ月 前

    @John Cannon My f*cking brother was on my account. Please wear a mask guys.

  143. John Cannon

    John Cannonヶ月 前

    yes it is

  144. DIVIZE

    DIVIZEヶ月 前

    For now on if i get asked for proof by a anti masker ill send them this

  145. Dheatly Blaze

    Dheatly Blazeヶ月 前

    @Vaughan Newton what "doctor" tells mask is bad? I got one doctor living with me and she told me to wear mask

  146. Vaughan Newton

    Vaughan Newtonヶ月 前

    That's because your a sheep hollow spinless sheep frightened to death sheep there's been more doctors telling you there bad for you but you wouldn't no that because you spend all your time whatching idiots like this dip stick what a Muppet.

  147. bustindustin959

    bustindustin959ヶ月 前

    It's not about whether wearing a mask will kill you. It's conditioning you to believe bullshit bought science. The masks do nothing against viruses. Mosta y'all maskers will be lining up for the vakksyne as well. So trusting to gov't & big pharma. Ahoy matey, Operation WarpSpayed!

  148. Ray Pena

    Ray Pena28 日 前

    You should work as a comedian



    @m o o n f l x w e r true



    @Blueberry leave him you can’t change the mind of someone as stupid

  151. Blueberry

    Blueberryヶ月 前

    Maybe learn spelling and grammar and we’ll talk

  152. Thanos Games

    Thanos Gamesヶ月 前

    if peoples can do this why cant karen do this

  153. Dheatly Blaze

    Dheatly Blazeヶ月 前

    Because karen

  154. Gaming Reese's

    Gaming Reese'sヶ月 前


  155. bewhoyoureallyare

    bewhoyoureallyareヶ月 前

    All the dislikes are the Karens getting mad lol

  156. Toni Kronpaß

    Toni Kronpaßヶ月 前

    Karens in a nutshell