1. Knats Weekly

    Knats Weekly時間 前

    I can't stop staring at that pimple in the top of her forehead (I'm sorry😀)

  2. Pinkpanda _girl

    Pinkpanda _girl2 時間 前

    No one: Emma: tortures suitcase🤣

  3. Pinkpanda _girl

    Pinkpanda _girl2 時間 前

    No one: Emma:thinks what to do by not getting in trouble...

  4. S A

    S A7 時間 前

    9:01 there’s like a 99.9% chance that the smell is weed

  5. Computer Help Services

    Computer Help Services8 時間 前

    I 💝 U

  6. ranku miskas

    ranku miskas10 時間 前

    You should do NYC merch!

  7. Maddie Petit

    Maddie Petit16 時間 前

    OMG! I think your supposed to put emergen-c in hot water because thats what my mom does for me and my sisters

  8. MPS

    MPS18 時間 前

    10:01 Her eyes match the sweater, damn she's pretty 😍

  9. Evee White

    Evee White23 時間 前

    i started to die when she poured the emergen c pack

  10. Luther Burbank

    Luther Burbank日 前

    You dont look healthy, you look like somebody beat your face.

  11. Kailey Tkazyik

    Kailey Tkazyik日 前

    Ur supposed to drink the emergency c not eat it lmao

  12. Ciara Murphy

    Ciara Murphy日 前

    Emma: *takes bite of jerky* "Ew" Also Emma: *takes another bite*

  13. ebony louise

    ebony louise日 前

    fun fact im watching this after pulling my 3rd all nighter of the week. its thursday.

  14. Estelle Boo

    Estelle Boo日 前

    NYC students do this often lol

  15. Mimi Miller

    Mimi Miller日 前

    bitch i KNOW you did not just pour that powder into your gd mouth HAHA

  16. King's Project

    King's Project日 前

    I love you emma 💐

  17. Evers World

    Evers World2 日 前

    I died inside when you poured the packet into your mouth.

  18. Natalie Baza

    Natalie Baza2 日 前

    Is anyone going to talk about Emma putting the vitamin C packet straight into her mouth than putting it into water....?

  19. José Alejandro López Flores

    José Alejandro López Flores2 日 前

    3:14 I think you are supposed to add a significant amount of water to that thing

  20. Got KARP

    Got KARP2 日 前

    Oh thought that guy was nutting

  21. Chel Kiese

    Chel Kiese2 日 前

    When you ate that emergency

  22. Gabriela Foret

    Gabriela Foret2 日 前

    Ny gang wya??

  23. Kaitlyn Heckman

    Kaitlyn Heckman2 日 前

    Wait you like brussel sprouts me to😂😂😂

  24. LpsCameraAddictTM

    LpsCameraAddictTM2 日 前

    Sorry but if the vegan jerky taste bad then it taste nothing like regular jerky!

  25. Kaitlyn Banks

    Kaitlyn Banks2 日 前

    @3:58 I screamed why is that me

  26. lex :D

    lex :D2 日 前

    Emma: its 30 degrees here and im freezing Me, a person from Europe: Holy fuck how are u cold

  27. Niamh Ditchfield

    Niamh Ditchfield2 日 前

    anyone know where her coat is from??!

  28. Ahaha hahahah Ahahahahah

    Ahaha hahahah Ahahahahah日 前

    Niamh Ditchfield it’s from Alo it’s called duality reverse faux shearling jacket WHERE IS HER SWEATSHIRT FROM

  29. Sadie Owens

    Sadie Owens2 日 前

    okay but why tf does she look so good after just waking up

  30. Kiera Scovel05

    Kiera Scovel053 日 前

    30 degrees is cold while minnesota is -25 on the daily during winter

  31. ya girl sarah

    ya girl sarah3 日 前

    i feel extreme anxiety when u just go walking around in a city alone at 3 am. pls look after yourself.

  32. Jessica Wood

    Jessica Wood3 日 前

    Emma just move to New York already fr

  33. *LaNnInG *

    *LaNnInG *3 日 前


  34. sporty spice

    sporty spice3 日 前

    what brand is that bomber jacket?

  35. Ahaha hahahah Ahahahahah

    Ahaha hahahah Ahahahahah日 前

    It’s alo duality reversible faux shearling jacket do u know where her sweatshirt is from I want it so bad omg

  36. vale

    vale3 日 前

    Emma u r supposed to mix the “emergency drink” with water not just pit the powder in ur mouth💀

  37. Brooke shafer

    Brooke shafer3 日 前

    okay but i laughed so hard

  38. Gaby Bowen

    Gaby Bowen3 日 前


  39. Shan x

    Shan x3 日 前

    1:17 rich people problems

  40. Lunie Boonie

    Lunie Boonie3 日 前

    I melt in 30 degrees -_- Every day its like not even 10 degrees D:

  41. OwO

    OwO3 日 前

    Emma: Disgusted because of the Jerkey Also Emma: Eats the rest anyways


    YUMYUM ASMR3 日 前

    Why are y’all judging her so much in the comments :( and yes maybe she’s always in the hotel room because she’s travelling alone and it’s not as fun going out doing things by urself. I’m sure she does go out she just didn’t film it