Professional Chefs Blindly Taste Test Cheese | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit


  1. Jack

    Jack17 分 前

    vaguely lactic is my stage name

  2. yaya

    yaya5 時間 前

    oaxaca is not mozzarella!! justice for oaxaca

  3. Blake Louthan

    Blake Louthan日 前

    Gruyere is my favorite cheese

  4. danny hero

    danny hero日 前

    This youtibe chammel is my favorite !

  5. Just Joshing

    Just Joshing日 前

    Baby is bae

  6. CodyL95

    CodyL953 日 前

    Is the contrast off on my monitor or are Carla's points the same color as the background, can't see the number.

  7. CodyL95

    CodyL953 日 前

    Update: It was my monitor.

  8. elnubnub

    elnubnub4 日 前

    Isn't cheese a coagulation of fat molecule ??? I don't think there's a lot of lactose in cheese, the lactose is in the whey

  9. Lizbet Cruz

    Lizbet Cruz4 日 前


  10. Angus Robertson

    Angus Robertson5 日 前

    4:43 Priya guesses correctly and is not awarded a point. I do believe Velveeta is an American cheese.

  11. Jorian Grey

    Jorian Grey5 日 前

    5:31 "Its Velveeta" Everyone, "BLAHHHHHH" Brad, 5:46 "Its good though" Lol

  12. Mrs. V

    Mrs. V5 日 前

    oh Gaby lol

  13. yo♡gurl♡jynx

    yo♡gurl♡jynx7 日 前

    Chris finally got his wish

  14. beluch

    beluch8 日 前

    I'm struck by how the people of this young generation make excuses for failing the test. I remember Chris Morocco did the same thing on the knife-skills test. "It's not really a skill that anybody needs anymore" I think he said. Right--your smartphone will do it for you.

  15. Caleb R

    Caleb R8 日 前

    bruh these people said the same thing yet only some of them got points

  16. JaysonVI

    JaysonVI10 日 前

    Are they just picky? Or am I weird for loving the taste of Velveeta cheese...

  17. ANGIE R

    ANGIE R10 日 前

    Real Oaxaca cheese (made in Oaxaca) is NOT bland and definitely not dull😤 It has a lighty fermented taste and lightly salty.

  18. Sesita

    Sesita10 日 前

    I just wanna hug Gaby. I mean, they were all cheese! She was right!

  19. Montana Mowery

    Montana Mowery10 日 前

    All of BA test kitchen insulting velveeta makes my poor person heart hurt

  20. Obi Wonderful Shipoopi

    Obi Wonderful Shipoopi10 日 前

    My money is on Chris

  21. Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Quintus Aurelius Symmachus11 日 前

    *Andy:* "This feels like a typical Saturday night." Well alrighty then. Andy into kinky stuff confirmed.

  22. Paca the Alpaca

    Paca the Alpaca11 日 前

    Chris blindfolded is like a wet dream of a thirsty fan. It is me, I'm that thirsty fan. Sorry about that.

  23. Javiera Figueroa

    Javiera Figueroa12 日 前

    4:30 you gotta love Gabby lmfao she’s just a sweetheart

  24. Mike Mikel

    Mike Mikel13 日 前

    Claire is annoying

  25. Mile Mh

    Mile Mh14 日 前

    Hold the phone, comté is NOT gruyère!

  26. Timothy Call

    Timothy Call14 日 前

    This is so pretentious... Velveeta OMG it's so gross...

  27. Austin Magee

    Austin Magee14 日 前

    Their reaction to Velveeta is the direct inverse to kids reactions to vegetables and fine dining.

  28. Austin Magee

    Austin Magee14 日 前

    Brad: "It's good though" 5:45

  29. Rebeckah Blewett

    Rebeckah Blewett17 日 前

    Can't see Carla's score. White on white!

  30. Ian Cryar

    Ian Cryar17 日 前

    Mom never uses American cheese or Velvetta so I don’t

  31. Sunny shine

    Sunny shine17 日 前

    everyone roasted the oaxaca

  32. Ugly Skates

    Ugly Skates17 日 前

    Shout out to all these class traitors getting mad at the delicious taste of Velveeta

  33. Ambar Inestroza

    Ambar Inestroza17 日 前


  34. Sylv Aine

    Sylv Aine18 日 前

    The text commentary boxes are delightful! I really wanted one of them to just be immediately like, "oh, it's [cheese] obviously" every time, and then at the end like, "what? I like cheese!" XD

  35. Kevin Vorabout

    Kevin Vorabout18 日 前

    Gaby is so adorable!

  36. Svenaj

    Svenaj18 日 前

    I love how I got a cheese advertisement 😂🧀

  37. Let's Just See With BB

    Let's Just See With BB20 日 前

    I loved it when gabbie said it's cheese!!!!

  38. dave yesiam

    dave yesiam20 日 前

    molly is my favorite

  39. Le cornichon en pot

    Le cornichon en pot21 日 前

    As a French person, I am offended that they said that comté was gruyère

  40. hrynkiee

    hrynkiee21 日 前

    I love this whole kitchen

  41. Syrebral

    Syrebral22 日 前

    There are people on the ba team who know how Europeans taste. Yikes.

  42. annie

    annie23 日 前

    I feel like brad and gaby were just there for the free cheese