Product Placement and Fair Use


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    Product Placement is stored in the balls

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    @Per Ringnes it probably just is that

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    you logo is a near copy of the Norwegian political party "Arbeiderpartiet"

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    That's why I (redacted) so much. To get rid of excess Product Placement.

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    pp is store in the balls

  7. GogglesAreAwsome

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    What about the use of things from the point of view of accuracy? Say you are shooting a movie about a historical figure who drank coke all the time, would you claim education? Or what if you wanted to depict the US military driving around in their Hummers, would you need permission to show that from hummer?

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    Something I’m wondering about are these corporations letting stuff fly under the radar when they could sue, isn’t that a problem bc if they end it up suing someone else, the party being sued could use those times they let it fly under the radar as an example and win. Ferrari usually does that, they are super annoying when it comes to their brand and sometimes sue just for safety for the future.

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    2:22 is that an all-percussion cover of the chicken dance

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    Your hero name shall be .......FreezerBurn!

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    Big corporations: oh sorry I have something in my ear what did you just say? when a minute is that? oh my gosh I'm definitely suing you

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    So sick of thing bad no nuance dingbats

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    two minutes in the video and i already subscribed. love this.

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    Nostalgia Critic intensifies.....

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    I always notice when people are driving absurdly fancy cars, but I never have any clue what those cars are.

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    OK but real talk: where can I buy that invisible controller? It looks awesome

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    I saw your XOXO video discussing targeted harassment and I wanted to apologize on behalf of humanity Madam. I am sorry. We are working on the problem, and you are an outstanding help. I guess you do not read your comments anymore, but you will have to see this one. Thank you, comment section secretary, for passing it along.

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    Also, lime cheesecake is my favorite.

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    I loved the Product Placement in 2001: A Space Odyssey, just because it was built in so well in my opinion but others not so much

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    I know that's not the point of the video, but... is no one address how ridiculous is the fact that Baphomet can be copyrighted?

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    Lindsay as someone named Brand, I'd love to buy that shirt

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    Here's the thing about intelligent design, it's taught in church. here's the thing about evolution, it's not. And ew Hank and John Green are supporters of capitalism ew.

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    I love watching your videos, and you break down a lot of things that I either hadn't thought to question or just hadn't had the motivation to learn myself... Bought a 'See How I Glitter' Pin! Thanks for making videos :)

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    Sometimes I get lost in the meta of these videos.

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    Using a product in a TV show is definitely not a violation of copyright. Cheesecake Factory doesn't have a copyright on their name. They have a trademark. You couldn't open a restaurant called Cheesecake Factory or something too close to that in a manner that confuses people. But you could definitely have your characters go to a Cheesecake Factory or McDonald's in your TV show and not owe them a dime.

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    Hi Lindsay. I like your content and I appreciate the message of the video but I think it would have been punchier without the usual sponsorship. I understand you got bills to pay, we're all slaves to capitalism, I don't blame you, but ultimately it does undermine the work a little. I also don't think it's likely you'll read this comment at all, but on the off chance that you do, well, there it is. Still a big fan!

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    Dammit lindsay don't call me out like that. Cheesecake Factory and LIT's.

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    I'm glad you made this. I've been trying to understand copyright and fair use--there's explanation on the internet but it only goes so far. So even if you're using a copyright for something that's not for profit, if it's not under fair use, it's still illegal right? Or does it not matter?

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    how the hell did they copyright the baphomet in the first place?

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    The "Brand" shirt is so freakin 90s.

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    Holy shit! "Thing complicated!!!" She's trying to feminize the dialogue!!! STOP HER!!!

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    age of distinction, didn't have ewnough product placment.

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    This severely makes me want to just kill myself just to get it over with... Sweet eternal oblivion will be my release.

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    "All of the drunk with half of the calories" You got your priorities right

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    “It tastes like I’m really on Long Island” Wow. That hurts.

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    So... in civil law... unless you know all of the laws you are walking a lawsuit minefield if you show or even mention a product with some of those mines not blowing up and killing you but making the other mines happy. Ummkayy... This comment brought to you by Duff Beer (oops, Simpson can sue because it is real media despite that product being fictional)... this comment brought to you by Liquid Courage Beer.

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    The BRAND shirt is actually on her store now, by the way

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    All of the drunk without the calories unfortunately appeals to me.

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    A good chunk of the classic mystery science theatre used films that didnt uphold copyright

  43. WArdelean

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    Love your vids btw! You're super insightful and I think you have a really good grasp on criticism and narrative

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    What's the deal with overly obvious product placement? Like Ford vs Ferrari probably had 10 instances of budweisers clinking. It seemed like half the movie.

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    Thing Bad isn't a T-Shirt?

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    I always forget how bad Big Bang Theory is

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    When you get sued by the church of Satan.

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    Wow, I like your content, Lindsay. I just Subbed lol Be well!👍

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    I want a "Brand" shirt

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    0:39 “All of the drunk with half the calories!” *It me*

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    "and also I was bad at my job" At first I was kind of skeptical about this channel, but I'd had so many recommendations (from people not bots), and I so badly wanted another creator to watch, that I decided to give this video a try (it was the first one that popped out to me in a list). This joke, this is what made me stay

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    Haha you're great. Thank you.

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    Lol Satanists being bigger babies than Christians for once.... ? So what church is responsible for lawsuits regarding the use of a crucifix?

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    A great Weird Al parody is “This Song Is Just 6 Words” parodying “Got My Mind Set On You” for only using under thirty words

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    I had never seen what a Cheesecake Factory actually looked like before this video so I thought that they looked like they do in the Big Bang Theory

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    Me, a European, about Fair Use: "Is this some kind of American joke I don't understand?"

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    bUt WhAt AbOuT sAtIrE pArOdY cLaUsE

  58. The Neon Chimp Channel

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    One of the first movies to feature product placement was one of the last Marx Brothers movies. The film was running out of money, so Harpo sold advertising space in the movie. They made it work. It's a scene where they are running around on rooftops and there's these billboards all around, so it makes sense they'd be there. Another early one actually didn't go to funding the movie but rather one of the stars. Sid James often played alcoholics, so he would make deals with certain manufacturers so that he would make sure the label was facing the camera every time and they'd give him money...and I'm pretty sure he got to keep the booze too.

  59. The Neon Chimp Channel

    The Neon Chimp Channel3 ヶ月 前

    I didn't even know The Cheesecake Factory was a real thing until I went to the USA in 2016 and a friend took me to one for lunch one day. I just assumed that specific one didn't look like the one in The Big Bang Theory and had different uniforms, but I guess it's not an accurate representation of the brand at all. Then again, that show had a hard enough time staying accurate to itself a lot of the time.

  60. The Neon Chimp Channel

    The Neon Chimp Channel3 ヶ月 前

    The best product placement I ever saw was in Warehouse 13. They clearly knew it would piss people off so they made a total joke of it. They essentially looked down the lens of the camera and winked at the audience.

  61. Sailor PlanetMars

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    Every time I learn the Cheesecake Factory is real and wasn't made up by the Big Bang Theory I get floored all over again.

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    Jesus I forgot how awful Big Bang Theory is

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    Could you make a video about Roger Ebert and the way he critiques movies? I always kind of thought his reviews were shallow and uneducated

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    This is a post of appreciation for Lindsay Ellis. She's on top of her analyses like ads on certain menus... of some kind.

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    you have the biggest virgo energy ever and I love it

  66. Lord Colin

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    The labels aren’t taped over to avoid copyright issue, they are taped over because the pickle people didn’t pay to not have the tape.

  67. Zach Piper

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    couldn’t it be both? say you own a family company that makes like, family stuff idk. their target demographic is children and then they’re on jersey shore, couldnt that technically be viewed as potentially defamatory if your family friendly brand is on jersey shore

  68. 小鹿

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    i always thought that was the reason too. the shows don't want to "advertise" brands for free, or even worse, advertise brands that are rivals to those paying them. In a lot of East Asian variety/reality shows you'd see most of the screen blurred around the people the camera is following. Them going to the grocery store is basically a 95% blurred screen xD

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    Ah the hummer h2. If you want to know what it's like to be in a vehicle that is simultaneously massive on the outside and cramped as hell on the inside then look no further. To it's credit, it's actually a pretty capable 4x4 (contrary to what many keyboard warrior will tell you) other than it's too wide for old timey trails meant for horse and buggy. Old Jeeps and forerunners are cheaper and most people don't assume you're trying to compensate for something.

  70. Macaroni and Cliches

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    So the Association aspect is why you're not always allowed to give a brand free advertising by just haphazardly including their products Because they want to associate their brand with certain situations, and not just show that it's wanted