Product Placement and Fair Use


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    Product Placement is stored in the balls

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    Blå arbeiderpartiet ??

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    @Per Ringnes yes, you noticed, that is exactly what it is, it's a good logo

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    As opposed to being on someone's tits? ☺☺☺

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    @Per Ringnes it probably just is that

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    Judging just from your videos I think you drink a lot

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    maybe this video implies you can use brand names in books or tv shows u write, this I think is false, go ahead and use them to add detail. fair use deals with copyrighted creative art or stories not just a company name. in a book y or tv show my waitress can says she works at the cheesecake factory, or at Apple, this is not even close to infringing on a copyright since it is not stealing marketshare or profiting off the copyrighted artwork. one could NOT use the artwork of the logo or the decor of the restaurant, but Big Bang was careful to not do this. i think trademarked names can used, trademark law is different area of law but still probably can use corporate names since no one would be confused about if you are selling products as a representative of the company. I could NOT say I worked at cheesecake factory and then sell cheesecakes, this is trademark infringement. There are books where a serial killers is said to work for UPS, but UPS despite this bad press can't demand the author remove this and instead leave it blank - -- otherwise no villain would ever have a day job. I am 90% thinking I am right, go ahead and use corporate names in books or tv shows, just no artwork or logos (logos are tricky). Good video..

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    Why did I just order a thousand bucks of Beats by Dre equipment

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    Actually, the company behind mst3k owned the copyrights to every movie used.

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    Lindsay, U Go Gurl

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    i can't believe you reminded me about Expelled, a movie my church encouraged us to watch as a kid

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    Tracey Brown28 日 前

    Very interesting. I learned a lot. I'm okay with product placement if I never see another commercial again! I hate them SO MUCH! BTW, your probably too young to remember movies when they had "fake" brands, like fake Tide that looked like Tide but was called Fade or something equally stupid. Used to drive me nuts & actually pull me out of the movie. Gotta be a happy medium somewhere.

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    Cool video

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    I would love a Cheesecake Factory case now

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    I love this. How did i just stumble through this channel in 2020?!?!?!? I'm prob 10 videos deep and Lindsay ROCKS THE SOCKS!!!!!

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    Lol.. So Michael Bay got sued lack of product placement. Zack Snyder with MoS on the other hand......

  19. Sam M

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    The ambiguity built into The Cheesecake Factory subplot was quite ambiguous.

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    I know it's like, so not the point but I don't understand how the cheesecake factory is so expensive when the product quality just doesn't hold up to the price.

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    It's not ridiculous. The Satanic Temple has every goddamn right to sue the shitty Sabrina show creators.

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    There's always something so weird to me about the choice of the name "Cheesecake Factory" - if their whole image is supposed to be aspirational, why does their name sound like the cheapest, most disgusting mass produced shit in the world? I mean, we don't have it in this country to my knowledge, I've never been, so maybe that is what it tastes like... but *why would you name it that?*

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    I guessed this would have something about the Big Bang Theory. I had never heard of the Cheesecake Factory before watching that show.

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    Yes actually I want that shirt lol

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    somebody fucking patented baphomet? thats like owning the copyright of jesus.

  26. Daddy Earth

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    I get you Lynz... its never 'thing bad', rather it's 'thing not good'. The Matt Dillahunty of film analysis.

  27. Punk Shark

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    The movie Mac & Me was a b rated ET that was basically a MacDonalds commercial

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    You look actually drunk at the Cheesecake Factory and I love it

  29. CalamityJane270

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    You really need to separate trademark from copyright, they are entirely different branches of law that don't share key traits in common and don't share the same standard for infringement. You also don't do a good job of explaining copyright law, and you don't even touch trademark (though you mention it and appear to use trademark interchangeably with copyright, which is wrong). The product placement section of your vid seemed fine, and I've enjoyed most of your videos, especially getting into film theory, but you should not try to explain the law unless you are a licensed attorney.

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    You like JPreporter comments? The pill.

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    That is one grotesque piece of cheesecake. - Europe

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    "Mmm! Sadness!"

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    isn't screening a whole movie and going "its bad" all that Mauler does?

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    I don't know if you'll see this, but I watched the clips of you in The Cheesecake Factory and couldn't stop laughing because I was just imagining you sitting alone outside at The Cheesecake Factory eating Mango Lime Cheesecake and sipping Skinny Long Island Iced Tea. Was anyone watching you eat cake and talk at the camera?

  36. DougtheDonkeyTV

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    Did the Cheesecake Factory seriously just describe Big Bang theory as funny

  37. Fire Score Maximum

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    Yes, they did.

  38. enzmondo

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    Just a few weeks ago, someone who worked on hte movie Knives Out (probably the director, I forgot) revealed that there is a clause in the contract to use Apple products that states Apple products should never be depicted being used by antagonist or character that can potentially be depicted as "bad" in the movie.

  39. Bee

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    Ok but the best Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (& the only Cheesecake Factory cheesecake I’ve ever had) is this raspberry Oreo cheesecake I had when I was 12 and now I want it

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    Disappointed to learn the cheesecake factory is a gaudy place to eat cheesecake and not in fact a factory made out of cheesecake.

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    I've listened to the whole raid shadow legend ad at the end of the video, left a like and a comment, does that makes me a simp?

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    I learned a thing a year and a half ago wonderful as always! Thank you Elisa!

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    I hate Sabrina, I wish the temple milked Netflix for more.

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    How dose the Cheesecake Factory feel about this?

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    good video but fuck you for making me watch clips of the big bang theory without forewarning

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    man, your videos are so fucking powerful

  47. Jenny Martin

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    Best product placement is in the live action power rangers movie see if you can spot it

  48. Karma Tarmac

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    I never knew there was a book called Bored of the Rings and it makes me so mad. Also omg I knew that Weird Al had Pitiful streaming for free on his website *cough* years ago, but I never knew he was so blatant about his feelings toward Atlantic. That's great.

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    So comment! Much algorithm!

  50. Wolf Hreda

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    My favorite part about product placement in Transformers is that Ford did not pay for product placement in the first movie. Chevrolet paid the crew to make Barricade look like a Mustang without actually being a Mustang. Which, if I were Ford, I would've latched onto in a heartbeat. "We sell the car that tried to kill Shia Lebouef!"

  51. UnrealisticGuy

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    The funniest thing is that now that that case was made for fair use of John Lennon’s “Imagine” now people can use “Imagine” in their videos claiming fair use for Educational purposes on the topic of fair use

  52. Ravenous youth

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    beats product placement is insane . Beats were fucking everywhere back in the day

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    21:00 I would but you probably don't ship to Brazil.

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    0:35 Is it me or does she kind of look like Emilia Clarke?

  55. Pumpkin Panda

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    for clarification Baphomet the creature and 19th century drawing are NOT copyrighted, the satanic temples interpretation of baphomet, the statue of baphomet, is copyrighted.

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    screw it 2 years later on a boring COVID-19 june day I bought a Lindsay Ellis BRAND T-shirt

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    21:05 YES PLEASE!

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    Every joke in those Big Bang clips hurt.

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    call me crass if you must, but I fucking love the cheesecake factory. I don't go often, but when I do, it's always a good time

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    The satanic temple people are usually doing real life good in the world.

  61. Xinnie The Pooh

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    Ewwww ben Stein and "intelligent design" boooo

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    Algorithm bate

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    I now really want cheesecake.

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    The greatest "not" product placement I know, must be in the FedEX movie. You know, the one with Tom Hanks on an Island. The company said it wasn't product placement and they did not pay the production company anything to ... let them show the logo here or there. They only provided them with planes, trucks, uniforms, logistics, cars, extras (in form of the CEO).

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    This woman could talk about the most boring and dull topic in the world and it would still sound fascinating.

  66. Jan A. Kozák

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    Do I hear right that you pronounce 'Lennon' as 'Lenin'? Are those two names phonetically identical in English, or just in Lindsay's world? :-D

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    love your videos :)

  68. Davis Prather

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    I love the video, but I have to say that I didn't appreciate the kind of negative connotation for The Satanic Temple. I don't know if you're aware of this, but The Satanic Temple actually promotes egalitarianism and social justice, and was formed as a sort of religious mockery. Maybe you did know this, but I really feel like some people got the wrong impression because of some negative connotations that they were real Satan-worshippers rather than people who use Satan as a metaphor.

  69. zukodude487987

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    A carbohydrate delivery system? Last time i checked cheesecake is very high in fat. People associate anything sweet as pure sugar when in most cases people use fat to enhance the sweet flavor.

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    4:45 "MMM... sadness!" RELATABLE!

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    Can I have links to the podcasts?

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    I'd like a “BRAND” t-shirt 😀

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    Any Transformer movie

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    Is it bad I really want some cheesecake now?

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    I could post this comment on any of your vids, this just happens to be the one I'm watching. Lindsay, you are an inspiring thinker, writer, and champion of nuance. The internet gets smarter every time you make these essays.

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    I've never been to a cheesecake factory and had freezer-burned cheesecake. Now I must dislike the video and claim her a heretic for lying about our lord and savior, Cthu...I MEAN CHEESECAKE. OUR LORD AND SAVIOR CHEESECAKE.

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    I wonder what's the fried stuff on the middle of the table? Shrimp with grass on it?

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    New viewer. Already don't align on several philosophical topics. Definitely a fan. I subscribed.

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    video good

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    i had an urge to eat cheesecakes

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    hatin on cheesecake factory

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    That Expelled movie was pretty bad but I actually agree that Imagine is a garbage song about a garbage world.

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    Brilliant. Thank you.

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    How dare you not Thing Bad the bad thing that was bad!! I'm just being contrary and you probably wont see it because it was a video from ages ago lol Also, I loved Baphomet in Dungeons and Dragons I didn't know there were actual real minotaurs that worship him....again being contrary please don't send me satanic hate mail passer bys reading this.

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    Epic. Loved this vid. What was to your right of the cheescake?

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    The cut at 2:12 - comeone forgot to color correct the shot ;)

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    Can someone please caption and gif "All the drunk with half the calories!"

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    4:56 is a whole mood

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    I still don't understand the skills hare at all :/

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    You have got to love Michael Bay's honesty tho

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    where can i buy those invisible controllers

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    As Europeans, we were surprised to find out that Cheesecake Factory actually existed 😶

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    Surprised there was no mention of Little Nicky...

  96. Timothy Nesbitt

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    Lindsay, what is your take on Brands used in the show "Community?" I always wondered how they get away with some of the stuff they say about Subway... I understand that "there's no such thing as bad publicity," but it seems odd that companies would be on board with those (arguably) negative representations. Thoughts?

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    I am SOOOO HAPPPYY I found you. You are beautiful shining light in the sea of muck and fuckery.

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    It does work on one level or another. When we visited Vegas from the UK we put the Cheesecake Factory on our itinerary just in the hope of recreating some Big Bang Theory moments - we were perversely disappointed at how nice the place was. But the food was delicious and we spent a shed load of money in there so in the end it was wins all around.

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    sorry i tuned out everything you said except "thing bad"

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    You are a youtube treasure.

  101. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee5 ヶ月 前

    One area that both of these concepts apply, especially in regard to consumer ethics, is the inclusion of name brand firearms in movies, TV and video games. I would never argue that the inclusion of these things in media contributes to gun violence, but gun companies are often paid lucrative licensing deals for the inclusion of their products in media, and the inclusion of a product in a particularly popular piece of media can directly contribute to sales of that product. Depending on how one feels about the gun industry and firearms in general, this can make reconciling a person's beliefs with the desire to play the new Call of Duty game, or go see the new John Wick movie difficult.

  102. GG SAY

    GG SAY5 ヶ月 前

    13:12 communism is ideology, communists always try to destroy old ideology and replace it with its own, mostly centered around some persons public image, like Lenin or Mao, if you will look closely they appear like caricature of ideal person.

  103. Mike Law

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    Technically what The Cheese Cake Factory got from The Big Bang Theory what i like called Subconscious Free Advertising from a Popular Medium. BBT being a popular show on a Primetime Network having there attractive character working there soly for few seasons as a waitress/bartender that she can afford a apartment right across from scientist of a university and have even some mostly iconic scenes in the restaurant. The viewers at home see this and now mostly likely want to visit and or work at a cheese factory even more to feel connected to the show in some way boast the restaurant empire money and employment more which is why the PR Lady said " We have no real connection to the show but happy to be apart of it" they are saying we didn't have to pay the show and still benefiting from it. The show never painted the restaurant in a negative light and the show restaurant was very different from the real thing so when patrons comes to the real restaurant they only have a positive image of the restaurant. Unless while in the real restaurant they have bad experience because of reasons of whatever doesn't effect the brand or show as a whole.

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    As someone who loves PBS's Nature, someone saying, "paid for by viewers like you", always fills me with a substantial amount of heartwarming joy.

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    Think critically? Unamerican!!!