PRETTYMUCH - Stars (Official Music Video)


  1. LT

    LT4 時間 前

    guess i’m the only one still streaming

  2. Paola Lima

    Paola Lima4 時間 前


  3. sara !

    sara !日 前


  4. TV addict25

    TV addict25日 前

    When I first heard this I was like eh but boy how was I wrong this song is a BOPP

  5. Guinness Toal

    Guinness Toal2 日 前

    omg this is a whole vibe its soooo good, prettymuch is to underrated there music just keeps getting better and better

  6. Jazmine Young

    Jazmine Young2 日 前

    I have no words😩💕

  7. Yasmin.

    Yasmin.2 日 前

    eu amei meudeus vghbsjhd

  8. Aisha

    Aisha2 日 前

    I think you guys should be careful with what you post because I got and asthma and completely lost my breathe over how amazing this was

  9. Irish Mitchell

    Irish Mitchell2 日 前

    yes austin getttin solos

  10. Mylene Prudêncio

    Mylene Prudêncio2 日 前

    the best song ever

  11. Kim Jong Kardashiun

    Kim Jong Kardashiun3 日 前

    As a straight adult male i fw this

  12. Trinity Robinson

    Trinity Robinson4 日 前

    Everyone: Zion and Brandon are so cute Me: But look at Edwin and Nick😍😍

  13. Paola Lima

    Paola Lima4 日 前

    almost 2million let's goooo

  14. Paola Lima

    Paola Lima4 日 前

    não consigo parar de assistir

  15. luqman kz

    luqman kz4 日 前

    Lets get 2M views

  16. FlashCombo

    FlashCombo5 日 前

    Im getting the Kpop vibe from this song.

  17. Shadow624

    Shadow6242 日 前


  18. afia aleyna

    afia aleyna5 日 前

    idk how to explain it but this song is so calming and makes me feel special

  19. María Laura #07

    María Laura #076 日 前


  20. ew

    ew6 日 前

    “babygirl let’s talk about it” 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Blue Penguin607

    Blue Penguin6076 日 前

    1.9 million views in a month 👁️👄👁️ also, why is everyone editing their comments so much-

  22. Barraco

    Barraco6 日 前

    another ian eastwood masterpiece

  23. Katty Llocclla

    Katty Llocclla6 日 前

    Son los mejores PRETTY MUCH

  24. Katty Llocclla

    Katty Llocclla6 日 前

    Amooo a estos chicos ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  25. Katty Llocclla

    Katty Llocclla6 日 前

    I love this song(◍•ᴗ•◍)

  26. sl Wkf

    sl Wkf6 日 前


  27. NYK

    NYK6 日 前


  28. desideria

    desideria7 日 前

    the last time i watched this was 2 weeks ago and it has three or four hundred thousand views then i got hospitalized then when I came back here, kazoom!!! 1.8 million???? haa?????? whatttt???

  29. chara charalambous

    chara charalambous7 日 前


  30. Laura Verly

    Laura Verly7 日 前

    what happened to the "yeah it's prettymuch" :')

  31. CAM Humphries

    CAM Humphries7 日 前


  32. Michelle Delacruz

    Michelle Delacruz7 日 前

    Im forever grateful that austin is so darn cute...

  33. Emlyn Macalintal

    Emlyn Macalintal7 日 前

    ♥️♥️♥️ stream this everyday

  34. Camylla Bandeira

    Camylla Bandeira8 日 前

    Zion is everything 😍 🇧🇷

  35. Sandra Jautz

    Sandra Jautz8 日 前

    Cool :3

  36. Ch Ny

    Ch Ny8 日 前

    You guys are amazing everytime I repeat I just WOW I love this

  37. none ya

    none ya9 日 前

    On my moms account going through liking all my boys videos, yes I made her an account just for this 😌

  38. Nia Taylor

    Nia Taylor9 日 前

    Honestly this is so refreshing. A song, a music video, a band, that doesnt have to put half naked men or women in it to make it good! 😁 This is brilliant. P.s. not a bad thing to show some skin, but not to objectify someone.

  39. Abi Iris

    Abi Iris9 日 前

    Nick is such a gem, oml

  40. Deinxs Trp

    Deinxs Trp9 日 前

    Deberían recibir más apoyo

  41. Deinxs Trp

    Deinxs Trp9 日 前

    Wauuu los chicos son geniales

  42. Gabrieli

    Gabrieli9 日 前

    meu pai vcs merecem mais reconhecimento, só música boa

  43. Siham Hassan

    Siham Hassan10 日 前


  44. lloyd daven martinez

    lloyd daven martinez10 日 前

    best song ever.

  45. Abril Phaibum

    Abril Phaibum10 日 前

    i like haha

  46. marie g

    marie g10 日 前

    Austin’s verse is just so smooth af, I can’t help singing “ooh you the baddest thing that I ever did see-” 💗💗💗 that make me feel so damn beautiful

  47. idk __

    idk __10 日 前

    does this give anyone else bts vibes ESPECIALLY ZIONS PART

  48. Xalia

    Xalia11 日 前

    i be coming here everyday because this is fireeee!!!!!!

  49. 유세진

    유세진11 日 前

    마 자이언... 니 담배 그만펴라 목 상한다... 니 목소리는 모두의 것이거덩?ㅠ

  50. 주산이

    주산이9 日 前

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한국인 찾았드아

  51. Abril Phaibum

    Abril Phaibum10 日 前

    stan CNCO, best group

  52. Rute Domingos

    Rute Domingos11 日 前

    I LOVE U GUYS🇧🇷✨💕

  53. Anastasia Zika

    Anastasia Zika11 日 前

    They deserve more recognition cause their music is very very good

  54. hafsa kh

    hafsa kh11 日 前

    This song is some 60s vibe

  55. ashley

    ashley11 日 前


  56. yoitssadele

    yoitssadele12 日 前

    Just found out this song and this group and I’m obsessed

  57. Maria Luíza Alcântara Assis

    Maria Luíza Alcântara Assis12 日 前

    a música, o estilo, a dança e a beleza deles, não tem como explicar. não sei como ainda não explodiram aqui no BR.

  58. Bia Zappellini

    Bia Zappellini12 日 前

    Nobody: Nick being cute af 😍

  59. Rania VanThalia

    Rania VanThalia12 日 前

    dude with the twists is the male version of Tina woods

  60. Love Lyrika

    Love Lyrika13 日 前

    I'm here because Kim So Hyun my favorite Kdrama actress recommend this song a while ago. .and I'm surprised. .Wow The taste of my idol. .love This song

  61. marie g

    marie g10 日 前

    She truly has taste *[chefs kiss]*

  62. Arai

    Arai13 日 前


  63. SBRIN Covers

    SBRIN Covers13 日 前

    Who is here before 2 million ?☺️😍

  64. shewenttomars B

    shewenttomars B13 日 前

    zion somehow got way finer

  65. Maria Vitória

    Maria Vitória14 日 前

    prettymuch feat why dont we... idk it would be nice

  66. Zuzia Handziak

    Zuzia Handziak14 日 前

    2:02 he do be killing me with this smile

  67. Aye Thiri Lwin

    Aye Thiri Lwin14 日 前

    I wanna watch full dance video of this song I Love their moves

  68. amanda bertasso

    amanda bertasso14 日 前

    lindos te amp

  69. Dean Tucker

    Dean Tucker15 日 前

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  70. Bell Lecca

    Bell Lecca15 日 前

    this song is so good

  71. ashley

    ashley15 日 前

    i should b doing my homework but instead im here vibing w this song ✨👍🏿

  72. Zoe-Marie Harris

    Zoe-Marie Harris15 日 前

    Back for like the millionth time😍

  73. Stacie Clousing

    Stacie Clousing15 日 前

    Every girl want this song to be dedicated to her!

  74. Darci Albert

    Darci Albert15 日 前

    Why dont we ll?????

  75. Darci Albert

    Darci Albert2 日 前

    @Shadow624 😂😂😂😂😭

  76. Shadow624

    Shadow6242 日 前


  77. Darci Albert

    Darci Albert15 日 前

    Loljk, they're better




  79. Keyz Rockerfeller

    Keyz Rockerfeller16 日 前

    love you all

  80. Watermelon Sugar High

    Watermelon Sugar High16 日 前

    Plays on the radio in my country sometimes as an underground hit😊 but I want it to be mainstream😢

  81. PTdoubleOT

    PTdoubleOT15 日 前

    @Watermelon Sugar High that's awesome!

  82. Watermelon Sugar High

    Watermelon Sugar High15 日 前

    @PTdoubleOT Trinidad and Tobago🇹🇹(Caribbean Island)

  83. PTdoubleOT

    PTdoubleOT15 日 前

    really? what country?!

  84. Jamie K

    Jamie K16 日 前

    i think 500000 views are from me

  85. ya'know

    ya'know16 日 前

    Their songs always take me to my own little world!👽🦄

  86. Shan_ Yerez_

    Shan_ Yerez_17 日 前

    Mm, this songs good tbh, I hear it everyday

  87. Mimi Vase

    Mimi Vase17 日 前

    OMG Brandon

  88. Jodi Williams

    Jodi Williams17 日 前

    Y’lll yes Austin!!!

  89. kimahry rodriguez

    kimahry rodriguez17 日 前

    i love this whole video if i had choose what part was the best it will brandon and nick

  90. Creative mind

    Creative mind17 日 前

    Yall never disappoint so dope thanks guys for this dope new bop

  91. Aom TDevil

    Aom TDevil17 日 前

    Feel good. 😊

  92. Rachael Lewis

    Rachael Lewis17 日 前

    I wish america had more popular boy bands. Idk who these guys are, but I like their voice. They need to make a badass song. This is too light hearted for me.

  93. Shadow624

    Shadow6242 日 前

    You should listen to CNCO, Why Don't We, Brockhampton, and Next Town Down.

  94. Rachael Lewis

    Rachael Lewis17 日 前

    Why are my ads in spanish.... lol

  95. Sophie K

    Sophie K17 日 前

    ME LOVIN THE SONGS... but NEED this acoustic...

  96. Maya K

    Maya K17 日 前

    this song just made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the whole damn world. SO proud of our boys😝💕✌🏽

  97. Diana Elveres

    Diana Elveres18 日 前

    one word: underrated.

  98. Aminah Khan

    Aminah Khan18 日 前

    Just me or is this a whole new prettymuch

  99. Aminah Khan

    Aminah Khan18 日 前


  100. Tainá Sem H

    Tainá Sem H18 日 前


  101. ILove HighSex

    ILove HighSex18 日 前

    If you’re reading this, You Are Beautiful!!

  102. Dong Sheng

    Dong Sheng18 日 前

    I like itttt

  103. Whatevajanet

    Whatevajanet18 日 前

    they really never miss

  104. lDOP ooL

    lDOP ooL19 日 前


  105. Marnny Galinato

    Marnny Galinato19 日 前

    BEANZ ! 🔥

  106. Clarice Cavalcante

    Clarice Cavalcante19 日 前

    BEANZ Brasileiras por aqui??

  107. Floris Klaver

    Floris Klaver19 日 前

    Who is the leader of this group?

  108. Floris Klaver

    Floris Klaver16 日 前

    @Jenzel Capili Yeah I thought it would be him, if anyone.

  109. Jenzel Capili

    Jenzel Capili17 日 前

    There’s no leader in particular. However, there’s this one member, Brandon, that produces and writes most of their songs so take that as you will. Btw he’s the one that wears glasses and has that little blonde streak in his hair.

  110. Neftaly Pinto

    Neftaly Pinto19 日 前


  111. Neftaly Pinto

    Neftaly Pinto19 日 前


  112. Happy PAPI

    Happy PAPI20 日 前

    Where's Torq? Where's Amy? This is good, but it's not Stars. That being said, I think Stars would approve. #nooneislost #setyourselfonfire

  113. Scarleth Chavarria

    Scarleth Chavarria20 日 前

    Yo buscando el comentario en Español ✍️😅

  114. luqman kz

    luqman kz20 日 前

    Can you guys... just subscribe this Prettymuch channel...cause they almost got 1 million subscribers 🤦🏻‍♂️....