Portland Trail Blazers vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights | November 18, 2019 NBA Season


  1. Excessive ClipsTM

    Excessive ClipsTM12 日 前

  2. Excessive ClipsTM

    Excessive ClipsTM12 日 前

  3. Joel German

    Joel German24 日 前

    @6:19 damn westbroke is moving

  4. Dictator Elmo347

    Dictator Elmo34724 日 前

    What's a Hamburger?

  5. George Alvarado

    George Alvarado25 日 前

    What happened to mlg and ximo highlights 😂

  6. Maxmillian Robinson

    Maxmillian Robinson25 日 前

    Don’t let a playoff series fool you. RUSS>>>>>>>DAME

  7. Vocal 1000

    Vocal 100025 日 前


  8. Vis Santana

    Vis Santana25 日 前

    The only person that can stop harden is himself

  9. Remy the Phoenix

    Remy the Phoenix25 日 前

    I kinda want Portland to suck this year, so people can point to them and be like “see, see where the Rockets would’ve been had Harden not gone on that scoring rampage last season??” waaay more deserving of MVP than that bowling ball in Milwaukee.

  10. Alex Aisner

    Alex Aisner25 日 前

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Dame has ended both of these dude's playoffs with a single shot



    4:49 That dumb broad couldn't tell the diff between a foul and a leg whip. STAY WOKE!

  12. Keeyon Capalot

    Keeyon Capalot25 日 前

    Did y’all see Damian Lillards travel Like damn

  13. Mission Millionaires

    Mission Millionaires25 日 前

    Russ Got His PayBack HA!

  14. Mx Mali

    Mx Mali25 日 前

    So i know they regularly let lebron, harden and giannis travel but i thought that was it. 6:18 looked like 2 travels to me but im no ref So . . . genuine question did they change the traveling rules or something?

  15. Juan Solache

    Juan Solache25 日 前


  16. Malakiyah Amari

    Malakiyah Amari25 日 前

    They NEEDED Melo on this game frfr!

  17. Guthrie Henderson-Clark

    Guthrie Henderson-Clark25 日 前

    lol 4:05

  18. The Nigel Douglas

    The Nigel Douglas25 日 前

    Wait imm confused how is Carmelo Anthony gonna get number 0 if lillard already has it

  19. Thunder Buddy

    Thunder Buddy25 日 前

    Westbrook easily average triple double this year. His passing is excellent but OKC players were not shooters.

  20. James Taylor

    James Taylor25 日 前

    Only came for melo,,,I thought he signed,,wtf....

  21. Felix Ihegworo

    Felix Ihegworo25 日 前

    Were melo

  22. HollyHood Curt

    HollyHood Curt25 日 前

    Only watching this to see if melo really playing

  23. Louis Velez

    Louis Velez25 日 前

    The Rockets are stealing signs.. they are cheating 😝😝

  24. almosthomeless incali

    almosthomeless incali26 日 前

    Houston is most definitely a threat clipz n Houston western conference

  25. Archxn Archxn

    Archxn Archxn26 日 前

    It’s really the Wild Wild West this year

  26. acorn sucks

    acorn sucks26 日 前

    Where the D?

  27. lionel howell

    lionel howell26 日 前

    YOU CAN ALWAY'S SEE WHEN PLAYERS HAVE PASSION FOR THE GAME. Harden game in and game out just never stops " KILLIN FOLKS "

  28. REGREG

    REGREG26 日 前

    its not a real Westbrook game without a triple double

  29. Andrew Rotz

    Andrew Rotz26 日 前

    BS Foul @ 0:35

  30. Coin Roll Hunting and Basketball

    Coin Roll Hunting and Basketball26 日 前

    Well dang it Harden had a shity game call my luckily he doesn't have many

  31. Karim Amin

    Karim Amin26 日 前

    Still laughing at all the fools who said Westy and Harden couldn't play together. I knew they'd ball out. Not sure why these analytical idiots didn't see that.

  32. Mark Moore

    Mark Moore26 日 前

    They're bigs must practice alley oops because they catch everything close to the rim

  33. gogetit 500

    gogetit 50026 日 前

    Portland not my team but id be lying if I didnt say they were a disappointment so far still early in the Season though

  34. Bridget Catron

    Bridget Catron26 日 前


  35. Jc

    Jc26 日 前

    Har_en and Westbrick are regular season players that come up smaller and smaller with every passing post season. Embarrassing as fuck tbh. We will laugh at their careers when they are done. All they do is stuff stats which works fine and dandy in the regular season but playoff basketball is much more than that. They don't understand that.

  36. sean delgado

    sean delgado26 日 前

    Im being perfectly bias here, I am die hard rockets fan but I know we got a tough squad to beat, but Portland played horrible so in comparison I don't know if Houston just made them look that bad or Portland played worse and we just looked that great, either way Houston will he hard to beat

  37. Angel Hxze

    Angel Hxze26 日 前

    Hopefully we can see the same energy for playoffs. We need to win 😡

  38. Elann Suvat

    Elann Suvat26 日 前

    4th quarter, the video is completely laggy.

  39. Nx3

    Nx326 日 前

    All you guys jumping on the Westbrook bandwagon just wait til he chokes in the playoffs again. The difference between Dame and Westbrook is Dame hasnt had an allstar teammate the last 4 years yet has still won more playoff series in that span than westbrook could with allstar and mvp caliber teammates.

  40. Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.26 日 前

    @Nx3 CJ was an All Star for 2 of those years. And always been an All Star caliber player

  41. Nx3

    Nx326 日 前

    @Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. CJ has never been an allstar and Aldridge left 5 years ago and I said last 4 years. CJ is also streaky af and Aldridge and Lillard never built chemistry. Westbrook has had Durant, PG, and now Harden. Far better players than anyone Dame has ever had

  42. Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.26 日 前

    CJ mocculum & Lamarcus Aldridge ??

  43. ItzzJamar

    ItzzJamar26 日 前

    Scary thing is they still missing eric gordon and gerald green, two key defenders/3 point shooters.. not to mention the chemistry with westbrook hasn’t reached near it’s peak yet

  44. Iceman

    Iceman26 日 前

    Can we just talk about the Rocs defense the past 8 or so games. geez

  45. L Deliveryman

    L Deliveryman26 日 前

    Its gettin scary🤫😤

  46. Justin Thomas

    Justin Thomas26 日 前

    These rockets are blowing my mind!!! but notice Westbrook wasn't saying much to the blazers haha

  47. thebossboy 300

    thebossboy 30026 日 前

    Wheres melo?

  48. Moon K

    Moon K26 日 前

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  49. Headway Bedlam

    Headway Bedlam26 日 前

    Honest question: would you rather have Harden&Westbrook or McCullum&Lillard in your starting backcourt?

  50. Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.26 日 前

    Is yhat a serious question ?

  51. Mario Smith

    Mario Smith26 日 前

    The arena never looks pack not even in the playoffs

  52. Fernando Ramirez

    Fernando Ramirez26 日 前

    Good ol fashioned ass whooping.

  53. jojo cubilete

    jojo cubilete26 日 前


  54. NuroMusic

    NuroMusic26 日 前

    Westbrook was good move Houston...

  55. Romanian Shadow

    Romanian Shadow26 日 前

    Is time for terry stots to get fired he doesn't push people to play harder,hes to passive

  56. Fernando. B

    Fernando. B26 日 前

    I'm from Houston whaaaa Rockets actually looking like Rockets taking off! Haven't seen a game in a minute didn't even know they changed the uniforms looks dope 🤘💪

  57. Dino Money

    Dino Money26 日 前

    Da best 1 and 2 punch in da league is Russ and James smfh Rockets can beat anyone and all you idiots sayin dey wouldn't work together make no damn sense at all and I been said dat from jump street😪

  58. Montez King

    Montez King26 日 前

    Harden looking like one of the greatest players of all time,the team looking really tough to.

  59. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez26 日 前

    Hartenstien gonna be good for the rockets


    CHASINGTON26 日 前

    Coach needs to run actual plays for the rockets as well as a better defensive strategy. If harden is having a bad game rockets gonna struggle in the playoffs.


    CHASINGTON26 日 前


  62. Eddwin Gregg

    Eddwin Gregg26 日 前

    Where’s MELO?

  63. Juggler 8514

    Juggler 851426 日 前

    Hey rockets try playing basketball without all those bs foul calls then you can’t do shiii

  64. Mo Money

    Mo Money26 日 前

    No Melo, No Watch