Pop Smoke - The Woo (Audio) ft. 50 Cent, Roddy Ricch


  1. Eco cleans Chorley

    Eco cleans Chorley12 分 前

    2 absolute greats

  2. Vero Razo

    Vero Razo時間 前

    Woo clap

  3. TrapBeautyButtercup

    TrapBeautyButtercup時間 前

    "people who found this song bc of tiktok can like this.." 🚪👈🏾 EXITTTTTTTTTTTT‼️‼️ fkin lames 👁️👄👁️

  4. Steadyzz

    Steadyzz時間 前

    Why tf do you guys care about tiktok that much? It’s cringe and is already getting banned in some countries for using spyware. Even if tiktok uses it, it just promotes the song more. Shut your ass up

  5. Christina Moore

    Christina Moore時間 前

    This shit 🔥

  6. asad ndlovu

    asad ndlovu3 時間 前

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

  7. Faith Allen

    Faith Allen17 時間 前

    why does nobody talk about how fire his music videos are like they are so good

  8. rina charmz

    rina charmz20 時間 前

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  9. FeignnOfficialMusic

    FeignnOfficialMusic21 時間 前

    50 killed this song holy🥵🥵

  10. Jovie 20

    Jovie 20日 前

    I heard this on the radio and was already vibin to it R.I.P. Pop smoke

  11. Frostyflakes

    Frostyflakes日 前

    Their is always a gay lyric in every song

  12. Akuol Dut

    Akuol Dut日 前

    This song is a banger I love it so much 😻

  13. Lance The Drummer

    Lance The Drummer日 前

    RIP pop

  14. sanchezgsz 305

    sanchezgsz 3052 日 前

    50 hold that mans family down. Yall were gonna real shit takeover the game

  15. jte pineTamere

    jte pineTamere2 日 前

    Qui est la grâce a well ketama ? 👌

  16. Greeny Danos

    Greeny Danos2 日 前

    aaaaa what a nice song yaaa Pop RIP we still remember you

  17. J San

    J San2 日 前

    Not a big fan of pop smoke but this is legendary

  18. Salami

    Salami2 日 前

    When Pop Smoke, Juice WRLD, and Mac Miller drop 3 of the best albums of 2020 and they’re all dead.

  19. Not your Average joe

    Not your Average joe2 日 前

    It’s hard to believe that is 50 cent

  20. Manar Alessa

    Manar Alessa2 日 前

    Missed 50 cent😭😭

  21. Dj JayZyJay

    Dj JayZyJay2 日 前

    Pouahhhh, the song is Beautiful. Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥👌.

  22. Madame Scofield

    Madame Scofield3 日 前

    Really miss u young wooo rip 😭🖤

  23. Tech Eggman

    Tech Eggman3 日 前

    50 cents used to live close to me

  24. Emmah Karuru

    Emmah Karuru3 日 前

    Lyrics in mind

  25. Emmah Karuru

    Emmah Karuru3 日 前

    Hands up to the woo club

  26. Jayden Agnart

    Jayden Agnart3 日 前

    Roddys woo got me seeing pop smoke

  27. adi Akanbi

    adi Akanbi3 日 前

    Pop is 🐐

  28. shannon collins

    shannon collins4 日 前

    50 cent!!! 50!!! Come on with 🔥🔥. RIH Pop Smoke 💨 This song Smack

  29. Michaela obryan

    Michaela obryan4 日 前

    I can listen to this song on repeat

  30. Low Enzo

    Low Enzo4 日 前

    Best album 2018 -2022

  31. Francoise G Isaack

    Francoise G Isaack4 日 前

    "He has a small dick"🍆says a hoe,whose pussy is deeper than J.Cole's lyrics🚮

  32. MuzzyMemes

    MuzzyMemes4 日 前

    subscribe to me if you miss the woo

  33. SwarmzHub

    SwarmzHub4 日 前

    why you tryna use his death to self promote you fucking bitch

  34. Monkii

    Monkii4 日 前

    This song is perfect for secs

  35. SXLTY YT

    SXLTY YT5 日 前

    This is perfect for nba 2k21



    me and my sister ARE in love with with song tho! like R.I.P i miss him his music is still fire dont be sad he died be happy he was born!

  37. Leonidas new

    Leonidas new5 日 前

    Rip my nigga pop aim for the moon shoot for the Star s

  38. PsychoKilla

    PsychoKilla5 日 前

    50 is a legend

  39. Myra Sarmiento

    Myra Sarmiento5 日 前

    50 cent sounds literally like pop

  40. Alan Garcia

    Alan Garcia5 日 前

    Wtf it is 50 and 50 lol

  41. El Terrancito!

    El Terrancito!5 日 前

    50 cent sound like he 19 wow 🔥

  42. Imamindmybusiness

    Imamindmybusiness5 日 前

    Roddy part lit

  43. Scouse Bro

    Scouse Bro6 日 前

    Smoke was taking the game to a whole new level 🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽

  44. Random Person

    Random Person6 日 前

    🏄 *Woo!*

  45. I’m good at arsenal get a life ninja

    I’m good at arsenal get a life ninja6 日 前

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 kill the guy that kill you

  46. brooklyn Baby

    brooklyn Baby6 日 前

    Smhh rip mayne 💔

  47. Orla Duffy

    Orla Duffy6 日 前

    15 mil views 2 mil subs come on

  48. Orla Duffy

    Orla Duffy6 日 前

    Guys come on only 2 mil don’t u know who he is🤔

  49. _goliath recomm

    _goliath recomm7 日 前


  50. Sarah Michel

    Sarah Michel7 日 前

    Okay 50

  51. Great Hokage

    Great Hokage7 日 前

    “Woooouuoooououooooo,she wanna fw the woouoououooo”🙏🏾🔥🔥

  52. 「 viveto 」

    「 viveto 」7 日 前

    86% of u arent subcribed...

  53. cyber impact

    cyber impact7 日 前

    Wait wtf man pop smoke is dead?????

  54. Bri O

    Bri O7 日 前

    Poppppp smmmokeeeeee

  55. JustThe Messenger

    JustThe Messenger7 日 前

    She wanna Fuck wit the Woooooo

  56. Kelis Jones

    Kelis Jones7 日 前

    I ❤️ this song! #💎 💎💎💎💎# #🗣WOO#

  57. Music World

    Music World7 日 前

    You will always live in our hearts Rest In Peace woo😔

  58. Nahziar Dennis Reid

    Nahziar Dennis Reid7 日 前

    No cap this the best I heard 50 cent be in

  59. Ellie L

    Ellie L7 日 前

    1:00 - 3:23 the hardest part

  60. Ellie L

    Ellie L7 日 前

    I’m obsessed with this sound

  61. Cameron Silvernale

    Cameron Silvernale8 日 前

    Beat is fire

  62. Yes_we_ Smoke420

    Yes_we_ Smoke4208 日 前

    And these mfs gonna go and give 69 sum attention

  63. Limages

    Limages8 日 前

    I have made a Google Image video for this song. Please check it out on my channel! Thank you :)

  64. 4evaReadyEddie

    4evaReadyEddie8 日 前

    50 still cold AF

  65. Layla Ibrahim

    Layla Ibrahim8 日 前

    Love pop smoke

  66. JAL JAL

    JAL JAL8 日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-aQgeECIfoK0.html は



    my two dogs are now woo walking ive got the big lead yall lol

  68. Lareyton Williams

    Lareyton Williams8 日 前


  69. K.CTHEKING KING 1200

    K.CTHEKING KING 12008 日 前

    50 cent and pop smoke sound the same

  70. Prettylildimplez

    Prettylildimplez8 日 前

    Why why people kill all cops smokepop

  71. Prettylildimplez

    Prettylildimplez8 日 前

    Wow just kidding wow what a piece of my life why Reston peace puzzle I will log plus mom

  72. vict playz gg

    vict playz gg9 日 前

    woo bitch

  73. Tyrique F

    Tyrique F9 日 前

    Why would I waste my time, On a shorty who don’t got me on the front of her mind. Great Line

  74. Bam Ferguson

    Bam Ferguson9 日 前

    Roddy Ricch Veres LIT🔥🔥💯💯

  75. the weekend gamer

    the weekend gamer9 日 前

    Man screw the robbers that killed pop he was such a good raper

  76. Alena Antoine

    Alena Antoine9 日 前

    Congrats on 2 milli subs Popsmoke.

  77. Alicia painter

    Alicia painter9 日 前

    Listening in 2020. Get it.

  78. tekky from London

    tekky from London9 日 前

    Tekky woo woo woo

  79. amillz the truth

    amillz the truth9 日 前

    She said she love woooo niggaz the niggaz who gone pull triggaz

  80. amillz the truth

    amillz the truth9 日 前

    R.I.P pop smoke but Roddy rich fucking killed this track and 50 cent still got it when he wants to

  81. Devin Po

    Devin Po9 日 前

    😂😂 the Opps not gonna like this while dancin 2 it

  82. Lasbriz Inc.

    Lasbriz Inc.9 日 前

    Long live

  83. Pret.tymuch Imagines

    Pret.tymuch Imagines9 日 前

    He’s gone😡😞

  84. Jeremiah Bugg

    Jeremiah Bugg10 日 前

    50 feat. Future 50 R.I.P Pop Smoke

  85. Lesego Pilane

    Lesego Pilane10 日 前

    This song❤️😭this first song that introduced me to pop smoke😭😝my brother is the plug

  86. Colin Burba

    Colin Burba10 日 前

    A boogie would've went crazy on this

  87. Hairliney Boi

    Hairliney Boi10 日 前

    i don’t like pop smoke like at all but this beat is so nice

  88. Suzan Paul

    Suzan Paul10 日 前

    Woo 🔥 🔥 RIP POP Smoke😩😭

  89. Sarah Omega

    Sarah Omega10 日 前

    50 cent is now 33 free mason when pop smoke died he was sacrificed like a mini 50.its some famous Cali Illuminati shit no understands.pop does remind me little bit of 50 but 50 didn't have that drip from the start.pop was different.its disappointing af.

  90. OpTiC Temper

    OpTiC Temper10 日 前

    Is anyone confused on how x died to two shots but 50 got shot 8 times and lived ?

  91. S u b u r b a n R a p s

    S u b u r b a n R a p s日 前

    Lmao you tryna get shot twice and live 🤣 you really talkin out ya neck my guy

  92. Preston S

    Preston S5 日 前

    Depends on where your shot. One shot to the brain is enough to kill. Pac and Biggie were both shot 4 times. It all depends my guy.

  93. LasT KinG

    LasT KinG10 日 前

    Damn, hopefully there really is a Heaven and everybody can unite and not be divided, so we get another chance to witness the GREATS 💯

  94. Champagne Waves

    Champagne Waves10 日 前

    I swear that beeping sound is from Animal crossing💀

  95. Life with Winola

    Life with Winola10 日 前

    I rlly wish pop smoke survived the gunshot I feel upset bc 50 cent got shot 9 times and he survived and I thought he’s a fast runner since he was a basket baller he could have ran that’s how we all know it’s plan bc how did he only die out of all the ppl 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️rip W💫💫so sad 😔

  96. peakist

    peakist11 日 前

    r.i.p pop

  97. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu10 日 前

    If you have tik tok you can like my comment

  98. edi magalhães

    edi magalhães11 日 前

    Roody canta muitoooooooo

  99. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu10 日 前

    En CBE hdueuf

  100. Junoir Beltran

    Junoir Beltran11 日 前

    50 shooter had no aim 🤣 Da Woo went like. A real nigga caught 2 ta da chest uping or goin fa his rip Pop $moke💨

  101. Sherk Teh Orge

    Sherk Teh Orge11 日 前

    This song sounds like it was tailor made for Puerto Rican niggas

  102. 麦迪美学

    麦迪美学11 日 前

    when roddy hits that high note

  103. L Riddick

    L Riddick11 日 前

    Whoever unlike this video is shorty than 42 dugg no capp

  104. PingBox

    PingBox11 日 前

    In Denmark every song is being taken down like wtf

  105. Babygirl G

    Babygirl G11 日 前

    But uhm.. anybody else hear this animal crossing voice??

  106. Hxnnid

    Hxnnid11 日 前

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