1. Samael Fawzi

    Samael Fawzi10 時間 前

    He was our generation's 50 Cent. RIP Pop!

  2. pr1xy

    pr1xy10 時間 前

    This just makes me tear 😓😭💔

  3. Frozified

    Frozified10 時間 前

    Wooo 🥳

  4. Bucky Shuz

    Bucky Shuz10 時間 前


  5. Mr. Terminator x

    Mr. Terminator x10 時間 前

    I’m so happy seeing that his songs are getting views. Let’s keep his name alive guys LLPS 💫

  6. Skeezy Xo

    Skeezy Xo10 時間 前

    i wish pop smoke wouldve went out with those robbers right next to him with more bullets in them

  7. Railey Jm

    Railey Jm10 時間 前

    R.i.p pop 🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🤫👌💵💵

  8. Jayden Terry

    Jayden Terry10 時間 前

    He didn’t have it on him 😂

  9. insider99

    insider9910 時間 前


  10. Mike Green

    Mike Green10 時間 前

    Rip Pop Smoke💖

  11. thog

    thog10 時間 前

    Trash track he stole lil herbs whole flow

  12. C3SNOCAP X13

    C3SNOCAP X1310 時間 前

    Best song on the album

  13. XXX Wolfgang

    XXX Wolfgang10 時間 前

    when he was in the studio really rapping I was like ayyye

  14. JCMcIntosh2007

    JCMcIntosh200710 時間 前

    'I dont cry no more, I dont look to the sky no more' Dang, got me hard like he predicted his shit... RIP woooo

  15. haroon miah

    haroon miah10 時間 前

    Not feeling this, should have stuck to drill beats

  16. JCMcIntosh2007

    JCMcIntosh200710 時間 前

    Anyone notice How he makes Harry Potter glasses look so fireeeee???? RIP the King of Woo

  17. NK DoSon

    NK DoSon10 時間 前

    RestinEasy S M O K E ❤️

  18. Łèxÿ Màrîè

    Łèxÿ Màrîè10 時間 前

    Ppl who don’t lessin to him you smokein crack

  19. Joselindo Amaral

    Joselindo Amaral10 時間 前

    REST IN POWER! Too soon, killed over nothing! You will never be forgotten. At the very least not by your family and myself

  20. naad naad

    naad naad10 時間 前

    Kk goeie pokkoe neef

  21. zquad

    zquad10 時間 前

    rip pop💫

  22. PanicoHardPlay

    PanicoHardPlay10 時間 前

    50 cent forever!

  23. Arturo Barcenas

    Arturo Barcenas10 時間 前

    This man literally copied polo g

  24. Deivid Santos

    Deivid Santos10 時間 前

    Zuadaaaaaaaa... 😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕👎🏾

  25. Ty Lansman

    Ty Lansman10 時間 前

    a lot of the beginning came from 50 cent tbh

  26. Kevin Savage

    Kevin Savage10 時間 前

    This song should have been the outro instead of Tunnel Vision

  27. I noble

    I noble10 時間 前

    W💫💫 F💫REVER

  28. Issa Burrr

    Issa Burrr10 時間 前

    A fucking legend! RIP POP 💨

  29. Mirai_17

    Mirai_1710 時間 前

    I have chills.

  30. Jomar.

    Jomar.10 時間 前


  31. ChrisMula TV

    ChrisMula TV10 時間 前

    Only fans before his album dropped can like this

  32. Fabius Mukuna

    Fabius Mukuna10 時間 前

    R.i.p pop

  33. Danyale Miracle

    Danyale Miracle10 時間 前

    This song makes me cey

  34. God head production

    God head production10 時間 前

    Have mursi and me 💥💥💥💥💥💥

  35. Trap Nation

    Trap Nation10 時間 前

    You're one of the only artists I was excited about in this new decade! 50 was a favorite and you were about to become one as well. Rest In Peace man, you left behind a short yet significant legacy.

  36. Tee H

    Tee H10 時間 前

    Song dumb fire

  37. Saul Betancourt

    Saul Betancourt10 時間 前

    He is the actual king of new era New York. Change my mind.

  38. Yaya Bayo

    Yaya Bayo10 時間 前

    Rip pop smoke

  39. parika r.

    parika r.10 時間 前


  40. Anonymous

    Anonymous10 時間 前

    He don’t look to the sky no more he looks from the sky

  41. Noah Chen

    Noah Chen10 時間 前

    Lol but he is dead???

  42. Janique Moore

    Janique Moore10 時間 前


  43. JA Comedy

    JA Comedy10 時間 前

    🗣Wooo forever 🌀🌀🌀

  44. Elliott Lumpkin

    Elliott Lumpkin10 時間 前


  45. Nigel Munyavi

    Nigel Munyavi10 時間 前

    Pop smoke Forever 🔥🔥

  46. Arturo Primero

    Arturo Primero10 時間 前



    MYSTICWOLF10 時間 前


  48. Real ThaMaskRapper

    Real ThaMaskRapper10 時間 前

    Mad haters y'all b****

  49. Sam P

    Sam P10 時間 前

    Bozo said he got it on him . Three got pop smoked

  50. o0JaeAllDay0o

    o0JaeAllDay0o10 時間 前

    Such a shame how people don't value life

  51. The Marathon Continues

    The Marathon Continues10 時間 前


  52. randy Deso

    randy Deso10 時間 前

    R.I.P pop smoke shits got me fucked up listening to this word up

  53. TSC_Bad Gaming

    TSC_Bad Gaming10 時間 前


  54. Senseiシ

    Senseiシ10 時間 前

    Here comes the bandwagon’s smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  55. TBS Craze

    TBS Craze10 時間 前

    RIP young legend 🐐🔥😢

  56. I shootgreens

    I shootgreens10 時間 前

    RIP W💫💫 KING

  57. Law& Rights

    Law& Rights10 時間 前

    Thiss song fireee! Rip. why they kill all the best?

  58. Jessica Richard

    Jessica Richard10 時間 前


  59. Ryan Hendel

    Ryan Hendel10 時間 前

    Real ones had this already

  60. Pop Got Smoked

    Pop Got Smoked10 時間 前

    Real ones fw him before he died😔💯

  61. iAvoidStage

    iAvoidStage10 時間 前

    Anybody get the 50 Cent Vibe?

  62. That guy D.R.E

    That guy D.R.E10 時間 前

    The first verse was from one 50s tracks

  63. That guy D.R.E

    That guy D.R.E10 時間 前


  64. Jampi Moran

    Jampi Moran11 時間 前

    Myke tower 😎😎😎

  65. Sadig Ams

    Sadig Ams11 時間 前

    50 cent's new school flow RIP winner!

  66. Ivan Osorto

    Ivan Osorto11 時間 前

    Thought this was a joke smh

  67. Vinzo

    Vinzo11 時間 前

    only me who almost crying during this video

  68. Dalia Leonard

    Dalia Leonard11 時間 前


  69. EltonSad.

    EltonSad.11 時間 前

    “We ain’t making past 21” rest up pop smoke🕊

  70. K.V.M

    K.V.M11 時間 前

    Who ever see this I hope you get rich day💯💯💯💯

  71. Max Heeman

    Max Heeman11 時間 前

    the hook is origanaly from polo g gang with me but it sounds good with poppa too

  72. The Classic City

    The Classic City11 時間 前

    ppl saying the last bit was the house he died in and it's fr crazy, smh rest in peace Woo

  73. Hani Ahmed

    Hani Ahmed11 時間 前

    RIP pop smoke

  74. Weslei Santos

    Weslei Santos11 時間 前

    Slc fodaaaa 🇧🇷🥇🏅

  75. NeoNurph

    NeoNurph11 時間 前

    isnt the starting almost the same as one of polo g songs?

  76. Laura Sakr

    Laura Sakr11 時間 前

    The ending gave me chills RIP POP💙💫

  77. Igor Boumtje Boumtje

    Igor Boumtje Boumtje11 時間 前

    The potential that he had makes me cry man. So sad he was taken from us way too early😭

  78. Torri Jay

    Torri Jay11 時間 前

    this should be #1


    THANK MY GOD LLC11 時間 前

    RIP PopSmoke 🔵💎

  80. MKprod

    MKprod11 時間 前

    😖😓Really R.I.P Pop Smoke 💫💫💨💨 The Best.

  81. Help me reach 3k subs with no videos

    Help me reach 3k subs with no videos11 時間 前

    Last person who likes this will become a millionaire

  82. Mr Oj

    Mr Oj11 時間 前

    1:24 gave me chills

  83. All Media Access News

    All Media Access News11 時間 前

    Police killed pop smoke 😞🙏🏾they knew he would turn our city all the way tf up rip pop trust and believe we will never forget you New York will forever run the rap game hate it or love it 🗽