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    You guys should do a moving day stereotypes. One of them could be lazy Larry. Where somebody sits on the couch instead of moving it and doing work. Another one could be like the dad who always yells, they always say don't scratch the floor don't scratch the wall lift it with the legs. Maybe Cody could do that one, he's good with the dad impressions🤣

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    I made a slowed + reverb version of tongue tied by grouplove if anyone wants to listen. Don’t feel like you have to listen to it I just wanted to let you know

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    Dp is the best group of guys because they do things nobody can legitimately proccess and think, 'i can do this and this will happen'

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    They forgot the "old guy doing laps"

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    Way too much yelling

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    imma cowboys fan but a true dak hater and this video shows how TRASH he is!!

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    3:59 Next up, ASIAN STEREOTYPES

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    This channel went from people not even knowing it exists to having it's latest video number 1 on trending (in a matter of hours, mind you).

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