Pooh Shiesty - Guard Up [Official Music Video]


  1. Pooh Shiesty

    Pooh Shiesty23 日 前

    Shiesty Season Out Now 🐍 poohshiesty.lnk.to/ShiestySeason

  2. Sarome Stabler

    Sarome Stabler19 時間 前

    @DCTR DR!P read this when he said it too

  3. Rob Pete

    Rob Pete日 前

    Man you the hardest out brother keep grinding an making track with big 30 no two rappers better at all 330Akron,Ohio Taped in....PERIOD

  4. mtv_ lui

    mtv_ lui3 日 前

    “Arriba Sonora🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏❤🔥Who’s still listening in 2030 🙏❤🔥Just a great song.🙏🏼💎✅🥳”

  5. chi chi ne

    chi chi ne3 日 前

    💕 fine Ass self

  6. Dick Buldger

    Dick Buldger3 日 前

    FRFR. PSTD has me phucced up seen't a lot of chit started gang bangin' at a young age that's life that's how I was brought up. Pooh Shiesty music helps with my toxicity I smoke some Cali Kush play a tracc n I escape my mind for a bit like taking a full deep breath when I can't even. Anxiety Gone FRFR

  7. Lowkey123 Tyrone

    Lowkey123 Tyrone5 時間 前

    It would of been better if u had a harder beat

  8. Robert Haines

    Robert Haines12 時間 前

    If you from STL UK who beat this really is gdm SMH rip breezy

  9. Rekless2Raw

    Rekless2Raw14 時間 前

    This is by far the best nursery rhyme I have ever witnessed

  10. LeRoy Chavez

    LeRoy Chavez21 時間 前

    Mane who is the female in that bright red dress ??

  11. shanahl2391

    shanahl239123 時間 前


  12. xzwuzi Yt

    xzwuzi Yt日 前


  13. Nylan Joseph

    Nylan Joseph日 前

    Shiesty Up💯🔥 Make A Track Wit Kodak 🙏🏾

  14. JB Justo

    JB Justo日 前


  15. Ron Glizzy

    Ron Glizzy日 前

    I loss some members at a early age it left me scarred up 💔

  16. godsofire localcd

    godsofire localcd日 前

    South Memphis BBQ, Hot Wings 🔥, Spaghetti 🍝 and Pooh Shiesty

  17. Cream City Boy

    Cream City Boy日 前

    Sheisty Season 🩸🔥

  18. wackjob

    wackjob日 前

    You better use the gps, take the safer route



    This choppa here will shoot ya through ya waist

  20. Johnny Lacey

    Johnny Lacey日 前

    We Need This On NBA2k 22..That'll be Hard💪🏿

  21. JayR Tyger Beatz

    JayR Tyger Beatz日 前


  22. Rayona Simmons

    Rayona Simmons日 前

    Love music

  23. Rayona Simmons

    Rayona Simmons日 前

    Love music

  24. Louise Hairston

    Louise Hairston日 前

    Making beat him and subscribers

  25. Louise Hairston

    Louise Hairston日 前

    Y'all no Ferdo bang

  26. Mazzeu

    Mazzeu日 前

    Brasil aqui🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Upcoming Millionaire

    Upcoming Millionaire2 日 前

    it be feeling like my birthday every day, I wake up and get the cake

  28. ionlyhearwomps

    ionlyhearwomps2 日 前

    i dam near got this from 7 to 7.5 by mysefl lma0

  29. Taylor Erwin

    Taylor Erwin2 日 前

    Pooh the goat 901 stand up

  30. E 15

    E 152 日 前

    SHIESTY MAKE ME MISS MY BIG BROTHER PUDGE SO MUCH I can't keep letting life get in the way i gotta keep contact with him!!! probably won't see this I LOVE THIS ALBUM KEEP GRINDING! Been on repeat big bllluurrddd

  31. MG11

    MG112 日 前

    This guy is pulling up quick

  32. Steve Ebner

    Steve Ebner2 日 前

    The new pac! Cause Shiesty is 1000% real! Come back in a couple years and like this shit............................... Pooh shiesty that's my dawg????????___________________________________!

  33. Kamron Spencer

    Kamron Spencer3 日 前

    pooh shiesty is the worst ncca suck

  34. techtee murphy

    techtee murphy3 日 前

    My lil youngin nice on the 🎤 mic. Memphis shid. They got a different type of swag you just can't deny. #givingprops✌️

  35. Noe Corral

    Noe Corral3 日 前

    Don’t ever let em think they can skate 😤😤

  36. mtv_ lui

    mtv_ lui3 日 前

    “Arriba Sonora🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏❤🔥Who’s still listening in 2030 🙏❤🔥Just a great song.🙏🏼💎✅🥳”

  37. chi chi ne

    chi chi ne3 日 前

    Fine ass

  38. chi chi ne

    chi chi ne3 日 前

    I love pooh 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  39. Anthony Simmons

    Anthony Simmons3 日 前

    SHeisty gang in Alabama.💪🏿

  40. Gods Child15

    Gods Child153 日 前

    Sounds like a mix of kodak Black and yo Gotti. Not saying he copied them, he From Memphis he can't help it.

  41. Tremaine Green

    Tremaine Green3 日 前

    This honestly the best song in the album ...

  42. Ogechukwu Okoye

    Ogechukwu Okoye3 日 前

    Brrrr brrrr ❤️ from 🇳🇬

  43. daddy arii

    daddy arii3 日 前

    Handsome 😣

  44. Isak Acosta

    Isak Acosta3 日 前

    Does he ever let go of his money?LMAO

  45. Anthony Perez

    Anthony Perez3 日 前

    My nigga go hard!!!!

  46. Kawon Ross

    Kawon Ross4 日 前

    Mane The Whole dam mixtape bumping from start to finish real shit

  47. Qwin vaughans

    Qwin vaughans4 日 前

    This young nigga came n took ova the game

  48. exx dD

    exx dD4 日 前

    Those models looking like they aint felling it that much at all LOL

  49. Juan Ray

    Juan Ray4 日 前

    The new Gucci

  50. Jaden Rodd

    Jaden Rodd4 日 前

    Flow/beat ain't it

  51. shoo nuff

    shoo nuff5 日 前

    Ren vs back

  52. Lilvar Conley

    Lilvar Conley5 日 前

    That was lit

  53. Free Lyrics For Use

    Free Lyrics For Use5 日 前

    Never dusty gals in this guys videos. We dig that 💯

  54. LorRich

    LorRich5 日 前

    say your here before he wit 1 mill #ShiestyGANG

  55. fer Alme

    fer Alme5 日 前

    ; rr

  56. TONY Joanes

    TONY Joanes5 日 前


  57. C Varnado

    C Varnado5 日 前


  58. Michelle Cofield

    Michelle Cofield5 日 前

    I fw you hard omm but wat is “weady” shiest 😂🤐

  59. Jeremy Jackson

    Jeremy Jackson5 日 前


  60. Jody Linville

    Jody Linville6 日 前

    All dressed in drip, new can of dip, bout to dip...ya ya yaaaa country shit all that shit

  61. Jadakris Mateo

    Jadakris Mateo6 日 前

    My son Pooh bouta take over the streets no cap

  62. ZEE ZEE

    ZEE ZEE6 日 前


  63. Emanuel Mosley

    Emanuel Mosley6 日 前

    Didn't pay homage to Tech9 for using his beat

  64. 2-GuD eGaming

    2-GuD eGaming6 日 前

    What's they @



    I just crossed another nigga over tell em guard up🔥🔥🔥 🤣🤣🤣

  66. J Jay

    J Jay7 日 前

    Need Kodak on this

  67. mark espinoza

    mark espinoza7 日 前

    Who you smash tho

  68. The Goldman

    The Goldman7 日 前

    “PoohBron Shiestyjames”

  69. Z N

    Z N7 日 前

    The beat is from 2 am sessions

  70. Kristofer Bly

    Kristofer Bly7 日 前

    This is not a .223. This choppa a .308. Lmfao

  71. Pahtrix

    Pahtrix8 日 前

    2:38 mood

  72. FG Onefiv3tmo3

    FG Onefiv3tmo38 日 前

    Fwm recent song r/o

  73. Adeeb Sharif

    Adeeb Sharif8 日 前


  74. Jakayla tv

    Jakayla tv8 日 前

    hey bay



    shiesty season pooh year 2021

  76. Breeze 24/7

    Breeze 24/78 日 前

    I Just cross another nigga over🗣 #GuardUp

  77. Milwaukee BreaD

    Milwaukee BreaD9 日 前


  78. GoatGodDuke Tv

    GoatGodDuke Tv9 日 前

    Follow me on IG: @goatgodduke 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾🔥🔥🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥

  79. Deluxe Decoy

    Deluxe Decoy9 日 前

    we neeeeeedd kodak on thissssssssss

  80. Layitdownbihhh

    Layitdownbihhh9 日 前

    Bruh, this is my sh*t. 🔥🔥🔥 They need to add this to the intro of 2K21. #ShiestyGang 😆

  81. Telly Ordonez

    Telly Ordonez9 日 前

    Ez blood gang

  82. Telly Ordonez

    Telly Ordonez9 日 前

    Bro my fav song about u is back in blood

  83. BTB Kease

    BTB Kease9 日 前

    Bruh where the old junt


    DYG SQUAD9 日 前

    He is everything Tyga wanted to be as a nigga ☠️☠️☠️

  85. Vante L

    Vante L9 日 前

    This shit... to hard 🔥

  86. The Goldman

    The Goldman9 日 前

    Shiesty AF

  87. Puff N Stuff

    Puff N Stuff9 日 前


  88. No Name

    No Name9 日 前

    If yall aint know im baby shiesty

  89. Yogotti Jr

    Yogotti Jr9 日 前

    Day 1s 💯🏝

  90. Mary Kirkendoll

    Mary Kirkendoll9 日 前

    South Memphis On The Map

  91. Isaiah Ward

    Isaiah Ward9 日 前

    Pooh shiesty next up no 🧢

  92. erik Lopez

    erik Lopez9 日 前

    This not a .223 this choppa here shoot .308

  93. Martin Paulino

    Martin Paulino10 日 前

    OMG THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤷🏾‍♂️

  94. RLE Savage

    RLE Savage10 日 前

    Dis lemon squeeze , a bust his cherry , choppa hold a banana 🗣️

  95. Red Greg

    Red Greg10 日 前

    This lil nigga go so hard......how much fa a verse💯💯💯 shiesty season

  96. glockgot em

    glockgot em10 日 前


  97. Todd Newsome

    Todd Newsome10 日 前

    yo pooh Shiesty

  98. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones10 日 前

    This man about to take the rap game over he must deserve it keep doing you think shiesty

  99. Sunday Emmanuel

    Sunday Emmanuel10 日 前

    Fucking love you pooh shiesty from Nigeria 🇳🇬 ❤️

  100. DreamShotSwizzProductions_ENT

    DreamShotSwizzProductions_ENT11 日 前

    The New 1017!!!

  101. Duck Adventure

    Duck Adventure11 日 前

    Shiesty: BRR1!!!! pop smoke: GRRRR!! king von: VONN !!!!!!! juice wrld: 999!!! LA capone: 600!!1

  102. Hoodside Tv

    Hoodside Tv11 日 前

    Welcome back Legend has it this isn't your first time here

  103. BackBurnerTIM

    BackBurnerTIM11 日 前

    Need Mozzy on this ☄☄☄



    Oooooooooooo pooh is a SIMP. :)))


    PLAYBOII Q11 日 前

    Betta use a gps to take the safer route, Pooh say we wit it today. Don’t sleep on sheisty word play 🔫