Polo G x Einer Bankz - Preview Unreleased [Acoustic]


  1. Einer Bankz

    Einer Bankzヶ月 前

    Who do u wanna see me do a video with next?

  2. Omar Moreno

    Omar Moreno11 時間 前


  3. sapphire

    sapphire20 時間 前

    NF 🤔

  4. King William

    King William日 前

    Kevo money

  5. Isaiah vazquez

    Isaiah vazquez2 日 前

    Tyler Thad creator🐐

  6. Shadow_ Ace_GG

    Shadow_ Ace_GG4 日 前


  7. yourrealdad _

    yourrealdad _4 時間 前


  8. Chimpy

    Chimpy7 時間 前

    Can he please drop this song😓


    HEY IM RELAXED19 時間 前

    When it dropping ?

  10. DeliriousSZN

    DeliriousSZN日 前

    Chosen 1

  11. Pimpcj

    Pimpcj日 前

    Wha this song called

  12. Official Joker Ent.

    Official Joker Ent.日 前

    I hate when polo g does previews 🕴🏽

  13. Doobie

    Doobie日 前

    I listen 2 dis more Nd more Nd u can rlly hear his pain in his voice 💯💔

  14. Jaxx Yt

    Jaxx Yt日 前

    i can not wait for the day this drops, and the day that NLE CHOPPA- DEPRESSION comes out. they shall be the best songs of this decade

  15. Seanox Beats

    Seanox Beats2 日 前

    What song is this I need it

  16. Gee

    Gee2 日 前


  17. Not Trust

    Not Trust2 日 前

    someone put this under a beat and link it

  18. Tico Rico

    Tico Rico2 日 前

    He gotta drop this heat🔥🔥

  19. Gee

    Gee2 日 前


  20. Bienvenue Munezero

    Bienvenue Munezero3 日 前

    This is definitely on ma playlist soon as it’s out

  21. Dôñt OVERdôž

    Dôñt OVERdôž4 日 前

    “Make sure I smile in public, when alone my eyes tearie” I felt that more than anything

  22. MiιΞs Δ

    MiιΞs Δ2 日 前

    Yeah man😪

  23. Omer Abdelrahim

    Omer Abdelrahim4 日 前

    Is This Going With Mirro?

  24. Princess Tia

    Princess Tia5 日 前

    Drop it🥺🥺 we need this!

  25. Gee

    Gee5 日 前

    We need t

  26. Brett Maclaurin

    Brett Maclaurin5 日 前

    polo g gotta drop this ASAP‼️🔥

  27. Darius Lewis

    Darius Lewis5 日 前

    What’s the name of the song bro

  28. Ethan Brown

    Ethan Brown5 日 前

    He gotta make this a whole song

  29. Will Caraccio

    Will Caraccio5 日 前

    Gotta release this



    Did just makes me think about life🙏🏾

  31. Chris 24

    Chris 246 日 前

    We need this song

  32. Slow Gomez

    Slow Gomez6 日 前

    Badass I love this shit 😎🔥

  33. Alfie Kozak

    Alfie Kozak6 日 前

    This the man we gonna be telling our grandkids about

  34. Malika Yovell

    Malika Yovell7 日 前


  35. Dae Overeast

    Dae Overeast7 日 前



    JUST GENARO7 日 前

    With polo every verse hits hard


    4PFJARVIS8 日 前

    Only 183 likes out of 617k views... that’s how you know he’s the GOAT. Amazing ratio.

  38. InSaNe Outcry

    InSaNe Outcry8 日 前

    I’m still waiting for this to drop 🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. Jo

    Jo8 日 前

    In German we Call This: Engelsstimme🥴🔥

  40. krakkle

    krakkle8 日 前

    imma be soooo mad if he dont drop this

  41. Baranbeats010

    Baranbeats0109 日 前


  42. muiii jermm

    muiii jermm9 日 前

    drop this already yooo ! 🦠😒

  43. Cold Hearted E

    Cold Hearted E9 日 前

    Wait til it fucking dropppppppp

  44. Hancy Jeune

    Hancy Jeune9 日 前

    Tuff 🐐🐐

  45. Rebekkah Hall

    Rebekkah Hall9 日 前

    Is this song out now ?

  46. omar shouman

    omar shouman9 日 前

    nope unreleased

  47. JaredJ.A.C sLaTt

    JaredJ.A.C sLaTt10 日 前

    I thought this was 21 at 1st but this song still unreleased.... "my pants amiri" das fye 😔🙏🏽

  48. Inferno Elite27

    Inferno Elite2710 日 前

    What the song called

  49. omar shouman

    omar shouman9 日 前


  50. Andrew Santiesteban

    Andrew Santiesteban10 日 前

    When does this song drop?

  51. swazz gaming

    swazz gaming11 日 前

    Is this out yet

  52. YungDream

    YungDream11 日 前

    who still waiting on this

  53. Gaming_with_RAV

    Gaming_with_RAV11 日 前

    Still waiting it to be rel

  54. blazerboykodak.!.

    blazerboykodak.!.11 日 前

    Give Credit When Credit Is Due , personally I think POLO G was the best to ever do it! #HumbleGod

  55. Itz Pat Gaming

    Itz Pat Gaming11 日 前

    Yo is this song out yet? This is a fire song let me know polo g the goat 🚫🧢💯💯🔥🔥

  56. QuayReese

    QuayReese11 日 前

    I need dis song polo damn drop dis shii already😂

  57. YSB Ducee

    YSB Ducee11 日 前

    If he make $2,000 a minute 😬 and it’s 24 hours in a day. . 60 x 24 = 1,440 x the $2,000 a minute . That’s $2,880,000 a day 🚨📝

  58. Brayden Coleman

    Brayden Coleman12 日 前

    Is the song out yet

  59. p0tatoetrip 69

    p0tatoetrip 6912 日 前

    Is this a song yet this shit stupid fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Barnabás Busi

    Barnabás Busi13 日 前

    Is this song has revaled now?

  61. Moe Leicester

    Moe Leicester13 日 前

    Did it drop?

  62. ImYoung

    ImYoung13 日 前

    This is so beautiful


    THE MANIACZ14 日 前

    Please make ukulele music sheet on thiss

  64. Millzyyy

    Millzyyy14 日 前

    This needs to be dropped

  65. Kavi Mahajan

    Kavi Mahajan14 日 前

    my pants amiriii

  66. Deandre Wilson

    Deandre Wilson15 日 前


  67. Ron Beats

    Ron Beats15 日 前

    Does anyone have tabs for this? Please, I really need it

  68. moby max

    moby max15 日 前

    Polo snap on every song🤝💯

  69. Jack

    Jack15 日 前

    you two need to make a track together with just u and that ukelele ting idc

  70. Adain Eby

    Adain Eby15 日 前

    When this shit dropping

  71. Jop Rice

    Jop Rice16 日 前

    Anyone know what this song is called?

  72. 2muchdripz

    2muchdripz16 日 前

    I'm the shosen 1 u c my potential u started to fear me

  73. 2muchdripz

    2muchdripz16 日 前


  74. Jayzz

    Jayzz17 日 前

    “only bitch i give a conversation to is siri” 🔥🔥

  75. N G

    N G17 日 前

    full lyrics : I don’t love a hoe after we fuck she can’t get near me Only bitch I give a conversation to is Siri My pants Amiri, yes I want it, clearly I'm the chosen one, see my potential and they fear me Lately I've been praying, God, I wonder, "can you hear me?" Thinking about the old me, I swear I miss you dearly Stay down 'til you come up, I’ve been sticking to that theory Everyday a battle, I'm exhausted and I'm weary Make sure I smile in public, when alone, my eyes teary I fought through it all but that shit hurt me severely Ive been getting high to hide behind my insecurities Taking different pills but I know it ain’t... Copped the BMW, new deposit, I picked up another bag like fuck it I’ve been counting while I'm winning I have planes flying, crowds screaming, money counting, chains clanging, shit I guess thats how it sound when you winning I ain’t joking, do it sound like I'm kidding? I've been making like $2000 a minute So high up through the clouds, I was swimming I'm probably gonna drown when I'm in it I bet she goin get loud when I'm in it And we might have a child when I'm finished When I'm finished When I'm finished

  76. ionlyhearwomps

    ionlyhearwomps3 日 前

    posted this a month ago thanks

  77. jack langh

    jack langh4 日 前

    @Princess Tia yo welcome

  78. Princess Tia

    Princess Tia5 日 前

    Thank you♥️

  79. MNML Mintyy

    MNML Mintyy6 日 前

    Omg thank you 🙏 ive been checking the comments everyday for someone to do this

  80. jack langh

    jack langh9 日 前

    Shit dope

  81. Nxe 2

    Nxe 217 日 前

    Bro no lie I know when he drops this it’s gonna be a different beat but this songs so good with it ❕👍🏽 Polo G THE GOAT🐐🐐🐐

  82. Nxe 2

    Nxe 28 日 前

    Andrew Santiesteban not sure

  83. Andrew Santiesteban

    Andrew Santiesteban10 日 前

    When is it gonna drop?

  84. JRU_LA

    JRU_LA17 日 前

    Polo G repping Chi beautifully, RIP Juice

  85. Finesse GHOST

    Finesse GHOST17 日 前

    Is this song out yet?



    Shii fye release it

  87. Manifestación

    Manifestación18 日 前


  88. Micah Whitehurst

    Micah Whitehurst18 日 前

    Does anyone know what the unreleased song is called???

  89. Relix Dae YT

    Relix Dae YT15 日 前

    I wish

  90. Alex

    Alex19 日 前

    What's the name of it tho 🤔✨🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. muerte

    muerte19 日 前

    Polo G easily one of the best rappers this year

  92. nathan wilson

    nathan wilson19 日 前

    This is fucking beautiful

  93. concha x2

    concha x219 日 前

    Like if polo g a goat

  94. Goslasasa Ranana

    Goslasasa Ranana19 日 前

    Damn i hope the real song sound just like this but better produced🙏

  95. goop is poop

    goop is poop20 日 前

    “i’m the chosen 1, see my potential so they fear me”. polo don’t miss

  96. SIX BOSS

    SIX BOSS20 日 前

    This drop yet??🔥🔥

  97. Your boi Russell

    Your boi Russell20 日 前

    He needs to release this

  98. Its_rosey96

    Its_rosey9620 日 前

    Soooo...when’s this dropping and what’s it called? 🤔

  99. Alex

    Alex19 日 前

    I know so badly