1. Dobre Brothers

    Dobre Brothersヶ月 前


  2. Chaurel Cohen

    Chaurel Cohen6 時間 前

  3. Zion Young

    Zion Young9 時間 前

    That was so funny cat can you come over my house Lucas and Marcus🦄😘🍩🧁🍩🧁🍩🧁🍩🧁🎂🦄🦄🦄🍩🧁🍩🧁🦄🦄🦄🦄🧁

  4. Nina Torres

    Nina Torres22 時間 前

    @Alexa Villarreal either

  5. Nina Torres

    Nina Torres22 時間 前


  6. Jasmin Acosta

    Jasmin Acosta日 前

    I don’t know but if y’all know what is the ASTROLOGICAL SIGN of December 06 then tell me please

  7. Natasha Kirtley

    Natasha Kirtley2 時間 前

    nice prank

  8. Awesome Dude 360

    Awesome Dude 3604 時間 前

    Why u always have ur shirt off

  9. Lous Productions

    Lous Productions4 時間 前

    Omg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Alliyah Diosdado

    Alliyah Diosdado9 時間 前


  11. cameron Smith

    cameron Smith日 前

    Can I please join you guys

  12. Terry Baker Jr

    Terry Baker Jr日 前

    Give a like to me if all the JPreporterrs

  13. Jasmin Acosta

    Jasmin Acosta日 前

    I think I know how to do that I am going to do it 🙃

  14. Camilo Mendez gomez

    Camilo Mendez gomez2 日 前

    I feel bad for you

  15. Camilo Mendez gomez

    Camilo Mendez gomez2 日 前

    I broke my left hand

  16. Officially_Kiarra

    Officially_Kiarra2 日 前

    I can see how he did it🤦🏽‍♀️

  17. nardos Tadese

    nardos Tadese2 日 前


  18. Jani Michael

    Jani Michael2 日 前

    Can't stop laughing about their faces when they saw u Girls:ewwwww Boys:yo what the heck

  19. Dipsa Joshi

    Dipsa Joshi2 日 前

    I have never seen that before

  20. Unofficial Trouble

    Unofficial Trouble2 日 前

    Ive seen cristina

  21. jahleea buchanan

    jahleea buchanan2 日 前

    Good one Dari

  22. Nadia Elkacimi

    Nadia Elkacimi2 日 前

    This is fake 🤢🤢🤣😫😫😫🤣🤣😙

  23. kayla queenbee

    kayla queenbee2 日 前

    That looks so sick so cool

  24. Winny Lu

    Winny Lu2 日 前

    Rays of the game

  25. some roblox Boy on youtube

    some roblox Boy on youtube3 日 前

    I love this video ❤️❤️❤️🤪😂😂

  26. Mubarakah Kutub

    Mubarakah Kutub3 日 前

    Dari+Maddie Cyrus+Christina Lucas+ivanita Marcus+tv and chocolate

  27. ur mum lol

    ur mum lol3 日 前


  28. Jorgen Johansen

    Jorgen Johansen3 日 前

    I was that for Halloween

  29. Donnesha Blackman

    Donnesha Blackman3 日 前

    Do a killed girlfriend prank

  30. French fries Byrd

    French fries Byrd4 日 前

    Cyrus are you singing the song woah

  31. Lizmaelys Santiago

    Lizmaelys Santiago4 日 前

    Cristina acted wired when dari took the prank thing off

  32. bains lakhjeet singh

    bains lakhjeet singh4 日 前


  33. Cindy Salmeron

    Cindy Salmeron4 日 前




    its a magic trick xD

  35. James Price

    James Price4 日 前

    The back of his back you already know it’s a prank

  36. James Price

    James Price4 日 前

    Are you know what’s the prank that his back is the back of his shirt and the legs are sideways and he poked a hole in his in his pants so he can put his legs through there

  37. Terry Baker Jr

    Terry Baker Jr5 日 前

    Oh no

  38. S L

    S L5 日 前


  39. Unicorn Hunter

    Unicorn Hunter5 日 前

    You are crazy 😜 I was so confused 😐 like if you agree

  40. Aryana Williams

    Aryana Williams5 日 前

    Big fan

  41. rovena durres

    rovena durres5 日 前


  42. Fander 101

    Fander 1015 日 前

    I know that’s fake

  43. Bricks Boyd

    Bricks Boyd6 日 前

    I see your real leg

  44. Helen Townsend

    Helen Townsend6 日 前

    Oh my goodness dude Aswsome parnk on your brothers and family and friends oh boy there face execution are so heilsous and bit confused far play on you Darius close bond for life 💙 love your JPreporter you are the best Dobre brothers new from UK 💜

  45. Krista Patrick

    Krista Patrick6 日 前


  46. Krista Patrick

    Krista Patrick6 日 前


  47. Kayla Grace

    Kayla Grace6 日 前

    Am I know this is weird but I totally ship Darius and Cristina more than Cyrus

  48. Kaylen Stalker

    Kaylen Stalker6 日 前

    Best prank ever

  49. Poison Matrix

    Poison Matrix6 日 前

    4:57 𝚞𝚑 𝚟𝚜𝚌𝚘 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚠𝚑𝚘

  50. Kholey

    Kholey7 日 前


  51. Rena Clayvon

    Rena Clayvon7 日 前

    This is a prak

  52. Ghost Earth

    Ghost Earth7 日 前

    She looks nice cyrus girl

  53. Khushi Patel

    Khushi Patel7 日 前

    yo that is sick😂 like if you love the dobre brothers




  55. jozer aguilar

    jozer aguilar7 日 前

    That is a good prank

  56. Tallulah cupcake Tajul

    Tallulah cupcake Tajul8 日 前

    Hi lol that scared meso much I laughed when Sarah came in he jumped backwards I can't believe you just did that I'm so freaked out

  57. Pete Mc Cabe

    Pete Mc Cabe8 日 前

    Is this real the same dude

  58. little ren

    little ren8 日 前

    Only 4 year olds would believe this I hope

  59. Sweet aay

    Sweet aay8 日 前

    Now we know what the magicians have been doing subscribe to my channel if u agree

  60. Jackson Longwood

    Jackson Longwood8 日 前

    I saw through it all the way

  61. Nadia Niemczyk

    Nadia Niemczyk9 日 前

    Christina already knew

  62. ximena nunez

    ximena nunez10 日 前

    Did see their faces

  63. Peter Medina

    Peter Medina10 日 前


  64. JP McKinney

    JP McKinney10 日 前

    ..... If you believe they actually thought that he was split in half you are stupid. No offense tho 😁

  65. Dehlyn Woutzke

    Dehlyn Woutzke10 日 前

    I love u gys so much