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  1. Anande

    Anande11 時間 前

    so now youre obligated to finish this series lmaoo

  2. emma vent

    emma vent12 時間 前

    2:00 you have no idea how many times I watch the same video from jenna but this one specific part I've watched at least 8 times

  3. Sandy Snowball

    Sandy Snowball12 時間 前

    I can’t help but laugh every time they say Beech.

  4. davidkristahay

    davidkristahay12 時間 前

    Fortune teller played by Naomi Jon’s accent 🥰

  5. Grace Bongiovi

    Grace Bongiovi13 時間 前

    I need a part two! I keep watching this over and over, it's so funny

  6. Amanda Lopez

    Amanda Lopez15 時間 前

    Loved watching this

  7. frone17

    frone1715 時間 前

    This was hilarious 🤣 do another one

  8. Fooley Cooley

    Fooley Cooley15 時間 前

    I need more

  9. Amanda Lopez

    Amanda Lopez15 時間 前

    I was in for the Destiny's child moment

  10. MerkedMiles

    MerkedMiles16 時間 前

    the nail painting animation had me SCREAMING

  11. Letycia Mones

    Letycia Mones18 時間 前

    Team 10 house who!🤣

  12. kass rodriguez

    kass rodriguez18 時間 前

    “Okay then beech, it’s a fucking date!” 😭😭😭😂

  13. Ericka Hope

    Ericka Hope19 時間 前

    Why does the dude that hit you with his car look like Neil Patrick Harris when he has the statue of liberty hat on. Lmfao

  14. Erika Chanele

    Erika Chanele19 時間 前

    I. Demand. A. Part. Two. BEECH!

  15. Jack Flavell

    Jack Flavell20 時間 前


  16. Tabassum Khalifa

    Tabassum Khalifa20 時間 前

    I can’t stop thinking about this video, it’s so beyond hilarious. Part 2 please

  17. Tabassum Khalifa

    Tabassum Khalifa20 時間 前

    This is my 5th time watching this video

  18. Lyubomira Lyubenova

    Lyubomira Lyubenova21 時間 前

    Part 2 please

  19. Heather Smith

    Heather Smith日 前

    Ethan: rides bicycle across screen Jenna and Julien: Did he just he me with his car!?

  20. Chela Martinez

    Chela Martinez日 前


  21. Kate Harris

    Kate Harris日 前

    Where’s part 2??

  22. Katie Chard

    Katie Chard日 前

    Please do it again lol

  23. Friggin Weeb

    Friggin Weeb日 前

    he's just being nice to Beech so she won't sue him for breaking her legs after he ran her over

  24. Friggin Weeb

    Friggin Weeb日 前

    this is like some wack wattpad story deadass

  25. YouTubeMakesMeSmile

    YouTubeMakesMeSmile日 前

    Would love to see part 2 I smiled the whole time watching this my face hurts

  26. Kati O’Brien

    Kati O’Brien日 前


  27. rachael cone

    rachael cone日 前

    Please play more episode!!!!!!!! Yes beech

  28. hurcia

    hurcia日 前

    It’s been over a month... I AM DYING TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT, JENNA PLEASE!

  29. Poetic Justice

    Poetic Justice日 前


  30. jessieteee

    jessieteee日 前

    I’ve watched this video like 5 times and i laugh just as hard every time?? we need episode 2 asap!!

  31. hdezines

    hdezines日 前

    Watching you play this and yall doing the voices was Ahhhmazing beeech! Literally for the longest time I thought yall were just adlibbing beech in there, then I saw you actually called your character that. I'm dead 😭🤣 love it too much. I was addicted to this game for 6 months. No tv, just episode. Thank the Lord that had passed but it would crack me the hell up! Yes, please. PART 2!

  32. Lauren Scholz

    Lauren Scholz日 前

    part 2!!!!!!!!!! pls

  33. Mindy Higley

    Mindy Higley日 前

    The change in Julien's face from 22:31 onward is the funniest thing ever oh my god.

  34. 23Bri

    23Bri日 前

    I didn’t think I’d sit here and watch the whole video... but I did. Please do more 😂

  35. Grace Foulkes-Austin

    Grace Foulkes-Austin日 前

    This made me laugh SOoOOo hard another one pleaseeeeee

  36. Pasithea Thanatos ASMR

    Pasithea Thanatos ASMR日 前


  37. MFL

    MFL日 前

    If you paying attention you would've realized he didn't hit her with a car he hit her with a bike😂😂😂😂

  38. Alex Feighan

    Alex Feighan日 前

    I like how she just realised she could use auto tune on her voice

  39. Jay Grogan

    Jay Grogan日 前


  40. katelynnm17

    katelynnm17日 前


  41. Emily Few

    Emily Few日 前

    This was so funny, please continue this series!!

  42. tacos forlife

    tacos forlife日 前

    OMG i donwloaded the app after watching this video and took hours to make my character based on my ideal aesthetics and it ended up looking like madison beer😂 atleast now i know my goals💕

  43. ghostbanni

    ghostbanni日 前

    Can we all just talk about Jenna's Beech laugh .. I love her

  44. Inuranchan

    Inuranchan日 前

    That NYer character is so real. I've lived in NY for nearly 30 years. I went to Times Square for the first time when I was 15, went to the Empire State Building/Central Park for the first time a few months ago, and I've never been to Coney Island/the Statue of Liberty. It just be like that over here.

  45. Milyj Kotek

    Milyj Kotek日 前


  46. Rawan Mohamed

    Rawan Mohamed日 前

    WHat diD he Do wIth tHE BIke he just left it and went in the cab with her alfjsdkfs?????

  47. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones日 前

    And we wonder why our kids are messed up. Ta-da. Our kids think it’s okay for a dude to get in bed with them, meet a dude and go home with them same day... geeeezeeee.... scary

  48. Emily Hittle

    Emily Hittle2 日 前

    I 100000% need more of this

  49. Faith Frazier

    Faith Frazier2 日 前

    Play this again

  50. Ellie Baltes

    Ellie Baltes2 日 前

    I’ve played this story it just gets better

  51. Emily Bush

    Emily Bush2 日 前

    I 100% would watch another video of this 🤣

  52. Samantha Davis

    Samantha Davis2 日 前


  53. Chris NullNull

    Chris NullNull2 日 前

    Is Julian on meth? Like what's with the stash? It's not even a nice one.

  54. Helena Bunbun

    Helena Bunbun2 日 前

    I've watched this video more times than I like to admit.. PLEASE make a second part.

  55. Elizabeth Gao

    Elizabeth Gao2 日 前

    Please spend more time with Ethan omg

  56. Jolyn Nguyen

    Jolyn Nguyen2 日 前

    can you do a series to love life?

  57. Sydney Miller

    Sydney Miller2 日 前

    It’s weird hearing them say my name-

  58. Gwen Hanson

    Gwen Hanson2 日 前

    pulling off that claires scrunchie from your previous video, i see you Jenna.

  59. I have No soul

    I have No soul2 日 前

    im sorry but born and raised new yorkers go to tourist places in school trips like what the hell

  60. Michelle Hollingsworth

    Michelle Hollingsworth2 日 前

    I neeeddddddd more!!!!

  61. Drhoveg

    Drhoveg2 日 前

    This is ridiculously stupid.... however........ PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO OF THE NEXT EPISODE