Play With Fire (Part 3 of “TWISTED”) || Gacha Life songs || GLMV


  1. Teodora Negrut

    Teodora Negrut2 時間 前

    All I can see is black??

  2. Mr Potatohead

    Mr Potatohead3 時間 前

    I swear every time I try to find a song their is always a crappy gatcha life version of it

  3. Broken Dragons

    Broken Dragons4 時間 前

    sooo good :3

  4. Kathy Messer

    Kathy Messer5 時間 前

    You should do im going to show you crazy i think it fits in

  5. angelisisawesome and cool

    angelisisawesome and cool7 時間 前

    Welcome to the dark side of JPreporter

  6. whynopotatolife Gacha

    whynopotatolife Gacha7 時間 前

    Can I be Non for Halloween? It’ll take me a while to colour my skin pitch black but who cares?

  7. Legendary Gachamations

    Legendary Gachamations9 時間 前

    im confused about how non became evil

  8. Nikki Jones

    Nikki Jones19 時間 前

    Gacha Logic: starts singing Gacha Characters: This is fine.

  9. Elara's channel

    Elara's channel日 前

    Well that's not to good for the planet.

  10. Crazy Ali_DOUGHNUTS!

    Crazy Ali_DOUGHNUTS!日 前

    You are like the best Gatcha tuber!!❤️❤️

  11. Ayleen Cotzajay

    Ayleen Cotzajay日 前

    Yay part three!

  12. Katie Grue

    Katie Grue日 前

    Does any one else like the smell of gas cause I do

  13. kitty 363435

    kitty 363435日 前

    More! More! MEOWWW! These are amazing videos!

  14. David Bejarano

    David Bejarano日 前

    You set the boy on fire he should be dead

  15. gabrielavelasquez24

    gabrielavelasquez242 日 前

    Hewoooooooooooo I am a sub and I love your vids!!!

  16. Arieyelle Caine

    Arieyelle Caine2 日 前

    I think you should do sarcasm for Nel's background story

  17. Kayla Ternetz

    Kayla Ternetz2 日 前

    I love it

  18. Rex’s Animations

    Rex’s Animations2 日 前

    Oh I did didn’t know I was a cop and why did you burn my Ps My name is Savannah and is spelled the same way as hers to

  19. Nasnous Chaima

    Nasnous Chaima2 日 前

    Can You do shatter me next time

  20. Thenmozhi Alagesan

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  21. Sylvia Walters

    Sylvia Walters2 日 前

    Tha best song ay never had

  22. Little Blurr

    Little Blurr2 日 前

    this is the best part

  23. Chey Wrightman

    Chey Wrightman2 日 前

    If i was Savannah i would drop my gun and put my hands up saying,Okay,go,DoNt HuRt MeE pLsS

  24. Kaizo Kai

    Kaizo Kai2 日 前

    First time i heard this song was from if bnha villains had theme songs

  25. swarner9896

    swarner98963 日 前


  26. Katie Grue

    Katie Grue3 日 前

    Teacher:so kids what did we learn today Kids:that never ask stranger for a place or you will get burned to death

  27. Josselyn Ulrich

    Josselyn Ulrich3 日 前

    I just realized that the guy from the couple is named Alfred and so is one of the cops in this video!

  28. Josselyn Ulrich

    Josselyn Ulrich3 日 前

    once again amasing!

  29. Moonlight playz

    Moonlight playz3 日 前

    My question is did the first group of people make it? XD

  30. Blake Reeves

    Blake Reeves3 日 前

    I love this song

  31. Christian Ciriaco

    Christian Ciriaco3 日 前

    Me:ok sooo good? 10 sec later Me:ok how is he able to even burn the other girl but not Albert ok this is getting weird 10 mins later Me:ok- Ad:So when driving is like this very slow Me:ad bruh I'm a kid I dont need to learn how to drive Ad:your parents should have disowned you 10 years ago =_= Me:wha? Ad:ok this child is annoying bye you price of- Me:FAMILY FRIENDLY Ad:bye! Me: Me:And that's how you get rid of a ad kids 😎

  32. Christian Ciriaco

    Christian Ciriaco3 日 前

    Wait..when non first lights 2 people on fire I still see Albert's name soooooo does that mean he's still alive?

  33. Margarita Jamison

    Margarita Jamison3 日 前

    No songs it's boring

  34. Teagan Shandrew-Pearsall

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  35. IsaacDoesGacha -w-

    IsaacDoesGacha -w-3 日 前

    You’re better than me ;-;

  36. Optimus Aj

    Optimus Aj3 日 前


  37. gacha devil

    gacha devil3 日 前

    Cops: stop playing with fire you crazy people!!!! Non and nel: nah were fine!

  38. 33Ari_honey33 UwU

    33Ari_honey33 UwU3 日 前

    Bro My dad: DONT PLAY WITH FIRE Also my dad: (put your pants on >:C) My mom: hErEs HoW tO pLaY wItH fIrE step one: get a lighter step two: run your finger through the blue part Step three: don't do this, this is spooky, and if your parents tell you not to then listen to them :/

  39. Kulash Maselova

    Kulash Maselova3 日 前

    Ты проста звезда

  40. Eliane vieira Silva

    Eliane vieira Silva4 日 前

    Very good, i love it



    happy pills or let u down

  42. Blake Reeves

    Blake Reeves4 日 前

    Love your work keep it up

  43. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angel4 日 前

    Thank you 🙏

  44. D U M P L I N G

    D U M P L I N G4 日 前

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for the girls part. And you did too :)

  45. xXAbbyAAngelXxYT Le gachatuber :3

    xXAbbyAAngelXxYT Le gachatuber :34 日 前

    I don’t wanna correct the lyric’s.... It’s: I light the match to make taste the heat

  46. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angel4 日 前

    Thank you. 😊💕

  47. Danielle Zimbrick

    Danielle Zimbrick4 日 前

    Amazing editing

  48. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angel4 日 前

    Thank you so much ☺️

  49. Cresilda Montemayor

    Cresilda Montemayor5 日 前

    i like your edit

  50. Galaxy Angel

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    Thank you 💕

  51. DC72

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  52. Chloie Turney1007

    Chloie Turney10075 日 前

    you should do her backstory I really would like to see that

  53. confused gacha

    confused gacha5 日 前

    The random couple: asking for directions. Non:starts singing The random couple: wha-? Non:burns them Meh:dude they literally just wanted directions. Wth -_-

  54. N The epic Ñ

    N The epic Ñ5 日 前

    *nel had spawned satan*

  55. moon Shine

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  56. Ekaterina Okuneva

    Ekaterina Okuneva5 日 前

    Give me the song: fight like a girl

  57. Andrea Minarikova

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  58. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angel4 日 前

    🙏Thank you.

  59. ნინო მერებაშვილი

    ნინო მერებაშვილი5 日 前

    Pleaseee do bad guy from billie elish 💓❤️♥️😋

  60. Stary Wolf

    Stary Wolf5 日 前

    The transitions! They're great! My god! +1 sub!

  61. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angel4 日 前

    Oh. 😊😊😊 I appreciate so much that you like my stories. 🙏😊 Have a fantastic day or evening. ❤️

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  63. Inky gacha

    Inky gacha6 日 前

    You should do truth or dare

  64. N:a:t:y CZ

    N:a:t:y CZ6 日 前

    legends never die

  65. Jello Guerrero

    Jello Guerrero6 日 前

    How did nel turned sooo white then non turned rlly black i mean thats just racist =_=

  66. tony Nguyen

    tony Nguyen4 日 前

    Gacha logic ig

  67. Pheønix

    Pheønix6 日 前

    Part 444444444444 Songs that you might like : Panic room wolf in sheep's clothing born without a heart it took me by surprise My R Lily