Play With Fire (Part 3 of “TWISTED”) || Gacha Life songs || GLMV


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    Wow all of these parts are interesting i love this whole thing lime part 1 to last one

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    @Galaxy Angel i love your videos i am your new subies

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    I just noticed alfred is in two places but with diffrent looks

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    I'm sorry but... IMA SUB

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    Please is the magic word xD

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    Can we just appreciate how good the editing is *claps* so bootiful *sniffs*

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    It’s ok if I don’t :)

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    Your welcome! May I get a shoutout in one of your vids??

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    Thank you so much ☺️

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    I haven't watched this in so long that I forgot that there was hints of pink in the fire XD Edit: I forgot to say that that fire looks really good with the pink

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    Thank you ☺️

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    Non: I like the smell of gasoline Your not the only one Keep up the good work Galaxy (ur new nickname)

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    I think I’m the only person in the world who DOESNT like the smell of gasoline

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    I love your edits

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    Thank you 🙏 I

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    they would kill their subscribers ⊙﹏⊙∥?

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    D d d d da data! Nel is literally bulletproof and non be like: *dies* I’LL SAVE YOUR BULLETPROOF SOUL!

  23. itZ Sienna

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    Nel and Non: singing Police: standing their with the guns pointing at them Me: are u dumb, stupid or dumb? Also police: die for being the audience

  24. M A Reviews

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    Aura: Sir we’re kinda lost can you- Non: *casually lights them on fire*

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    I don't know why....but.....I kinda like the dangerous stuff. Knives, fire, axes, and anything sharp. But I can't have any of that often because I'm suicidal 😃

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    When she started to ”cut” I disliked cause I’m so tired of seen cutting in so called ”depression” videos

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    Maybe i should see all twisted because that good! Maybe recommended! 😭😀🙏👍

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    Me : It is so blur but I love th whole story Nel and Non : What the f*** Me : Thank you both 😏😏😏

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    Thank you

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    yessss MORE

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    Him : I love the smell of gasoline Me : same :) Jk

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    I loke the smell of fresh sharpie

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    Were part 27722872827463719019338

  36. Galaxy Angel

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    There is a part 4 + another one. 😊

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    the people were.kind though .-.

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    Who also ships them like hello

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    ☟✋ ☝🕆✡💧

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    Just put some holy water on them then boom You win

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    2:32 my names Savannah LOL

  42. Ratna Dutta

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    I still don't understand why Non killed those two people because they were just lost, what did they do? ;-;

  43. Ratna Dutta

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    Thanks for hearting my comment Galaxy Angel! I seriously still don’t know why ;-;

  44. JJ Squad

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    I was watching this in a sleepover party with five friends and when it said I’ve always liked to play with fire I screamed the lyrics XD but this is really good like if I watched it over and over again I would still love it

  45. 〘 Kxteiio 〙

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    I cant believe they really killed my Alfredo Like also i miss my nachos that was stolen Anyways out of seriousness This was amazing!!!

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    I think i ship dem :3 also like your vids keep the edit’s

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    I guess now we know who started all the forest fires darn

  48. Nadiyah Tucker

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    Nel and Non are definitely William Afton's missing sibling UwU

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    Me sitting here like:Dont be shy put some more

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    Why aura and alfred dead waaaa

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    3:21 that does not go to the tune at all

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    To jest najlepszy edid z piosenkom Play with fire ❤️❤️😍😍

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    U do amazing videos

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    game of thrones season 8

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    Nel:unstoppoble legendary animal

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    Wait a frirgin moment ok whatever

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  58. Liz Jessie the pooopoo

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    When Nel sings at the end she keeps on teleporting

  59. Nunya Bidness

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    It’s now 258 😜

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    me: watching her perform a spell on non Brain: what kind of voodoo is this

  61. LieAiluj

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    poor couple they just got lost then died :(

  62. Galaxy Angel

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  63. Birdine Dorelus

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    You love that part like literally that’s the worst part do you just want to know that they just want to the person to tell them where they are and then you like when they win when they did that what you don’t even know anything with me you would be happy if somebody was watching you and you get you and then you somebody did that to you would you be happy are you barely even know anything

  64. LittleZZ

    LittleZZヶ月 前

    I have to admit that this is the best song I have ever heard

  65. Aliana and stuff

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    sad OnO poor kids-

  66. kasya wong

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    Why does everything has to be scary >_

  67. Smartman

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    I love how they kill people for no reason unlike the rest where it has something to do with bullying 😂😂

  68. applesugarplum

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    If music starts playing from nowhere and someone starts singing, RUN.

  69. Lilly Edwards

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    1:11 *innocent peeple asking for directions* 1:51 *Non blows them up* Me: bruh wtf did they do to you Am I the only one who's noticed that when Non blows up Aura and Alfred that you can still see Alfred's nametag?

  70. •C U T E S T A R•

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    1:25 that's how is treated the actualy "I came to ask where we are.."

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    Social News!! Warning: If you ask someone a question and they start singing. Run for your life! That's the end of a news have a great day or night

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    I love this one it’s so good!

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    Thank you 🙏

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    ''I love the smell of gasoline'' Everyone:...... Me: Ooh me too!!

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    This is my 3rd favorite series Also at one point it looked like he got shoot in the azs-

  76. chavalea Prasad

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    @Galaxy Angel ahhh i canr belive u commented eeee ur my 2nd fav JPreporterr-w- my favorite is veebee

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    Non: I love the smell of gasoline Dumb meh: I LoVe ThE sMeLl oF FoOd Btw great video

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    You are soooooooo hood at making gacha life video 💜🖤

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    The boy in the thumbnail looks like Micheal or William Afton in the au's lol-

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    I'm fine. I'm just singing this song! I've said I'm fine "I'VE ALWAYS LIKED TO PLAY WITH FIREEEEEEEEEEEEE"

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    I like how the adreess is **** it makes me think of g

  83. {Mochi Bear :3}

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  84. Yesenia Garcia-Galvez

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    Me: I LIKE PLAYING WITH FIRE Mom: *Gets The Chancla* Me: AHHH AhHHHH~ Mom:No Fire Here Me:I AWAYS LIKE PLAYING WITH FIRE Mom: *Gets Sword* Me: Ahhh~ahhh~



    Aura: can u tell me where is this place Non: *ultimate demon power* Also non:*kills them*

  86. Caleb Alderete

    Caleb Aldereteヶ月 前

    It's messed up. Kids get killed in beginning I don't like it thumbs down.

  87. Itz_Caidyn_And_Cam

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    Is it just me or is the purple in the fire like super pretty :p

  88. zodiac yak

    zodiac yakヶ月 前

    Ok I just noticed that the cop name is Alfred but so is the dude that was burt ?

  89. yukimi videoblog

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    Wait so alfred was dead right and why there's a another alfred

  90. That_unicorn_cat o.o

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    Love how they're just lost and suddenly he sings and then kills them-

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    Me to i like it

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    *i want a friend like this.*

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    welp this is getting intresting

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    love this series

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    Is it normal or oh hi for me to laugh of someone burning in a fire🔥

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    ahhahah when thay say red it goes purple

  99. Samantha Juno

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    its ture tho

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    Me: i love play in fire me too (sorry i'm shit in english) i'm french : i love you're song

  101. creeper tractopelle

    creeper tractopelleヶ月 前

    Me: i love play in fire me too (sorry i'm shit in english) i'm french : i love you're song

  102. Ming qian Ooi

    Ming qian Ooiヶ月 前

    So kids if ur parents don't let u have cookies just say please, anything is use please

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    When ppl ask where to go Me:they gonna be dead for no reason I guess-

  104. Night sky howls

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    This is so detailed please make pt.5 I love this!

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    Around 1:56 The girl was so cute-

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    i love part 1 part2 and 3 and4

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    Got inspired by your video go check it out, I love u!💗

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    Kids: them excuse me, Me: what did you do now Them: Do you know dawae? Me: mo?! I just noticed the kids name is alfred Me: where is batman when you need him

  110. Xxšhâdøwplays! -

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    When u like the style of the character that dies:BrUh

  111. Debbie Jones

    Debbie Jonesヶ月 前

    this was awsome just playing fortnite with my brother then thought of the song and it was in gacha so i clicked it and good thing i did it was SO COOOL

  112. Galaxy Angel

    Galaxy Angelヶ月 前

    So cool. Thank you 🙏

  113. Cali Georgeson

    Cali Georgesonヶ月 前

    *okay but those purple-auburn flames are gorgeous if those were the cause of my death I wouldn't be mad*

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    Dont done the part please

  115. erin landtroop

    erin landtroopヶ月 前

    so basically, I guess nel is insane, has powers for some reason (gacha logic) and his friend non dies, she brings him back to life, but hes like her theres too much gacha logic

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    Dang bruh they just wanted to know where *** is man

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    How are u so good I love ur channel

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    3:16 Maverick is my name and I’m leaving I don’t like songs with my name in it.

  119. BåbÿMøøn _ GãchãLïfęÙvÚ

    BåbÿMøøn _ GãchãLïfęÙvÚヶ月 前

    Non and Nel:I all was liked the smell of gasoline Me:OMG SAME when I smelled it throw I lit my nose on fire because the gasoline it was in a bring car.....😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅