[Play V] EXO - For Life (English Ver.) (Cover by. XIAOJUN)


  1. sara

    sara27 分 前

    hi xiaojun im back here streaming

  2. live like Bella ღ

    live like Bella ღ時間 前

    I want you to know that, you are a masterpiece.

  3. zed.k.

    zed.k.5 時間 前

    the passion in his voice is so capturing

  4. zed.k.

    zed.k.5 時間 前

    Sm give him a STATION

  5. Beamnarrr

    Beamnarrr8 時間 前

    I love Xiaojun’s voice.

  6. Rey Bunny

    Rey Bunny8 時間 前

    Dejun i will by your side for life

  7. Zakirah Atcha

    Zakirah Atcha10 時間 前

    EXO For Life by Xiao Jun T_T

  8. Дарья Семёнова

    Дарья Семёнова16 時間 前

    мой любимый поет мою любимую песню

  9. Lina Schmidt

    Lina Schmidt18 時間 前

    Thanks for this.

  10. Cherrypink.2

    Cherrypink.219 時間 前


  11. seulseul kang

    seulseul kang19 時間 前


  12. Windi Yuliani

    Windi Yuliani20 時間 前

    This song is nice and your voice is Very nice:))

  13. Rose Aicel Villaraza

    Rose Aicel Villaraza20 時間 前

    샤오더쥔, 사랑해 ㅠㅠ

  14. Fairuz Salsabila

    Fairuz Salsabila21 時間 前

    I can't stop listening this everyday!

  15. XiaojunSupportWayV

    XiaojunSupportWayV日 前

    Love your voice.

  16. Chadia Peters

    Chadia Peters日 前

    not me playing this on repeat i be wanting to singing but xiaojun be like shush its not ur time

  17. saint valentine -

    saint valentine -日 前

    ksoo would be so proud. at the behalf of a true exo-l

  18. Shimaa Ben

    Shimaa Ben日 前

    while listening to this i fell like i am in heaven

  19. Shimaa Ben

    Shimaa Ben日 前

    his healing voiceeeeee i am in loveeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. Muhd zaidi

    Muhd zaidi日 前

    One of my fav song

  21. Muhd zaidi

    Muhd zaidi日 前

    Xiaojun makes me cried 😪😪

  22. axtrc

    axtrc日 前

    maap bgt tapi keinget kyungsoo 😭

  23. Alee cute

    Alee cute日 前

    Adoro esta canción, la escucho para dormir y me relaja bastante. Xiaojun tiene un timbre muy bonito, me siento como una princesa al oírlo. Ojalá tenga más de estas oportunidades en un futuro, porque aquí tenemos a un gran vocal ♡

  24. Co-host

    Co-host日 前

    Xiaojun should thanks to himself bcs he makes everyone day better

  25. Marie Ainin De Castro

    Marie Ainin De Castro日 前

    i lost count of how many time i watched this. His voice is heavenly.

  26. prince chogiwa

    prince chogiwa日 前

    we love you xiaojun 💚

  27. Winny Kho

    Winny Kho日 前

    We'll be right here with you for life, Xiaojun

  28. sara

    sara日 前

    still streaming this until now!! thank you xiaojun and xiaojun fighting! 💚💚

  29. Nct Igongigong

    Nct Igongigong日 前

    Everyday i came here🥰🥰🥰💓💓for listen a beautiful voice xiaojun ❤️❤️

  30. Annisa Silmi Nathiq

    Annisa Silmi Nathiq日 前

    Suaranya itu lohhhhh

  31. fullsun

    fullsun日 前

    This is my fav song!!

  32. Sani Hafez

    Sani Hafez日 前

    I need another cover by xiaojun

  33. Linda Nor Syifa

    Linda Nor Syifa2 日 前

    Xiaojun suara mu tu ya ampun indah bgt

  34. Gracia Ortiz

    Gracia Ortiz2 日 前

    Can you explain to me why this video has so few views???

  35. Hyacinth •

    Hyacinth •2 日 前

    Let’s make it 2m before wayv cb please

  36. LinLin••ᄂᄋᄉᄐ

    LinLin••ᄂᄋᄉᄐ2 日 前

    Love U Xiaojun

  37. Riri ::

    Riri ::2 日 前

    I love you I’m still here

  38. 비빔밥

    비빔밥2 日 前

    repeat for 99999x

  39. Phước Nguyễn Tuấn

    Phước Nguyễn Tuấn2 日 前

    Praise the pianist, he's a true legend for performing this level of harmony

  40. Liu Bella

    Liu Bella2 日 前


  41. Linda Nor Syifa

    Linda Nor Syifa2 日 前

    Selalu dengerin lagu ini hhuhuu kangen exo

  42. Natalia Krupińska

    Natalia Krupińska2 日 前

    just xiaojun making my day better

  43. Winny Kho

    Winny Kho2 日 前

    such an angelic voice :")

  44. Ichigogo gracie

    Ichigogo gracie2 日 前


  45. •baby dodo•

    •baby dodo•2 日 前

    X: ¿What Is your bias of exo? Me: Xiaojun asies

  46. •baby dodo•

    •baby dodo•2 日 前

    Estoy en el cielo Su me trasmite una paz SO amazing, best vocal, best boy Un capo Me encantas eres increíble en todos los aspectos I love u Xiaojun

  47. huang renjun

    huang renjun2 日 前

    lets keep streaming for life for xiaojun!

  48. 여자수

    여자수2 日 前

    omg i love his voice!!!

  49. Cherrypink.2

    Cherrypink.22 日 前


  50. Rosa Fantástica

    Rosa Fantástica2 日 前

    Me siento modo para bailar y escurrir lágrimas, asi soy

  51. imnotmakingvideosrry

    imnotmakingvideosrry3 日 前

    love you king

  52. Lightgreen Wheels

    Lightgreen Wheels3 日 前

    coming back to this cuz his voice warms my heart and everything feels better.

  53. kevin richardson

    kevin richardson3 日 前

    Sorry to Say this. But i gotta be honest Also i am non KPOP Fans But this guy singing100% like the way d.o. or kyungsoo singing tis song From adlibs,runs, highnotes and his improvisation to the end Its good enough BUT still the original is always be the best

  54. live like Bella ღ

    live like Bella ღ3 日 前

    Xiaojun usually sings in falsetto, while Kyungsoo is most comfortable lower register. I think that is the difference. For the future, try not to use the word BUT, because that word is like Delete and it always cancel positive feedback. TY

  55. XiaojunSupportWayV

    XiaojunSupportWayV3 日 前


  56. Baekhyunexo Wife04

    Baekhyunexo Wife043 日 前

    I Miss EXO

  57. baby kimchi fried rice

    baby kimchi fried rice3 日 前

    Kyungsoo is my ultimate bias Xiaojun will be my baby ultimate bias

  58. Naesubz

    Naesubz3 日 前

    Look how the genius voice singing😍😍 So touching🥺 Xiaojunnnn if u read this comment, remember, I'll be by ur side❤️

  59. calmdown

    calmdown3 日 前

    I come back here more than once a day.

  60. Mary Kerstel

    Mary Kerstel3 日 前

    i miss exo :(

  61. Mary Kerstel

    Mary Kerstel3 日 前

    Xiaojun's voice is a master piece! don't sleep on this guy

  62. Marzena

    Marzena4 日 前


  63. Little My

    Little My4 日 前

    I can't get tired of hearing your sweet voice...

  64. whatdoicallu

    whatdoicallu4 日 前

    his voice melts me 🥺

  65. ppanyang lu

    ppanyang lu4 日 前

    while waiting for another xiaojun play v i'm gonna stream this nonstop

  66. Bintang Kastara

    Bintang Kastara4 日 前

    Here again~~~

  67. nayomi kito

    nayomi kito4 日 前

    when you can't even believe how someone could be so much for you..

  68. Ice queen

    Ice queen4 日 前

    WayV is having comeback on MARCH 10th with a mini album

  69. Jung Jaehyun

    Jung Jaehyun4 日 前

    Your's voice so wonderful,i'm very like it Hyung😭

  70. Thị Thanh Bình Dương

    Thị Thanh Bình Dương4 日 前

    omg why this hurts so much ...

  71. Sweet T

    Sweet T4 日 前

    Wow..beautifully done.

  72. Clair De lune

    Clair De lune5 日 前

    It's insane how many times I've replayed this. For Life is actually my favorite song and Xiaojun is my favorite male artist. I'm so happy.

  73. pintura y decoración Barcelona

    pintura y decoración Barcelona5 日 前


  74. Sumiea Laskar

    Sumiea Laskar5 日 前

    Its the angelic voice for me 🙈🥰✋🥲🥲💕💕

  75. Nadisienka

    Nadisienka5 日 前

    I Give You My Heart And Soul, XIAOJUN😘🥰😍

  76. Jaden Narvios

    Jaden Narvios5 日 前

    So proud Xiaojun is finally getting attention, he has been my bias since forever and I remember looking him up and barely finding any content about him. It's about time people appreciate and notice this talented man.

  77. Jaden Narvios

    Jaden Narvios5 日 前

    i cry

  78. Nadisienka

    Nadisienka5 日 前

    I like You XiaoJun, but don't talked my First Love ByunBaekhyun, beacause he's jealous for me, 'cause youre my SecondfallinLove, ok XiaoJun??? This our little Mystery

  79. loeypark

    loeypark5 日 前

    guys, don't forget to stream NCT and EXO MV okay-!!! also WayV hehe and this cover muahh 💚

  80. Jennica Tamondong

    Jennica Tamondong5 日 前

    My God!!!! I promise I will stay being NCTzen too..Xiaojun voice is very perfect especially the high notes part. You deserve better Xiaojun🙂🙂❤️❤️

  81. imexol

    imexol5 日 前

    exozens stans exist more than the stans of exo and nct right??

  82. Rafa V

    Rafa V5 日 前

    Oh wow that high note gave me goosebumps~ ✨Talent✨😌

  83. maxon888

    maxon8885 日 前


  84. Cübbeli Hoca ‘

    Cübbeli Hoca ‘5 日 前


  85. • f l a v o r r y •

    • f l a v o r r y •5 日 前

    Calm the day down with Dejung singing!

  86. tired daisy

    tired daisy5 日 前


  87. Cherrypink.2

    Cherrypink.26 日 前


  88. Adriana Diaz Lara

    Adriana Diaz Lara6 日 前

    I come here almost everyday

  89. Roaa Amr M.

    Roaa Amr M.6 日 前

    It's almost 2 months now and i am still here , i really can't move on 🖤

  90. Liu Lia

    Liu Lia6 日 前

    Can I be honest, i love you xiao dejun

  91. Awra Afiqah

    Awra Afiqah6 日 前

    hi b i love you for life

  92. vizcarrita

    vizcarrita7 日 前

    el día que Xiaojun haga un ost seré la persona más feliz del mundo

  93. YEOL

    YEOL7 日 前

    Es tan hermoso :'))

  94. Shira yuki

    Shira yuki7 日 前


  95. Im Ji Ho

    Im Ji Ho7 日 前

    Xiao De Jun

  96. Shane Melissa Rigor

    Shane Melissa Rigor7 日 前


  97. Roliyah Sari

    Roliyah Sari7 日 前

    Streaming ini untuk mengubah algoritma yt hp mamah🤭👍

  98. 20MT018 SIMRAN

    20MT018 SIMRAN7 日 前

    Woow his vocals are so good . Omg I'm crying cause of this pure voice . This is a great version in english . Omg whole video is amazing

  99. وحدة تحب هيراي مومو

    وحدة تحب هيراي مومو7 日 前

    ذس فديو مثل الماء كل يوم اشربه كل يوم اشوفه ♡`

  100. Esterlina S

    Esterlina S7 日 前

    Honestly, I'm here again because I'm addicted to your angelic voice

  101. Exo Sc

    Exo Sc7 日 前