Pitbull Feat G.R.L. - Wild Wild Love (Live @ iHeart Music Awards 01/05/2014)


  1. Haley MacIntyre

    Haley MacIntyre2 ヶ月 前

    They have talent but lip syncing is not one of them they are really bad at it and it’s so obvious use your real voice god!!! I hate people lip syncing

  2. ...x

    ...x3 ヶ月 前

    Man pit bull sucks.

  3. K. Quansah

    K. Quansah17 日 前

    So does your father.

  4. Juana Astorga

    Juana Astorga7 ヶ月 前

    Luis Miguel jajajajaja

  5. katey donais

    katey donais8 ヶ月 前

    where is simone

  6. Ming Nguyen

    Ming Nguyen9 ヶ月 前

    Why was Simone not there? She was not dead yet?

  7. Raymond Walsh

    Raymond Walsh年 前


  8. YaIot Palm Angels

    YaIot Palm Angels2 年 前

    thx!I'm happy!

  9. Vitor Jiwan

    Vitor Jiwan3 年 前

    own, without simone, :/

  10. Wescot Ioanis

    Wescot Ioanis3 年 前

    can you guys sing with fifthharmony

  11. Donna Haynes

    Donna Haynes3 年 前

    While I'm watching this, I'm thinking "where is Simone?". Plus, Blake's bobbing head @ (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a>)

  12. Michael Chavez

    Michael Chavez3 年 前

    It sucks that they tried to play the music louder than their mics!!! They are talented

  13. TOEVEH

    TOEVEH3 年 前

    Michael Chavez they were lip syncing

  14. RL Looms

    RL Looms3 年 前

    i miss simone she was my favorite RIP

  15. EGirlEmma brookes

    EGirlEmma brookes2 ヶ月 前

    She was mine to

  16. Robbe Vevo

    Robbe Vevo3 年 前

    Why wasn't Simone here?

  17. Luc Leeuwerke

    Luc Leeuwerke9 ヶ月 前

    And I, oop...

  18. Hello Lol

    Hello Lol年 前

    Because she died unfortunately

  19. Queen Brittyj

    Queen Brittyj年 前


  20. Queen Brittyj

    Queen Brittyj年 前

    Do you’d have any respect? She passed away!! Has nothing to do with them girls.

  21. tia poonia

    tia poonia2 年 前

    Inner City no they didn’t get your facts right, they were all very close friends and Simone committed suicide. So why would they bully her, emmalyn couldn’t carry on because Simone was her best friend and Paula quit music :(.

  22. Mali Auer

    Mali Auer3 年 前

    It's so sad that she is gone😭😭😭😭

  23. Joseph Usher

    Joseph Usher年 前

    She was ill on this performance she was still alive when this performance was done

  24. Patrick Gillison

    Patrick Gillison3 年 前

    Mali Auer I know right😢

  25. jinniewhoop

    jinniewhoop3 年 前

    Why are there only 4 there's 5

  26. Natasha

    Natasha2 年 前

    This was before Simone commited suicide, she explained in an interview she was sick during this performance hence why she’s not there.

  27. Queen Tay

    Queen Tay3 年 前

    Macy_me Rollin One killed herself. So sad.

  28. Mya N.

    Mya N.3 年 前

    Simone was sick when they performed this day, but sadly she committed suicide a couple years back

  29. Robbe Vevo

    Robbe Vevo3 年 前

    Wait this was January 2014 and she died in September 2014?? Then she was still living there

  30. Zoie perkins

    Zoie perkins3 年 前

    se died in september. this was in january.

  31. aloof what

    aloof what3 年 前

    is it official? GRL is coming back? hooooo! This is great! :)

  32. Luc Leeuwerke

    Luc Leeuwerke9 ヶ月 前

    I guess it’s not , and I, oop

  33. aloof what

    aloof what3 年 前

    YESSS! :)

  34. Daniel Bidu

    Daniel Bidu3 年 前


  35. Babeh Davied

    Babeh Davied3 年 前

    GRL Plis make a comeback

  36. Hel OovaGüdDip

    Hel OovaGüdDip3 ヶ月 前

    they did it was not good

  37. Ranal Knowles

    Ranal Knowles3 年 前

    Babeh Davied they did

  38. Daniel Bidu

    Daniel Bidu3 年 前


  39. jade ann natasha Merrilees

    jade ann natasha Merrilees3 年 前


  40. Kieran Kennedy

    Kieran Kennedy3 年 前

    it's in the works. they are reforming

  41. Brian Dethvongsa

    Brian Dethvongsa3 年 前

    The y sound exactly like the real song

  42. Luna Lykholt

    Luna Lykholt3 年 前

    Brian Dethvongsa they lipsynced

  43. charlie mae

    charlie mae4 年 前

    i love this song i allways listen to it

  44. Kieralee Couture

    Kieralee Couture4 年 前

    Lip sinced:(



    My girls..Forever

  46. Jenna

    Jenna4 年 前

    u7m so is this after simone died

  47. S S.

    S S.3 年 前

    She was sick when they performed this.

  48. evan

    evan4 年 前

    No this before

  49. asia bityg

    asia bityg4 年 前

    We are g.r.l. umm simone was sick. She really wasn't a real member. When she passed we moved out who the fuck is she. We are a foursome now looking for new label. Let's sing.." when the nigh gets old, and the dusk sets down, "..the lighthouse,.'" Maybe u get married and we will become legend,. While I give out my rides away...,!!!!!AND I WONDER DOES IT CROSS YOUR MIND.( natasha comes singing and belting out of nowhere)..'"!!!!I'M LEAVING U UP BEIND...OK ur pretty ur face is like damm. (Start twerking)with class) we are G.R.L

  50. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach3 年 前

    asia bityg You're stupid.

  51. Homaygahd

    Homaygahd4 年 前

    that made no sense...

  52. sebastian

    sebastian4 年 前

    they lip-synced. so sad. They have a more beautiful voice live.

  53. XxMusicalHowlxX

    XxMusicalHowlxX2 年 前

    sebastian alson I noticed that right away but I didn't believe it :(

  54. sebastian

    sebastian3 年 前

    dvslay i just noticed

  55. dvslay

    dvslay3 年 前

    sebastian alson actually they were singing its just that the playback was way louder than their mics you can hear lauren singing in the beginning if you listen closely

  56. Melissa Rensen

    Melissa Rensen4 年 前


  57. Tristan Seto

    Tristan Seto3 年 前

    She was sick here.

  58. Lenette Andrea

    Lenette Andrea3 年 前

    ya she committed suicide

  59. Daniel Bidu

    Daniel Bidu3 年 前


  60. ƆRY BABY

    ƆRY BABY3 年 前

    +Zomaerloverx Melissa eu não falo inglês

  61. Melissa Rensen

    Melissa Rensen4 年 前

    @Jessica Sete i from dutch yes she;'s dead

  62. Melissa Rensen

    Melissa Rensen4 年 前

    Where is Simone?

  63. Tristan Seto

    Tristan Seto3 年 前

    She was sick here.

  64. J J

    J J3 年 前

    +Tramya Adams this was before her suicide.

  65. Jimbo Rasp

    Jimbo Rasp4 年 前

    Finally Paula does the "who you?" part

  66. sarah germano

    sarah germano4 年 前

    @Jimbo Jub your commet is funny

  67. Ward Masre

    Ward Masre4 年 前

    where's Simone.....:/?

  68. Makaila Bailey

    Makaila Bailey2 年 前

    she killed herself .

  69. Makaila Bailey

    Makaila Bailey2 年 前

    she killed herself .

  70. Emma Bampton

    Emma Bampton3 年 前

    She was sick, this performance happened before she passed away.

  71. Lenette Andrea

    Lenette Andrea3 年 前

    +Omar T do your research this was before she died because the girl with the hair cut her hair was growing back when Simone died

  72. Aaron Barry

    Aaron Barry4 年 前

    +Jasmyn Lyons Because I served someone the facts, you think it's alright to tell me to shut up? GRL was my favourite up and coming band. This was meant as no disrespect 👀👀👀

  73. Andy walker

    Andy walker4 年 前

    Were is Simone ?????????????

  74. María Nuñez

    María Nuñez4 年 前

    +akiong lim she was sick

  75. akiong lim

    akiong lim4 年 前

    +Tramya Adams she no died. she dead 14 Sept 2014

  76. jessica santos

    jessica santos4 年 前

    +NatureKitten :((((

  77. Warriorfarts123321

    Warriorfarts1233214 年 前

    She hung herself

  78. NatureKitten

    NatureKitten4 年 前

    @Anna walker She was sick during this performance, but now, she has passed away

  79. irene

    irene5 年 前

    where's Simone?????

  80. Tristan Seto

    Tristan Seto3 年 前


  81. Bernadette Williams

    Bernadette Williams5 年 前


  82. MrFumseck

    MrFumseck5 年 前

    @Bernadette Williams No !! For this performance she is alive. But she was sick

  83. MrFumseck

    MrFumseck5 年 前

    @Egirl No !! For this performance she is alive. But she was sick

  84. Bernadette Williams

    Bernadette Williams5 年 前

    She passed away i am so freakin sad i love her why did she do that

  85. Tayla Parkinson

    Tayla Parkinson5 年 前

    She died Lani..

  86. Mel

    Mel5 年 前

    I know. i think with 5 they are sing the most beautiful exspecially Simone. she had power in her voice. And with 4 girls I think that's nothing...

  87. thee_lostboy

    thee_lostboy5 年 前

    I guess i read your comment differently than what you meant to say, I thought you were trying to make a joke about her passing To me the group won't feel the same as a quartet going forward, Simone definitely brought a little more life to their performances

  88. Mel

    Mel5 年 前

    Yes I now but (Im sorry my English is very bad I'm Dutch) that's not what I mean. She say that she was ill and she didn't come. Did you know what I write?xx

  89. thee_lostboy

    thee_lostboy5 年 前

    You do realize this performance was before she passed on right? She just wasn't there to perform with them

  90. Mel

    Mel5 年 前

    @azurita92 no that isn't

  91. Lans Evans

    Lans Evans5 年 前

    where's simone?

  92. Zoie perkins

    Zoie perkins3 年 前

    she was sick when they performed this.