1. carl from state farm

    carl from state farm日 前

    You know she kind when her shirt says it

  2. 50 Canadians

    50 Canadians日 前

    Her room chill af

  3. The Random

    The Random日 前

    At 12:23 theres a blue light in the top right corner

  4. Ryder Silbe

    Ryder Silbe日 前

    It is 12 am not pm

  5. Devin Pasco

    Devin Pasco2 日 前

    Great video, but who buys a Google Chromecast and then an Amazon Echo???

  6. Olivia Smith

    Olivia Smith3 日 前


  7. Gaming Cuber

    Gaming Cuber5 日 前

    12:05 he said 12:00pm but I think he mean 12:00am

  8. salt soldier

    salt soldier5 日 前

    the end result sucks im sorry guys but you are so bad a interior design

  9. CassieNicole

    CassieNicole6 日 前

    They need to close that door letting all the air out😒

  10. Florimar Bermudez

    Florimar Bermudez6 日 前

    Honestly I understand when people just walk away, cause to me at college so many people just start with normal questions, and one time it ended with some people telling me I'm going to hell, cause I'm pro choice sooooo🤷

  11. Ceren Us

    Ceren Us6 日 前

    That's cute af

  12. Liz Kockelman

    Liz Kockelman6 日 前

    I wish that was me.

  13. Qyuan Pan

    Qyuan Pan6 日 前

    It’s gonna suck for her when she moves out of her dorm

  14. Natti 432

    Natti 4326 日 前

    I like how her shirt at the end said *kind*

  15. The Dooon’t

    The Dooon’t7 日 前

    I would say I feel bad for the people in the dorms around her but then I remembered, college students don’t sleep.

  16. selam G

    selam G7 日 前

    Ya all deserve a like

  17. Saffin Alimamy

    Saffin Alimamy7 日 前

    12:03 - It's 12 AM, not 12 PM, sorry, OCD kicking in

  18. DJ the king

    DJ the king8 日 前

    Dude at 2:08 sounded like fazerug 🤣

  19. Itz Niyah !

    Itz Niyah !8 日 前

    i feel so happy for her 🥰🥴 .

  20. Will White

    Will White8 日 前

    I challenge you to build furniture in the back of a van

  21. schuuichiminamino

    schuuichiminamino8 日 前

    I made a sandwich to my friend's friend during a sleepover in the next day. Can I get something? haha

  22. Timati games

    Timati games8 日 前

    You wrote 12pm lmao it was supposed to be 12am

  23. firas abdulhalim

    firas abdulhalim8 日 前

    Even her shirt says kind

  24. ubuntu

    ubuntu9 日 前

    what kind of dorm has a mf kitchen and living like what

  25. Ivy Poison

    Ivy Poison9 日 前

    Get work..so nice. Ok me next...LoL

  26. Airtimers

    Airtimers9 日 前

    In my country dorms are re-registered every year.now imagine trying to take all this things around

  27. SB4L MythicalGoatYT

    SB4L MythicalGoatYT10 日 前

    He said 12 pm but it’s 12 am

  28. Grayson Sadler

    Grayson Sadler11 日 前

    Who else watched the ad and held there breath then quit when they said MIKE BLOOMBERG!!!😂😵😤🤮

  29. Daniel Arriola

    Daniel Arriola12 日 前

    Is that cj so cool

  30. Siarne Aylah Hilll

    Siarne Aylah Hilll12 日 前

    Anyone realise that your not aloud holes in the wales

  31. Novvember Vibe

    Novvember Vibe13 日 前

    no! you guys got the insignia soundbar! That one sucks

  32. Daniel Cull

    Daniel Cull14 日 前

    they didnt pick the nicest person, they picked the prettiest person

  33. Nova

    Nova15 日 前

    Holy that place was so depressing before.

  34. Not Bkirk123

    Not Bkirk12315 日 前

    RIP their security deposit

  35. MemeLover

    MemeLover16 日 前

    This is how PUBG players feel they get their chicken dinner

  36. Puff Daddy

    Puff Daddy17 日 前

    Must be staged, 15 minutes on a college campus and not one person hitting a juul

  37. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah17 日 前

    Depot add I got tommy hahahah

  38. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah17 日 前


  39. Gucci Narwhal

    Gucci Narwhal17 日 前

    Wait it was 6:17 not 6:15 😐

  40. Gavin Williams

    Gavin Williams18 日 前

    Where is this?

  41. Hassaan Mufti

    Hassaan Mufti19 日 前

    Who else saw that at night it said 12 pm lol

  42. Zakiya Slater

    Zakiya Slater19 日 前

    Conan was the first celeb to do this.

  43. Engraved Roblox Asian

    Engraved Roblox Asian19 日 前

    Ah, yes bills bills bills and more bills.

  44. Raquel D.

    Raquel D.21 日 前

    I love that many of the strangers that you guys find are already about being positive, helpful, open etc.... Her shirt had "Open Mind, Open Heart" and the other one had "Kind" on it. What you throw out, you attract. So cool!!! Now, can you guys come to Jersey so I have the chance of meeting you??? LOL :) @YesTheory

  45. Reo M

    Reo M22 日 前

    14:57 Gary v is there snd he looks so young

  46. sweiland75

    sweiland7524 日 前

    It's confusing how Americans use the words college and university interchangeably. Here in Canada, they are two distinct entities.

  47. Jeni Hall

    Jeni Hall21 日 前

    Same in England




  49. yohenba luwangcha

    yohenba luwangcha26 日 前

    Kindest thing a friend recently done for me was travelling with me ( voluntarily)for 2 sleepless night @ a remote area far from city...350km up down for an entrance exam for me...but for him it was jus to give company...

  50. Katie Price

    Katie Price27 日 前

    The nicest thing someone has done recently for me was Yesterday, my best friend sent me £100 without telling me because she knew I was struggling with my bills ❤️ she’s the best.

  51. Lenny Nesp

    Lenny Nesp28 日 前

    Daaaammmnnnn 😍😍😍😍

  52. Bijan Mustard

    Bijan Mustard29 日 前

    12:03 IT SHOULD BE 12 AM NOT PM

  53. Cesar Silva

    Cesar Silvaヶ月 前

    8:40 "I have a boost of energy" proceeds to wipe nose👃🏻

  54. julie regnier

    julie regnierヶ月 前

    J ai adoré cette vidéo ! Kourtney es aussi jolie a l extérieur qu a l intérieur, quelle magnifique jeune fille. The decor is awesome, you killed it Guys 👏👍

  55. Sport and toy World

    Sport and toy Worldヶ月 前

    Destroy peoples cars then giving them ferrari pls. Give me a shout out

  56. Nancy Brand

    Nancy Brandヶ月 前

    Anyone realised that even her shirt says "kind"?

  57. Bibo & Helmi

    Bibo & Helmiヶ月 前

    Guys let me tell u something about you If u ever watched JPreporter like omg what a information

  58. Diana Zhanay

    Diana Zhanayヶ月 前

    I swear I just watched theist 5 videos with you guys either taking strangers on a random adventure with y'all or doing something nice/kind for/with a stranger and I kid you not, I just realized this whole time I had a smile on my face. My cheeks hurt from smiling lol Keep it up guys! This is truly inspiring!

  59. Pilot Bravo

    Pilot Bravoヶ月 前

    Someone’s gonna go and rob her with all this attention lool

  60. Abhishek

    Abhishekヶ月 前

    At the end of the video Okay so its 50 thousand bucks !!

  61. Eric Ahumada

    Eric Ahumadaヶ月 前

    That living room is gonna heat up quick lmfaoo