PewDiePie! - We built you a gaming PC!


  1. John Ashley

    John Ashleyヶ月 前

    Linus: "those celebrity PCs... and takes a freekin year to build it" *Jayztwocents has boarded a plane to British Columbia*

  2. Brian Griffin

    Brian Griffin3 日 前

    @Notpoop Just a year old, it's not like you'd throw it away woukd you?

  3. Jean Mesa

    Jean Mesa7 日 前

    Fuck Jay & his digressions - fucking bozo! Let’s go Linus show em how to do this shit!!!

  4. Swathi Mano

    Swathi Mano7 日 前

  5. OmegaJax

    OmegaJax28 日 前


  6. syphax08

    syphax08ヶ月 前


  7. gordanzzzz

    gordanzzzz13 時間 前

    Build a pc 4 a milliner because there is no pour people U can build 4. Fucking idiots

  8. Personal Nemi

    Personal Nemi20 時間 前

    Soo... I didn't realize the creeper had the form of a penis until now. Thanks Linus. Nice case.

  9. The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con

    The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con日 前

    * grabs wallet * how much

  10. Lil Pawpi

    Lil Pawpi日 前

    This cannot go to fed-ex

  11. lol

    lol日 前


  12. Gaming For Live

    Gaming For Live日 前

    make a software that detects explosions gets the had up and pull it than down (all for current spike :))

  13. FineSniper 2188

    FineSniper 2188日 前

    I like it how everyone is getting new stuff during quarantine and I have to sell stuff to stay on my feet. Sadly I had to say bye to my computer and Xbox

  14. Archer Jr

    Archer Jr2 日 前


  15. Born Prime

    Born Prime2 日 前

    bruh i have nothing to play on :(

  16. Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhanmad

    Abdul Wahab Ghulam Muhanmad2 日 前

    Imagine if the creeper came to life and did it's job (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1342">22:22</a>)

  17. S E A N

    S E A N2 日 前

    Imagine if pewds download RTX on minecraft And Creeper PC explode

  18. Χ Σ

    Χ Σ2 日 前

    Come on! It is clearly a dick with a face and two balls

  19. Keylem

    Keylem3 日 前

    Pewdiepie: *unboxing the pc* the pc: *makes creeper sounds* also the pc: *explodes*

  20. Chris Puhara

    Chris Puhara3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> A Creeper PEZ Dispenser

  21. William Lazenby

    William Lazenby4 日 前

    That would make your blood curdle... Clot?

  22. oli saer

    oli saer4 日 前

    plot twist: It's actually a manual bomb.

  23. TuanVN 2007

    TuanVN 20074 日 前

    aw man

  24. Vidonicle

    Vidonicle4 日 前

    custom pcs just went to a new level

  25. Callum_Spotting

    Callum_Spotting4 日 前

    Creeper...Awww man

  26. _noel24k

    _noel24k5 日 前

    so bad that he hasnt seen this video

  27. Joel Gamer

    Joel Gamer5 日 前

    can u make me a gaming pc i am ur big fun

  28. TheRockerRomeo

    TheRockerRomeo6 日 前

    I am not a celebrity, but i love gaming. I can't afford high end gaming stuffs. Why dont you guys make a pc for me?

  29. Ethan Cotton

    Ethan Cotton6 日 前

    Anyone else hate having a flaccid creeper?

  30. Turtlez 2020

    Turtlez 20206 日 前

    Linius: how did you like the computer? Pewdiepie: MY HOUSE IS A CRATER NOW!!!!!

  31. Regonate aykra

    Regonate aykra6 日 前

    Great video, can you make one for me? xoxo

  32. F34R_Shusty

    F34R_Shusty7 日 前

    Aww man

  33. HWKZ

    HWKZ7 日 前

    aw man

  34. Elishah Martinez

    Elishah Martinez7 日 前

    When you file on metal, use a little oil so the metal sticks to the oil and doesn't get loose in the machine. Then Clean after filing.

  35. Khenn Chann

    Khenn Chann7 日 前

    damn, i wish they build me a gaming pc even if its lower tier

  36. Noah Green

    Noah Green7 日 前

  37. 258hunterkill

    258hunterkill7 日 前

    I love how old man Linus just start telling gpu horror stories in the middle of the vodeo

  38. Anish Alle

    Anish Alle8 日 前

    those 2 sticks of ram are worth 3 times more than my entire pc.

  39. Gamer Game's Game

    Gamer Game's Game8 日 前

    Hacksmith are 99.99% accurate

  40. M3rg3 Gaming

    M3rg3 Gaming8 日 前

    If I were to ever make a pc without worrying about money, I would love to make it server running type. So that it can run a full server for a game with 500 players, play the best of the best games at atleast 90 fps and stream and record at the same time very very smoothly at really good quality. I don't such a pc exists lmao, but if it does, that's like a gamer dream, anyone else agree?

  41. im frank

    im frank8 日 前

    no link for pewdiepie's reaction?

  42. Thomas St. Amour

    Thomas St. Amour8 日 前

    If the pc crashes when you pop up the head isn't it a feature like pls: "Please don't pop the creaper head" and then he looses all of his footage?

  43. Jean Mesa

    Jean Mesa8 日 前

    The guy in back is just looking over at the camera hoping it pans over like he has something to say 😂😂😂

  44. Feri Doang

    Feri Doang7 日 前

    indeed haha

  45. ArEa

    ArEa8 日 前

    The real question is... Does it explode like a creeper🤔

  46. zenixlo

    zenixlo8 日 前

    who else is looking for pewdiepies comment?

  47. Digit

    Digit9 日 前

    I got a Linus advertisement when I clicked on this video

  48. David MacKirdy

    David MacKirdy9 日 前

    He's seen a lot of things

  49. Owen O’Donnell

    Owen O’Donnell9 日 前

    But the real question is what is the recommended amount of dedotaded wam to run a server

  50. Spiros

    Spiros9 日 前

    That guy at the back staring once in a whileXD

  51. Ermal Smajli

    Ermal Smajli9 日 前

    Linus have seen things folks👀!

  52. G2G TV

    G2G TV9 日 前

    Why does this remind me of a how I met your mother episode

  53. 21 Productions

    21 Productions9 日 前

    How much does this cost?

  54. The Anton Channel

    The Anton Channel9 日 前


  55. Mat Kim

    Mat Kim9 日 前

    hears a boom at pewds house

  56. Richard Hirsch

    Richard Hirsch9 日 前


  57. Tomdudecool

    Tomdudecool10 日 前

    They never do put the link in the description do they?

  58. ElektrikOkapi

    ElektrikOkapi10 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1438">23:58</a> it despawned

  59. Checkertirol

    Checkertirol10 日 前

    is brandon come from austria???

  60. SrelioGo

    SrelioGo10 日 前


  61. Friend

    Friend11 日 前

    This is art

  62. Chase Hotter

    Chase Hotter11 日 前

    What if he made a PP PC

  63. Whiterose

    Whiterose11 日 前

    wheres the bit where the guy presses the button and scares linus

  64. Richard Gregg

    Richard Gregg11 日 前

    May I suggest @linustechtips that you could use panel clips like car manufacturers use to fix plates that would make removing them easier of required without any external evidence.

  65. Magmood Josephs

    Magmood Josephs11 日 前

    The creeper pc is going to blow up

  66. PewDiePieISBetter

    PewDiePieISBetter11 日 前

    C R E E P E R

  67. Royalzombie222

    Royalzombie22211 日 前

    fam gimme one of these. actually no u dont have too. i do really want one but my parents dont wanna spend like 5-6k for one. my birthdays comming up so i hope they get me one

  68. Javoy williams

    Javoy williams11 日 前

    Just wasting money and time as if pewdiepie doesnt already have a good pc

  69. Blueboy69

    Blueboy6911 日 前


  70. RekhArt DawN

    RekhArt DawN12 日 前

    its a transformer penis

  71. Joey Godsey

    Joey Godsey12 日 前

    This channel is like PC building in creative mode if it were Minecraft.

  72. Joey Godsey

    Joey Godsey12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> KNIFE PARTY shirt FTW!

  73. Brett Goldsmith

    Brett Goldsmith12 日 前

    fun fact about solenoids: when you first turn them on they draw an infinite amount of current for a hypothetical infinitely short period of time

  74. uMad bro

    uMad bro12 日 前

    HAHAHA! he cannot add the usb pcie for the vive trackers! XD

  75. Quinten Reimer

    Quinten Reimer12 日 前

    I can't believe it broke in shipping, oh yeah spoiled alert.

  76. Dude I got food 2

    Dude I got food 24 日 前

    Wait really?

  77. LJ L

    LJ L12 日 前

    When you are putting a sticker on your lego set <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1220">20:20</a>

  78. isidown

    isidown12 日 前

    Front: creeper pc Side: pp pc

  79. Eviolus -

    Eviolus -12 日 前

    Does Pewdiepie even use the PC?

  80. Feri Doang

    Feri Doang7 日 前

    nope, i guess

  81. Grape Tree

    Grape Tree13 日 前

    You should’ve made a feature that if someone kicks the computer it blows up for that extra realism

  82. KryptexZ

    KryptexZ13 日 前

    who else is looking for pewdiepie in the comments

  83. Charlie Chicken

    Charlie Chicken13 日 前

    Now build a pc that has a CPU with 420GHz of power, a PSU or battery with 420 gigawatts of energy, 420 Yottabytes of RAM, an HDD with 420 Yottabytes of storage, and a GPU with 420GHz of power.

  84. Arber _D

    Arber _D13 日 前

    to be an actual Minecraft creeper computer it has to have 1 stack of ram

  85. weeb

    weeb13 日 前

    I think Linus should build me a pc...

  86. BlackPink No.1

    BlackPink No.113 日 前

    Imagine spending all this time and money for a guy who just featured it for 5 minutes along with some memes and won't even use it

  87. grelliz

    grelliz13 日 前

    imagine if they made the creeper pc an official pc and made the Minecraft pc's company

  88. CJ and TOMMY

    CJ and TOMMY13 日 前

    linus tech tips you have to many pc i need a pc i have a old 32 bit pc pls brio i need one