Pet crow acts like a Dog!


  1. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs7 ヶ月 前

    The bowl was just put there for her to have a drink of water after her snack. In other videos we show our birds having baths in bigger bowls. Also we do not clip her wings at all. Her tail feathers have not developed properly and cannot fly well enough.

  2. Cool Calm Cam

    Cool Calm Cam4 ヶ月 前

    In a different video, they explained that Maple was rescued as a chick. Something unfortunate happened to her family and she was dumped from her nest at a young age and was injured. So this kind couple rescued her and nursed her back to health. Unfortunately, because she was rescued and did not have parents proper, she would be unable to hunt and survive on her own. Not to mention, due to her injuries as a chick, her tailfeathers do not grow in properly so she is unable to fly properly.



  4. Rachel Delage

    Rachel Delage7 ヶ月 前

    Crows are very smart creatures!

  5. HashSlinging Slasher

    HashSlinging Slasher7 ヶ月 前

    I don’t know why but my parakeet can’t fly well and I think all her feathers are developed but she used to get bullied by the other parakeet Tianna to the point I had to separate them Tianna flies fine but Dove doesn’t she tries to fly and falls to the ground and she throws up when she eats i don’t know what to do for her

  6. HashSlinging Slasher

    HashSlinging Slasher7 ヶ月 前

    She’s so beautiful can you please give her a kissy for me

  7. Nastia

    Nastia7 日 前

    Omg you're so lucky I love crows so much!!!!

  8. outermost outermost

    outermost outermost7 日 前

    I had a crow for years it had a broke wing and it never healed Right and could never fly far so it stayed with us and it was great lived out side in Summer and in side in winters and sing to my daughter evey time he seen her he love my daughter and would get so mad if she did say hi to her or fuss over her it was crazy

  9. Agent Kansas632

    Agent Kansas6329 日 前

    Wish I had a bird that did that

  10. ShortCake V.

    ShortCake V.9 日 前

    Nice doggo ya got there. Pretty shiny too.

  11. Iron Pen

    Iron Pen10 日 前

    Meeple is a very smart human

  12. spencethegreat38

    spencethegreat3813 日 前

    So rad!!! Crows are so cool!

  13. JailBreak Overlander

    JailBreak Overlander13 日 前

    Thats awesome. Does she talk??

  14. Angiel Stahley

    Angiel Stahley14 日 前

    Crow are super smart!

  15. Made in Memes

    Made in Memes15 日 前

    I like crow

  16. Michael Quebec

    Michael Quebec18 日 前


  17. Bert Smith

    Bert Smith20 日 前

    Maple is the perfect name for her

  18. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs20 日 前

    Glad you like it, Bert!

  19. Brian McNeil

    Brian McNeil22 日 前


  20. Agent Kansas632

    Agent Kansas63222 日 前

    So was she a baby or did you rescue her?

  21. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs22 日 前

    We rescued her when she was a very young chick!

  22. Hi Hello

    Hi Hello22 日 前

    What can I feed the crows

  23. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs22 日 前

  24. Juan Tapia

    Juan Tapia23 日 前

    Such a bad ass animal/bird, I’m in love with crows

  25. GlitterZombi Chronicles

    GlitterZombi Chronicles23 日 前

    Her nickname should be skypuppy. She’s such a cutie pie!

  26. Galaxy Sparks

    Galaxy Sparks23 日 前

    Maple is best bird ❤

  27. Tino

    Tino23 日 前

    I think crows are some of the most amazing birds out there. In the wild, it's like they have their own society, with a justice system and all. They recognize threats and remember said threats for years, and usually can teach each other about the threat another might possess. But they also remember the good and friendly encounters, meaning that unusually friendly animals and kind humans can have some amazing interactions with wild crows. They even have funerals and full blown investigations when a fellow crow dies!

  28. goaty mcgoatface

    goaty mcgoatface23 日 前


  29. Without Name

    Without Name24 日 前

    Crow the first animal that helping humans in past LOL

  30. tixximmi1

    tixximmi124 日 前

    I can see it now. In ten years Hollywood will give up their tiny dogs and they will all have their pet crows. You started something.

  31. janwelsman

    janwelsman24 日 前

    A jackdaw has adopted me. Not idea it’s gender: been with us coming up 3 months. Jack is not able to fly up, only glide. He is nervous, and in the garden spends his time between searching for food or sitting on top his parrot cage. When it’s dark he gets inside and I bring him in. Neighbourhood cats have expressed interest but he fast silent runner and gets in small spaces, but I try to avoid this risk at night.

  32. Viktor Manasijev

    Viktor Manasijev24 日 前


  33. TAD 1

    TAD 124 日 前

    Birds. I love them.

  34. util2

    util224 日 前

    This dog is as sweet as my cat !

  35. Thutruth ght

    Thutruth ght24 日 前

    My crows like peanuts in the shell and most table scraps. Luv this petting video! 😍

  36. petejanett pittman

    petejanett pittman24 日 前

    Maple is so cool...

  37. James Nakasone Huang

    James Nakasone Huang24 日 前

    Love them dearly too ..often feed them ..

  38. MrAt0g

    MrAt0g25 日 前


  39. John Rhey Pena

    John Rhey Pena25 日 前

    Looks like itachi crow

  40. Brien Rice

    Brien Rice25 日 前

    I think your wife is beautiful.

  41. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs22 日 前

    Thank you.

  42. Steve Ryan

    Steve Ryan25 日 前

    That's pretty cool!

  43. Thomas Dickensheets

    Thomas Dickensheets25 日 前

    Does the crow bark??

  44. Tye Curtis

    Tye Curtis25 日 前

    Cowboy really enjoyed the video.

  45. Tab Creedence

    Tab Creedence25 日 前

    So this is Maple Story

  46. Mark M

    Mark M25 日 前

    Why do you never see a crow on the road? Because his friends are sitting on the power lines yelling "Car! Car!"

  47. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs22 日 前


  48. Easy D

    Easy D25 日 前

    Kindness to all of God’s creatures. Wonderful!

  49. Sola Sistim

    Sola Sistim25 日 前

    I needed to watch this ♡

  50. Ringo Dallas

    Ringo Dallas25 日 前

    Your connection with this little darling is beautiful. Praise God

  51. Able Eid

    Able Eid25 日 前

    Crows are very smart and have their own social laws , they are married to only one and they do not cheat , they are very affectionate and loyal , people usually hate them unjustly .

  52. Melanie Smith

    Melanie Smith25 日 前

    She is very sweet and looks very shiny and healthy. It looks like she is trying to make a bird bath out of her water bowl

  53. Timothy Gray

    Timothy Gray26 日 前

    Cool vid. Thanks for not adding stupid background music.

  54. Sapphire Spire

    Sapphire Spire26 日 前

    I find it mysterious how animals respond so well to human affection even though they never give or receive it from each other in nature, as far as I know.

  55. Brian Schott

    Brian Schott26 日 前

    Funny to see a bird crave human attention. I find that interesting.

  56. Sassi Katt

    Sassi Katt26 日 前


  57. AaronGoSoFast

    AaronGoSoFast26 日 前

    That's very peculiar. I didn't think crows could ever be that friendly and gentle. I thought they were all ornery.

  58. ilmari93 laaksonen

    ilmari93 laaksonen26 日 前


  59. Evad Sel

    Evad Sel26 日 前

    She’s beautiful

  60. Lizzie The Heretic

    Lizzie The Heretic26 日 前

    Very cute

  61. William Payne

    William Payne26 日 前

    Play fetch???

  62. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs22 日 前

    Maple doesn't but our other crow Peach does!

  63. Devon Watts

    Devon Watts26 日 前

    all animals just want love at the end of the day

  64. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith26 日 前

    Is that an actual pet bird or a wild bird that wants to be a pet when it grows up?

  65. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs22 日 前

    We rescued her when she was a very young chick and raised her. She is imprinted on us.

  66. Floren Baron

    Floren Baron26 日 前


  67. 0819 kobold

    0819 kobold27 日 前

    Thats true love 🥰

  68. Eddie Uchoa9

    Eddie Uchoa927 日 前

    So cute! Regards from Brazil

  69. ross mcgarry

    ross mcgarry27 日 前

    Dear oh dear! This world needs more people like you two absolute saints. I just love seeing people be kind; gentle; thoughtful and considerate to the many animals that surround us every day. They are what make my being alive on this planet, worthwhile. Thank you so very much for being so kind and lovely to this beautiful little girl. (I think she's a girl Crow???)

  70. Troll Hidden Cave

    Troll Hidden Cave27 日 前

    This guy makes his money pawning jewelry the crow brings him.

  71. The Sethioz Project

    The Sethioz Project27 日 前

    crows are probably more intelligent than cats and dogs, teach her some tricks :)

  72. MegaBella2013

    MegaBella201327 日 前

    Crows are intelligent birds.