Pet crow acts like a Dog!


  1. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs3 ヶ月 前

    The bowl was just put there for her to have a drink of water after her snack. In other videos we show our birds having baths in bigger bowls. Also we do not clip her wings at all. Her tail feathers have not developed properly and cannot fly well enough.

  2. Cool Calm Cam

    Cool Calm Cam14 日 前

    In a different video, they explained that Maple was rescued as a chick. Something unfortunate happened to her family and she was dumped from her nest at a young age and was injured. So this kind couple rescued her and nursed her back to health. Unfortunately, because she was rescued and did not have parents proper, she would be unable to hunt and survive on her own. Not to mention, due to her injuries as a chick, her tailfeathers do not grow in properly so she is unable to fly properly.

  3. Lisa Wenzel

    Lisa Wenzel2 ヶ月 前

  4. Rachel Delage

    Rachel Delage2 ヶ月 前

    Crows are very smart creatures!

  5. HashSlinging Slasher

    HashSlinging Slasher3 ヶ月 前

    I don’t know why but my parakeet can’t fly well and I think all her feathers are developed but she used to get bullied by the other parakeet Tianna to the point I had to separate them Tianna flies fine but Dove doesn’t she tries to fly and falls to the ground and she throws up when she eats i don’t know what to do for her

  6. HashSlinging Slasher

    HashSlinging Slasher3 ヶ月 前

    She’s so beautiful can you please give her a kissy for me

  7. Kota Hyatt

    Kota Hyatt2 日 前

    She loves you

  8. pikachu chuuu

    pikachu chuuu2 日 前

    Such a beautiful bird, i head one when i was young 😁 But it was not a crow though but a kauw, smaller version of the family tree

  9. Absolute Bullshit

    Absolute Bullshit2 日 前

    Never seen a dog with a beak and feathers before new breed?

  10. Remas Amr

    Remas Amr3 日 前

    Wow the dog has beaks and wings that's weird and he fly too I never seen dog like that

  11. RandomNix

    RandomNix4 日 前

    she's such a good birb

  12. Savage Eto

    Savage Eto4 日 前

    *Nice cat*

  13. Barry Johnson

    Barry Johnson4 日 前

    Crows are smarter than dogs!

  14. Perry Shooter

    Perry Shooter4 日 前

    Nice birb

  15. Joe Vines

    Joe Vines5 日 前

    This is a friendly crow 😀 I thought they were all mean spirited.




  17. The Oddball7

    The Oddball75 日 前

    "Owen Wilson Pets A Crow"

  18. Jay

    Jay5 日 前

    You mean she is not a dog?

  19. Pale flame

    Pale flame5 日 前

    The comments on this video might be even better than the video it self XD

  20. AHighlanderAndA Hook

    AHighlanderAndA Hook5 日 前


  21. Lightning BoltZ

    Lightning BoltZ6 日 前

    Maple syrup

  22. Xiao-Fury: The Channel

    Xiao-Fury: The Channel6 日 前

    How did you determine her gender? I could never tell male/female crows apart.

  23. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs4 日 前

    We had a DNA test done on her!

  24. The Expats Report

    The Expats Report6 日 前


  25. 911shamrage

    911shamrage6 日 前

    great carer/bird!

  26. Jay R

    Jay R6 日 前

    Who haven't read the story of the Crow putting stones in to the jug (with less water)and making it come up and drink that water.....Now a days we have seen Monkey using Straw to drink water !!!

  27. Sean O.

    Sean O.7 日 前

    This bird would bring me more joy than any dog ever could.

  28. Kopie

    Kopie7 日 前

    Yeah.... Yeah... Gooood…. Good girl! Good girl!

  29. austin hunter

    austin hunter7 日 前

    He looks like a raven because of his beak

  30. Guineapig113

    Guineapig1137 日 前

    This warms my heart in a odd way with your pet cog... or is she a drow?

  31. Nida Chan

    Nida Chan7 日 前

    Omg what a cool dog I wish mine could fly like yours

  32. Jennie Johnson

    Jennie Johnson7 日 前

    she beautiful bless bird from God

  33. janelle ambriz

    janelle ambriz7 日 前

    nice to meet you im the Maple fanclub leader

  34. antonio volpe

    antonio volpe7 日 前

    watch out for cats

  35. idisli keyt

    idisli keyt8 日 前

    Would be cool to see a dog acting like a crow

  36. Joe Vines

    Joe Vines5 日 前

    Sealing things and being obnoxious.

  37. Father Gabriel Stokes

    Father Gabriel Stokes8 日 前

    Intelligent creatures.

  38. Anamaria Zambrano

    Anamaria Zambrano8 日 前

    Puppy bird ☺️

  39. Alex

    Alex8 日 前

    good birb

  40. Diamond dream sensation sensation grooves

    Diamond dream sensation sensation grooves9 日 前

    Maple is too adorable shes looking like I got my food 🖐🖐

  41. morgan priest

    morgan priest9 日 前

    That’s a weird dog you got there

  42. Alex Acquaah

    Alex Acquaah9 日 前

    *i swear I see blue when she blinks her eyes*

  43. Sushi cat_Løve Kitty

    Sushi cat_Løve Kitty9 日 前

    Yuuuu!!!!! CUTE CROW!!!

  44. wisnu yogapraditya

    wisnu yogapraditya9 日 前

    Crow is one of the smartest dogs on earth

  45. Helloiamtengku

    Helloiamtengku9 日 前

    I was born in the wrong generation say the crow

  46. Joel s

    Joel s10 日 前

    Idk why, but this makes me happy

  47. Slavic Logic

    Slavic Logic10 日 前

    W H A T. A. G O O D. B I R D

  48. Inky Drago!

    Inky Drago!10 日 前

    Sooo cute

  49. harry potter fan

    harry potter fan10 日 前

    Crows are so underrated pets😁

  50. Logen Fletcher

    Logen Fletcher11 日 前

    Pretty bird pretty bird 🤣🤣🤣

  51. DarkGoldenDrago

    DarkGoldenDrago11 日 前

    Crow goes bark Dogs goes meow Cats goes moo Cow goes caw

  52. Shanna Sweger

    Shanna Sweger11 日 前

    Pretty bird, pretty bird, oh who's the pretty bird?

  53. Tarek Chamas

    Tarek Chamas11 日 前

    it wants to take a bath fill up a large bowl (not too deep) and watch the fun

  54. Nyrufa

    Nyrufa11 日 前

    That's not a crow, that's a familiar!

  55. Bambo Sunny

    Bambo Sunny11 日 前

    Oh I have a conure. When she puts her back to you, she wants preening. Oh you are 🍀

  56. Bambo Sunny

    Bambo Sunny11 日 前

    I’ve been trying so hard to have more crows visit me. I’ve got two big crow decoys on our fence. Throwing peanuts in their shells (recommendation from a site). Even have a crow caller. No luck. All my life I have admired and been awed by crows. Any advice?

  57. Bambo Sunny

    Bambo Sunny8 日 前

    RpetsAndUs Oh dear. So this little sweetheart just came to you? Oh crows are dear to my heart. Maple and you are a lucky pair.

  58. RpetsAndUs

    RpetsAndUs9 日 前

    We haven't had much luck with wild crows either!

  59. gillotte

    gillotte11 日 前

    Crows can be very thankful. Befriend and feed wild crows and they might start bringing you gifts in appreciation. :) Shiny things or maybe things they made themselves.

  60. MARIN

    MARIN11 日 前

    Crows are social animals, known for sometimes rewarding people whohave been kind with them.

  61. vodahmiin nonamehere

    vodahmiin nonamehere11 日 前

    Pet the birb

  62. vikas mali

    vikas mali12 日 前

    You have great dog..

  63. Diego Nieto

    Diego Nieto12 日 前

    Cute pet he might protect the house from thieves who knows ?

  64. juniorscab

    juniorscab13 日 前

    aren't dogs the ones who are acting like crows all this time?

  65. shafluky

    shafluky13 日 前

    I wonder what your guys feed it bug or bird food ?🤔

  66. Skirdus

    Skirdus13 日 前

    Your crow is more affectionate towards you than my cat is towards me

  67. Midnightkitty

    Midnightkitty13 日 前

    I think crows are very beautiful and I like seeing them when I'm out for a walk.

  68. vaheena EATER

    vaheena EATER13 日 前

    Who else was waiting for another crow named Syrup to be in the video?

  69. dextor0000

    dextor000013 日 前

    Imagine 10,000 years ago when dogs weren't domesticated and a random wild dog started hanging out with cave people 😂😂😂 Other cavemen : hey that dogs different. I wonder if other dogs would also turn out to be like him.🤔🤔🤔