1. Sara Denio

    Sara Denio6 時間 前

    I wrote an entire note that I'm going to give to my crush tomorrow telling him I like him. We've barely ever talked. We'll see how it goes.

  2. YagNation

    YagNation14 時間 前

    **Still Waiting For A Comment Saying That Someone Has A Crush On This Dude**

  3. epic horse man

    epic horse man2 日 前

    50% of the comments are literally roasting his face

  4. JiMiNs HoE

    JiMiNs HoE3 日 前

    5:19 😭her awwww

  5. Kayliegh Wojcik

    Kayliegh Wojcik3 日 前

    me: im having a good- mikey: HEY HOW ARE U I HOPE U R HAVING A GOOD DAY me: well nvm then lol

  6. Lindsey Cannon

    Lindsey Cannon3 日 前

    holy crap. idk who you are but i am so glad i stumbled upon your channel, because lord jesus has blessed my eyes. you are beautiful 😭😂

  7. Isaiah Panariso

    Isaiah Panariso5 日 前


  8. potatoes potatolife

    potatoes potatolife5 日 前

    Oh god Im way too shy to something like this. Once I tried to tell it anonym from instagram and then the next day he and his friends asked me if it was me and I panicked and I said that I couldnt tricked him well. Then I facepalmed more than I can even count. (We are still in the same class and this confuses me so much. Im trying to get away what happened and try to have other crushes so now I have like 3 crushes help me.)

  9. goodboy apoc

    goodboy apoc6 日 前

    O my gawd u know the problem



    Hi all , I fell in love with the wrong person now i am so sad :( @

  11. Don’t Sub

    Don’t Sub7 日 前

    Well boys I did it I got a girl

  12. Nijii

    Nijii8 日 前

    please stop interrupting every second

  13. juan Barbosa

    juan Barbosa8 日 前

    The girl from 1:19 looks like Jack Jack's babysitter for the incredibles

  14. AloneSiderr

    AloneSiderr9 日 前

    He looks like MMG

  15. JazzÆ Mkç

    JazzÆ Mkç10 日 前

    crush: *gets in a fight* Me: REEEEEEE DONT HURT MY BABY

  16. Mr W0lfy

    Mr W0lfy10 日 前


  17. Trinity Keagan

    Trinity Keagan11 日 前

    I asked my crush out a year after I rejected him We now in a happy relationship And we going strong 😁😁😁😁

  18. Tammy

    Tammy11 日 前

    okay here we go... Mikey, i really like you.....r content! hahaha

  19. Musica Vip

    Musica Vip12 日 前

    Someone help me I'm a female by the way..should I ask my crush if he likes me in person or through text??? I don't know which would be more awkward or more comfortable?

  20. Bakhita Wanjiru

    Bakhita Wanjiru12 日 前

    I like your highlights


    COSAS RANDOM xd16 日 前

    So I played Free fire with my crush and my guy best friend, and I was super mad at my friend bcs I'm suuuper bad in that game (well sometimes) and my crush was theeereeee laughing at meee (although he's super bad too) and now I'm nervous bcs omg idk if he's going to talk to me or um ok I'm stupid sorry

  22. _buffalo_

    _buffalo_16 日 前

    *Literally, I get it. Mostly people think about is looks, they don't look at peoples personality. I See now, this video proves what world we live in. All these thirsty girls in the comments are evidence too*

  23. Nalani Smith

    Nalani Smith16 日 前

    Dude I just told my crush that I liked him and he told me he liked me back!!!!!😁

  24. GOD _ of _ CHICKENS

    GOD _ of _ CHICKENS17 日 前


  25. Harshita Reger

    Harshita Reger17 日 前

    He’s soooooooo CUTE OMG!😂❤️🔪

  26. Vanessa Marcos

    Vanessa Marcos18 日 前

    I remember A boy I didn't like said he liked me. But I didn't like him Now. I. Do. And I'm moving in two weeks- and I just found out 2 weeks ago I like him-

  27. Kace Walker

    Kace Walker19 日 前

    I told a girl I liked her but she has a boyfriend but I had to get it off my chest

  28. cryyume

    cryyume19 日 前

    Men stfu and dont stop all Videos at 3 sec

  29. Kiwi YT

    Kiwi YT20 日 前


  30. gonzalo duran

    gonzalo duran20 日 前

    Outro song

  31. lonely_cat18

    lonely_cat1820 日 前

    His videos is 8k😆

  32. Alice Carr

    Alice Carr25 日 前

    WHAT?! He's probably mid-fortnite game rn...

  33. Otterly pie

    Otterly pie25 日 前

    Me: (*makes a bad joke*) My crush: (*Laughed at my joke*) Me: "𝓞𝓜𝓖 𝓗𝓔 𝓛𝓘𝓚𝓔𝓢 𝓜𝓔~!"

  34. armani vhj

    armani vhj28 日 前

    I love it when they write notes and the they write back saying the like you back😭❤️❤️

  35. kyliee c.

    kyliee c.29 日 前

    1:52 do boys really think that we are that evil?

  36. Pet jeanO

    Pet jeanO29 日 前

    Your face is eye candy

  37. Natalie

    Natalieヶ月 前

    My crushes name is Ethan god dang it

  38. Ioanna Palli*_*

    Ioanna Palli*_*ヶ月 前

    100 likes and I will tell my crush that I like him... It's hard for me but I will do it

  39. Hello People

    Hello Peopleヶ月 前

    I don’t have a realistic crush My crushes are all actors

  40. Matt from Wii Sports

    Matt from Wii Sportsヶ月 前

    *puts blunt in mouth* "what if people say crush because the person crushes their heart from rejection"

  41. You give me anxiety

    You give me anxietyヶ月 前

    5:19 lol so I have a crush on a person in my class and I was just chilling in class and he puts this gum wrapper on my desk... and guess what it said.... you're gay ( rip me )

  42. IAM

    IAMヶ月 前

    I’m not on here some how

  43. Lilly Hawkins

    Lilly Hawkinsヶ月 前

    this called me single in 35 languages

  44. HS_Mef00

    HS_Mef00ヶ月 前

    welp just asked my crush out

  45. josh sobel bmc

    josh sobel bmcヶ月 前

    15 likes I tell my crush I like her

  46. Jayla Higdon

    Jayla Higdonヶ月 前

    "I remember when hugging your crush was a big deal" My crush even looking at me is A BIG DEAL

  47. A Smol Yellow Birb

    A Smol Yellow Birbヶ月 前

    My trans crush who labels themself as gay (they like girls but they identify as both gender) was hugging me and we were hugging eachother tightly on the grass and we put our faces together and he kissed me once or twice, hes such a charming guy but i hope he likes me back :D Edit: he hasnt said anything, i thought hed find me weird because of it, we were literally only friends before it and it got intimate fast, but i dont want to lose them, im okay with being rejected, but i dont wanna lose them as a friend too Edit 2: *DUUUUDES HE SAID YES, I AM COMPLETE* *i love him to the fullest yeet*

  48. Jazzyz Corner

    Jazzyz Cornerヶ月 前

    Omg you look like Harry Potter not to be rude but for reals tho

  49. Shithil Shithil

    Shithil Shithilヶ月 前

    This hairstyle is good.

  50. Mustafa MU

    Mustafa MUヶ月 前

    I am Lonely.

  51. Ami Whitfield

    Ami Whitfieldヶ月 前

    I told my crush I liked him and he started going on a rant of how I shouldn't like him and he was confused so I had to say it like 3 times. Then during class he was staring at me and we made eye contact then started laughing insanely. I don't know if he likes me back or not because he never got the chance to tell me,but according to my dad, since he blushed he likes me back.

  52. Daleth Rios

    Daleth Riosヶ月 前

    I told my best friend I liked her I moved on but we still bestriends more like sisters

  53. Patricia Grooms

    Patricia Groomsヶ月 前

    In our school hugs are basically illegal if you did hug somebody .then you would have to go to the principals office

  54. Mohammad Saleem

    Mohammad Saleemヶ月 前

    Why did i find him so late like this was in my recommendation so late

  55. Konton Sei

    Konton Seiヶ月 前

    He's got a tattoo that says "happiness" 0.0 if that's not the cutest thing in the world I don't know what is... You go Mikey 👏😅👏👏👏 awesome video man

  56. siricalledmeabitch

    siricalledmeabitchヶ月 前

    Help meee! My crush always 'accidently' hugs me around my waist (one arm btw :P) and is making it obvious he likes me but I still don't wanna tell him ahhhh >~

  57. x mystìc melløw x

    x mystìc melløw xヶ月 前

    My crush: *exists* Me: INHALE ALL MY LOVE AND AFFECTION



    Lol first time on your channel... Your cute

  59. AlphaX_FTW Games

    AlphaX_FTW Gamesヶ月 前

    I got my crush By Making a code for her

  60. swєєt pєαch

    swєєt pєαchヶ月 前

    Ik I'm late but my crush waved at my mom then while I was driving away he stared at my car. Uhhhhh. Idk how I feel abt this.