People Finding Secret Hidden Rooms In Their Homes !


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    Azzy do you talk indonesia? Becus i do

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    My dad is the best dad ever

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    Боже, что я только что посмотрел?

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    CCFC are a football team and I support them it stands for Coventry city football club

  7. Sophia Jackson Kenny

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    the ccfc ok note on the wall in the second one stands for Coventry City F.C. It is a football club.

  8. Margaret Foley

    Margaret Foley6 日 前

    I have the same thing outside my room (same as the first one)... it has a window but I can’t see inside... if someone tells me how to put a pic in this, i will

  9. Margaret Foley

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    He’s the best dad ever

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    Yup yup mup mup

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    Love you Azzy

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    I don't have one either

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    I NEVER HAD A SECRET ROOM💢😠 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    You are so cool 😎

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    A storage room behind my mior 😃🙆🍀🍇🏩🎂

  19. rosie siminoff

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    I have a secret room

  20. Nada Abukar

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    I have found secret place in my house and now it's my bedroom

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    *Coriline* *am I a joke to you.*

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    lol the guys face on the newspaper <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="491">8:11</a>

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    Whaaaat om the text thingy it is on danish i mean what the heck bro you talking danish like me

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    U can come to my tree house azzy

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    Oletko suomalainen vai osaatko vain suomea😁

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    Perfect for the coronavirus

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    I’m gonna tell what you’re thinking while reading this comment-: 1st-water is transparent 2nd-you already know that water is transparent 3rd-you will like or dislike this comment during coronavirus 4th-you know it already because it’s corona time! 5th-you can’t breathe when you take out your tongue 6th-you tried to take out your tongue to check if it’s true! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  29. Rachelle Seiber

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    Why are there secret rooms in a hotel and motel

  30. Gacha Berty

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    I have a secret room since at the side of my dresser theirs a handle and if you pull the handle then the dresser openes up into a room

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  33. Lolo Bob

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    I'm moving into a huge mansion from the 1800 and my realter says it has a hidden room!!!

  34. Enache Erika

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    I am Romania I know what it's says

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    Who's whatching this in 2020

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    I have a house with a millions of mirrors

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  39. House With No Rule's

    House With No Rule's17 日 前

    After 28 years they realise there is a secret well

  40. Aiden Lowe

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    Ccfc stands for “Coventry city football ⚽️ club”

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    azzy tho you speak spanish

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    I hav a secret room🏡

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    Do you know Norwegian Cause i know!!!!☺️❤️



    Azzyland :D hide your fooddddd!!!!!!



    Wow I wish I have a secret room for myself cuz my bro always go in my room without asking

  46. Emily Reynolds

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    It would not be a secret if you asked people to remodel it

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    i'm from the fucher

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    There was a book in the world

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> why couldn't my dad be that cool... i always wanted a seceret room

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    Me: I am soo scared of wells glad they don't exist anymore and I can swin in a safe pool. My mom: ohh ok well I used to swim in a well but ok

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    Love you

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    The first video azzy see that he’s the best Father in the world but no that’s not true Mine is

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    I. want. To. Go. in my room 👽😜😆😇💩🍍 and investigate my. room🌫💧. S.......

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    Wow how did you do.this🏈🐸👶🐻🍈🍈67788884444!!!???

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    If you want a kid azzy you have to marry a man

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    You are the best person in the world I love you so much Azzy

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    In <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="565">9:25</a> I think that’s some crazy person lived there and then found that and till this day he or she still live there

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    I want a secret room

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    @Azzy make a video of tree-house

  63. Llamacorn Sisters

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    Who's watching this in 2020 and saw the last secret room and was like if they really did stock it up with caned food they could tell the future

  64. Charla Hobson

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    I wanted a secret room when I was 5 but I had a idea I used a closets

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    You are so pretty and do you take fan mail

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    You are so pretty

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    Asst you are ssssoooo pretty you are not I am your biggest fan

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    Azzy my Girl can you please give me a faver and make me the Bigs friend if you whnt to know i am a Big fan of your videos so can you send me a friend rqst that will be nice ☺☺

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    I have been watching your videos for a while and they are very

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    I dont like mirrors im scared of them.😳😂😅😨

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    Azzy: I want a secret room Me: I have a secret room Azzy: I WANT ONE!!! Me: builds secret room Azzy: it's small Me: you are small Azzy: oh right

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    Roses are red Vilotes are blue I love azzyland Wat about u

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    I think that the old war shelters are hiding every where my dad said that his friend bought a house and he found an old war shelter in his back garden he could have used that for like a game room invite your friend round

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    I want to secret hideout I will keep all my stuff in there

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    Waarom is de titel nederlands

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    Or towl