People Finding Secret Hidden Rooms In Their Homes !


  1. Vic Ferrante

    Vic Ferrante日 前

    Umm why was the kid holding a red balloon ;-;

  2. Nave Nairda

    Nave Nairda日 前

    I found a safe in my house but it was not hidden just in a closed closet the real estate agent did not show us!!

  3. Mermaid Netty Betty B

    Mermaid Netty Betty B2 日 前

    My parents got a new house and it has 2 acres and it has 50 acres for public,so there's this legend that the old owner built tree houses within the 2 acres. 1 like=my whole family explores to see if the legend is real or not.Plz make this go viral,I really want to see if the legend is real!

  4. Unspoken One

    Unspoken One2 日 前

    Little Sarah here don't wanna fall down that deep hole now 👧 👗 👠👠

  5. Unspoken One

    Unspoken One2 日 前

    The long hole underground you said might be a well PROBABLY might have been the well a 2 or 3y old fell down I'm not quite sure tho😮

  6. Dee whatever

    Dee whatever6 日 前

    No molly is 520

  7. Laylaroblox 19

    Laylaroblox 196 日 前

    They are 10 million of us ...

  8. Cool Crew

    Cool Crew7 日 前

    This scares me before bed please put a warning on it please🙏 I love you Assy

  9. Slayd 71-

    Slayd 71-7 日 前

    Azzy he should have space for u In there we azzylanders will defend u at all cost .

  10. Heather Hickman

    Heather Hickman7 日 前

    The first little kid has a i phone like what why

  11. Madison Taylor

    Madison Taylor7 日 前

    My closest is my nook to play minecraft

  12. Mominz Majid

    Mominz Majid8 日 前

    Make it a safe room bruh u see ow muck it will help just chill there for fourth seven years with everything you need

  13. Emily L

    Emily L8 日 前

    its coraline

  14. f0rl0rn synth

    f0rl0rn synth8 日 前

    Dont press read more

  15. ero chicken

    ero chicken10 日 前

    This is how many times she interrupts the video

  16. Charlotte Henderson

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  17. Lily Wolf

    Lily Wolf13 日 前

    Azzy I'm a scared cat to we're not along Like if your the same

  18. Miranda Boon

    Miranda Boon14 日 前

    Jij bent neederlants

  19. Pernille Svensbråten

    Pernille Svensbråten15 日 前

    Er du fra Norge

  20. Lilliana Vaccaro-Blaskiewicz

    Lilliana Vaccaro-Blaskiewicz15 日 前


  21. Cheyenne Parker

    Cheyenne Parker15 日 前

    true story I went to my friends new home and she showed me around and she said to never to the attic. I asked why and she said there was a creepy painting. I took it down because she wanted me to because she was scared I found a secret room

  22. Carla Henstock

    Carla Henstock16 日 前

    My mom tells me the door in my room is an attic space.. I don’t think it is!

  23. thetravelgirl !!

    thetravelgirl !!18 日 前

    Azzy: I hope he can fit all the azzylanders in there Me: he can fit 10.2m people in there? Wow it must be Ronnie that’s bigger than the main room in the titanic!!!

  24. Popping Candy17

    Popping Candy1719 日 前

    Mine has a secret room, in my room if I stand on my bed and push on the ceiling there is a tiny trap door

  25. Amanda Bayne

    Amanda Bayne19 日 前

    Turn on scary cat

  26. Adam brce

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  27. Sia Papadopoulou

    Sia Papadopoulou21 日 前

    Why are you write greek? Me i am greek you too?

  28. Super Chis

    Super Chis21 日 前

    i rented a place without viewing it first. i do regret it. i have no fun secrets. just alot of things that need reparing/replacing

  29. Vidar Gustafsson

    Vidar Gustafsson22 日 前

    Are you Swedish? Är du svensk? Do a video den u talk Swedish Gör en video när du pratar svenska

  30. em-nizzle

    em-nizzle23 日 前

    Poison show how do you know it's poison does it say poison sticker on it

  31. em-nizzle

    em-nizzle23 日 前

    How does he know it's poison that's a great question I think if he drunk it he will die so I think and he did drink it or no because then he would die but I just really think that is it poison

  32. Vozart

    Vozart24 日 前

    ccfc stands for Coventry City Football Club

  33. Hamna Kamran

    Hamna Kamran26 日 前

    How much did you talk plz don't talk to much

  34. Gaia Rodriguez

    Gaia Rodriguez27 日 前

    I did

  35. Demi Avramopoulos

    Demi Avramopoulos27 日 前

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  37. Olivia_Plazs

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    Outfit on fleek

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    I'm a little jelly

  39. Psalmuel Bayta

    Psalmuel Baytaヶ月 前

    We have a secret door

  40. Emma-Rae Lancaster-Newell

    Emma-Rae Lancaster-Newellヶ月 前

    God is a pen azzy is a highliter god drew the world azzy made it brighter like if u love azzy!

  41. Amanda Richards

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  42. Dixie Austin

    Dixie Austinヶ月 前

    I have a friend and he saw u in a bakinie and said an s not and I did eat the hel

  43. Jessica Shackleford

    Jessica Shacklefordヶ月 前

    Hi I have been watching for 4 years

  44. Amaia ZavalA

    Amaia ZavalAヶ月 前

    Like the

  45. Catlover Heart

    Catlover Heartヶ月 前

    😮Wow those secret places were so crazy that I wanted to see some more 🙂

  46. La Banana

    La Bananaヶ月 前

    I live on a hill full of trees and lots of animals come but the scariest thing is a small house not that far from my home and outside are small bottles of votka I never counted them but theres about 20-30 bottles ps. Sorry if I misspeled something

  47. Isabelle Rocks

    Isabelle Rocksヶ月 前

    👕 🙆📣🕥🕘🕥🔍📅📣🕥⏲🕥🕕⏱🔎🕙🔎

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    This is Cate 👶she is a baby This is here through her life 👧 👩 👩‍🎓 👩‍🏫 👵 ☠ She she is dead Idk why i did this

  49. Herrmann puppy

    Herrmann puppyヶ月 前

    Me and my sister have a secrate room but our parents dont no that and we hide all of our secrets in there

  50. noelly86

    noelly86ヶ月 前

    Do you have any?

  51. Layla_ TheDog

    Layla_ TheDogヶ月 前

    The title is on Croatia :O

  52. Alexandra Torgersen

    Alexandra Torgersenヶ月 前

    Are u from Norway?

  53. jayden massey

    jayden masseyヶ月 前

    My aunt has a secret room in her. House

  54. Ryan Ridge

    Ryan Ridgeヶ月 前

    You are my favorite Azzy ❤️❤️❤️

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    Im really happy that I can see your videos

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    Jimmy loves vaping😂

  58. Cole Drueding

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    1st secret has a vape blu pen

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    They all get your tree house

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    Me but i Haven't find any?

  61. Chutamat Yongchaiyut

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    So cool 😎