Pearl Jam - Dance of the Clairvoyants


  1. Kaz G

    Kaz G20 時間 前

    Yeah. Nah

  2. Asia M

    Asia M21 時間 前


  3. Gabriela Petrillo

    Gabriela Petrillo日 前

    System of the jam😆

  4. Kieron bruce Dillon

    Kieron bruce Dillon日 前

    You go you badass!.

  5. Kieron bruce Dillon

    Kieron bruce Dillon日 前


  6. Soul Burned

    Soul Burned日 前

    Why not just listen to 80s new wave or post punk instead of this modern production revival retro crap? That stuff got better atmosphere anyway. At least Alice in Chains still plays alt/metal and grunge music.

  7. Rich Giroux

    Rich Giroux日 前

    Oh how Grunge has changed!!! Love this reinvention!!

  8. Denise Balmain

    Denise Balmain日 前

    Anyone else hear some Nine Inch Nails? No, just me then.....

  9. David Pollak

    David Pollak日 前

    I’m amazed by the greatest band of my life 🙏

  10. J Woodruff

    J Woodruff日 前

    When Pearl Jam leaves Eddie at home and lets Meatloaf front their newest song.

  11. Jeff Sharon

    Jeff Sharon日 前

    This song has a bit of a Muse vibe to it, i dig it!

  12. Stir fry

    Stir fry日 前

    I know girls wanna dance

  13. v i o l e t ;;

    v i o l e t ;;日 前

    Pearl Jam Saved the decade once again

  14. ellenod1982

    ellenod1982日 前

    This is just David Bowie's voice...echoing from the grave.... btw, this is a turd of a song.

  15. Kevin Oleary

    Kevin Oleary2 日 前

    Yeah I do hear the Talking Heads, but at first I thought Roxy Music .... yeah I know I go back 👂👀

  16. Randy White

    Randy White2 日 前

    I’m about to listen to this for the first time

  17. Alex Slater

    Alex Slater2 日 前

    Love it.

  18. Dave Johannes

    Dave Johannes2 日 前

    This is The Talking Heads..... Sorry... I pass..... Don´t like this kind of sound.... So sorry for PJ... It must be this age...

  19. kimjoan212

    kimjoan2122 日 前

    MC is killin it........

  20. synthstatic

    synthstatic2 日 前

    Good lord, What is happening in there???!!!

  21. jay frat

    jay frat2 日 前

    Not their typical sound, but it grows on me the more I hear it.

  22. Sean Swafford

    Sean Swafford2 日 前

    Pearl Jam have had several songs throughout the year that don't have the typical "Pearl Jam sound" This is just a good song.

  23. Joe Cee

    Joe Cee2 日 前

    A little bit like eminence front, but I like it

  24. Zach FakeName

    Zach FakeName2 日 前

    This is like shitty New Order

  25. duranxv

    duranxv2 日 前

    This song is entrancingly shitty. You know it's bad, but you can't stop listening to it til the end. Compared to PJ's better songs, this is a train wreck (although I could name even worse songs they did). Yes, we all know they've been "experimenting." After 20+ years, I think they need to realize that it's time to go back to what made them great in the first place...

  26. Ed D

    Ed D日 前

    I actually didn't mind the ukulele era....

  27. elisabetta arceri

    elisabetta arceri3 日 前


  28. A. W.

    A. W.3 日 前

    New vibe mixed with the old

  29. Brian Robinson

    Brian Robinson3 日 前

    I swear these fuckers are watching me from somewhere. Truman show like, but thank you guys for continuing your love of music. Timing,Lyrics,Music...can u just tell me what I'll be like in 10 years when we get the next album?

  30. Salvatore Riggione

    Salvatore Riggione3 日 前

    When Steve Martin is feeling the rythm in The Jerk.

  31. Federico Studebaker

    Federico Studebaker3 日 前

    Extraordinerrrrr!!!!! Gt+4!!!!!

  32. md

    md3 日 前

    Bravo boys cannot f****** believe how good the song is and where you found the with all to get there. Like K Deals latest, yall should be proud as ever...I'm 50 years in one month...arguably as good as it gets jammers. 'Its got a great beat...and you can dance to it!-FnA

  33. YourStylesGeneric321

    YourStylesGeneric3213 日 前

    He sounds like the lead singer from disturbed and its messing with my mind

  34. Salvia Amador Pérez

    Salvia Amador Pérez3 日 前

    El inicio me recordó a The breeders.

  35. Ms. Holly - Roth

    Ms. Holly - Roth3 日 前

    Ok Eddie... I'm dancing. Which if ya know me is totally understandable - your a very perceptual person. We need more of that.

  36. Nilson Araujo beto

    Nilson Araujo beto3 日 前

    Pearl jam tá vivissimo! Canção totalmente diferente do seu cast... Prova q eles conseguem surpreender

  37. Mike NoGoZones

    Mike NoGoZones3 日 前

    Their best song in a long time

  38. Nicole Johnson

    Nicole Johnson3 日 前

    💃 dance

  39. Nelson

    Nelson4 日 前


  40. Matt Santiago

    Matt Santiago4 日 前

    Took a bit for me to dig this song but I'm there now. Remi ds me of new 80's music from The Who.



    an absolute masterpiece

  42. Lord Silky

    Lord Silky4 日 前

    Sounds like a rip off of the Talking Heads, except the Talking Heads would’ve known this tune is absolute garbage. Pearl Jam even knows this is garbage

  43. Gonzalo Prenollio

    Gonzalo Prenollio3 日 前

    haters gonna hate

  44. Blue Thunder73

    Blue Thunder734 日 前

    David Bowie style.

  45. Lyle-a-Palooza

    Lyle-a-Palooza4 日 前

    Is it just me or does this song gives the System of the Down vibe? Is that the question ? And if so... if so... who answers... who answers...,either way, i'm still alive!!!

  46. Redbush

    Redbush4 日 前

    I was waiting for a couple singles to come out before I listened to this and I’m glad I had waited and gave Super Blood Wolf Moon a listen and come to this. A different sound for sure and a interesting progress in sound. Do the evolution.

  47. Becky Mitchell

    Becky Mitchell4 日 前

    Dude.... Not my pearl jam.

  48. CineTracks

    CineTracks4 日 前

    First time I heard it, I thought it was The Call. His voice makes me think of Michael Been!

  49. anthony smith

    anthony smith4 日 前

    Anybody else think that The Talking Heads were making a comeback the first time they heard this song.

  50. Mark Yang

    Mark Yang日 前

    No wonder it kinda felt familiar and off (having seen the artist name) at the same time 🤓

  51. Wardup04

    Wardup042 日 前

    I replied a few weeks back that this song was like Tragically Hip and Talking Heads had a baby.

  52. Josh Husiar

    Josh Husiar2 日 前

    That's exactly what I thought...

  53. Dimitri Andreiev

    Dimitri Andreiev2 日 前

    Jajajaja. I came here to write the same, because i was whatching few days ago "Stop Makeing Sense".

  54. nikola samarija

    nikola samarija2 日 前

    Thumbs up

  55. A D G

    A D G4 日 前

    Great song a little artistic progress by the band, good to hear

  56. Jeffery Todriff

    Jeffery Todriff4 日 前

    Yes gave me chicken skin goose bumps they call it chicken skin in Hawaii!!

  57. Pablopg7

    Pablopg74 日 前

    reminds me of The Getaway by rhcp

  58. Lulu N Love

    Lulu N Love4 日 前

    +sounds like talking heads rip off

  59. Terry Wade

    Terry Wade日 前

    Lulu N Love true

  60. Lulu N Love

    Lulu N Love日 前

    Terry Wade he'll be alright, he will sit down write another million dollar song that hopefully won't sound like a talking heads rip off ha ha

  61. Terry Wade

    Terry Wade2 日 前

    Lulu I’m working on it, and he ain’t gonna be happy

  62. Lulu N Love

    Lulu N Love2 日 前

    Terry you get me eddies number ill tell him myself,

  63. Terry Wade

    Terry Wade2 日 前

    I’m gonna tell Eddie you said that

  64. Denny Pirzas

    Denny Pirzas4 日 前

    This is not creativity....this is garbage. Trying to sell to a younger crowd.

  65. Diego Delgado

    Diego Delgado3 日 前

    Actually it's pretty creative.... it's not garbage, just diferent. I love more the old songs, but changes ate Gold.

  66. Soël Khan

    Soël Khan4 日 前

    sorry, this is not PJ as i (we like)

  67. Orchid Skie

    Orchid Skie4 日 前


  68. Maud Marie

    Maud Marie5 日 前

    Next song chilled hopfully

  69. warren Thomas

    warren Thomas5 日 前

    Does it get Eddie vedar than this !!!

  70. Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl5 日 前

    Holy Polarization batman!!! Lots of love and hate here, times change and so do musical styles.

  71. Fernando Galeto M R

    Fernando Galeto M R5 日 前

    ...and Frusciante is back!!!

  72. Swordy

    Swordy5 日 前

    this song is god damn awful lol i was very surprised to hear this pop on my spotify. jesus

  73. Francesco D'Andrea

    Francesco D'Andrea5 日 前

    "Superblood Wolfmoon" is not even out yet, and a cover-prediction has been posted here:

  74. Robert JL

    Robert JL5 日 前