Paying Strangers $1,000 To Hit Their Shin With a Scooter


  1. Xp_for_ Gamer

    Xp_for_ Gamer日 前

    Guys you're getting paid here??

  2. sEcReT TJ

    sEcReT TJ日 前

    Is it just me or does he sound like Cleveland for family guy?? 😂 3:30

  3. AndrewBeast

    AndrewBeast日 前

    His reaction at 8:52

  4. jonathan barrera

    jonathan barrera日 前

    The person selling the chains dint know english

  5. Darkness Xsant

    Darkness Xsant日 前

    Fuck you if you don’t give him the 200

  6. 0123xrulez

    0123xrulez日 前

    Dude this video hurts to watch

  7. Hannah Ramsey

    Hannah Ramsey日 前


  8. nathaniel

    nathaniel2 日 前

    Id do it for 60

  9. PeytonHutchinson

    PeytonHutchinson36 分 前

    I'd do it for a quid

  10. S A D Z T B H

    S A D Z T B H2 日 前

    Gave a girl 60$ easily and gave a man in need only 40$?

  11. kboss life

    kboss life2 日 前

    I felt that pain before

  12. rainbow family

    rainbow family2 日 前


  13. rainbow family

    rainbow family2 日 前

    A lot of time I hit my self with the scooter on my xhin

  14. Dappyjr_OwO

    Dappyjr_OwO2 日 前

    This is so funny a 13:53

  15. Sarah Donaldson

    Sarah Donaldson2 日 前

    Do it with a skateboard

  16. It’s your boy hype beast 2009

    It’s your boy hype beast 20092 日 前

    F you

  17. Martin Ruelas

    Martin Ruelas2 日 前

    You need a razor. And its suppose to be in the ankle

  18. Koltyn Penner

    Koltyn Penner2 日 前


  19. Yusra Yusuf

    Yusra Yusuf2 日 前

    I’m i’m liking your video

  20. Kyler Beauch

    Kyler Beauch2 日 前

    Shit ik this is probs and old video but he could hit me in both my ankles for just some merch

  21. Purkr Mrrr

    Purkr Mrrr2 日 前

    you have to get the razor scooters cuz they have the super thin sharp decks

  22. Food Mayberry

    Food Mayberry2 日 前


  23. Peyton Grant

    Peyton Grant2 日 前

    I rode scooters at that beach

  24. ElusiveArson

    ElusiveArson3 日 前

    Weak ass video

  25. Harry Henry

    Harry Henry3 日 前

    Gives out 1000 total to strangers, has 3.5 million views, made 50k 😂

  26. CAILLOU Abascal

    CAILLOU Abascal3 日 前

    Dude waisted a good vid.

  27. Arjun Patel

    Arjun Patel3 日 前

    It's dumb to take advantage of desperate people

  28. Austin McCarthy

    Austin McCarthy3 日 前

    I'm glad i never got tattoos as a teen lol, oof

  29. mFr PhaNTùmee

    mFr PhaNTùmee3 日 前


  30. Ted Benckenstein

    Ted Benckenstein3 日 前

    This is what happens when people get more money then they know how to handle

  31. Sadie Mercedes

    Sadie Mercedes4 日 前

    That man that wanted 1,000 dollars is now a meme to me😂

  32. Supreme254

    Supreme2544 日 前


  33. Food Mayberry

    Food Mayberry2 日 前

    Supreme254 yeah he nailed him so hard (extreme sarcasm)

  34. Emma Bear

    Emma Bear4 日 前

    Why are 7 hang in with zeek

  35. The Slime Sisters

    The Slime Sisters4 日 前

    in the first part of the video the girl with blue hair is my friend

  36. Wildcat 14

    Wildcat 145 日 前

    I’ll do it for 10

  37. Francesca Harris

    Francesca Harris5 日 前

    Why didn’t I go to the beach when he was filming this omg this was mission beach

  38. Ledek

    Ledek5 日 前

    8:02 * internal screaming *

  39. cutdehead on roblox

    cutdehead on roblox6 日 前

    I cant belive i watched u like 5years ago.

  40. ZzxddyTylahhh

    ZzxddyTylahhh6 日 前

    bruh their only hitting the meat part, that shit is nothing. he should be fucking hitting the bone.

  41. Shifted

    Shifted6 日 前

    Man I fucking hate Tanner Fox but this is kind of interesting content.

  42. Elijah Delaney

    Elijah Delaney6 日 前


  43. Elite TNT

    Elite TNT6 日 前

    He’s Houdini 😂

  44. iTezzoFi

    iTezzoFi6 日 前

    You guys are getting paid?!

  45. Andrew Cabus

    Andrew Cabus6 日 前

    That’s mest up

  46. Jenny Sabiers

    Jenny Sabiers7 日 前

    10:43 what song is that?

  47. Anti Septic

    Anti Septic7 日 前

    With that 60 that girl can finally invest in a bra

  48. Sparkz- Blazer

    Sparkz- Blazer7 日 前

    Douche bag 🤣

  49. CSteve

    CSteve7 日 前

    Hit em in the ankle, not the shin. 🤦‍♂️

  50. Cardenas Yasmin

    Cardenas Yasmin7 日 前

    “She’s giving me a piece of string for these knee pads” HAD ME DEAD😂😂 12:08

  51. KazunaiOwO

    KazunaiOwO7 日 前

    i would’ve done for 10


    DOMINOS_ YT7 日 前

    I love this guy that wanted 200 bucks

  53. Exy

    Exy8 日 前

    At least it wasn’t a Razor deck🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  54. Hunter owens5

    Hunter owens58 日 前

    Your so weak but you have a tatoo so your a nerd

  55. Sadie Michele

    Sadie Michele8 日 前

    Ayy my friend is in this vid 😱😊

  56. Yonatan H.

    Yonatan H.8 日 前

    This was a dumb video

  57. Cruz Here

    Cruz Here8 日 前

    Does anyone else think that turner fox is just Jacob sitortius and Justin beiber

  58. Tasso Demo

    Tasso Demo8 日 前

    I was literally about to look this vid up, and it showed up on my “up next”

  59. cribstian gH

    cribstian gH8 日 前

    it’s the ankle yo smh

  60. Payton Sheridan

    Payton Sheridan9 日 前

    The title says it is 1,000 dollars to hit strangers in the shin

  61. Manawa Davidson

    Manawa Davidson9 日 前

    ok i just cringed at that girl tryna show off...

  62. Ghost Khizer YT

    Ghost Khizer YT9 日 前