Pawn Stars: Chumlee and Corey Bet on the Price of a Knife (Season 16) | History


  1. Dany Audet

    Dany Audet時間 前

    Chumlee was right again dont underestimate him!!!

  2. EWLJAY Manlapas

    EWLJAY Manlapas日 前

    Thats just 200 pesos in the philippines worth $4

  3. RC Gamer

    RC Gamer2 日 前

    Who's from the phillipines here

  4. Freddy Pfaffenzeller

    Freddy Pfaffenzeller3 日 前

    Miss the old man...

  5. Daniel Ruvalcaba

    Daniel Ruvalcaba3 日 前

    So funny!!!

  6. eyang7

    eyang73 日 前

    Chumlee and Corey r Hella funny together lol 😂

  7. Final Hour

    Final Hour4 日 前

    Chum would be fired. Red flags everywhere

  8. Lord Butler

    Lord Butler4 日 前

    Why are they so tight it’s not stolen !!

  9. Bhom The Explorer

    Bhom The Explorer5 日 前

    Here in the philippines its just 1000 pesos or 24 dollars

  10. DarknDeed Dean

    DarknDeed Dean5 日 前

    If you think this is how people negotiate in a place of business, I have some magic beans for you.

  11. lone beast

    lone beast5 日 前

    lmao that stupid knife cost around 200 pessos here (5 dollars)

  12. noel

    noel5 日 前

    My uncle has 4 of them

  13. Unknown Critics

    Unknown Critics6 日 前

    I would buy it for 5,000 usd

  14. Frankeulizer

    Frankeulizer6 日 前

    Ph #1

  15. Michael McAlister

    Michael McAlister6 日 前

    Chum is like the street Jonah hill lol

  16. mike rumrill

    mike rumrill6 日 前

    Corey just looks like a shady grimmy a hole..Cabt stand this dude..And his name handshakes..Rick too

  17. Matt castellanos

    Matt castellanos6 日 前

    ChumLee plays the bumbling pawn broker to a T

  18. Megan Ziegler

    Megan Ziegler7 日 前

    Can't stand Corey.

  19. Marvin Lively

    Marvin Lively7 日 前

    Sounds setup

  20. Chris Saucier

    Chris Saucier7 日 前

    Man of his word !

  21. Ed Sheenan

    Ed Sheenan7 日 前

    Thats only 50 pesos to us

  22. My Bean

    My Bean8 日 前

    Why was he rolling that plastic ball up like that?

  23. Daniel Seerattan

    Daniel Seerattan8 日 前

    I got it from a friend who got it from a friend who got it from a friend......😂😂😂

  24. gianni sampo

    gianni sampo8 日 前

    Chumlee wasnt that fat here



    That bolo is not hard to find there are still many here resell it with 25dollars

  26. Rise Kujikawa

    Rise Kujikawa6 日 前

    A bolo that old with history? The 25 dollars are probably for coconuts

  27. Mary Jane

    Mary Jane9 日 前

    Im filipino i think this should be returend to the philiphines

  28. Joe Boshears

    Joe Boshears6 日 前

    My first thought was, "Its a shame they don't return it. That's a big deal to the Philippino people."

  29. Byte Nebula

    Byte Nebula9 日 前

    Dam that dude was controlling the negotiation hella hard

  30. Angry Turtle

    Angry Turtle9 日 前

    Chum has lost a lot of weight Great job chum hope you weight loss goes super well!

  31. Carlo Dave

    Carlo Dave9 日 前

    Weve got a couple of those passed from generation to generation being taken care as a respect to our ancestors who fought for the coutry. I didn't knew til today that it has a value that big

  32. Rebecca Michael

    Rebecca Michael10 日 前

    The dog looks cute in it. Corey … not so much.

  33. saturn D'great

    saturn D'great10 日 前

    Im from Philippines, and my mother’s ancestors were warrioirs of a certain miag-ao tribe. There were tons of these hanging on the walls of my grandfathers house. You could easily get that bolo knife without the label for $20 or less. But with the label, it’ll be priceless and will be taken to museum and It’ll cost alot more than a thousand bucks if you’re really into buying it.

  34. junior ochoa

    junior ochoa10 日 前

    Is that bearded dude his son cuz he acts more like rick than rick 😂

  35. Emy Rahayu

    Emy Rahayu11 日 前

    Indonesian people call it "Parang"

  36. J V T

    J V T12 日 前

    0:21 wtf is this

  37. Rafael

    Rafael12 日 前

    Corey can’t act lol

  38. Kurt Barlow

    Kurt Barlow12 日 前

    I think I just found a new wallpaper for my phone .....

  39. Lolz XL

    Lolz XL12 日 前

    Me trying to start my car: 0:21

  40. Mr. Ayso

    Mr. Ayso13 日 前

    I lived i Philippines and you can find many bolo knifes here and older than that knife you only cost 20$

  41. Axen

    Axen13 日 前

    The sound when i wake up on a cold day, and my car wont start 0:20

  42. Richard Apawan

    Richard Apawan13 日 前

    When i saw that bolo knife I already knew its from philippines

  43. Verne Fits

    Verne Fits13 日 前

    Chumlee is a genious

  44. Johnathon McCarn

    Johnathon McCarn14 日 前

    That picture is worth a 1000 dollars

  45. ZuldaFTW

    ZuldaFTW14 日 前

    That laugh sounds like starting a car engine.

  46. Genco01 Genco

    Genco01 Genco15 日 前

    Chumlee is a legend. Love to see him haha . And yes we miss the old men also.

  47. trail camera guy

    trail camera guy15 日 前

    I want to buy that and i will return here were its belong

  48. Joe Rohle

    Joe Rohle15 日 前

    i feel like people try to take advantage of Chum


    LIKE MY ICE10 日 前

    Chum tryna take advantage of peoples

  50. Tony Casimiro

    Tony Casimiro16 日 前

    You can find old bolos for like 10 bucks

  51. Malcolm Ang

    Malcolm Ang16 日 前

    Lies I'm Filipino and its not so expensive we sell it a lot here in Philippines

  52. Gruuvin1

    Gruuvin116 日 前

    Why would Chum haggle him without first asking an expert? How does he know that thing isn't just a piece of junk with a fake story? Answer: he wouldn't; this 'reality' show is scripted.

  53. yort ollebac

    yort ollebac13 日 前

    You know what? That bolo here in philippines its worth less than 20 dollars.. could it be the history of that bolo worth 1000 dollars.. its hard to say if its real or fake..

  54. The Adventure of Joonanakz

    The Adventure of Joonanakz17 日 前

    In the provinces of Phls. barang is still used cutting trees to make firewoods etc. .

  55. eric Fuchs

    eric Fuchs17 日 前

    So scripted bro

  56. CyberKnight

    CyberKnight17 日 前

    I think this is from Emilio Aguinaldo's time of being president

  57. Probeast Gamezz

    Probeast Gamezz17 日 前

    Proud to be pinoy HAHAHAHA

  58. D CONWAY

    D CONWAY18 日 前


  59. John McKarlo Gagarin

    John McKarlo Gagarin19 日 前

    Here is the philippines i think its worth 25$.😂

  60. Dee B

    Dee B19 日 前

    Im surprised na walang maraming pinoy na nagcocomment 😂

  61. Raul Duke

    Raul Duke19 日 前

    2:37 the exact mannerism as his father .

  62. Kirk Rijo Meringuez

    Kirk Rijo Meringuez19 日 前

    Thats a kookree

  63. Good Time

    Good Time20 日 前

    4$ only

  64. Ben

    Ben20 日 前

    Dam chumlee lost hella weight looked good my man