Pastry Chefs Attempt to Make Gourmet Andes Mints | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. lisa goodstein

    lisa goodstein55 分 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1566">26:06</a> the look of chaotic joy oh my god

  2. Ahong

    Ahong9 時間 前

    "epiC..." "heh.. massively epiC" I will never get over how funny this is

  3. Candice H

    Candice H10 時間 前

    It was Chris.

  4. Adriano Tenorio

    Adriano Tenorio10 時間 前

    "You're day-4-Claire and meanwhile it's minute-40-Brad!" 🤣🤣 Sorry, I just had to come and edit this: their questioning if what the editor tells them what to do is HILARIOUS!! "Oh, that what you do?... Why?... Because we have to do?... (then sighs and move on)

  5. LuLu56

    LuLu5611 時間 前

    I can’t help but notice that Chris is wearing the dark apron...just like the one that got washed with an Andes Mint in it 🤔

  6. shay lɪkes stuff

    shay lɪkes stuff16 時間 前

    *It’s like these two are brothers and they’re trying to recreate their mom’s recipe, although they don’t know anything about cooking* They are just so cool 😭

  7. Gwen Walsh

    Gwen Walsh17 時間 前

    Also, please make more of these collabs. The contrasting energies really make this something special.

  8. Gwen Walsh

    Gwen Walsh17 時間 前

    You guys picked the most difficult way to temper chocolate. Why not just table it?! I know its messy but like... so much less stressful 🙃

  9. Nothing

    Nothing21 時間 前

    I’m here to see who left the Andes mint in Claire’s apron 🤣

  10. The._.Creeper

    The._.Creeper21 時間 前

    It’s okay Claire, we hear ya 😭😭

  11. Michael Lasfetto

    Michael Lasfetto21 時間 前

    If Bon Appétit made an apron or shirt with Brad's face on it that said, "that's what I said", I would buy one for all of my foodie friends and me and get another one for my unborn nephew who is due in August.

  12. Organicyborg

    Organicyborg22 時間 前

    I really want to know what Claire said

  13. Kamryn Noel

    Kamryn Noel23 時間 前

    Brad is like the little brother always “I wanna do it too” while Chris is parenting

  14. Meta Maus

    Meta Maus日 前

    ... I miss Claire.

  15. GtfoTyvm

    GtfoTyvm日 前

    You memein ppl? They still added peppermint extract to the final recipe when they went over in the video use oils for white chocolate.

  16. Josh

    Josh日 前

    Alternate Title: "Brad and Chris attempts to temper chocolate, ends up having Sohla do it"

  17. Henry Jewkes

    Henry Jewkes日 前

    Chris was the Andes Mint Apron culprit!

  18. Breona Taylor

    Breona Taylor日 前

    These two are sooooo freaking funny!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. NappySquirrel

    NappySquirrel日 前

    This is my favorite combo of people in a video to date

  20. Aymei Deona

    Aymei Deona日 前

    Who came back just to see who wore that apron with andy's mint melted into the pocket xD

  21. sal

    sal日 前

    i guess it was chris!

  22. bar bizi

    bar bizi日 前

    Brad:says the word wrong Other people:correct him Brad:whad i say

  23. matt epstein

    matt epstein2 日 前

    Dan is an off camera instigator.

  24. Kincső Sándor

    Kincső Sándor2 日 前

    I would've never thought that they would survive in each other's company

  25. Susana Su

    Susana Su3 日 前

    Love this episode!

  26. Wood 2019

    Wood 20193 日 前

    My first band will be called white66

  27. Renee Yeung

    Renee Yeung3 日 前

    They should hv every chef to try gourmet makes lol

  28. Daniela Zafra

    Daniela Zafra3 日 前

    I loved this episode so much... I can’t even

  29. utopianfiat

    utopianfiat3 日 前

    "Alkalee" "Alkali" "s'what I said" - "Soy Le-Leychin" "Lecithin" "Yeah s'what I said"

  30. 23Theresa Marcucci

    23Theresa Marcucci3 日 前

    me in science class: my teacher: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1369">22:49</a>

  31. PrinceIcyWolf Alpha

    PrinceIcyWolf Alpha4 日 前

    These FEEL like Olive Garden. Fight me I LOVE These

  32. spooks

    spooks4 日 前

    Wow Claire's changed so much. Gourmet Makes has really taken a toll on her. She's even got a 5 o'clock shadow and Jersey accent now.

  33. Brenda Soto

    Brenda Soto4 日 前

    The Hersey Company: York Peppermint Pattie Brad: _New York Peppermint Pattie_

  34. T Branson

    T Branson4 日 前

    Hands down my favorite Gourmet Makes episode EVER

  35. Leonardo Piovezan

    Leonardo Piovezan4 日 前

    More brad and chris please

  36. Johannes Dolch

    Johannes Dolch5 日 前

    WTF is Andes? At least get some class and switch to After Eight.

  37. binkymagnus

    binkymagnus5 日 前

    Should have done Junior Mints. They’re very refreshing!

  38. Kway32

    Kway325 日 前

    Haha Chris at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="401">6:41</a> - "Oh 'cause we have to"

  39. Jamie Propro

    Jamie Propro5 日 前

    My ocd with where they placed the mints in the mold hurt me so bad

  40. Olivia Souza

    Olivia Souza5 日 前

    Claire is just so mad that they didn't obsess and perfect it like she makes herself

  41. Olivia Souza

    Olivia Souza5 日 前

    "Chris it wasn't me it was HeR, iT wAS SoHLa"

  42. renumultiplus

    renumultiplus5 日 前

    These two need to be paired up more often. Absolutely hilarious.

  43. Jess _T

    Jess _T6 日 前

    their energy is basically leaving 2 of your chaotic friends with your child for workday, and i didnt deserve that image

  44. saikogrrl

    saikogrrl6 日 前

    I am finding Brad's chaotic approach to Gourmet Makes oddly charming 😂

  45. Rowan Sabrina

    Rowan Sabrina6 日 前

    this is the most chaotic duo istg

  46. Nora-Midori Jane

    Nora-Midori Jane6 日 前

    sohla is the real star of gourmet bakes

  47. CNielsenPhotos

    CNielsenPhotos6 日 前

    Claire snapping back at Chris at the end when he's talking about how he doesn't want it to take all week is just *french chef kisses* magnifique

  48. IeuanX

    IeuanX6 日 前

    even in the episode where Claire's not here i still want to give her a hug cause she still seems stressed

  49. Grimm LaStand

    Grimm LaStand6 日 前

    as a Bears fan... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a> brought bad memories

  50. Elise Lowry

    Elise Lowry7 日 前

    my favorite thing is definitely the dad energy of them continuously calling each other bud and buddy

  51. Jocelyne Cruz

    Jocelyne Cruz7 日 前

    Okay ummmm i need more of Chris and Brad!! and Claire coming in later was so funny. Loved this.

  52. Jessica Ding

    Jessica Ding7 日 前

    Brad is every bit like a little kid: hyperactive, impatient and annoying af😂

  53. Katrina Quezada

    Katrina Quezada7 日 前

    I buy a sleeve of Andes mints every week. They’re one of my favorites...

  54. Ambee's

    Ambee's7 日 前

    Brad: "We did great! For making a garbage candy... Claire: .....

  55. Subitrash

    Subitrash7 日 前

    did brad lose a tooth?

  56. Di M

    Di M7 日 前

    "This is not the kind of program I want to be making, where we sit here and fight about silly things". I need to apply this to my life.

  57. Sirivadee Kanjan

    Sirivadee Kanjan7 日 前

    This sparks joy cos my nickname is Mint and they keep calling my name hahahaha

  58. Joy Boyer

    Joy Boyer8 日 前

    I still want to know what Claire was trying to say.

  59. Alysha O.

    Alysha O.8 日 前

    Brad to Chris: “I did everything you told me to do, DAD!”

  60. Rocío Chmielewski

    Rocío Chmielewski9 日 前

    felt such a disgrace for him to not know that the Andes, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN RAGE IN THE WORLD, is in Argentina my country :)))) But really why do Americans not know geography of any of the countries that is not the USA?

  61. human_collector

    human_collector9 日 前

    The best part of this video was when the crew was chucking stuff at Brad and he just caught it no problem. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="506">8:26</a>

  62. Stephen Bailey

    Stephen Bailey9 日 前

    Wow. We truly don't deserve Claire. LOL

  63. Stephen Bailey

    Stephen Bailey9 日 前

    Why does Chris keep calling him bud? lol

  64. Alexander Christlieb

    Alexander Christlieb9 日 前

    I never see Claire have any help, these two need to take their turns alone doing gourmet

  65. Joe Alias

    Joe Alias9 日 前

    also its pretty clear that this show is killing Claire, why are we letting this happen?

  66. Joe Alias

    Joe Alias9 日 前

    I love it how Chris seems straight laced but then will occasionally go all the way down to Brad's level with a terrible joke.

  67. Cindy Chiuchiolo

    Cindy Chiuchiolo9 日 前

    did not know i needed this dynamic, not expected

  68. Mrs Toliniu

    Mrs Toliniu10 日 前

    This was hilarious! Still love Claire

  69. Coleman Lull Plummer

    Coleman Lull Plummer10 日 前

    Brad Clair and Chris have giant sibling energy, and Delaney is like their cool cousin, and Sohla is like their friend they all go to with their problems

  70. momokokochuchuchu

    momokokochuchuchu10 日 前

    i need more chris and brad vids. their energy is amazing

  71. change your mind -

    change your mind -10 日 前

    This video in a nutshell: “Where’s mom?” “Mom isn’t here” “But she usually gets me ready” “I said *_mom isn’t here”_*

  72. DapimpBDSD

    DapimpBDSD10 日 前

    Brad didnt even move when catching those bags That elbow bump at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1608">26:48</a>

  73. true786

    true78610 日 前

    The UK equivalent are called "After Eight" mints, they seem so much better than Andes 😳 Dark chocolate with a peppermint cream inside

  74. Ava Soesbe

    Ava Soesbe10 日 前

    seeing how calm brad is when he gets stuff thrown at him compared to how claire always gets so stressed is so funny

  75. Cars Of Pennsylvania

    Cars Of Pennsylvania11 日 前

    Andes Mints might be top 5 candies of all time

  76. Cars Of Pennsylvania

    Cars Of Pennsylvania11 日 前

    oh but York mints are amazing too, that's a hard choice

  77. Fmxxsc

    Fmxxsc11 日 前

    I just realized that brad and chris are pastry chefs wow.

  78. Ahna Geiwitz

    Ahna Geiwitz11 日 前

    I love their energy!! Haha kinda like The Secret Life of Pets!

  79. Luis Jaramillo

    Luis Jaramillo11 日 前

    I kinda hate this episode. Chris's voice when the process is explained is really creepy, the part I hate the most.

  80. Brittany Markiewicz

    Brittany Markiewicz11 日 前

    I just need to know if Brad is an Aries

  81. shodi m

    shodi m7 日 前


  82. Jea Styles

    Jea Styles11 日 前

    Ahaha this colab! 👌👌

  83. Em x

    Em x11 日 前

    Brad and Chris : We're gonna smash tempering chocolate, Brad 5 minutes later ; SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHLAAAAAAAAA!