Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starburst | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Giant Magician

    Giant Magician4 時間 前


  2. Harrison Krohne

    Harrison Krohne9 時間 前

    Anyone know what the taffy video is at 4:13? I want to watch the whole thing to see how ridiculous it is lol

  3. Hania P.

    Hania P.11 時間 前

    Sorry I'm not from the US, is Starburst like Maoam/Mamba in Europe?

  4. mike miller

    mike miller15 時間 前

    10% Culinary and 90% party should be the description of this series.

  5. petitecherie

    petitecherie17 時間 前

    damn so emo

  6. kentamidorin

    kentamidorin18 時間 前

    The editing for this episode had me laughing so much

  7. suna 173.6jm

    suna 173.6jm20 時間 前

    Claire is Hermione Granger, Brad is Ron Weasley and Andy is Harry Potter ..ok bye

  8. Nathalie Sung

    Nathalie Sung23 時間 前

    Gourmet candy buttons (bc texture and the fact that it’s done on paper) and/or gourmet jolly ranchers!!!

  9. Satansbabygirl

    Satansbabygirl日 前

    I love you guys together

  10. Kammy Hornsby

    Kammy Hornsby日 前

    I want Claire to be my mom

  11. Sue

    Sue日 前

    This just seems a waste of her talent. She's a pastry chef, geez. I could understand having her make gourmet bonbons or something but junk candy?

  12. Allison Vashaw

    Allison Vashaw日 前

    Clair, please do a gourmet circus peanut or a gourmet dum dum. They are made by the same (family) company.

  13. David Lapointe Gilbert

    David Lapointe Gilbert日 前

    Who else ships Claire and Brad for some reason? 😂❤️🔥

  14. jordan arellano

    jordan arellano日 前

    Just watching this made me feel overwhelmed lol. I appreciate all the effort to just make this.

  15. Neon Sign

    Neon Sign日 前

    It’s currently 12:20 at night and I’ve never wanted a packet of starbursts more in my life so thanks for that

  16. Daniel Catallo

    Daniel Catallo日 前

    So Clair has to make artificial flavours while Molly gets to burn lettuce. As Michael Palin would say, "bloody favouritism that is".

  17. AJ Cleary

    AJ Cleary日 前

    F**king palm oil

  18. maya miranda

    maya miranda日 前

    U should do takis next

  19. Olivia

    Olivia日 前

    Lol 10% culinary, 90% fun. 😂

  20. Donna Kelly

    Donna Kelly日 前

    The way Claire says she's an EXCELLENT gift wrapper... I wish I had that kind of conviction in my life.

  21. Ekenaa

    Ekenaa日 前

    The "get 4 friends to make 4 batches of taffy" seems exhausting and stressful and will definitely replace every game night I will ever host

  22. Shay

    Shay2 日 前

    Brad and Claire have an unsaid thing between them

  23. Garry

    Garry2 日 前

    Haha the guy who made the rolling pin in Montana was in my culinary class last year.

  24. Katelyn Hofer

    Katelyn Hofer2 日 前

    The chemistry between Claire and Brad 💕

  25. Elizabeth Rabinovich

    Elizabeth Rabinovich2 日 前

    Brad is such a happy-go-lucky, positive ray of sunshine. I think he's the positivity we all need in our lives.

  26. Isaac Weatherhead

    Isaac Weatherhead2 日 前


  27. Brooks Ogborn

    Brooks Ogborn2 日 前

    That fish tho looks amazing

  28. _milahh_ •

    _milahh_ •2 日 前

    You should do gourmet razzles next❗️

  29. Pavel Silva

    Pavel Silva2 日 前

    Claire's sadness... make me laugh, but the last challenge were so hard

  30. moi meself

    moi meself2 日 前

    It's official. They have broken Claire. This is now a matter for the health services.

  31. Colactix

    Colactix2 日 前

    Ah, there's no gelatin in the UK Starburst, interesting.

  32. Hayden Beatty

    Hayden Beatty2 日 前

    featuring dynamic duo claire and brad

  33. GriimX

    GriimX3 日 前

    Pavlov's dog? Never met him 😂

  34. SM 54

    SM 543 日 前

    I just found the answer to why I love watching your videos so much Claire looks and acts like my Aunt who died this year. The only difference between them was her name was Julie

  35. Furry Child

    Furry Child3 日 前

    Og and gourmet look like erasers. Still good though, I bet!

  36. Jake Darnell

    Jake Darnell3 日 前

    Brad and Claire are like Jim and Pam, you know there gonna hook up.

  37. Zel Samson

    Zel Samson3 日 前

    Claire holding up the Starburst that she made side by side with the real one feeling ashamed at the end of the video cracked me up. 😂

  38. Kyle Hasegawa

    Kyle Hasegawa3 日 前

    This is some HBO level drama here. More 40 minute episodes.

  39. flute lover

    flute lover3 日 前

    Does she dye grey into her hair cuz she does not look old at all

  40. HBbro Gaming

    HBbro Gaming3 日 前

    Claire and Brad remind me of Jim and Pam in the office season 1

  41. Adam Bennett

    Adam Bennett3 日 前

    too many variables tested at once

  42. María Camila Daza

    María Camila Daza3 日 前

    So many ads!!!

  43. fawzia 1238

    fawzia 12383 日 前

    Claire is depressed now

  44. Jody Arrington

    Jody Arrington3 日 前

    Awesome - One of the the best episodes ever!

  45. BronZTyge r

    BronZTyge r3 日 前

    How it’s made starburst

  46. Leonnie Ly

    Leonnie Ly3 日 前

    Who else thinks that brad and claire should date

  47. GachaHoneyBee xX

    GachaHoneyBee xX3 日 前

    Did anyone else think of slime when she started stretching it

  48. Ghost Dogg

    Ghost Dogg3 日 前

    To much dialogue!

  49. HaydoHD

    HaydoHD3 日 前

    What? Do American starbursts not have purple ???

  50. Epic Nerd Gacha

    Epic Nerd Gacha4 日 前

    "here's how to make gourmet starburst" *You don't*