Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Starburst | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Irish Leprechaun

    Irish Leprechaun時間 前

    Imma name my child after Claire. not kidding

  2. BBrecht

    BBrecht2 時間 前

    At 10:20 "This is feeling very promising I think" Me: but there's still thirty minutes left in the video

  3. Katie Rivera

    Katie Rivera2 時間 前

    claire: everyone do what i say... except for you chris youre my favorite. chris: *immediately rolls the through the kitchen on rolly chair* I SCREAMED

  4. Pat Hurd

    Pat Hurd5 時間 前

    Bro you know she’s a chef and not a scientist cause she be changing more then one variable at a time

  5. Kate Terpstra

    Kate Terpstra6 時間 前

    Okay where is a scientist? I want to know why at a higher temp it was softer. This is very interesting

  6. A Meme

    A Meme7 時間 前

    "Pavlov's dog" "Never met him" *dentist drill*

  7. Neill

    Neill8 時間 前

    omg this was the exact moment brad fell in love with orville peck

  8. Derek Gilliard

    Derek Gilliard11 時間 前

    The sad music kills me everytime LMFAO

  9. Man Of Oil

    Man Of Oil13 時間 前

    I CANNOT start binging this series right now I have final exams today WHY AM I HERE

  10. NYTypical

    NYTypical日 前

    were these guys ever kids or had enjoyable experiences with these deserts ever or am I just gonna have them gasp and grimace at things that people who had regular childhoods have

  11. essentially emily

    essentially emily日 前

    Claire: “Pavlov’s dog” Molly: “never met him” classic.

  12. Tori Gibson

    Tori Gibson日 前

    Did she dye grey streaks into her hair? Or is she already greying at just 32 years old :(

  13. Jamie Lee

    Jamie Lee日 前


  14. Preston Reyes

    Preston Reyes日 前

    Pavlov's Dog is a reference of Classical learning, studied by a Ivan(?) Pavlov. Its the idea of taking two stimuli to create a new learned response. Pavlov originally study the digestion (?) through dogs but came to notice that the dogs would salivate by just seeing the food dish, by just hearing the foot steps of Pavlov and his colleagues. Thus helping him form the idea of Classical conditioning. Dogs naturally salivate because of food. (Dogs use an unconditioned stimulus of seeing food to cause an unconditioned response of salivating.) By pairing the sight of food with a sound of a ding before the food, Pavlov is conditioning the dog to learn that the bell means food. (This is a neutral stimulus, when it is first used its just outside noise to the dog, not something that represents food.) By doing this enough times dogs will learn that the sound of a ding means food, making them salivate. Pavlov has now created a conditioned stimulus (the ding) to create a condition response (salivating) because the dog knows when they hear the ding they will get food.

  15. leena —

    leena —2 日 前

    finally another pink and red supremacist

  16. fakecubed

    fakecubed2 日 前

    Thumb it if you're rewatching.

  17. Hedda Dybvadskog

    Hedda Dybvadskog2 日 前

    Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that somewhere inside these starburst- which are Pink, red, orange and yellow- there is BLUE colouring!

  18. Youcef8830

    Youcef88303 日 前

    This is the whitest cast i've ever seen. What a lack of diversity.

  19. First Name

    First Name58 分 前

    You must be new here.... Welcome.

  20. Saires

    Saires3 日 前

    16:20 Brad going to Orville Peck's concert... few months later they're making elotes. Wholesome.

  21. j88dragon

    j88dragon3 日 前

    Claire is smart,beautiful,and sweet💖

  22. Koen v. Meijel

    Koen v. Meijel3 日 前

    1 like = a 1 minute hug

  23. Frances

    Frances3 日 前

    So talented and I don't like commented solely on a woman's looks, however, you are beautiful, your hair is divine ❤️🙏

  24. brandon chavez

    brandon chavez3 日 前

    36:06 her laugh is so addicting and adorable

  25. Kaela Fisher

    Kaela Fisher4 日 前

    wait was my memory of a wonderful purple starburst a fever dream??

  26. C H I E

    C H I E4 日 前

    16:20 omfg and to think brad had a video with orville peck TODAYYY

  27. Ren McCormack

    Ren McCormack4 日 前

    Someone has a crush on Brad

  28. mintoreoshake

    mintoreoshake4 日 前

    She is so endearing my god. Trying to figure out her formula she’s unique

  29. Megan Seagriff

    Megan Seagriff4 日 前

    That was way too sticky

  30. shannon carr

    shannon carr5 日 前

    Is the coconut oil the problem?

  31. Rocketrambo20

    Rocketrambo205 日 前

    he just bit a starburst in half that really bothered me for some reason

  32. Why O Why

    Why O Why6 日 前

    She would be one of the triggered dims. Trump 2020

  33. Shreyas Batra

    Shreyas Batra7 日 前

    I love orange starburst and that description makes me feel so attacked. Claire, WTF! BUT ALSO YOU DID YOUR BEST LOVE YOU

  34. Eliza Whitehead

    Eliza Whitehead7 日 前

    She should make Airheads

  35. Ashton Colby

    Ashton Colby7 日 前

    Hot take- red is the best

  36. Lucía Frau

    Lucía Frau8 日 前

    In Spain we call them Sugus and they are amazing (yellow is best)

  37. Harleylover14

    Harleylover148 日 前

    Yeah really weird texture. Somewhere between taffy and day old fudge.

  38. Svizer

    Svizer8 日 前

    *90% party*

  39. Autumn Faye

    Autumn Faye8 日 前

    Do some Patata chips pls!!!

  40. Nightingale A113

    Nightingale A1139 日 前

    I feel like starbursts are kind of like chewy fondant

  41. Leonieke Fontijn

    Leonieke Fontijn9 日 前