Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Milky Way Bars | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree32 分 前

    I clicked on this hoping for the milky way (three mustiteers) not the Mars bar (milky way) because everyone can agree the Mars bar is kinda bad...

  2. Lauren Connor

    Lauren Connor7 時間 前

    dan really shined this episode

  3. Victoria W

    Victoria W8 時間 前

    I’m slightly offended that they said milky ways are ‘middle’ candy. It’s my favorite!

  4. Grace Bauer

    Grace Bauer11 時間 前

    I actually shrieked as they went uncovered into the fridge

  5. Anne & Anny The Unicorns

    Anne & Anny The Unicorns15 時間 前

    mars and milky way are 2 diffrent things we have both and they are diffrent

  6. Katie S

    Katie S16 時間 前

    If claires candy got a wrapper the first ingredient every time would be pessimism

  7. Redstone Renegades

    Redstone Renegades19 時間 前

    can we talk about the amazing lighting at 14:32 and some of the really nice shots of the mixer?? AND when shes talking about the nougat at 15:15??? camera crew really had a moment there :D

  8. Greta Bruner

    Greta Bruner22 時間 前

    looove chris!

  9. lunakitara

    lunakitara日 前

    Your walk-in should *not* be at 41 degrees. That is technically temperature danger zone... it should be maximum 40... but idealy, 33-39 degrees.

  10. Gabrielle Krinas

    Gabrielle Krinas日 前

    Does anyone else feel like it’s empty with no one behind her?

  11. Frederik Folkmann

    Frederik Folkmann日 前

    I would loove Claire to make a kinder Milk slice. Having the recipe for those is a big dream!!

  12. iDream

    iDream日 前

    I love watching gourmet makes episodes, but they make me sad cause I hate seeing Claire so stressed! :( I just want to help her even though I know nothing about food/baking.

  13. Anni Aarnio

    Anni Aarnio日 前

    So.. American Milky Ways are EU Mars bars? The audacity of it all.

  14. zion daniel

    zion daniel2 日 前

    Claire in true Virgo fashion at 27:32. 😭

  15. Edith Star Pointer

    Edith Star Pointer2 日 前

    The dynamics between all of the people in the Test Kitchen makes me feel like I'm watching a very good sitcom

  16. stenbak88

    stenbak882 日 前

    Molly is so perfect

  17. ayyXmomo

    ayyXmomo2 日 前

    100% is not how it's made. It's unwrapped. But I mean... Whatever.

  18. Tamar Lavy

    Tamar Lavy2 日 前

    MARS BARS the best/only chocolate bar for Canadian kids with peanut allergies who are tired of KitKats and Aeros!

  19. Pretty Richie

    Pretty Richie2 日 前

    So why doesn't Brad make kombucha anymore?

  20. Camila

    Camila2 日 前

    i love that chris grabbed a mini milky way to taste it and still took the tiniest bite out of the corner of the MINI

  21. Gemma

    Gemma2 日 前

    The uk milkyways are different for sure right???

  22. Ali Winchester

    Ali Winchester2 日 前

    Please Make Original Butterfinger

  23. World Kat

    World Kat2 日 前

    This chocolate is so terrible compared to Nestle's BarOne, you must try it.

  24. burymeinpink

    burymeinpink2 日 前

    Chris: "The nougat is perfect." Gaby: "You don't have to change anything about the nougat." Claire: "I trust Chris and Gaby but I'm going to make a whole new nougat anyway."

  25. Miguel Aguilar

    Miguel Aguilar2 日 前

    My favorite Chris moment ever 31:36

  26. M

    M2 日 前

    Milky Way packaging is so much nicer in the uk , we don’t have the caramel though, if they had caramel they are called mars bars

  27. helenGD

    helenGD3 日 前

    Claire's first failure. Her mind was on vacation.

  28. UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE

    UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE3 日 前

    This made me cry with the glass of water in my hand I wanna go and buy milky way

  29. Aelyn Balderas

    Aelyn Balderas3 日 前

    Claire getting the *perfect* nugget and still trying another patch just cause she wants to make it better, will never fail to amaze me.

  30. Scott King

    Scott King3 日 前

    Claire saying “I don’t think this will be that hard” a minute in. I look at the length of the vid again... 40mins, I think it’s gonna be way hard.

  31. Ryan Moulder

    Ryan Moulder3 日 前

    20:20 Claire: It seperated... Brad, in the background: HUHAHEUHUE

  32. SirWheelzAlot3384

    SirWheelzAlot33843 日 前

    What doctor's offices does Claire go that they have mini chocolates available for the patients?!

  33. B-MAN

    B-MAN3 日 前

    ...Man they are

  34. k schwee

    k schwee3 日 前

    Milkyway Midnight is the superior Milkyway. And that’s what she made (inadvertently). I wish someone would’ve pointed it out. They would’ve looked identical!

  35. NTron 420

    NTron 4203 日 前

    How dare you all, my favourite candy bar is Milky Way

  36. A Little Life Left

    A Little Life Left3 日 前

    Whenever you second guess yourself claire tell yourself "just keep swimming"

  37. Malya Prather

    Malya Prather3 日 前

    Can I just wash y’alls dishes


    MEPN XEHN3 日 前

    Issa issa mars


    MEPN XEHN3 日 前

    Issa mars

  40. Cailyn Marie

    Cailyn Marie4 日 前

    *Chris doesn’t like it* Shud we cancel the video

  41. Taylor M

    Taylor M4 日 前

    20:00 favorite line

  42. Taylor M

    Taylor M4 日 前

    CLAIRES LEFT HANDED?!?!?!? I had no idea.... continue

  43. MaKayla Morris

    MaKayla Morris4 日 前

    You did a great job, Claire! I’m so proud of you for this one!

  44. Ron Speer

    Ron Speer4 日 前

    I'm not at all interested in cooking. But I like watching Claire do these name brand snacks and candies. Here is why I think Claire is probably one of the best chefs in the industry is due to the fact while she may struggle with these things in the beginning but by the end of the video she is usually victorious. And I have a feeling that this type of video is "clickbait" to get people like me to watch and maybe watch other content on the channel. And seriously, would you go to a five star restaurant in NYC and request the chef make his or her own version of a Milky Way bar (or other favorite snack)? You'd most likely get laughed out of the place. That being said, I do enjoy the series and have watched other content on the channel. I haven't subscribed as of yet. I watch more photography/photoshop videos (photographer here) and dabble in tech. So my JPreporter feed is more in line with my interests. Good video though. Great series. I'd much rather see content like this than the scripted drama of "reality" shows. TLC I'm looking at you.

  45. Aiden James

    Aiden James4 日 前

    This is a mars bar for us. Milky ways don’t have caramel

  46. Joe Blankenship

    Joe Blankenship4 日 前

    How could he not put plastic over the nougat/caramel? Did you see how that upset Claire Fromthebonappetittestkitchen? He'll be beating himself up for that later.

  47. Blazeheart 13

    Blazeheart 134 日 前

    These are my favorite candy bars!

  48. katieF180

    katieF1804 日 前

    is Chris legally required to say 'temper the chocolate' on every episode of Gourmet makes?

  49. Mull Miller

    Mull Miller5 日 前

    Worlds coolest shirt

  50. Danielle Day

    Danielle Day5 日 前

    "Milky way is like, you're not upset with it, but you kinda wish is was something else" The most accurate description of MilkyWay

  51. Debakuva

    Debakuva5 日 前

    Complain a lot, at least she knows who she is.

  52. The Curious Mind

    The Curious Mind5 日 前

    *DELANEY!* 😂

  53. Rodin10

    Rodin105 日 前

    Wait, what apparently US milky way bars are what in Europe is sold as Mars. I was so confused about the caramel part for a bit. What we in Europe call Milky Way is 3 Musketeers in the US

  54. jebusgod

    jebusgod6 日 前

    Milky Way is different in the UK, we don't have the caramel in it. how is this not just a Mars bar? note to self watch all of the video before commenting, did not know the USA didn't have Mars bars.....mind blown

  55. Lauryn Steppat

    Lauryn Steppat6 日 前

    I can't watch this, even though I now know the difference (that an American Milky Way is a Mars Bar) I always get confused 😂

  56. Michael

    Michael6 日 前

    Please do Mars bar, if it is possible.

  57. Melissa Whitley

    Melissa Whitley6 日 前

    Pastry chef attempts to make gourmet jelly beans

  58. Alisha Qian

    Alisha Qian6 日 前

    Make salted egg yolk cookies next!

  59. Alexandra J P

    Alexandra J P6 日 前

    Clair's ring really be having its own sunset shot at 36:22

  60. Kirsten Tippit

    Kirsten Tippit6 日 前

    We need dip and dots done