Parthenon (Acropolis)


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    Omg thx 😊 so much this really helped and it was really easy to understand I needed to do this for art but I’m not very good at it but this really helped my annotations and it showed all the cultural things to .i ended up getting a 85 even though I am only really good at sport and English and a bit of maths .Its just so easy to understand by watching this video literally saved me I also subbed

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    So beautiful. I am proud to own a scale model of the Parthenon, which stands just next to my laptop!

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    It's got a 4:9 aspect ratio! Fountainhead brought me here

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    We're learning this for history and we have to research and make a model of one for school..

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    Im watching this for an assignment in history. In quarintine.

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    goddamn greek teacher making me write a 10 page paper on this and i have 7 pages and no clue what to write about + its 6 30 am and due at 12 so GL ME!

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    Are there buildings in your town or city that were influenced by the Parthenon? Maybe discuss them and why this happened.

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    I need a spanish version

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    @Smarthistory yes i know, but is not the same

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    Usa el ícono de ajustes para cambiar los subtítulos al español.

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    The United States is also a limited democracy. We’ve yet to see a true democracy in modern times.

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    we are a republic (a representative democracy in other words). a true democracy would require the vote of everyone, which just isn't feasible for a nation with 350 million people

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    Umi well then it’s not very fit for purpose lol, democracy needs more democracy in that case. Where are the plebiscites/referendums? Where is the accountability, and why do governments seem to listen more to money than to people?

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    We are a democracy in the fullest sense today.

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    i am doing a project of this and i am building a 3D modal and i am doing parthenon building because it looks cool and i want to learn more about this building so this will help me alot!!

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    This video is really informative and the JPreporterrs really put a lot of effort into this, and I can see that.

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    I don't know, but I've been told The parthenon is mighty old

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    Curious, Athena is a female, a girl and she was the god they chose to worship over Poseidon as their top god the temples were dedicated and built in her honor, yet still your saying women, girls had no right to vote or leadership or decision making roles that sounds very very suspect to me like some information most be incorrect here, think about it

  21. Ελένη Ασημοπούλου

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    Parthenos means virgin in Greek. Parthenon is the resort of the virgin. Athena was a virgin like many other goddesses in other civilizations, even like virgin Mary in Christianity to whom they dedicated Parthenon afterwards, when Pagan times ended.

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    Though it's generally right what smarthistory replied, we still don't have a much clear view about women and also slaves throughout the various eras of the ancient greek world, it's an interesting subject and not easy or wise to conclude

  23. Smarthistory

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    This is actually quite common. Goddesses can be idealized while living women are discriminated against. In the political realm, women can be rulers in societies that also restrict the role women can otherwise play. Queen Victoria ruleda country that didn't allow married women to own and control property until the law was changed in 1882.

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    Just visited the Acropolis, absolutely amazing, fascinating, and along with the 360 top view of Athens and the Aegean see looks almost surreal.

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    The best and most comprehensive lesson on the Parthenon I have heard, or read for that matter. It allows viewers to appreciate the original structure, architects, and the present ruins so much more. It also makes the individuals who created the building that much more mysterious - how did they come to learn such skills and techniques? One wonders if they did, in fact, receive inspiration from their gods!

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    I like the buildings structure.

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    I enjoy these smart history videos purely because the two speakers get so excited while simultaneously talking quietly

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    Assassins creed odyssey.

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    Many ancient pagan buidings no longer exist because of christianity and they were beautiful and could be reconfigured into another structure.

  31. charles Middleton

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    There are history books saying there are no buildings standing older than 1000 yrs. Old. in europe.

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    This is not right. There are many.

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    charles Middleton yeah that’s bullshit

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    Very nice and informative video! However, the sculptures on the east pediment of the Parthenon, above the entrance, depicted the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus, a synthesis largely lost today. The quarrel of Athena and Poseidon was depicted on the west pediment.

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    The Greeks were so smart that they worshiped a woman as a Goddess and yet discriminated against women? They copied everything from India.

  36. Aamer Nezam

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    @Ελένη Ασημοπούλου They were not the first who who worshiped human looking gods. the concept of human looking deities is prehistoric since prehistoric artifacts that depict deities in such way, have been discovered. Besides prehistoric times, as an example, the gods of the sumerian pantheon were also depicted in human form. With the rest, I agree.

  37. Ελένη Ασημοπούλου

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    When they form their religion (second millennium B.C.) they knew nothing about the existence of India! Greeks were the first worldwide who worshiped human-looking Gods. That's one of the reasons it is said that they had a human-centered civilization and way of thinking. They firstly met Indians, visited India and been amazed by the elephants the Indians had, about 330 B.C. (Alexander the Great 's time)

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    Lol true No offence or anything, but are you Indian?

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    They respected women and slaves! Voting for war or financial matters is a different matter! There were no prisons or uprising of slaves! Ancient Greeks were smart enough to use knowledge from the past but they created a new extraordinary culture based on the individual- citizen! Very different from other pre- existed civilizations!

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    Lol no.

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    thank youi

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    Truly amazing place - a bit of a climb to get to the top

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    Excellent work again. Thanks

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    Great video! I used this video in my art history survey class. Thanks! One correction: Lord Elgin removed the marbles not in the 18th century, but from 1801 to 1812.

  45. Smarthistory

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    Yes, thanks. The Firman was written in 1801 and we say "received permission," so we were indeed off by a year - but more than that, its a bit misleading.

  46. Rici Cincia

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    The marbles belong to Greece and to the Acropolis no matter what. Elgin and the British Empire won't be morally justified for what they did to the Parthenon as well as across the world.

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    @littlezit2 so you mean If I'm the owner of a house and a thief enters my house and try to steel from my house and you happen to see and stop him when I return do I have to pay you in order to return the items been stolen from my house?are you for real?

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    @Herodotus _ Yes I do. I do think they should be returned to where they belong. How ever the accusations of stealing them are wrong and should be retracted. Greece should also pay the money back adjusted for inflation. That is a fair outcome

  49. Herodotus _

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    @littlezit2 lol you seem like a typical brit . do you not understand the value of art? your museums are full of loot from all over the world . go make your own art and display instead of stealing other's .

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    @Hal Karl it was part of an empire and you cant apply todays goody two shoes views on yesterdays wrongs

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    @littlezit2 No matter how long a country is occupied, an occupater remains an occupater, even he took the whole country in charge. And since when to negociate some stuffs which don't belong to you has become legal. Lord Elgin only smuggled with a sultan who didn't represent the Greek people. He took the friezes only to decorate his mansion, not to offer to Humanity, he just sold them because he was ruined. That why those marbles should return to Greece right away. Of course UK helped Greece during its independance war, but you forgot mention that France and Russia helped also. And for the cost and the upkeep, I hope you are kidding, because the BM did so many mistakes for the preservation of those marbles and once again isn't the legal owner.

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    Looking at this wonderful architecture always brings be back to my childhood and watching these old movies depicting the huge columns ...

  53. Albert Mag

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    Tkx for the great Greek link, right up my ally .....and your correct the columns and tops look the same not to mention the same # of columns in front of temple

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    Those pesky Harpies! The temples shown are actually is Paestum south of Naples In Italy, learn about that site here:

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    This helped me a lot with my Armenian homework!! We're supposed to write about the oldest object in our house. I had an old stone decorating thingy so I'm writing about that 😁

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    Thanks a lots to smarthistory

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    Poseidon is also the god of earthquakes they missed that

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    Thanks a lot! It is a very inspiring and educative documentary. Excellent visuals. Lots of information!

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    Architecture and architectural elements are very difficult to understand yet you've been able to communicate in a simple and concrete manner that is easy to comprehend. Teachers can learn from your style. Indeed, thank you so much!

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    This is absolutely amazing, instantly subscribing to ace all my art history exams and also for pure enjoyment, such fascinating stuff in attractive voices, quick to the point, well demonstrated with pictures. I feel such strong urge to go back in time to be able to see this stunning temple. Thank you.

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    Most excellent summary of the Parthenon. Viewing it for an art history class it givesa good understanding of the overall architecture background.

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    Well, the first time I visited the Acropolis, we could walk inside the Parthenon. And, yes, it was quite an experience.

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    I sat on a outside wall and a man peeped his whistle at me in April 2015.

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    when was that?

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    I enjoy this video thoroughly. My humanities professor showed this in class and I've gone back to it ever since for notes on this magnificent piece of art. I love every video that you and Dr. Beth produce! Thank You for all of your work!

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    very good video! Updated and precise!

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    bad ass video

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    Great video. Thank you.

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    This time the folks at Smarthistory have really surpassed themselves .This video has more information about the Parthenon than most longer documentaries on the subject. Those involved in its making deserve a place among the immortal gods for their achievement in bringing this magnificent building almost back to life.

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    You're welcome.Your channel is my favorite on JPreporter , and I hope you'll be able to keep up your good work for a long time. God bless you all.

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    Thanks so much for the very kind words! Its just me (Steven) and Beth who make these videos. We just want to help make our shared cultural history accessible and its comments like yours that keep us going.

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    It's in pretty bad shape, but hopefully some day I'll visit when all of the cranes are gone.

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    I know that this is 5 years later....but.... PAY YOUR debts. And stop asking Germany money they don't own you.

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    there is always the new Acropolis Museum looking on the Parthenon with unique pieces of art from the Acropolis! There is a lot to see!