Paris Shadow's Enough's Enough (Official Video)


  1. Jak

    Jak15 時間 前

    so much Feelings

  2. Fairy Zayra

    Fairy Zayra日 前

    I’ve been at peace listening to your music for a year now, can’t wait for your new music 🎀🌹!

  3. Steve Gordish

    Steve Gordish2 日 前

    Beyond underrated

  4. Crystall Mechelle Banks 2010

    Crystall Mechelle Banks 20103 日 前

    Realllll talk

  5. Crystall Mechelle Banks 2010

    Crystall Mechelle Banks 20103 日 前

    Best moments to live In, that's where the talent comes out of hiding, 😍,

  6. Mrak

    Mrak3 日 前

    Good luck man! But WHY THE FUCK THIS have only 25K VIEWS?

  7. Cali Rain

    Cali Rain9 日 前

    this is so hot I had to turn down my phone’s brightness 🥵

  8. ON!

    ON!11 日 前

    Why the fuck does this have only 19k views

  9. Natosha Love

    Natosha Love14 日 前

    Slayyyn: Your Music, how it's becoming more raw and reaching out? Makes it even more needed in this world right now. I am patient, have been for over a year as a fan, to finally have your CDs and Vinyls in my hands. Just keep reaching out to the world.

  10. Erika Garcia

    Erika Garcia14 日 前

    Subscribed and ready for more amazing music/music videos 🖤🖤

  11. Carmen Pav

    Carmen Pav14 日 前

    My favorite artist!!! Much love from Tx!! ❤️🥀❤️🥀

  12. XBL ziRevxlution

    XBL ziRevxlution15 日 前

    This song is pretty underrated

  13. Andegraud Revers

    Andegraud Revers16 日 前


  14. RRWJ

    RRWJ18 日 前

    Song just explains how I feel on a daily.

  15. Sweaty girls

    Sweaty girls18 日 前

    mans got buff

  16. Gaiska

    Gaiska18 日 前

    Man it is original

  17. Yung Colt

    Yung Colt19 日 前


  18. Darkmode

    Darkmode19 日 前

    this is fucking fire

  19. Living with Perks

    Living with Perks19 日 前

    At first I thought this was Landon Cube and then I realized this is actually a good artist who is grinding and wasn't a come-up from the Cuf Boyz.

  20. Juztbronson

    Juztbronson20 日 前

    this song is my favoriteeeeeeeeee by you

  21. yadira mendoza

    yadira mendoza20 日 前

    🖤🖤 love you

  22. Danny Phantøm

    Danny Phantøm21 日 前

    Still wish we could do a song together 🤟🏽🖤

  23. quinslate

    quinslate21 日 前

    Love from russianio!

  24. cErViCaL sAmUrAi

    cErViCaL sAmUrAi21 日 前

    Shoulda blew up a year ago

  25. Rayan OsBerry

    Rayan OsBerry21 日 前

    Я уверен, что этот парень хайпанёт I’m sure he’ll be famous

  26. EeEmAyEnYouEeEl

    EeEmAyEnYouEeEl21 日 前

    Love it

  27. Pao Z

    Pao Z22 日 前

    I love you

  28. Jonathan Erskine

    Jonathan Erskine22 日 前

    One of the most underrated artist I'm ready for a post malone collab

  29. Devon Callaway

    Devon Callaway22 日 前

    This music deserves more views.

  30. BOND 75

    BOND 7522 日 前

    ну пацаны не знаю , вроде норм вроде нет думаю надо переслушать

  31. smalik0701

    smalik070123 日 前


  32. Web Wizzerd

    Web Wizzerd23 日 前

    Love this song

  33. Krunt

    Krunt23 日 前

    Absolute banger of a song, killed it. Always a fan of the music videos as well. This guy helped me through the darkest time of my life, when I found Bones on spotify I listened to it on repeat for like 2 months. Shit slaps, love you Paris keep grinding.

  34. Mari Horan

    Mari Horan23 日 前

    my biggest love😍😍😍

  35. Maddy Rose

    Maddy Rose23 日 前

    2020 is his year

  36. Brittany mustonen

    Brittany mustonen23 日 前

    So glad I came across him on sportily. Been a fan for 2 years now! I love his music. So much emotion 😭❤️

  37. nasalmiki

    nasalmiki23 日 前

    Sounds like I love❤❤ thanks for new music in my playlist

  38. Zoey Knotts

    Zoey Knotts23 日 前

    Amazing as always my dude. Don’t stop, this is your year! 🖤❤️

  39. Katherine Moore

    Katherine Moore23 日 前

    put scars on spotify pls i’m obsessed ❤️❤️❤️

  40. ShroOmsAreForDolls

    ShroOmsAreForDolls23 日 前

    I can totally fucking relate to this song! Nobody knows the struggle when you're so hook to drinking and just wanting to quit isn't easy when you're so fucking used to it! At this moment im trying to fight my demons and trust me it's so HARD! But this song gives me hope.

  41. квантуммэйн official

    квантуммэйн official23 日 前

    Удивил, бро. На этот раз действительно пушка 🔥🔥

  42. FinancialChannel

    FinancialChannel23 日 前

    Сейчас опять иностранцы будут офигевать от количества русских комментов)

  43. Icy Skies

    Icy Skies23 日 前

    🖤 love your music keep it up

  44. Samantha

    Samantha23 日 前

    Paris underrated


    ANDY RAYN23 日 前

    I've been listening to it for a long time, I keep thinking when it will shoot

  46. ghxst

    ghxst23 日 前

    I every day:

  47. Haseo Kuncoro

    Haseo Kuncoro23 日 前

    Boom! 🔥

  48. WhoIsBrokeBoyRich

    WhoIsBrokeBoyRich24 日 前


  49. Lonely Star

    Lonely Star24 日 前

    Everything he makes is epic

  50. Maiko Valentino Baéz Brito

    Maiko Valentino Baéz Brito24 日 前

    El mejor

  51. Foster Evans

    Foster Evans24 日 前

    Damn Russia u poppin

  52. Jerry Hendrix

    Jerry Hendrix24 日 前

    Paris just gets better & better 🖤

  53. Dima Dallas

    Dima Dallas24 日 前

    Paris the best

  54. Dima Dallas

    Dima Dallas24 日 前

    Best alternative rock



    One of the best songs of passed decade

  56. Beto Torres

    Beto Torres24 日 前


  57. Nuvy Hernandez

    Nuvy Hernandez24 日 前

    2020 IS HIS YEARR !🖤

  58. ScAR Dagger

    ScAR Dagger24 日 前

    This man will always be one of my favorite artists🦇

  59. Pedro Melim

    Pedro Melim24 日 前

    I'm glad that trash published this song, Im rlly into this song so fckng bad xD (btw when you gonna do a tour??)

  60. Вировец Валентин

    Вировец Валентин24 日 前

    Кто диз поставит тот конченый йух