Painting my Boss' Nails while she exposes me (real life)


  1. Simply Nailogical

    Simply Nailogical4 ヶ月 前

    All the dislikes are my co-workers

  2. 60’s aesthetics

    60’s aesthetics5 日 前


  3. Xx_GALAXY_CAT_xX *

    Xx_GALAXY_CAT_xX *8 日 前

    I love ur vids cristine

  4. Yemin Kim

    Yemin Kim12 日 前

    Simply Nailogical wow 1.3k co-workers, that's a lot of people in a work place

  5. Hozepheena

    Hozepheena13 日 前

    The dislikes are americans who hate that they can't work for the canadian government.

  6. Sangeeta Kamath

    Sangeeta Kamath14 日 前


  7. Gaby Chuels

    Gaby Chuels40 分 前

    This is so cute ahahaha

  8. Fav Mars

    Fav Mars時間 前

    Love this 😂

  9. aga pe

    aga pe2 時間 前

    it's probably one of my favourite videos all over the world... I mean JPreporter

  10. Marley Dees

    Marley Dees3 時間 前

    *sees pinned comment* You have (sadly) 1 K co workers!?

  11. Jana Partington

    Jana Partington3 時間 前

    Man your co-workers really hate this video and how many co-workers do you have

  12. um i dont know what to name my username

    um i dont know what to name my username4 時間 前

    Don't. Bully. _the._ _Cuticles._

  13. Melissa Heck

    Melissa Heck8 時間 前


  14. Natalie Adamczyk

    Natalie Adamczyk8 時間 前

    Im over here watching youtube on my phone

  15. i'm sad

    i'm sad9 時間 前

    Christine. Your boss is a legend and I love it please make her the cohost if your channel.

  16. Katie B.

    Katie B.15 時間 前


  17. Natp9 Natp9

    Natp9 Natp916 時間 前


  18. MC Lala

    MC Lala19 時間 前

    Now I like this video

  19. Dakota Leigh

    Dakota Leigh19 時間 前

    She’s super sweet but says and does EVERY annoying thing that we nail techs hate about older ladies and there manicures 😾🥴😩 must we shake the bottles ! Lmao she’s cool though

  20. 鈴木智子

    鈴木智子日 前

    On scale of youtube to simplybosslogical Simplynotlogicall(9.09)

  21. Jae Cotton

    Jae Cotton日 前

    This sounded like a parent teacher conference

  22. Olivia Martin

    Olivia Martin日 前

    100 for a youtuber

  23. Alana_ Izzlit

    Alana_ Izzlit日 前


  24. Elisia Arrieta

    Elisia Arrieta日 前

    Watching her say she doesn't watch youtube on her phone, while watching it on my phine

  25. Claire Ding

    Claire Ding日 前


  26. Jan Limark

    Jan Limark2 日 前

    We stan a HOLOsexual who has a dayjob, a youtube channel to upload videos in, and a nail polish brand that caters international customers. We stan intellectuals

  27. Yuri's corner

    Yuri's corner2 日 前

    I rate your videos 10/10 would recommend, but I rate your nail art 0/10 cant recommend because it doesn't exist

  28. Kathryn Roitz

    Kathryn Roitz3 日 前

    Your boss should do ASMR.

  29. Chamallow

    Chamallow3 日 前

    I’m s🇨🇦rry

  30. Chelsea McKee

    Chelsea McKee3 日 前

    Love it.

  31. Komal Gujar's Lifestyle

    Komal Gujar's Lifestyle3 日 前

    It was fun to listen to Christine and her Boss interview....very nice video.... enjoyed watching 💖💕🎀💅😊😘🤗😇☺️👍👌

  32. Isabella McCall

    Isabella McCall3 日 前

    i mean christine has 7 million children soooooo she is basically a mom

  33. Sazzathepineapple

    Sazzathepineapple4 日 前

  34. Irrelevant Being

    Irrelevant Being4 日 前

    ....why does she remind me of my mom??

  35. pikimori

    pikimori4 日 前

    cristineeeeee try troom troom hacks w your boss pls xox

  36. Canadian Carina

    Canadian Carina4 日 前

    Best PR for Stats Canada ever.


    JUDITH CHNG4 日 前


  38. Mirai Yoshihida

    Mirai Yoshihida5 日 前

    Can u do my nails , cristineee

  39. ImTina btw

    ImTina btw5 日 前


  40. Jordan Alarcon

    Jordan Alarcon5 日 前

    She used and said HOLO TACO

  41. elaine abreu

    elaine abreu5 日 前

    Damn, I was impressed you had a job...and then I found out what the job is O.O dayuuum!

  42. Aly Adefna

    Aly Adefna5 日 前


  43. Rebecca Schoedel

    Rebecca Schoedel5 日 前

    You got roasted🔥🔥🔥💿💿💿💿

  44. SuperSci-fiFan

    SuperSci-fiFan5 日 前

    Your boss is awesome

  45. Vivian Hall

    Vivian Hall5 日 前


  46. Bronwyn Graham

    Bronwyn Graham5 日 前


  47. Keriel Watson

    Keriel Watson5 日 前

    I like your boss.

  48. StorySayer

    StorySayer5 日 前

    Why don’t you make videos about the crime statistics ?!? That would be so cool.

  49. Shadow Ninja24

    Shadow Ninja246 日 前


  50. Paaai

    Paaai6 日 前

    Yes Crime Statistics Analyst! Love that you still have your day job, seriously inspiring!

  51. Zachh A.

    Zachh A.6 日 前

    i’m living for her boss

  52. Mike Penney

    Mike Penney6 日 前

    1to10 I pick 100

  53. fannarrativeftw

    fannarrativeftw6 日 前

    Holy shit, a crime statistics analyst!? That’s amazing.

  54. Hannah Crum

    Hannah Crum6 日 前

    Cristine is really weird... 14/10

  55. sorry_sundays

    sorry_sundays6 日 前

    I honestly did not think you had a job as important as that (no offense). I just did not picture that profession for you lmao. I thought maybe you worked in sales or had a part time job some where small