Pachanga Boys - Time (extended mix)


  1. Filipe dos Reis

    Filipe dos Reis28 分 前

    Fkng Ytube

  2. Carlos Hermandez

    Carlos Hermandez17 時間 前


  3. C V

    C V日 前

    That was sweet... and still too short!

  4. Luis Walkins

    Luis Walkins日 前

    cuantas veces as mirado el tiempo transcurrir ? eso es anciedad, el track es para relajarse y disfrutarlo !!! how many times have you watched the time go by? that is anxiety, the track is to relax and enjoy it !!! 6/8/20 y youtube me corto el track con una publicidad de mierda !!!

  5. Papa Ipe

    Papa Ipe3 日 前


  6. Carlos Gustavo Rodriguez Bueno

    Carlos Gustavo Rodriguez Bueno4 日 前

    Every time i listen to this i feel lost in time ❤️

  7. christos katsios

    christos katsios5 日 前

  8. Kona K

    Kona K5 日 前

    se parece a la canción del oppening de la serie Dark

  9. Kabuki Shade

    Kabuki Shade6 日 前

    from 06:00 getting some strong Grimes vibes :D 11:50 Grimes vibe intensifies..

  10. Kabuki Shade

    Kabuki Shade4 日 前

    @Ed Watkins Wow.. hard to tell someone else where to start with any artist! Like, one could make a wrong suggestion and maybe ruin the experience for that person (or cut it short even before it starts!). Now, considering you say you love this one piece of music, I think I more or less have an idea where to direct you to :-) Fair warning, tho... Grimes doesn't do "a style" of music; so, she can get ecclectic (which, to me, is great btw), and is quite a fan of experimenting; she's always her own, tho -always sounds... well, like Grimes. So, here are some song titles you could search for here on YT: (just copy/paste on search bar ;-) Grimes So heavy I Fell Through The Earth Grimes Dream Fortress Grimes Symphonia X Grimes Unknown Unplugged Also, you could very well start by finding her live performance for KEXP: Grimes Full Performance (Live On Kexp) Ultimately, if you get to like her music, it's great to go back to her first albums, and listen to them at full! She's pretty great in that she started 100% indie, and keeps on composing, writing and producing her own material.

  11. Ed Watkins

    Ed Watkins4 日 前

    I don't know grimes, but I love this. Which is your fav Grimes song? (where should I start)

  12. Tpndgo 20

    Tpndgo 206 日 前

    If some of you got this track recommended , it might be because since last March i've been listening to it non stop. Feel bad that you didn't know or heard about Pachanga boys before. Anyways . . .keep enjoying !!

  13. Narciso Scognamiglio

    Narciso Scognamiglio7 日 前


  14. Stephan Hausl

    Stephan Hausl8 日 前

    This track makes me think a lot! Love you Pachanga Boys for that!

  15. El Puebla

    El Puebla9 日 前


  16. Martin Bell

    Martin Bell9 日 前

    Wow this track really pulls on the heart strings.

  17. Clément Philippe Chapeau

    Clément Philippe Chapeau9 日 前

    Fantastic Version.

  18. gillbeatsisback01

    gillbeatsisback019 日 前

    6:00 - 6:10 is the perfect representation of psychedelics when they hit you in waves

  19. david Hernandez

    david Hernandez9 日 前


  20. Blaxonk!

    Blaxonk!9 日 前

    I love it. I'd love to mix it on a set but no club will let me play 25 min of the same track 😂

  21. angelussprime

    angelussprime10 日 前


  22. angelussprime

    angelussprime10 日 前

    At the highway 😘😘😘

  23. angelussprime

    angelussprime10 日 前

    Cada vez que tengo oportunidad, 😘😘😘👍👍👍

  24. rokolczuk

    rokolczuk10 日 前

    when 15 minutes is just not enough :D

  25. misclic 2

    misclic 210 日 前


  26. Ion Gutanu

    Ion Gutanu11 日 前

    Can I double like it?

  27. Erik Bullon

    Erik Bullon11 日 前

    Re potente se siente la nostalgia

  28. PopK

    PopK11 日 前


  29. wanaplaydrums

    wanaplaydrums13 日 前

    Even longer, even better ! 👍

  30. hexagon audio

    hexagon audio12 日 前

    ya man :D

  31. Tritania

    Tritania13 日 前

    Thanks, JPreporter recommendations!

  32. James Bowerman

    James Bowerman14 日 前

    OMG..this is killler


    MrCHATITOMIX15 日 前

    muy buena mix! es un rolon! saludos desde la cdmx!

  34. Kévin Rolland

    Kévin Rolland15 日 前

    Great work!!

  35. gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs

    gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs15 日 前

    Could someone please make a 24 hour extended mix?

  36. Jorge luis Rosendo Ferreira

    Jorge luis Rosendo Ferreira15 日 前

    This is not music ,it a new classic forever

  37. I CAN'T MATH

    I CAN'T MATH16 日 前

    How to get high without smoking weed

  38. Vjaceslavs Markovskis

    Vjaceslavs Markovskis17 日 前

    Fanny track

  39. supRenzie

    supRenzie17 日 前

    holy fuck this shit made me travel to the future

  40. Charlène Levasseur

    Charlène Levasseur17 日 前

    old but still here

  41. Tj Tj

    Tj Tj18 日 前

    HÆLOS спиздили

  42. cokpikes

    cokpikes18 日 前

    after 10 min listening the time stopped

  43. Phil Skourides

    Phil Skourides18 日 前

    what a ***in' tune.........whaaaat!

  44. Lucian de Souza

    Lucian de Souza22 日 前

    lembra a música triste do chaves.

  45. Robiero

    Robiero22 日 前

    I feel like i can listen to this track an eternity

  46. thaiclean monkey

    thaiclean monkey23 日 前

    Who says use it all? And that's ok

  47. Marcel Strömer

    Marcel Strömer23 日 前


  48. Gian

    Gian24 日 前

    It`s me.... inside that Sound, trip, nostalgic, WE ARE ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪

  49. Ankur Shah

    Ankur Shah25 日 前

    This started playing 25 minutes ago and I just realized I never heard this before but was so into it....zoned into my work. A quick distraction from my son got me back to reality and it was appreciated, so I could like, save and comment.

  50. Munyaradzi Mukarati

    Munyaradzi Mukarati19 日 前

    That's the whole point. "Lost track of time"

  51. four over4

    four over422 日 前

    this came on autoplay and i not only cooked dinner but even got them dishes done. was in a zone.

  52. Climatinstal Анатолий

    Climatinstal Анатолий26 日 前



    SON GABII26 日 前


  54. Giulio Puccioni

    Giulio Puccioni26 日 前

    This song is such a trip... It takes me so far away

  55. Oeil De Serpent

    Oeil De Serpent20 日 前

    May i com with you ?

  56. zm453

    zm45326 日 前

    Didn't think much when this started playing, it's at 07:00 and fucking wow

  57. zm453

    zm45326 日 前

    Here goes my sleep schedule. Guess I'll just dance.

  58. zm453

    zm45326 日 前

    10:23 let's goooo

  59. Andre SC

    Andre SC27 日 前

    Listening the song for miles away! Xangri-lá 2020 Brazil

  60. Stoke House Mafia

    Stoke House Mafia28 日 前

    1.00 minute in and it made me pay attension! Really nice work man!!

  61. Holger Manuel Müller

    Holger Manuel Müller28 日 前

    Wow sehr tief gehend , ich Liebe es Danke 💖💞💜💘 full in my heart.. Thanks 🧡💞💛💚💙💗💓💔

  62. Charles Frith

    Charles Frith29 日 前

    this is the police. can you turn the volume down please?

  63. Charles Frith

    Charles Frith日 前

    @Drew Layton stop teasing me ;)

  64. Drew Layton

    Drew Layton26 日 前

    Sorry, Officer. Your request is rejected at this time. Phone me back in 30 minutes.

  65. Chutiatic thug

    Chutiatic thugヶ月 前

    boris brecha brought me here

  66. Tomaso Pinkerton

    Tomaso Pinkertonヶ月 前

    Great song to play all day. It reminds me of riding in a high speed train watching all the cities and land fly by.The train starts at about 9:30.

  67. Tim Gambrill

    Tim Gambrillヶ月 前

    Was this 25min version actually released somewhere? Or just a youtube thing? Fyi album credit info above isn't accurate: PBoys released Girlcatcher 8 years before the album comp listed.

  68. Slaggerknot

    Slaggerknot日 前

    I need this!!

  69. Ed Watkins

    Ed Watkins4 日 前

    ​@Michael Chapa​ Agreed. Absolutely loving this track

  70. Michael Chapa

    Michael Chapa4 日 前

    @hexagon audio Anyway I can get a copy? Love what you did.

  71. hexagon audio

    hexagon audio12 日 前

    this is my remake, so only published here on JPreporter...

  72. Oli Sh.

    Oli Sh.ヶ月 前

    what is this musical style?

  73. Oli Sh.

    Oli Sh.28 日 前

    MM xxx thnx)

  74. MM xxx

    MM xxx28 日 前

    minimal tecno

  75. Yannick Celle

    Yannick Celleヶ月 前


  76. alamo jack

    alamo jackヶ月 前

    what a beautiful mix

  77. Mark Huner

    Mark Hunerヶ月 前


  78. Danceeek D

    Danceeek Dヶ月 前

    1 month ago, youtube started to recommend this. Thanks YT!

  79. Wiser2k1

    Wiser2k1ヶ月 前

    i've been quite happy with YT music recommendations