Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares



    MR MEMEZ53 分 前


  2. Aisha Moh

    Aisha Moh57 分 前

    😮 ewww

  3. Dollar Cheesecake

    Dollar Cheesecake時間 前

    That woman’s a hag

  4. Takashi Kamiyama

    Takashi Kamiyama時間 前

    Is that grumpy old lady still alive? Just asking for a friend.

  5. Sasha Rose

    Sasha Rose2 時間 前

    the lady pretending to hate it made me laugh

  6. jelinaangel

    jelinaangel2 時間 前


  7. strange videos

    strange videos3 時間 前


  8. tywin lannister

    tywin lannister3 時間 前

    So disappointed I thought there were rdr comments "Redemption burguer" "Cowboy burguer"

  9. Glue Stone

    Glue Stone4 時間 前

    Let's just accept that oldies have different tasteful

  10. JustGingerbread

    JustGingerbread4 時間 前

    That old chick is a stack years old... only minecrafters will understand

  11. graham moore

    graham moore4 時間 前

    Every arguing Alan just eating a burger

  12. Anne-Marie

    Anne-Marie5 時間 前

    What I learned about Jen: She's 64 She's a medium rare girl She isn't powerful even though she's the owner She doesn't like flavour


    BIG CHUNGUS6 時間 前

    That cough is Faker than all my relationships

  14. Sora No Destiny

    Sora No Destiny7 時間 前

    Can't Control? Can't Control what? She is the owner here.

  15. ssi1991

    ssi19918 時間 前

    How fucking deluded does one have to be to be like that woman... God, she’s a textbook boomer...

  16. Basicly Basic

    Basicly Basic9 時間 前

    Karen always triggered

  17. toppa toppa

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  18. toppa toppa

    toppa toppa9 時間 前

    Salt and pepper lol

  19. Kangaroo

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  20. El Cucuy

    El Cucuy10 時間 前

    woman: What is that strong taste that I'm tasting me: Jealousy

  21. T4lyX

    T4lyX11 時間 前

    That woman is disgusting

  22. Kon'nichiwa U-izu

    Kon'nichiwa U-izu13 時間 前

    The outro fucking killed me "Jen" "Jen?" "Jen" "JEN" "JEN!" "NINOOOOO"

  23. Red Eye

    Red Eye13 時間 前

    Gen: I’m a medium rare girl Me, while eating McDonald’s: Pfft, bitch, you a burnt old woman

  24. Dredgen One

    Dredgen One14 時間 前

    Why do women always walk out? Why do they ALWAYS react based on emotions? Jesus Christ, it's so annoying. Every damn time they feel a little bit of pressure, they walk out.

  25. Kielljamez Muñoz

    Kielljamez Muñoz14 時間 前

    Fucking hell thats what i call a burger jesus

  26. Napsty Gamer

    Napsty Gamer14 時間 前

    The woman is acting like it's dicusting because they are jealous and beacoise they are delicious

  27. Connerl66

    Connerl6615 時間 前

    Why did Gordon become marriage Councillor

  28. Hypertonious X

    Hypertonious X15 時間 前

    🥕 🐡

  29. Joel Lee

    Joel Lee15 時間 前

    I wonder how those customers managed to survive after consuming those "burgers".

  30. Shogun Prime

    Shogun Prime16 時間 前

    How old was Jen again??

  31. Abhilekh Vashist

    Abhilekh Vashist16 時間 前

    i just like the way gordan takes the burger from the owner

  32. Koji

    Koji16 時間 前

    Careful guys she is 64 years old

  33. xXFazeNoScoper360DoesNoScopes420BlazeItXxYYzPS4HD

    xXFazeNoScoper360DoesNoScopes420BlazeItXxYYzPS4HD17 時間 前

    2:06 did gordon bite into that and swallow it whole without chewing

  34. cyaneous

    cyaneous18 時間 前

    did jen expect gordon to be like: jen: i’m sixty-four years old gordon: *oMg lUv Im So SoRrY xX*

  35. checky monkey

    checky monkey19 時間 前

    So the owners want to fail fuck me stupid shitweasels 😈

  36. COK Zephyrian

    COK Zephyrian19 時間 前

    Gen tries to win over her fake hatred on the food but fail like a dry age

  37. sherwin cosmo

    sherwin cosmo20 時間 前

    6:21 Jen, Jen,Jen , Wheres Jen?, Jen, NINO!!

  38. Kuro Ryu

    Kuro Ryu21 時間 前

    I swear Ramsay's top is inside out???

  39. Gurjot Singh

    Gurjot Singh21 時間 前

    “A lot of celebrities have eaten my food and said it was fantastic.” Which celebrities? Poor ppl.

  40. Captain Virtu

    Captain Virtu21 時間 前

    “I’m just a 64 year old woman I’m not that powerful” Bitch ur the owner

  41. YaBoiJ J

    YaBoiJ J22 時間 前

    I wanna punch that fucking bitch.

  42. Seijuro Akashi

    Seijuro Akashi23 時間 前

    I saw those folks in the back, clapping and having genuine smile. What a comeback

  43. STER Gaming

    STER Gaming23 時間 前

    _Jen_ _Jen?_ _JEN?_ _Ninooooo~_

  44. Anders Öhman

    Anders Öhman23 時間 前

    Idiots! Why don´t we throw theese idiots into a flaming volcano?

  45. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader23 時間 前

    *Jen is fucking the next karen*

  46. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader23 時間 前

    *Jen* *karen* Our world is ending

  47. Marci eui

    Marci eui日 前

    “Im a sixty year old woman” my great grandma is 95 and she can still beat me up wtf

  48. Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel

    Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel日 前

    She plays the victim, yet conveniently leaves out the fact that she is the one that hands David his pay check. So yes, she does have power.

  49. afbear

    afbear日 前

    Gen is weird and pretty stupid actually she said she's a medium rare girl boyy dat burger aint for you.

  50. Anthony R

    Anthony R日 前

    Lol 6:24

  51. Pappy

    Pappy日 前

    incapable of criticism. Fucking pathetic.

  52. Coco Productions

    Coco Productions日 前

    Why can't Gordon just look at the cc tv footage and find the truth

  53. Ahmed Elmogiera

    Ahmed Elmogiera日 前

    "I need you and more importantly I think Allen does" Allen 🍽🍔😄


    MONARCH日 前

    Is putting salt that hard.

  55. Hadi Taki

    Hadi Taki日 前

    I am gonna stick something up that woman and it might be one of her own body parts

  56. RRebel 993

    RRebel 993日 前

    I am sorry if the meat doesn’t have a subtle flavour It’s not oatmeal man

  57. Lover Boy

    Lover Boy日 前

    That chefs burger made me happy, just looking at his face when he handed it to Gordon. He’s so great.

  58. Cyan Records

    Cyan Records日 前

    I tried to eat David's burger through my phone

  59. Puppy Lover

    Puppy Lover日 前

    What is that strong taste that I’m tasting? Oh hunny, it’s called fresh food🙂

  60. TechnoWizard 413

    TechnoWizard 413日 前

    My grandma is 101 year old. (I'm not even joking)