Owners Can't Take Criticism on Burger | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Chris Gurung

    Chris Gurung11 分 前

    her words : I'm 64 years old her hands : ✋🖐🤏☝️👐👌🤚🖐

  2. David

    David時間 前

    Seriously though, David’s burger looks delicious 😋

  3. Candice

    Candice時間 前

    Imagine being a restaurant owner and being upset that your chef can cook ?_?

  4. Noob King

    Noob King時間 前

    She's gen 5 karen

  5. Aaron Taofitau

    Aaron Taofitau時間 前

    "What's that strong taste?" D E F E A T

  6. Calgraher Awesome

    Calgraher Awesome2 時間 前

    1:38 *Mission failed we will get em next time*

  7. Static.6

    Static.63 時間 前

    I'm 64 years old.

  8. JuazeiroMLG

    JuazeiroMLG3 時間 前

    she isnt powerful? ...... she is literally the owner of the restaurant lmfao

  9. commentindica 420

    commentindica 4205 時間 前

    I'm a 64 year old boomer that complain to much 😂

  10. TheFizzySlime

    TheFizzySlime5 時間 前

    3:45 I see You Can Fire Him

  11. John Knoop

    John Knoop7 時間 前

    I really hope the chef left and got a job at a place that respects him

  12. adam david

    adam david8 時間 前

    RIP Alan! :(

  13. TheBaron LTU

    TheBaron LTU8 時間 前

    What the fuck is ingrediant way goo or whatever the fuck its called

  14. Thorveim

    Thorveim9 時間 前

    I love how gen's defense for everythign is basically "I'm old"

  15. AhAHaHahaHAha

    AhAHaHahaHAha9 時間 前

    Does anyone else watch random clips just cause ?

  16. Dragon Flame

    Dragon Flame10 時間 前

    Hire some of these people that can cook amazing like you hire them all

  17. kay

    kay12 時間 前

    Chef ramsay: Alan needs you Alan: *proceeds to eat his burger and not caring at all* lmao

  18. EverydayIsLu

    EverydayIsLu13 時間 前

    Gen is a denotation of a karen.

  19. yoonie'sleftpinkcheeks

    yoonie'sleftpinkcheeks17 時間 前

    She should change her name as Karen

  20. Владимир Королёв

    Владимир Королёв20 時間 前

    Hmm, what's the most genuine reaction to a bad food? What if I just cough? That should convince them.

  21. Srishti Gupta

    Srishti Gupta20 時間 前

    Omg, it just clicked! Jen sounds like a female Trump!! Don't you hear it? 😂

  22. Srishti Gupta

    Srishti Gupta20 時間 前

    David: Cooks an amazing burger Gordan: That's delicious Jen: Is jealous and can't take it so fake coughs David's face: Bitch did you just cough on my food?

  23. Luca Str

    Luca Str20 時間 前

    "What is this strong taste that im tastin'?! " fookin bitch and her doglover

  24. Metrorod 1

    Metrorod 121 時間 前

    Putting the soreness

  25. Cryptic Scope

    Cryptic Scope23 時間 前

    These outro's lmao

  26. Uni Kookie

    Uni Kookie日 前

    "What is that strong taste that I'm tasting?" DEFEAT

  27. callum henderson

    callum henderson日 前

    Wait can you have your burger medium I taught ground beef/mince has to be well done

  28. dapa dapa

    dapa dapa日 前

    Things you need to know about gen (1) She fake coughs (2) She is a medium-rare girl (3) She isn't that strong (4) She gets bullied and abused *by her own employee/chef* (5) She is 64 years old (6) Sometimes she tastes something strong

  29. Hicham Erkaina

    Hicham Erkaina日 前

    Which episode ? Someone 😃

  30. Moon Wisp

    Moon Wisp日 前

    64 years old and she still can't take fucking WORDS ☠️

  31. RascalFNM

    RascalFNM日 前

    My mans was finishing his own burger. Lmao

  32. Enderboymi HD

    Enderboymi HD日 前

    I wish ramsay could teach me how to cook as good as him

  33. Midnyte Vega

    Midnyte Vega日 前

    That's the cough kids use to fake sick

  34. cotoco xinou

    cotoco xinou日 前


  35. ayyan azhar

    ayyan azhar日 前

    Me: It doesn’t look that bad Gordon Ramsay: Disgusting Me: Disgusting



    Dude its actually disgusting you can see the red oil leak which makes the burger so much flavor its starting to disgust in your mouth so it means she put too much flavor

  37. Slxrpyz

    Slxrpyz11 時間 前

    Me: Scrolling through comments. ayyan azhar: Posts a stolen comment. Me: Disgusting.

  38. 2500 Subscribers without Any videos challenge

    2500 Subscribers without Any videos challenge日 前

    Gen really went : 🖐🖖🤜👊🤟✊👏🖐☝️🖐

  39. Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller日 前

    64 years ugly both inside and out. 64 years stupid and disagreeable.

  40. Thaís Bicudo

    Thaís Bicudo日 前

    Gen: “What is that strong taste that I’m tasting?” Maybe fresh, juicy and well seasoned meat, how a burger should be?

  41. Kashima Kotaro

    Kashima Kotaro日 前

    *That woman's cough is faker than my bank insurance*

  42. Man of Thunder

    Man of Thunder日 前

    Gen is a fockin karen



    No wonder why so many restaurant owners always takes his advice seriously if they do want to be successful by treating the customers well and by offering them delicious food. Please stay inside during this quarentine as much as posible. ©® August 9, 2020 @ 11:40 am ©®



    Thank God that Gordon Ramsay did sample a piece of the crappy burger but when the chef presente Gordon Ramsay with a delicious hamburger that Gordon Ramsay gave to him an excellent rating of 9 out of 10. Please do paste only positive comments over here. Thank you. ©® August 9, 2020 @ 11:35 am ©®

  45. saitama -kun

    saitama -kun日 前

    Umm if you own that restaurant than yes you are powerful boi

  46. BDSGaming Channel

    BDSGaming Channel日 前

    The description lmao

  47. John

    John日 前

    1:55 if he wasn't trying to put down the owners Gordon wouldve started talking shit about the watermelon burger 😂 and that's why we dont have a burgermelon meme

  48. Dean Bean

    Dean Bean日 前

    I didn’t know Gen was being bullied? I wonder from who?

  49. Sponge YT Playz

    Sponge YT Playz日 前

    Gordon : This burger doesn't taste good. Gen: *ight, I'mma head out*

  50. Jascha

    Jascha日 前

    Imagine hearing Gordon Ramsey rating your burger a 9 out of 10.

  51. Chris Gurung

    Chris Gurung18 分 前

    nahh , i prob would get -9/10 fr

  52. Roven Angelo Gallo

    Roven Angelo Gallo39 分 前

    A 9/10 on Gordon is bloody excellent but a 9/10 on DWade and the people wants to start a revolution smh

  53. Ali

    Ali時間 前


  54. Moe Def

    Moe Def8 時間 前

    Even a 5 out of 10 would be a good result

  55. Crazykid66624

    Crazykid666249 時間 前

    I'll feel as if Simon Cowell hit the golden buzzer

  56. Youtube Mafia

    Youtube Mafia2 日 前

    What a piece of shit

  57. Mabin Thapa

    Mabin Thapa2 日 前

    Wife feels down Old man: who gives a f**k.. focus on the bloody burger

  58. mervin raymond

    mervin raymond2 日 前

    Well... Most restaurant owners don't know what so ever... They only know that food n beverage can make fast money.

  59. The Elemental Kitten

    The Elemental Kitten2 日 前

    If I was the chef I would leave those two karens to rot with their shitty burger and open my own restaurant

  60. ChiliSilly

    ChiliSilly2 日 前

    Did allan just say celebrities have eaten his food and liked it? So he is saying famous people who most have high expectations would enjoy a fucking piece of meat with cheese? Okay they must be on cocaine or something...

  61. Zik Zaki

    Zik Zaki2 日 前

    Typical americans. They do not accept the truth and the facts no matter what And there’s just one reason, the truth would change their world, change what they know or believe, change their lives, and they don’t want to let go of who they are now.

  62. Flutura Latifi

    Flutura Latifi2 日 前

    0:32 *with the waejgou*

  63. Mad Watermelon

    Mad Watermelon2 日 前

    These two deserved to go out of business.

  64. ash the gamer 21056

    ash the gamer 210562 日 前

    Gen:what is the strong taste I'm tasting? Subtitles : I'm tasting career change Even the subtitle is roasting her This is what Gen looks like now🤒🤒😠😠

  65. Ganic

    Ganic2 日 前

    U can see a positive side of Gordon when he is talking to a 64 yo woman

  66. Rell Green

    Rell Green2 日 前

    Some people me a meat sculptor. Some call me the ganster of love.

  67. luka B.

    luka B.2 日 前

    More like medium rare old hag...

  68. teddy bear

    teddy bear2 日 前

    Jen = karen

  69. Djrobbax G.R

    Djrobbax G.R2 日 前

    Mate the way he bullshits is annoying

  70. Ailie Paterson

    Ailie Paterson2 日 前

    what is that strong taste i’m tasting me flavour

  71. Dr Hayward

    Dr Hayward2 日 前

    This is a loosers mentality this is what happens when you dont teach your kids to loose right she been told shes a winner her whole life and babied spoilt kids make looser adults and blame to world for it

  72. BC Kayoko

    BC Kayoko2 日 前

    *the other guy should own a restaurant he’s really good at cooking*

  73. w i n d s o rゴミ箱編集

    w i n d s o rゴミ箱編集2 日 前

    the woman seriously gave me a karen vibe

  74. SamG108

    SamG1082 日 前

    Gen’s age is a stack in mine craft

  75. SamG108

    SamG1082 日 前

    2:41 That dude: it’s not med rare Also that dude: I like my wagu rare

  76. SamG108

    SamG1082 日 前

    2:10 Gordon: it’s delicious Gen: excuse me what

  77. Sudharshan

    Sudharshan2 日 前

    Sorry guys I didn’t get Gen’s age, did she say she was a 44 year old woman?!?

  78. Sudharshan

    Sudharshan2 日 前

    @Zabuza Momochi I know, I was just joking lol

  79. Zabuza Momochi

    Zabuza Momochi2 日 前


  80. gian orogo

    gian orogo2 日 前


  81. gian orogo

    gian orogo2 日 前

    Gen: -being a karen-

  82. YoLo

    YoLo2 日 前

    Am I the only one who finds these funny to watch because of how they are just complaining over burgers

  83. Nabi Khan

    Nabi Khan3 日 前

    The chef looks like a chad (just sayin’)

  84. yash sharma

    yash sharma3 日 前

    She's no gen she's a keren

  85. The Meme Channel

    The Meme Channel3 日 前

    That Jen woman was getting the strong taste cuz she was tasting real food for the first time.

  86. No One

    No One3 日 前

    If you don't like the cook Jen then don't hire one Karen🙄

  87. { Emxtional }

    { Emxtional }3 日 前

    My mum has a cafe and where it is it’s the best in the town it 4.6 out of 5 I mean people complain about how noisy it is but that only cause of the coffee machine

  88. Todd Greenland

    Todd Greenland3 日 前

    Deep down that hag loved that burger

  89. Oliver Brooks

    Oliver Brooks3 日 前

    We all have to admit. We want to try that Burger...

  90. Squeet

    Squeet3 日 前

    I've seen this clip 100 times. I still can't get over the fact that Allan doesn't put any toppings or a bun...on a cheeseburger. Who the fuck eats a burger like that? Should have just made a meatball. And if it's wagyu, why is it frozen and processed and stamped? Wagyu is some of the most expensive beef in the world. I can't see how that supply chain makes sense. You're taking a rare ingredient and bastardizing it.

  91. Ziggy RandomVlogs

    Ziggy RandomVlogs3 日 前

    I’m a medium rare girl... Me: no your literally overcooked

  92. adrow

    adrow3 日 前


  93. Mark Nolan

    Mark Nolan3 日 前

    And this is why I respect the chefs meals over the owners

  94. Kiefa

    Kiefa3 日 前

    Legend has it that this is where the Coronavirus started

  95. Surgoose

    Surgoose日 前


  96. CpgGaming

    CpgGaming2 日 前

    Makes no sense bruv

  97. Geno Cide

    Geno Cide3 日 前

    Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, Im 64 yrs old, You get it? Im 64 yrs old. Thats my reason

  98. Despacitegg Adventures

    Despacitegg Adventures3 日 前

    “What’s that strong taste I’m tasting” It’s called flavour Karen

  99. Luklyn23

    Luklyn233 日 前

    do you know what episode is this? would love to see the full thing XD

  100. Weirqueen

    Weirqueen3 日 前

    “The problem is that it’s not as medium rare as it should be” Said the one who doesn’t even have buns in his ‘burger’

  101. Jaran

    Jaran11 時間 前

    @Slxrpyz You can read what country i from in my channel description.

  102. Slxrpyz

    Slxrpyz11 時間 前

    @Weirqueen Though what you said was right, Jaran is also right in one part. A burger does not NEED a bun however many people prefer a burger with a bun.

  103. Slxrpyz

    Slxrpyz11 時間 前

    @Jaran uh.... What country are you from? A burger is a MEAL which consists of a few ingrediants. The meat is not called a burger... Its (As weirqueen said) called a patty. It can be a chicken patty, beef patty etc.

  104. Jaran

    Jaran日 前

    @Weirqueen Maybe in your country. Everyone call the meat "burger".

  105. Weirqueen

    Weirqueen日 前

    Jaran Nope, I just googled it and the meat alone is called a patty and the whole sandwich with the topping and all is called a burger.

  106. mr. fanta channel

    mr. fanta channel3 日 前

    Abuse lol

  107. Syamil Haniyyah

    Syamil Haniyyah3 日 前

    I don't get it why Gen called David a bully :/ He did nothing wrong AND GEN, JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE OLD THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN BLAME SOMEONE WITH A DUMB REASON

  108. あ、小林製薬

    あ、小林製薬3 日 前

    Alan died because of a heart attack in April this year www.houstontxcremation.com/obituary/Alan-Saffron

  109. あ、小林製薬

    あ、小林製薬3 日 前

    K1ify read the link lmao

  110. あ、小林製薬

    あ、小林製薬3 日 前

    K1ify Y E S

  111. K1ify

    K1ify3 日 前

    あ、小林製薬 really?

  112. KiingEzzy_

    KiingEzzy_3 日 前

    RIP Alan he passed in April

  113. Goddess Selene

    Goddess Selene日 前

    Well karma is a B

  114. xgamer x

    xgamer x3 日 前

    *cough* *cough* hey pokemon

  115. yugabrat deka

    yugabrat deka3 日 前


  116. Nica Llorera

    Nica Llorera3 日 前

    6:20 Ending of the video be like: Gen. GEN. Gen. GEN. NinOoOo!!!

  117. Bøygïeê

    Bøygïeê3 日 前

    I like how the description says *GEN!*

  118. Ren

    Ren3 日 前

    Gordon: Mmm, delicious. It's crunchy, it's tasty. jealous woman: hh *fake cough* what is this taste.. it taste like.. *thinks of something to convince Gordon* taste like dry age meat.

  119. Ren

    Ren3 日 前

    just like yandere dev 😍

  120. Ludogret-highGamer

    Ludogret-highGamer3 日 前

    That girl just lying because she went the other guy to win

  121. Ashtara

    Ashtara3 日 前

    She’s such a Karen 😂