Owner Defends Having Rotting Food In Her Fridge | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. StarSilverInfinity

    StarSilverInfinity年 前

    0:12 - you know something is wrong when the MUSHROOMS have mold on them

  2. Moon

    Moon年 前

    Big fungus

  3. Bobby Piepmeier

    Bobby Piepmeier年 前

    It's a fungus eat fungus world

  4. StarSilverInfinity

    StarSilverInfinity年 前

    @BTonyH587 *_WOAAAAAAH_*

  5. BTonyH587

    BTonyH587年 前

    @StarSilverInfinity Bruh, you got pinned. That's bloody cool, dude

  6. potato head

    potato head年 前

    This is the first pinned comment I've seen in this channel thats not Gordon Ramsay

  7. Antaya Fairless

    Antaya Fairless17 日 前

    Which episode is this guy's ?

  8. Paul Varda

    Paul Varda2 ヶ月 前

    it's amazing so many of these disgusting pigs don't clean their kitchens and fridges before Gordon shows up. hello??? grow a fucking brain!!!

  9. yasbutterfly Y

    yasbutterfly Y3 ヶ月 前

    3:52 lol this dude in the back walking past them so casually as she's melting down

  10. Akshay Devadiga

    Akshay Devadiga5 ヶ月 前

    The Scariest Moment in a Chef's life:- Gordon to the Chef near him @0:46, *"Touch That...Just...Just...Just..Just...Just... Just"*




  12. mixampo

    mixampo8 ヶ月 前

    "A lizard in a desert wouldn't eat that" legendary

  13. orX a

    orX a9 ヶ月 前

    i love how Ramsey can touch anything and everywhere..but rotten tomato makes him gag? what a legend

  14. Dujhauni Official

    Dujhauni Official10 ヶ月 前

    GR: FOCKEN DISGUSTING. Me: You tell em Gordon. Foockin disgusting.

  15. Priscillano Ramon Mariano III

    Priscillano Ramon Mariano III年 前

    And someone uses the microwave! XD

  16. Ben Sohawon

    Ben Sohawon年 前

    These KN owners are usually in one of two rivers: In de Nile or In Seine

  17. Jacob Wilson

    Jacob Wilson6 ヶ月 前

    Underrated comment

  18. Kyra VM

    Kyra VM年 前

    4:12 *is being in denial of being in denial*

  19. Tru421

    Tru421年 前

    4:11 "I'm not in denial" Sorry lady, that sounds like something somebody *in denial* would say.

  20. rae hunter

    rae hunter年 前

    Touch it, touch it. 🤢🤮

  21. ᴾᴼᵛᴱᴿᵀᵞ.ᴰᴼᴾᴱ

    ᴾᴼᵛᴱᴿᵀᵞ.ᴰᴼᴾᴱ年 前

    Whoever runs this channel is a genius. Now start uploading full episodes!!

  22. ᴾᴼᵛᴱᴿᵀᵞ.ᴰᴼᴾᴱ

    ᴾᴼᵛᴱᴿᵀᵞ.ᴰᴼᴾᴱ年 前

    "..an owner who's in denial" "I'm not in denial" Denial inception :O


    IYPITWL年 前

    That is veal... More like VILE.

  24. Emily Gear

    Emily Gear年 前


  25. William Signs

    William Signs年 前

    3:25 "Then take your worthless life!"

  26. William Signs

    William Signs年 前

    3:25 "Then take your worthless life!"

  27. William Signs

    William Signs年 前

    2:21 "And, the owners, staff, and their families will now be publicly executed, and their heads impaled on stakes."

  28. Whendi S. Roberts

    Whendi S. Roberts年 前

    2 days...that meat was,in the fridge for 2 days??????? Really???? Not doing the right things will not generate any money

  29. Whendi S. Roberts

    Whendi S. Roberts年 前

    2 days...that meat was,in the fridge for 2 days??????? Really???? Not doing the right things will not generate any money

  30. loveunicorns forever

    loveunicorns forever年 前

    I vomited in my mouth while watching the first few seconds

  31. Complxx

    Complxx年 前

    4:07 thats ironic

  32. PC Pete

    PC Pete年 前

    She literally denied being in denial

  33. Devastinator

    Devastinator年 前

    This must be frustrating to operate a restaurant.

  34. Weebedo Gaming

    Weebedo Gaming年 前

    I’m not in denial. That’s what people say when they are in denial

  35. Madison Phillips

    Madison Phillips年 前

    30% of comments are talking about how Gordon touches the rotten food 40% talk about the owner being in-denial 20% Talk about the WE DONT USE IT 10% other

  36. IIAkumuII

    IIAkumuII年 前

    Rotting dead body:*Exists* Owner:wE dOn’t SErVe ThAt

  37. nixio

    nixio年 前

    4:08 **denies she's in denial**

  38. Kaspars Volonts

    Kaspars Volonts年 前

    Where is NINO?

  39. Stormi Cloud

    Stormi Cloud年 前

    Lauren: Im not in denial. YOU JUST DENIED BEING IN DENIAL THE FRICK?

  40. k.

    k.年 前

    What episode is this ?

  41. 1slice0bread

    1slice0bread年 前

    My french teacher is as strict as Gordon ._.

  42. Christian Dequilato

    Christian Dequilato年 前

    2:06 "May I have your attention, please?" Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

  43. Sassy Papi Jhin

    Sassy Papi Jhin年 前

    Seriously, I almost puked at it. It's even worst than drinking castor oil.

  44. mark davies

    mark davies年 前

    Lizard in a desert......dirty bastards

  45. Zaref Farhaan

    Zaref Farhaan年 前

    Wait, the thing in the thumbnail, was a turnip? Looked like rotten meat.

  46. X-Itz Zay-X

    X-Itz Zay-X年 前


  47. Juan Bustos Ocasio

    Juan Bustos Ocasio年 前

    0:39 his face had me dying 😂😂

  48. christy capers

    christy capers年 前

    I love whenever he says “touch that”... 😭

  49. Unlovelycow

    Unlovelycow年 前

    Wish Ramsey was my dad

  50. blank _

    blank _年 前

    they might be *64* years old (If you don’t know what I mean, look back at the Burger Kitchen video)

  51. Priscillano Ramon Mariano III

    Priscillano Ramon Mariano III年 前

    She may be a medium rare girl.

  52. Bird Bird

    Bird Bird年 前

    I feel like the sentence "I'm not in denial" is one of the most contradicting things anyone could ever say

  53. Nebula Galaxy

    Nebula Galaxy年 前

    This is A Dr. phil ep

  54. arthur morgan

    arthur morgan年 前

    *hair in the food*

  55. joseph burtulato

    joseph burtulato年 前

    @2:10 will the real Slim Shady please stand up.

  56. chris

    chris年 前

    0:11 that's a turnip! I though it was chicken

  57. Stormi Cloud

    Stormi Cloud年 前


  58. Pizza goes splat

    Pizza goes splat年 前

    It's illegal in the UK to have personal food in a restaurant fridge. No excuses

  59. chibioreo

    chibioreo年 前

    Gordon- “You don’t fucking care” Chef- “Says who?” *_YOUR FRIDGE MY GUY!_*

  60. chibioreo

    chibioreo年 前

    none of those bois are moisty 😷

  61. UnCreative Deconstructionism

    UnCreative Deconstructionism年 前

    Lol *that guy shakes his head before he even heard what the lady was gonna say.*

  62. Chad's World

    Chad's World年 前

    "We are not worthy to continue this service". Damn... didn't know this was a church ceremony 🤣🤣🤣

  63. Chad's World

    Chad's World年 前

    What season and episode is this from?

  64. Guest A

    Guest A年 前

    Those poor customers having to eat in a restaurant being run by a meth addict...

  65. A M M 0

    A M M 0年 前

    lol the ending was funny

  66. Cursed

    Cursed年 前

    The mother is so delusional and manipulative. Disgusting.

  67. DR360WHO

    DR360WHO年 前

    Love this show

  68. Retro Gamer

    Retro Gamer年 前

    This is so funny

  69. 4TheRecord

    4TheRecord年 前

    "I'm not in denial" Typical denial.

  70. Tungsten

    Tungsten年 前

    That owner disgusts me.

  71. ربع مصطفى الحجي

    ربع مصطفى الحجي年 前

    1:19 im done 🤣🤣

  72. Kyle Walker

    Kyle Walker年 前

    Who is nino

  73. Deadpool231

    Deadpool231年 前

    Now JPreporter has mold in iy

  74. Sylia Fella

    Sylia Fella年 前

    4:11 denying that shes in denial is ironic

  75. Pianime -Varities of Music

    Pianime -Varities of Music年 前

    Gordon hates rotten than raw

  76. Lucky Man

    Lucky Man年 前

    When you have seen too many kitchen nightmares to be thinking "I have seen that avocado somewhere" 0:02

  77. Svartalfheimian

    Svartalfheimian年 前

    0:01 That looks like a fucking alien egg.

  78. Panagiotis 1

    Panagiotis 1年 前

    How many restaurants you have shut down

  79. Miri Мири

    Miri Мири年 前

    Every time he sees something rotten, the owners go: it’s mine, personally. Not for the guets. Sounds legit (not!) because it’s absolutely normal consuming rotten food

  80. maagasta alimo

    maagasta alimo年 前

    This is unfair to the dude. Imagine being almost forced into a situation where the owner has no idea what she's getting into. And then you're forced to make ends meet by not having a paycheck for 2 years. I'm not saying his kitchen was excusable but the lady really can't be crying rn. I feel like she brought this upon herself.

  81. Irvine Gray

    Irvine Gray年 前

    "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

  82. EastCoast Youngin

    EastCoast Youngin年 前

    Who else thought the thumbnail was old chicken

  83. Đœğo

    Đœğo年 前

    when the food is older than the chef

  84. Rex

    Rex年 前

    The mushrooms have mushrooms on them

  85. Goldenfoxy 1234

    Goldenfoxy 1234年 前

    You may not be serving them but your customers don't know that and if they find out not only will you lose so many customers you will get lawsuits and court cases and if the health department finds out they might even shut you down

  86. Kevin

    Kevin年 前

    Your an asshol gorden 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  87. BTonyH587

    BTonyH587年 前

    *I'm not in denial. I'm not!*

  88. Vinstalia

    Vinstalia年 前

    2:20 that was a waitress in one of the kitchen nightmare episodes.

  89. qwerty

    qwerty年 前

    2:06 Will the real slim shady please stand up?

  90. Alysa Daniel

    Alysa Daniel年 前

    OMG I just realized the Gordan Ramsey is the Dr.Phil of the kitchen 😅😅 Like if you agree😅😅💕

  91. BEN UKAY

    BEN UKAY年 前


  92. BEN UKAY

    BEN UKAY年 前


  93. BEN UKAY

    BEN UKAY年 前


  94. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi年 前

    *But is that food fresh frozen?*

  95. JudeMarchisio

    JudeMarchisio年 前

    Damn! What's that brown stuff around the chef in the black coat's mouth? Was he eating ass before service.

  96. Final Boss Monokuma

    Final Boss Monokuma年 前

    That ending of the video was like the start of a cooking movie. "You lost yourself." "We're not making any money." now he's gotta go on an adventure to find himself, save the restaurant, and some other shit.

  97. Yesenia Camarena

    Yesenia Camarena年 前

    First time seeing a molded mushroom and my fridge isnt pretty im amazed

  98. neil jerrim

    neil jerrim年 前

    I fell bad for Gordon I’m only a kid but I think he has food poisoning from all this bad food 🥘 cuz the restaurants are soooo bad and horrid

  99. Boss

    Boss年 前

    Because shes not serving it, she thinks that makes it better. Thats a health risk lady 💀💀💀

  100. Eric Stephens

    Eric Stephens年 前

    This bitch reminds me of Janice from The Sopranos. I hated Janice

  101. Donald Sleightholme

    Donald Sleightholme年 前

    isn’t veal similar to beef? aged veal would be better 🤔🥩😐

  102. BlackOut Best Moments

    BlackOut Best Moments年 前

    when youre in denial that youre in denial

  103. Mustang Boss

    Mustang Boss年 前

    Sad to say but 90% or restaurants have VROT food in there fridge... That's why I don't eat out... Not even takeout

  104. Antwone Washington

    Antwone Washington年 前

    Team Ramsay

  105. Antwone Washington

    Antwone Washington年 前

    Calm down ramsay

  106. Alexander Montanez

    Alexander Montanez年 前

    Damn gordon ramsay is a fucking therapist too😂💀

  107. bird master

    bird master年 前

    I love kitchen drama 😝 It’s funny and crazy And I liked my own comment

  108. Kyoka jiro

    Kyoka jiro年 前

    2:44 that dab though😂😂😂

  109. Wisepewdiepiefan1038

    Wisepewdiepiefan1038年 前

    0:40 me when I step in pee

  110. Nul drie een

    Nul drie een年 前

    Can someone please tell me who Nino is. I'm missing the memes