The Scary Ritual That Changed EVERYTHING


  1. Sam and Colby

    Sam and Colby5 ヶ月 前

    Hope you enjoyed this series! Let us know where we should go next ;) PART 1: PART 2: PART 3: PART 4: Finale: If you wanna support our channel grab some merch too!

  2. Willy's Western Studio

    Willy's Western Studio13 日 前

    you should go and look for monsters instead.


    GEORGIA GALE16 日 前

    You guys should go to the high field house in stanly Tasmania that's supposed to be haunted but no one actually knows a 4 year old girl died there she was in a little trailer and two dogs were pulling her and ran into a electrical fence and was electrocuted to death also down in Hobart Tasmania there's a place called port author lots of people died there it's basically a insane asylum and jails and stuff that I can say is definitely haunted

  4. Riley

    Riley2 ヶ月 前

    Sam and Colby I am the 500th comment plz go to the doll island in Mexico or derringer woods in England ashford

  5. brawl gammer

    brawl gammer2 ヶ月 前


  6. mad-e

    mad-e4 ヶ月 前


  7. Lil Downy

    Lil Downy2 時間 前

    That was a bullet case it was already shot so you don’t need to touch any of that it could’ve been used as a murder

  8. Cubic ly

    Cubic ly15 時間 前

    It has been a while Sam and Colby. Long time no see.

  9. Shwet'

    Shwet'15 時間 前

    The ending, the music, the editing.. this should be on fucking Netflix

  10. Elaine Navarro

    Elaine Navarro22 時間 前

    Why were they so scared of the group of people in the last episode, i wouldve just walked right past them and they wouldnt have done anything XD

  11. Katheryn Chase

    Katheryn Chase日 前

    Lol 7:40 when it's the deathly hallows

  12. Depressed Joselle

    Depressed Joselle日 前

    5:10 maybe they were idiot high schoolers

  13. Adrienne Valenzuela

    Adrienne Valenzuela日 前

    I looked up norell on urban dictionary, It means this An incredible and powerful female warrior princess with vast superpowers. If you are lucky enough to find one be certain to praise her or else your fate will be sealed. Godspeed.

  14. The beast of wolves And eveything

    The beast of wolves And eveything2 日 前

    Hey Sam you know those people are not high schoolers 😦😬😱😨😰

  15. Dorys Lujan

    Dorys Lujan2 日 前

    Sam:ERTH Sam:water Sam:Fire Sam:WIND Colby:like Avatar Also Sam: YA

  16. Eva Christianson

    Eva Christianson2 日 前

    when i first head of the box i remembered Jakes video about the something box (idk how to spell it... oops) anyways i just think they cause of the things inside of the box.

  17. Candice Seward

    Candice Seward3 日 前

    You released my curse now you are free

  18. Tori Angel

    Tori Angel3 日 前

    With all this running that they do, they might as well be track stars

  19. patricia uhlig

    patricia uhlig3 日 前

    At 9:52 that Simbole summons the devil our satan

  20. InfiniteStarBeauty

    InfiniteStarBeauty3 日 前

    “I got picked up by god, and pissed on him” 😂😂😂 that’s a mood but the fact that Colby was so determined to catch a young frog makes me love him even more

  21. sammy of cotton candy

    sammy of cotton candy3 日 前

    The part when sam screamed "NATE!" it felt like I was watching s whole movie

  22. Jazmin Tapia

    Jazmin Tapia3 日 前

    This Whole entire series should be called the box it’s just about a box that is haunting them

  23. Wolflover324x

    Wolflover324x3 日 前

    That's my fricken bunk bed only full sized XD

  24. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones3 日 前

    13:48 - EE ERR, EE ERR. roddy rich anyone?

  25. My hero academia Yeet

    My hero academia Yeet4 日 前

    Binge worthy tv show kids

  26. Traci Wehmeier

    Traci Wehmeier4 日 前

    Colby: it goes on forever My step brother’s computer:tatatattatatar

  27. Krista Camilla Jao

    Krista Camilla Jao5 日 前


  28. Your Dad

    Your Dad5 日 前

    Random noise: *goes off* them: rUnnNn *runs away as loudly as possible*

  29. Damien Elkins86

    Damien Elkins865 日 前

    All amazed once turned the box never once seen the bottom of it...😶

  30. Lou Von Asgard

    Lou Von Asgard5 日 前

    Fuck yes I love the music at the end

  31. Fin Williams

    Fin Williams6 日 前

    Diddent you go out when you watched the sunrise 🌅

  32. Angeli St. Matthew

    Angeli St. Matthew6 日 前

    My JPreporter app exed itself out, as soon as you guys talk about the moon ritual, and that it is so quiet, that freaked me out

  33. TBS R4Z0R

    TBS R4Z0R8 日 前

    Broo at 18:49 I got so scared

  34. Kazbo Haribo

    Kazbo Haribo9 日 前

    I'm gunna sound like an old fart now, I've got 3 lads & I'd go mental if they wer doing wot yor doing? Stay safe for your parents sake x

  35. Bekah Macdonald

    Bekah Macdonald9 日 前

    go to Canada

  36. Jacob Luker

    Jacob Luker9 日 前

    To all of you “ That 79’s Show” fans. Tell me why Sam looks just like Eric Forman but with blonde hair🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  37. Paolo Orcullo

    Paolo Orcullo9 日 前

    I can't believe I just saw this but sam and colby's hair reminds me of (nice) bakugou and (emo) deku's hair (´・ω・`)?

  38. Dekklan Meyer

    Dekklan Meyer9 日 前

    I think a good video you guys should do is go looking for the rake

  39. Priest Gamer King

    Priest Gamer King9 日 前

    Who was watching this in 2020

  40. Henrik Guldhammer

    Henrik Guldhammer10 日 前

    If this was a real act and a real story about u guys finding this box, and want to return it again long after due to paranormal activity around it, then i find it really strange that non of u have seen the pentagram on the back before. But maybe evil spirits made it right? :D no, but rly, if 3 or 4 curious guys finds a locked box with a tiny lock on it, then it wouldent prevent ANYONE opening it anyways by destroying the lock or pick it.. I was kinda entertained anyways ;)

  41. Wolfe army

    Wolfe army10 日 前

    Good luck.

  42. Henrik Guldhammer

    Henrik Guldhammer10 日 前

    What a dramatic act for a train that passes haha xD

  43. Saffron Carter

    Saffron Carter10 日 前

    Did anyone else see the Harry Potter clip


    ANGRYMOSES10 日 前

    As someone from Kansas are state deserves some spotlight

  45. Hailee McCormick

    Hailee McCormick10 日 前

    Nobody: Not even God: Nate: Guys I got picked up by god, then pissed on him

  46. Hailee McCormick

    Hailee McCormick10 日 前

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Nate: oh I did not know we stopped running

  47. Emily Schulte

    Emily Schulte10 日 前

    bro what if the letter opener thing and the bullet were used for a part of a murder and the mirror was a souvenir the killer took from his victim?

  48. Jacqueline Spyers

    Jacqueline Spyers11 日 前

    I would love to see you go to the Enfield House in the UK

  49. virginia benson

    virginia benson11 日 前

    i love colby i hope hes okay

  50. A Studio’s

    A Studio’s11 日 前

    Nate: I wanna go hoooonmmmmeeeeeeee 😂🎵🎵🎶 Who else knows that from spongebob 😂🤣🤣

  51. Cindy Newell

    Cindy Newell11 日 前

    That's how someone escapes from jail,a mirror and a letter opener.

  52. Cindy Newell

    Cindy Newell6 日 前

    @Z A H R A it's a joke when you see it on tv they have a mirror,and someone sneaks in a cake with a key in it.

  53. Z A H R A

    Z A H R A7 日 前

    Cindy Newell what do you mean?

  54. Cindy Newell

    Cindy Newell11 日 前

    Playing games with the devil,you'll get hurt.

  55. Cindy Newell

    Cindy Newell11 日 前

    Sorry boys your far from being protected,only Jesus Christ can protect you.

  56. rg

    rg11 日 前

    bro please do not put those scary pics during transitions between clips, i normally watch these at night which is the only free time i have and they scare the shit out of me 😂

  57. Musician84721

    Musician8472111 日 前 do realize you opened a ritual box right?! Mirrors are used in rituals and hex’s as well as stones or soil from a place to seal the hex.....

  58. Mandy Copp

    Mandy Copp11 日 前

    It's like a video game when you use a Ouija board you open a door to let spirits in. you have to figure out how to close those doors

  59. SparklyEmoCupcake

    SparklyEmoCupcake11 日 前

    Just to let you guys know... that symbol on the bottom of the box is not satanic in nature. It’s actually pagan and used for PROTECTION. But, if it is upside down and not surrounded by a circle.... that’s a different story.

  60. Faded

    Faded11 日 前

    Colby’s black jacket straight heat

  61. coastie124

    coastie12411 日 前

    It was the people with the fireworks at the last vid

  62. Pixx

    Pixx12 日 前

    Just saying you know when they were blowing up stuff did you here the guy say “Sorry” just as the explosion happened? Coincidence or murder?

  63. 1911 daniii

    1911 daniii12 日 前

    i realy like nate, like his sense of humor he should be in more vids

  64. 010101110101010001000110

    01010111010101000100011013 日 前

    The skinny jeans...nice touch.

  65. 010101110101010001000110

    01010111010101000100011013 日 前

    Geez, why are you running from the train? Just step aside and let it pass.

  66. Jessica Paddock

    Jessica Paddock13 日 前

    Break the mirror

  67. TheOneLastHusky

    TheOneLastHusky13 日 前

    The music at the start is cool