OVERNIGHT AT WATER PARK! (Security Catches Us)


  1. TFIL

    TFIL29 日 前

    MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!! THIS IS VIDEO 1 OF 13 FROM OUR ROAD TRIP!!! 200,000 LIKES = Another Overnight Challenge Video! Comment where you would want to us to try & stay next!

  2. ツ.SpecailCookieLover ツ

    ツ.SpecailCookieLover ツ日 前

    Elton ecplain why u held sams nipple while u all went down the slide on ur second time bc that was fucking helerios

  3. shelby dauphinee

    shelby dauphinee2 日 前

    My question is why is colby so happy when he holds Andreas hand in the slide! 26:01

  4. Melinda Johnston

    Melinda Johnston5 日 前

    Moll of America

  5. Haigan Youtube

    Haigan Youtube5 日 前

    Kings dominion

  6. KS Chops

    KS Chops時間 前

    I've been researching your videos and I realized colby and Andrea would be the perfect couple

  7. A little bit Of Everything

    A little bit Of Everything時間 前

    18:50 I’m dying

  8. A little bit Of Everything

    A little bit Of Everything時間 前

    14:20 there’s a camera omg hahah

  9. Jazmin Smith

    Jazmin Smith時間 前

    Colby: RUN guard: I'M NOT BUILT FOR THIS

  10. Kalei’s Makeup Tutorials

    Kalei’s Makeup Tutorials6 時間 前

    every single time they went on a ride colby let go of andrea and latched on to someone else💖💖

  11. Pika Cutie

    Pika Cutie6 時間 前

    Omfg Colby= bakugo Sam= kirishima Elton= Sero Corey= Denki Andrea= mina Jake= jirou It's the bakusquad

  12. Becca Brown

    Becca Brown8 時間 前

    No one : Me: laughing uncontrollable the entire time the got "couaght"

  13. Damien Carriero

    Damien Carriero9 時間 前

    An a Abandon haunted house

  14. Goaty Guy

    Goaty Guy11 時間 前


  15. Cynthia Garcia

    Cynthia Garcia14 時間 前

    I. Love you

  16. blackrxses

    blackrxses15 時間 前

    Random Idea. 24 Hours In A Zero-G Plane!!

  17. Jessica Reid

    Jessica Reid15 時間 前


  18. Amanda Jimenez

    Amanda Jimenez16 時間 前

    i feel like colby and andrea should get together they look so cute together

  19. Emily Crowley

    Emily Crowley17 時間 前

    Was anyone reminded of the witches forest when Corey was screaming Colby wait Colby in the slide

  20. Carolina Pascucci

    Carolina Pascucci18 時間 前

    I think u should go to North Carolina

  21. Katelynn_ gamer

    Katelynn_ gamer18 時間 前

    Did Andrea really just say "and I oop" 2:13 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Alyal_a

    Alyal_a18 時間 前

    Y did my fone pause at exactly 8:22 😂😭

  23. taylor ellyson

    taylor ellyson18 時間 前

    I died when they fell off the inertube at the beginning of the video

  24. Bradley Allgire

    Bradley Allgire日 前

    26:01 colby was so happy when he and andrea grabbed hands

  25. Dixiemaniac 205

    Dixiemaniac 205日 前

    I'm ligit suprise they don't go to jail for dis

  26. AxmarianGaming 2.0

    AxmarianGaming 2.0日 前

    Elton doesn't get cold bc of his luxurious leg hairs.

  27. Alan Gonzalez

    Alan Gonzalez日 前

    I dare you to stay at fucking lego land

  28. ikky rankters

    ikky rankters日 前

    Dude in bright pink "im not going to jail ...........again LLOL

  29. ikky rankters

    ikky rankters日 前

    Sorry i meant lol

  30. ツ.SpecailCookieLover ツ

    ツ.SpecailCookieLover ツ日 前

    Ecsplain why eloton held on sams nipps on the 2nd time going down the slide -3-

  31. Crystal Olson

    Crystal Olson日 前

    thank you for making me smile this made my day

  32. Alysa Kirkpatrick

    Alysa Kirkpatrick日 前

    I unscuscribed to you because my dad made me😭 but i still eatch you guys 24\7😊

  33. not lil brett joss

    not lil brett joss日 前

    smart runing from cops on camra smart

  34. Harper Productions

    Harper Productions日 前

    4:07 i was legit choking on my food from laughter

  35. kawii rainbowkitty

    kawii rainbowkitty日 前

    Hey sorry about the late comment but if you think those water rides are scary you need to go to new Braunfels and ride the master blaster

  36. ẞreezy ẞoogirl

    ẞreezy ẞoogirl日 前

    Omg this was a while ago but you should try Worlds Of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri

  37. Rainbow Potato

    Rainbow Potato日 前

    Overnight in a movie theatre

  38. Daily Life

    Daily Life日 前

    5:02 Elton x Cory

  39. Eve Mullarkey X

    Eve Mullarkey X2 日 前

    Corey makes me laugh so much !!! I mean they all do but Corey makes me laugh to much ahha

  40. Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones2 日 前

    the end

  41. GrAcE FrAnKiSh

    GrAcE FrAnKiSh2 日 前

    This makes me realize how boring my life actually is.please hire me . I actually want to do this with my friends when I leave school.



    @19.05 did he said.. "I'm not build for this"....

  43. RizaaAal3n

    RizaaAal3n2 日 前

    i knew it!!! hahahhahah it was like the arcade all over again

  44. Deonta Wright

    Deonta Wright2 日 前

    22:40 I wish Elton was holding me like that.

  45. Randomnes things

    Randomnes things2 日 前

    Me have opinion RAGING WATERS

  46. Sarah Skilton

    Sarah Skilton2 日 前

    5:06 omg i was terrified

  47. Silentbeastgamer

    Silentbeastgamer2 日 前

    I smell some gay shit 5:04

  48. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez2 日 前

    19:00 the black dude said I’m not built for this

  49. Carlos Sanchez

    Carlos Sanchez2 日 前

    who is this girl their gf and I think you should stay the night at an airport

  50. Faith Valenzuela

    Faith Valenzuela2 日 前

    you guys should go overnight in a movie theater

  51. veyyx

    veyyx2 日 前

    all the dislikes are unhappy water park owners

  52. Wendy Docherty

    Wendy Docherty2 日 前

    Also I really want one of u to get another doggo so Circa has a friend!

  53. Wendy Docherty

    Wendy Docherty2 日 前

    I think u should try and hide somewhere where u won’t get caught next time?

  54. Sector 19 paintball !

    Sector 19 paintball !2 日 前

    Can you go to a paintball arena and stay 24 hours

  55. Bondan Ross

    Bondan Ross2 日 前

    Elton *hides* Elton : guys i rented the place out And why was colby like “ YES YES I GOT HER OMG” like what

  56. BabyGurlXGrier

    BabyGurlXGrier3 日 前

    Elton: "What, did they do anything wrong? I rented out the waterpark" Me: agAIN YOU BASTARD?? MATE I WAS STRESSED ABT MY BUBBAS


    HOLY WATER3 日 前


  58. Natalie Cortez Lamberth

    Natalie Cortez Lamberth3 日 前

    Is it just me who is a little bit shipping Colby and Andrea 😆

  59. Roblox & Fortnite Dude

    Roblox & Fortnite Dude3 日 前

    I think y'all should hide at Main Event if y'all have that where you are.

  60. Bean _cosplay

    Bean _cosplay3 日 前

    When they get caught in these videos it gives me a small anxiety attack.😂🤣

  61. Natie girl

    Natie girl3 日 前

    I’m a newbie

  62. Ethan Potter

    Ethan Potter3 日 前

    You should stay in a casino for 24 hours

  63. Judd PEVITT

    Judd PEVITT3 日 前

    This is my secret account

  64. Judd PEVITT

    Judd PEVITT3 日 前

    I’m Logan paul

  65. Sarah Lightbody

    Sarah Lightbody3 日 前

    I love how Andrea and Colby were always together or tried to be. I ship it

  66. Gianni Ghazi

    Gianni Ghazi3 日 前

    I like how they record themselves doing illegal stuff and the cops will show up at there door the next day like “your arrested” Elton: you watch our videos 😀😀😀

  67. Savannah Leiva

    Savannah Leiva3 日 前

    I knew Elton bought it overnight 😂

  68. Savannah Leiva

    Savannah Leiva3 日 前

    Colby during the chase: GOTTA GO FAST

  69. jenna m

    jenna m3 日 前

    colby & andrea... my bisexuality is quaking

  70. Lexi Papoutsis

    Lexi Papoutsis3 日 前

    I subscribed

  71. Amaya Gomez

    Amaya Gomez3 日 前

    Iove your guys videos i want a shoutout i changed my password to tfil cause i love your guys videos and core is funny

  72. Savage Glorisbey

    Savage Glorisbey3 日 前

    Splash kingdom

  73. Xxcervantesxx lol

    Xxcervantesxx lol3 日 前

    That girl is hella thick

  74. mike farese

    mike farese3 日 前

    How old is Andrea? I need to know if my comment is appropriate lol

  75. Sei Says Squid

    Sei Says Squid3 日 前

    I’ve literally been to this water park before

  76. Kendall Hovde

    Kendall Hovde3 日 前

    I ship Colby and Andrea anyone else ¿?

  77. Ashley Vogel

    Ashley Vogel3 日 前

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Corey:BRoTheR

  78. Jennifer Muller

    Jennifer Muller3 日 前

    I was wondering why they didn’t blur out they lifeguards faces 😂😂

  79. taev. hyxng

    taev. hyxng3 日 前

    andrea is literally everyones everyday life mood istg 😂😂😂😂😂

  80. TTV_Ghost_ a0

    TTV_Ghost_ a03 日 前

    You didn’t have to the police if the police isn’t there then they can’t contain

  81. Potato_ gatcha

    Potato_ gatcha3 日 前

    They stopped posting bc they jn jail nowXD

  82. Diligent.R

    Diligent.R3 日 前

    I was dying at the part where they fell off the ring 😂

  83. It’s Just Tanessa

    It’s Just Tanessa4 日 前

    You guys went to water country I recognize that slide

  84. Ruby Sofia

    Ruby Sofia4 日 前

    Overnight at elementary school

  85. Sniper& Luna

    Sniper& Luna4 日 前

    That shit hurted