OVERNIGHT AT WATER PARK! (Security Catches Us)


  1. TFIL

    TFIL4 ヶ月 前

    MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!! THIS IS VIDEO 1 OF 13 FROM OUR ROAD TRIP!!! 200,000 LIKES = Another Overnight Challenge Video! Comment where you would want to us to try & stay next!

  2. Sarah Wofford

    Sarah Wofford20 日 前

    Skskskssksksksk And I Oop

  3. Saoirse Finn gamer 2019

    Saoirse Finn gamer 2019ヶ月 前


  4. Rosie J

    Rosie J3 ヶ月 前

    Wut up uncle Elton nice vid

  5. Gymnastics Flamingo 57

    Gymnastics Flamingo 573 ヶ月 前

    Six flags

  6. hope Constant

    hope Constant3 ヶ月 前

    I want to meet you guys

  7. Jordan Ashy

    Jordan Ashy4 時間 前

    Can someone just get a count of how many times these guys have some how not gotten arrested when they definitely should of

  8. Bailey H

    Bailey H日 前

    you know ur bi when ur attracted to colby AND andrea

  9. Lewis  Backholer

    Lewis Backholer日 前

    Over night in a strip club

  10. dylan Armstrong

    dylan Armstrong2 日 前

    They ddnt realise but Corey's shoes r wet and u will be able to see his foot steps wherever he goes

  11. A H

    A H2 日 前

    He made sure title wasn't clickbait lmao

  12. Catherine G

    Catherine G3 日 前

    That looks so fun!!

  13. ish bunny 110000

    ish bunny 1100004 日 前


  14. Kathy Wimberly

    Kathy Wimberly4 日 前

    Just keep on replaying the first part! it grows on you

  15. Xx Wolfy xX

    Xx Wolfy xX4 日 前

    You should stay overnight in an abandoned water park or hospital

  16. Sophia Animations

    Sophia Animations4 日 前

    Anyone else think the guy on the left at 17:05 looked like Colby?

  17. Ryan Wiebe

    Ryan Wiebe4 日 前

    overnight in abandoned walmart.

  18. Mason Conner

    Mason Conner5 日 前

    You should stay overnight at an insane asylum

  19. FAZERaptor 1072

    FAZERaptor 10725 日 前

    You should hide in a movie theater if you haven’t

  20. Sadira Kaska

    Sadira Kaska5 日 前

    Go to the fair

  21. Gina Lopez

    Gina Lopez5 日 前

    I’m truly sorry to anyone that loves solby but fuck solby #colrea all the way

  22. Sarah Ramirez

    Sarah Ramirez5 日 前

    "I'm not built for this! Get out the park!" 😂

  23. chelsey white

    chelsey white6 日 前

    I feel like Corey is trying to tell you guys something

  24. chelsey white

    chelsey white6 日 前

    how much money does Alton how to rent a water park and whatever the other one is I don't remember but it's the one where he pretended Jake Webber got caught and one of the people who ran the place pretended to call the cops on him you said you rentid that out to that was to cost a lot

  25. Max Wolf

    Max Wolf6 日 前

    19:47 xd

  26. AList Productions

    AList Productions6 日 前

    21:18 the noise I hear in my parents room every night!

  27. Coby Garrett

    Coby Garrett6 日 前

    19:46 let me guess, I swear I haven't seen anymore of the video but I bet u TFIL rented out the water park like he always does

  28. Emlove2 Vazquez

    Emlove2 Vazquez7 日 前

    I love how Andrea's just instructing cobly on how to jump rope 32:20

  29. Emlove2 Vazquez

    Emlove2 Vazquez7 日 前

    Are we not gonna talk about how excited colby got when he reached and grabbed Andrea's hand 26:02

  30. MJUžU 12

    MJUžU 127 日 前

    When da life guard said :”IM NOT BUILT FOR THIS” dude I lost it

  31. keira Dusky

    keira Dusky8 日 前

    the mall

  32. Richard Perrone

    Richard Perrone8 日 前

    Elton Is a wing nut he makes It so in the back of my mind it's all bullsh%% . So now every video I watch I go into it thinking its a prank and all the money sent to these guy just pays for this??

  33. I love hunting Scar face

    I love hunting Scar face9 日 前

    Movie theatre

  34. Alpha Wolff13

    Alpha Wolff1310 日 前

    i love how you guys just play like that how you and corey on the first ride put your arm around and acted like a couple love that. :3

  35. Isabelle Acuna

    Isabelle Acuna11 日 前

    Ok so how about nobody attacks Colby or Andrea especially bc There has been popular people that have had to stop posting,deleting JPreporter, make all socials private, and have felt bad about themselves BECAUSE FANS ARE GOING CRAZY THAT HE IS WITH A GIRL. DONT GO ATTACK THEM OR HER. Don’t start to THREATEN her!

  36. Veronica Castillo

    Veronica Castillo11 日 前

    i always get MAD ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACCS whenever they get chased

  37. Mako Playz

    Mako Playz11 日 前

    Andrea is fine asf😍

  38. bryce

    bryce11 日 前

    Stay the night at a Zoo

  39. olti jusufi

    olti jusufi11 日 前

    Elton stop garbing Sams boobs!! :) :)

  40. Mac & Cheese

    Mac & Cheese12 日 前

    It's basically every time the cops are involved, Elton is the one who planned them to be arrested

  41. Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos Gutierrez12 日 前


  42. Anny Palma

    Anny Palma12 日 前

    U should go next to stay is Disney land 👌🏻

  43. Michelle Fick

    Michelle Fick12 日 前

    im not built for this

  44. Kelsie Banz

    Kelsie Banz12 日 前

    watching colby run might be the best thing i’ve ever seen

  45. Ben Lowes

    Ben Lowes12 日 前

    1$ shop