our pet didn't make it out alive.... sad update video


  1. Funk Bros

    Funk Bros6 ヶ月 前

    we explain every detail on how this came about, please watch the whole video to understand what happened. sorry for not having our normal upbeat positive vibes. we will be back..

  2. rogelio juarez

    rogelio juarez8 日 前


  3. Logan barber

    Logan barber12 日 前

    Funk Bros: I'm sorry to hear what you said😥

  4. Will Bartholomew

    Will Bartholomew12 日 前

    Dam today's such a sad day for me one pet died and another and I watch this video and another one I'm so sad 😭😭

  5. NoNamesTTV

    NoNamesTTV24 日 前

    im sad poor thing

  6. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis25 日 前

    @Chris it would be nice lol

  7. Jose Guillen133

    Jose Guillen1338 時間 前

    Rip brup but what kinda drugs was Billie on ?

  8. gracedad0703

    gracedad070310 時間 前

    I want to head out with you guys technical difficulties

  9. Christopher Gallagher

    Christopher Gallagher日 前

    Stay strong you will get around it

  10. payton Coit

    payton Coit日 前

    I'm sorry

  11. shelley Neesam

    shelley Neesam2 日 前

    Billy he was so cool rest in peace we have your back funk bros....

  12. Devindra Singh

    Devindra Singh2 日 前

    Rip burp

  13. Chloe Jones

    Chloe Jones2 日 前

    Who’s watching in 2020 👇🏻

  14. Andrew Pettinato

    Andrew Pettinato2 日 前


  15. Tibbe Games

    Tibbe Games2 日 前

    W a i t. W h a t

  16. Kristin Green

    Kristin Green2 日 前

    This is how many people miss Brup

  17. Ethan Terry

    Ethan Terry3 日 前

    stay strong and I'm sorry.

  18. Nathan King

    Nathan King3 日 前

    This reminds me of Logan paul and kong, very sad stay strong Funk fam

  19. Ari Hoberman

    Ari Hoberman3 日 前

    I am so sorry

  20. Payton Morriss

    Payton Morriss4 日 前

    R.I.P burp your in a safe place

  21. Kayla Craig

    Kayla Craig5 日 前

    I am crying

  22. Piper Reeves

    Piper Reeves6 日 前

    I sry

  23. jake paul Cotla

    jake paul Cotla6 日 前

    I got your back funk bro’s stay strong

  24. Dlyon Simons

    Dlyon Simons6 日 前

    coyotes not reg dogs way more deadly there like wolves get a prop gun they make loud sounds and have a real gun incase

  25. will collins

    will collins7 日 前

    so sorry about them but yall should really get a little gun or a bb gun for that reason

  26. Rollins Shef

    Rollins Shef7 日 前

    That’s so sad 😢😭

  27. Lucas Jamieson

    Lucas Jamieson7 日 前

    Like this for burp

  28. Sami Booker

    Sami Booker9 日 前

    Oh no im so sorry u guys don’t deserve all these problems u guys being so much happiness to others

  29. Maverick McDaniel

    Maverick McDaniel9 日 前

    Feel bad for you goat too bily

  30. Maverick McDaniel

    Maverick McDaniel9 日 前

    Shout out doggo

  31. Maverick McDaniel

    Maverick McDaniel9 日 前

    Shout out carter share

  32. Maverick McDaniel

    Maverick McDaniel9 日 前

    I feel bad that you don’t have a good dog any more I am sorry for your dogs loss

  33. Ranginui Martin

    Ranginui Martin9 日 前


  34. Flum0724

    Flum072411 日 前

    Sorry about ur loss

  35. Khloe Morla

    Khloe Morla11 日 前

    He’s in a better place now

  36. Khloe Morla

    Khloe Morla11 日 前

    I’m sad

  37. Tristan_

    Tristan_11 日 前

    Thank god it wasn’t Nova. I would have cried. Good luck bro’s. Stay strong

  38. james shahan

    james shahan12 日 前

    I don’t know how you feel because I haven’t had a dog passway or something like that but if it ever happens I’ll feel the exact same way as you did

  39. Nathan Pepall

    Nathan Pepall12 日 前

    you are so funking strong and brave love you so much i am sure Corey and capron love you to because you have done like everything for them you are so sweet and kind I am sure they appreciate all the things you have done for them I started crying it was so said I love all of use

  40. Logan Benoit

    Logan Benoit12 日 前

    I'm caring 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😵

  41. Karsen Harrell

    Karsen Harrell12 日 前

    I know how it fells because two of my goats ran away.

  42. Richard Martinez

    Richard Martinez13 日 前

    I have something to help your goat but not in a good way trust me it a lot better then have you most love animal suffer from pain one of my grandma dogs got cancer the one I like a lot had to be put down

  43. leona knox

    leona knox14 日 前

    I want to come to your house

  44. Bob Calindine

    Bob Calindine14 日 前

    Well your dog is in a better place your buddy is gonna stay right beside you🥺

  45. tena bossak

    tena bossak14 日 前

    I'm sorry for you're 🐐

  46. Brysonk Davis

    Brysonk Davis14 日 前

    My grandma said that 2 wild dogs killed her 19 yo dog daisy and you dont eant to know what i said.

  47. luke vaters

    luke vaters14 日 前

    Why burp he was my favorite

  48. Yolo boss leo

    Yolo boss leo15 日 前

    I swear i looked through some of the comments and i didnt see anyone say "u guys are a holes because u were going to hurt yhe dogs" what i say to them would be to f off and if they cant handle it then y did they watch the video they should go online and get some mental help. I pray for u guys and i know this video came out a long time ago but this is the first time im seeing it sadly but i still have the goat on my mind.

  49. Aksel Lans

    Aksel Lans15 日 前

    As the biggest goat lover in the world i give Burp my blessing rest in peace.

  50. Wolfman _6655

    Wolfman _665516 日 前

    We are the funk fAm and will be here for you guys always

  51. Jennifer Shipton

    Jennifer Shipton16 日 前

    Im so sad i hate goats but i feel so sad

  52. Logan Schaeffer

    Logan Schaeffer16 日 前

    Rip burp the goat

  53. Hasnain Mohammed

    Hasnain Mohammed17 日 前

    Funk fam stay happy

  54. Hasnain Mohammed

    Hasnain Mohammed17 日 前

    I feel sorry for you because once I had a pet and a dog who always wanted to bite people broke our gate down and bit my favorate chicken and we were there watching through the window so after the dog went I quickly went to get the chicken and berried it and I was crying for a week

  55. TheBeastlyGaming 101

    TheBeastlyGaming 10117 日 前

    The video is 10 mins on the dot

  56. Blake the Pro 72

    Blake the Pro 7217 日 前

    It is ok the funk fam will help you what ever happens

  57. Elliott Andersson

    Elliott Andersson17 日 前

    Noooooooooooooo not burp😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  58. Angie Elstad

    Angie Elstad17 日 前

    i im sory for that

  59. Kelli Dierman

    Kelli Dierman18 日 前

    I know how you feel,my dog just got ran over.😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😰😰😰🤧🤧☠RIP

  60. Kelli Dierman

    Kelli Dierman18 日 前

    So sad.

  61. Nightcore gamez

    Nightcore gamez18 日 前

    Rip burp

  62. Reborn Family

    Reborn Family20 日 前

    Just try to keep them inside

  63. Psycho Shatterer

    Psycho Shatterer20 日 前

    Those poor goats :ccc

  64. Caitlyn Quaranta

    Caitlyn Quaranta22 日 前

    Stay strong you guys are amazing

  65. Chrome Pete

    Chrome Pete22 日 前

    Is it just me or they do not look like strays.