our pet didn't make it out alive.... sad update video


  1. Funk Bros

    Funk Brosヶ月 前

    we explain every detail on how this came about, please watch the whole video to understand what happened. sorry for not having our normal upbeat positive vibes. we will be back..

  2. Paula Baker

    Paula Baker3 日 前

    Noooooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooo

  3. Lisa Jones

    Lisa Jones4 日 前

    Funk Bros im so fucking sorry i miss you all boy your dog

  4. Alayah Marshall

    Alayah Marshall6 日 前

    Funk Bros sorry this happened

  5. christine barnett

    christine barnett6 日 前

    I'm so sorry

  6. Teagan

    Teagan6 日 前

    @Christy Humphrey I am not being mean I was just saying to those people to not comment that on such a sad event. It's rude to be doing that on someone else's channel let alone when one of their pet's got eaten. So please move on

  7. Natsudragonele24

    Natsudragonele242 時間 前

    I would have beat the shit outa that dog on god it would be more mauled then the goat

  8. gamer 2020

    gamer 20202 時間 前


  9. gamer 2020

    gamer 20202 時間 前

    subs to funk bros they do so much for us...

  10. gamer 2020

    gamer 20202 時間 前

    hey bryce is my name. love your voids. thank you so much for entertainment. funk bros is my Favorited Chanel ive ever watched.

  11. Olli Aulner

    Olli Aulner23 時間 前

    This is how many R.I.Ps for burp 👇

  12. Mymanpepe Sanchez

    Mymanpepe Sanchez日 前


  13. Ayden Allison

    Ayden Allison2 日 前

    That's sad

  14. Carlocarlo0

    Carlocarlo02 日 前

    0:03 subtitles says so F**** family

  15. Vienna Fysh

    Vienna Fysh2 日 前

    I’m literally so sad b cause I love animals and I feel so bad 4 u🤧💔

  16. Celeste Rayne

    Celeste Rayne2 日 前


  17. DimondGamer GFN

    DimondGamer GFN3 日 前

    Goats on drugsd

  18. Rebbecca Ettridge

    Rebbecca Ettridge3 日 前

    Keep strong

  19. Rebbecca Ettridge

    Rebbecca Ettridge3 日 前

    I feel so sorry

  20. Paula Baker

    Paula Baker3 日 前

    No i am crying stay strong boys stay strong funk fam😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💪💪💪💪

  21. It’s Marisa Zavala

    It’s Marisa Zavala3 日 前

    Dang Charle runs fast

  22. John Cook

    John Cook3 日 前

    I'm sorry dudes that's some terrible stuff that's happened 😔😞😢 I'm very sorry guys ., I love you guys🤙❤️🤙 I love your famliy (pets , famliy, freinds). You guys will always be connected to burp forever 🌊🌊🌊🌊 and the rest of the pet fam to.

  23. Yung One

    Yung One4 日 前

    What the funk

  24. Michael H

    Michael H4 日 前

    Be strong funkbros positive vides

  25. AJ

    AJ4 日 前


  26. Addy Copcutt

    Addy Copcutt4 日 前

    RIP i so sorry for you guys

  27. r patel

    r patel4 日 前

    This makes me so sad 😨😨

  28. Gacha studio edits

    Gacha studio edits4 日 前

    I hope you get well

  29. I_Am _Alive_Inside

    I_Am _Alive_Inside4 日 前

    Are you allowed to keep at least an airsoft gun and shoot at em or a paintball gun

  30. Colette Bell

    Colette Bell4 日 前

    U am sorry for your loss ❤️

  31. Luke Green

    Luke Green4 日 前

    stay strong funk fam has your back

  32. Xx_T.døg_xX01

    Xx_T.døg_xX015 日 前

    :( 😢😢

  33. Kash

    Kash5 日 前


  34. Sarah Davey

    Sarah Davey5 日 前

    RIP burp

  35. June Mccabe

    June Mccabe5 日 前

    Make a skate park

  36. javaughn voss

    javaughn voss5 日 前


  37. Melissa Wyche

    Melissa Wyche5 日 前

    omg i almost died

  38. Triona Bason

    Triona Bason5 日 前

    #CapronFunk❤️ #CoreyFunk💚 #CharlieOliver💙 #Chelsea 💜



    Shoot the wild dogs 🐕

  40. Plqy Food

    Plqy Food6 日 前

    It seems like y'all are flexing on us at the beginning. But rip burp.

  41. USER

    USER6 日 前

    I’m sooo sorry for you guys , its that part of nature everyone wants to avoid but its bound to happen. I lost my 2 cats like that toi😭😭😭😭

  42. Alayah Marshall

    Alayah Marshall6 日 前

    Is Billie aliv

  43. Alayah Marshall

    Alayah Marshall6 日 前

    Was it like dogs who bit or like a dog that’s like a wolf

  44. Trick shots with J

    Trick shots with J6 日 前


  45. Banana Bunch Kids

    Banana Bunch Kids6 日 前


  46. I_do_stuff

    I_do_stuff6 日 前

    Tall should get some shotguns

  47. ThisBroNotNice

    ThisBroNotNice6 日 前


  48. Black Stalllion Studios

    Black Stalllion Studios6 日 前

    If you buy a product called swat it works wonders for keeping flys away from wounds

  49. Blake N

    Blake N6 日 前

    I'm so sorry

  50. Chirstin's World

    Chirstin's World6 日 前

    Its ok stay strong. A month or 2 ago there were 3 dogs and my dad had over 50 chickens and he raised them from babies and we found them in our yard and in the peoples yard that owned the dogs.My dad was sad but he raised more.also afew months ago me and my sisters goats died and we found mine in the yard dead and the other was fine and week later we found my sisters not doing well andwe brought her in the house in our hallway and took care of her and the vet said she had namonia and she didnt make it through the night

  51. Anthony Shelton

    Anthony Shelton7 日 前

    ━━━━━ R.I.P ━━━━━

  52. Anthony Shelton

    Anthony Shelton7 日 前

    That sucks

  53. XDSamsurvives XD

    XDSamsurvives XD7 日 前

    I’m sorry

  54. Sky

    Sky7 日 前


  55. Kade Payto

    Kade Payto7 日 前

    Sorry goats

  56. Kade Payto

    Kade Payto7 日 前

    Sorry goats

  57. Kade Payto

    Kade Payto7 日 前

    Sorry goats

  58. Kade Payto

    Kade Payto7 日 前


  59. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones7 日 前

    I’m not trying to say anything bad or anything but I personally thought that it was a little selfish to pull the video exactly 10 minutes long for add revenue maybe a little more or less is ok but not exactly 10 minutes

  60. Jason Molde

    Jason Molde8 日 前

    You should get Lance Stewart over at the funk Bros house

  61. Peach C

    Peach C8 日 前

    It seems like they are just killing for sport.

  62. Remotestorm 1379

    Remotestorm 13798 日 前

    This is why Charlie is one of my favorite people on earth

  63. x Hux

    x Hux8 日 前


  64. JAM aka Jack and Justin

    JAM aka Jack and Justin8 日 前

    Rest In Peace Burp

  65. Jrollxd21 Pangu

    Jrollxd21 Pangu9 日 前

    Make A snow sled rollercoaster for winter