Our MANSION HOUSE TOUR in Bloxburg... (Roblox)


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  2. Marioma Naga

    Marioma Naga6 時間 前


  3. Trinity John

    Trinity John17 時間 前

    Wow nice house and i have to tell the ones thar cant go to bloxg and its a hack and you have do idk :p...XD

  4. Sophia Herrera

    Sophia Herrera18 時間 前

    Zach I saw a decerainting video and you sed babe to alex Zach soo

  5. Keegan Burdick

    Keegan Burdick日 前

    the stairs are my favorite.

  6. Sophia Gro

    Sophia Gro日 前

    Alex: this is where we all sit as a family Other videos: Alex and Zach are kissing romantically

  7. Jacqueline Maddux

    Jacqueline Maddux日 前

    I like the idea

  8. The Rose family

    The Rose family日 前


  9. Mojica Erwin

    Mojica Erwin日 前

    My favorite part is your bedroom! (My face -------> 👱 little girl

  10. PurpleBallxox

    PurpleBallxox日 前

    Not to be rude but stop begging for like, it really make me tired and sleepy 💤

  11. charmel Artillero

    charmel Artillero日 前

    alex can i have a mesterpaws plush divird in philipines visayas carlis bancal

  12. Lucas Richardt

    Lucas Richardt2 日 前


  13. Abdullah game over

    Abdullah game over2 日 前

    Alas Room 😅😅😅

  14. Richard Sage

    Richard Sage2 日 前

    Love lis

  15. Pascuale Berardi

    Pascuale Berardi2 日 前

    The room that I liked is Alexes room

  16. Chrisostomos Papanastasiou

    Chrisostomos Papanastasiou2 日 前

    My favourite place at the house is....... The Stairs To Nothing

  17. Thanh Van

    Thanh Van2 日 前

    Zach you’re funny 😆

  18. Vaughan Waiomio

    Vaughan Waiomio2 日 前

    WHY 50,000,000 LIKES ALL THE TIME im not a hater but why 50,000,00

  19. Alexandria Bersuela

    Alexandria Bersuela2 日 前

    Alex room

  20. Katja Mikkelsen

    Katja Mikkelsen3 日 前

    Just being honest.

  21. Katja Mikkelsen

    Katja Mikkelsen3 日 前

    No, Lyssy should not eat less. You should eat more! Like really? When you bump inte someone you probably will fall like a stick!

  22. Ophellia Nah

    Ophellia Nah3 日 前

    My favourite room is Alex's room

  23. Adil Ali

    Adil Ali4 日 前


  24. Adil Ali

    Adil Ali4 日 前

    They ar the blood sqwad is soooooooo coolllllllllll

  25. Comfy icecream

    Comfy icecream4 日 前


  26. LilJustinGacha

    LilJustinGacha4 日 前

    This is how much people LOVES THE BLONDE SQUAD!! | \/

  27. Kesia Rudolph

    Kesia Rudolph日 前

    Not only one person

  28. calen whiteman

    calen whiteman4 日 前

    My fav is lyssy room bc she’s my mom

  29. Savannah Suarez

    Savannah Suarez4 日 前

    XD the napkin holder

  30. Charlene Haws

    Charlene Haws4 日 前

    Blonde squad TO nap squad!

  31. Ghinia Chatman

    Ghinia Chatman5 日 前

    im a big fan my name is jada

  32. Lexi Anderson

    Lexi Anderson5 日 前

    Does anyone know what her computer is?! Please someone tell me!

  33. Zep

    Zep5 日 前

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  34. Cherry Red

    Cherry Red2 日 前

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  35. Goldy_playz YT

    Goldy_playz YT5 日 前

    Zep Lies

  36. Mishelle Lau

    Mishelle Lau5 日 前

    my fav of the house is alex lyssy and zach room✌✌

  37. Maliyah Baldeo

    Maliyah Baldeo5 日 前

    Get this comment to 10 replies and I'll do whatever the 1st reply says

  38. Chris Bostrom

    Chris Bostrom6 日 前

    I love you so much ! ! !

  39. sweetpea

    sweetpea6 日 前

    why is her face 2 shades lighter than her skin tone?

  40. Amazona

    Amazona6 日 前

    I like Alex room it’s so beautiful

  41. Mitch Selarom

    Mitch Selarom6 日 前

    My favorite part of your hoise is a useless stairs

  42. it's cupcake_chan playz

    it's cupcake_chan playz6 日 前

    I like Alex room

  43. Kevin Gonsalez

    Kevin Gonsalez6 日 前

    Lizzy. It's my room Zachary.no wonder it so ugly .me.zachary you are so mean in this hole video 🤔🤔🤔

  44. J D

    J D2 日 前


  45. Molly MooN

    Molly MooN7 日 前

    Alex’s room

  46. Arry and sage Gaming channel

    Arry and sage Gaming channel7 日 前

    I’m not a princess I’m a queen!!👑

  47. Flor Dennis

    Flor Dennis7 日 前

    I love everything! I love you blonde squad, i am a fan of you so much! Love you!

  48. Summer Valdez

    Summer Valdez7 日 前

    Alex room Pretttttttttttttttty room alex and lssy pretty and zach iberising i love you

  49. Keanu cruz

    Keanu cruz7 日 前

    A pool

  50. gachaforlife yad

    gachaforlife yad7 日 前

    This house gives me ppg vibes

  51. Calva Navarro

    Calva Navarro7 日 前

    I love your room alex and lissy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  52. Gacha_YukiChan YT

    Gacha_YukiChan YT7 日 前

    I like At Alex's room

  53. Nala Potato

    Nala Potato8 日 前

    you should turn the backyard into a campsite!!!

  54. Thaniel

    Thaniel8 日 前

    Alex the stairs leads to the sky lol

  55. Alycia Pyke

    Alycia Pyke8 日 前

    your room and a pool for the back yard please please PLEASE

  56. moooon22

    moooon228 日 前

    Do a pool🤗

  57. A C

    A C8 日 前

    I love alex's room

  58. robert mcgrade

    robert mcgrade8 日 前

    You make me laf

  59. Sophia Gingras

    Sophia Gingras8 日 前

    i love you so munch

  60. Shine Cosme

    Shine Cosme8 日 前

    I luv ur vids

  61. Gacha Karen girl

    Gacha Karen girl8 日 前

    My favorite was your bedroom Alex your vids are amazing keep up the good work

  62. Anna Gaming

    Anna Gaming9 日 前

    I like Zach’s singing

  63. Daniella’s World

    Daniella’s World9 日 前

    What happened to your building you were great😭

  64. Saubol

    Saubol9 日 前

    I like Zach the best!